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EVERSLAUGHT update for 27 December 2021

Major Update #1 out NOW!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

First we wanna give a big shout-out to all our Early Access adopters! Without you we wouldn't have made it this far! We'd love chatting with you on our Discord server. If you're not there yet, go ahead and join us at [](

We finally made it! And now, let's dive right into our official update trailer!

New weapons & Melee Combat overhaul

Meet our new Gauntlet Weapon, the BOLTSLINGER!

Wanna switch it up from the close-range Hand cannon? The Boltslinger now gives you a ranged weapon that can shoot at a high frequency. It's very efficient against those pesky Archers, as well as the now extremely dangerous Exploders to take them on from afar. Collect enough Gold in the game to unlock it at the brand new Gauntlet Weapon Station in the Hub. We hope you'll enjoy using it just as much as we have making it!

Also, we've added a range of new Blunt Melee Weapons, here's a few of them:

Despite their shorter range, blunt weapons are extremely useful against armored enemies as they can wreak havoc against their armor quickly. They also have the ability to knock back enemies (if you swing hard enough), which is especially useful against the weaker enemy types. They do have a disadvantage though, as you can't repair their durability - which means they'll eventually perish in your hand!

Melee Combat overhaul

We've also significantly changed the way weapons detect collisions and interact with the environment, making it feel more physical while still maintaining the fast-paced playability.

Weapons will now experience different kinds of drag depