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Trigon: Space Story update for 29 December 2021

Trigon: Space Story - Progress Report 6

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Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

Greetings, Captains!

Another year comes to a close, time to show you what was the last update for this year we made for you... but first, I'd like to extend our deepest and most sincere gratitude to each and every one of you, we really wouldn't be where we are now if not for all of your love and support.

Please stay the best darn community we've ever seen!

Some really cool picture


New Year and Christmas is the time when the most cherished dreams come true. And it seems that all this is true. A couple of days before the new year, we finished work on the build we had been waiting for.

This is a build that I play as a child as if it were a real game made by other adults. Still can't believe we really did it ourselves. We've added so many new things that it's impossible to test all combinations of weapons, crew, and game situations on paper. And when I played myself, I had a feeling close to that of a player who does not know what will happen next. The replayability has reached a new level and that's great.

New unique boss AI behavior makes some fights absolutely incredible. Gameplay as is December 2021.



Units are now divided by specialization. There are 7 specializations in the game:

💫 Shield operator 🔫 Gun operator 🚀 Engine operator 👨🏻‍✈️ Pilot 👨🏻‍⚕️ Medic ⚔️ Warrior 👩🏻‍🔧 Engineer

Every unit gets specialization at level 1. Specializations also seem on stage - operators and pilots, medics, warriors, and engineers are separated by colors for the convenience of the player.

Unit specialization opens a skill tree with unique passive perks and active unit abilities. Once your crew member gathers enough Exp to Level Up you are able to choose from two random Perks from the skill tree.

We have added 25 passive perks and 22 active abilities to the game.

This opens up the new depth of variation and gameplay we've dreamed of so much. Crew management now plays no less important role than ship management. Finding and improving units skills is one of the tasks of a good captain. Combining and using them tactically in battle can be a decisive factor in your victory.

Some of them for example. Now the crew is really important.

You can set up your crew with several warriors and strong medics and use teleport, or you can hire best-skilled pilot and find an engine operator who will increase your hyperdrive system and make your evasion chance even higher and avoid most of the shoots. But sorry captain, AI can do it as you can. So now you have to think not only about your crew but also about enemies. Who is the most important unit from them? Who to eliminate first? Now it is even more interesting to fight.

AI using Active Abilities too.

It makes the late game phases even more intense and tactical. Now it is even more important to make a smart build of your spaceship and crew to face new enemies and threats.


Added the "Trigonopedia" section to the main menu. There you can find everything that is currently in the game: ships, weapons, enemies, perks, and abilities.

Perhaps, if we have such an opportunity, we will make TRIGONOPEDIA into a kind of CODEX in which we will add lore descriptions of objects and some tips for players. But since all of this greatly adds to the volume of text and localization, for now, let it be a screen about game progression.


We've worked on player progression and added many items that can be unlocked for certain achievements in the game. After unlock, the item will be available in the next game session, but not in the current one.

Now, with each next playthrough, the game becomes more varied, which makes it easier to make smart configurations of the spaceship and crew and makes the game a little easier over time. But it's still pretty damn hard.

🐐 GOATKEEPERS (Gatekeepers)

Added "characters" for mini-bosses that we called Gatekeepers, how they behave in battle and what they concentrate on. Now enemies are generated depending on the wanted level, the sector and crew of enemies, and their abilities are also generated taking into account the characteristics of their ship. For example, the Rakkhs Gatekeeper is focused on teleporting his units onboard to the player and can teleport everyone in general.

Trigon: Space Story is still more a roguelike game - where it is the player's experience that plays a decisive role. It is important to learn to think quickly one step ahead.

💬 Units barks

Unit phrases on stage have been improved. There are many more of them and now they are a kind of clue to what is happening during the battle. Units react to many events - fires, holes, enemies on board, unit health, unit death, enemy condition, etc. Sometimes they joke and break the fourth wall, but more often they just help to notice what just happened.


What could be better than a fresh laser in the morning? Of course, more guns.

We've added over 60 new weapons to the game. They now differ in style and stats based on race technology.

We paid even more attention to their characteristics and possible combinations. If you want to collect a set of weapons of the same race as your ship or a rare combination of the best models of each race - anything is possible.

Somebody, please get this man a gun!

🚀 Enemies spaceships

We love spaceships. And it seems we will never stop adding new models to the game, simply because we really like it.

Taertikons Scout, like all other ships of this mysterious race, tries to be of the correct geometric shape. But this light spaceship is assembled from parts of others and is often the first to die in the vastness of the universe, signaling the danger to the main fleet.

The luxurious Etari Interceptor is one of the best mid-size ships out there. It can be modified for any task with any set of systems. Already in the basic configuration, it is equipped with a stealth module and powerful shields. A dangerous enemy that requires high training of the captain.

Rakkhs Assault Spaceship will especially appeal to people suffering from trypophobia. This hive assault ship with hundreds of eyes and holes was created using a special technology. Numerous cavities make it very light and maneuverable. It is often used in the landing and colonization of planets. And they love it for its module of the teleportation system, capable of landing 4 units at a time.

The Venator Interceptor is the crowning achievement of contract ships for the mercenary army when money doesn't matter. The best of all known technology in the galaxy is being used by the Venators. The best materials, weapons, technologies. And the worst thing is that they are not afraid of losing the ship, because they will immediately be given new ones.


Players have rightly pointed out that keeping an eye out for the presence of ammo in the launchers is not the case when you are already exploring the galaxy. Therefore, now all ships are equipped with an automatic replacement system for any ammo available in the cargo.

Enjoy blowing everything on your way, but don't forget to buy ammo


🔹 Most of the edited Russian texts added to the game

🔹 Most of the edited English texts have been added to the game. We are currently working on proofreading the English version.

🔹 And as soon as we finish with proofreading we start localizing into other languages (German, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese)

Space is stunning. We look forward to seeing new images from the James Webb Space Telescope to bring new corners of the universe to our game.


🔹 Everything and everyone has been rebalanced

🔹 Quests now depend both on the wanted value and on the cluster number in the order of visit

🔹 Attack, repair, health, supply consumption, recruitment costs have changed

🔹 Changed the parameters of the player's ships - health, systems, weapons

🔹 All enemies have changed a lot, and privates, and bosses, and gatekeepers - health, systems, weapons

🔹 Changed prices for upgrading ship systems in credits and scrap

🔹 Drones are cheaper in energy, but shoot less often

Just love our Galaxy Map


🔹 Hotkeys have been improved. 'ESC' works!

🔹 The "auto-pause" checkbox has been added to the menu - it controls automatic pause at the start of a battle

🔹 State colors on the interface have been improved. Everything should now be clearer even better

🔹 Changed visuals of dialogs

🔹 New Crew member popup


🔹 A bug with the inability to continue the game when the enemy captain dies has been fixed

🔹 A bug with the impossibility of buying a gun/drone if there is an empty slot, but a full hold, fixed

🔹 A bug with an infinite laser beam after the death of an enemy has been fixed. Again.

🔹 A bug with guns consuming more ammo than they should have been fixed

🔹 Fixed a huge number of bugs that took too long to write

Thanks for reading!

**Now it is days before the year 2022.

What a year it's been. Again, thank you so much for the support! Thanks for permitting us to share out passion for videogames with the world, and thank you for playing!

Stay happy, stay healthy, have a happy holiday season, and a happy New Year!
See you in 2022!**

More details on our discord channel and the Steam Community. For those of you who want to help us, we provide an opportunity to test the game in its current state. We would be grateful for your feedback and suggestions for improving the game. And I will try to answer each of them.

Please feel free to jump to our discord channel, submit to Closed Beta Test, join a closed group and take your limited part in the developing process with us. Thank you!

Exciting times ahead, Commanders.
Stay tuned for more news soon! =)

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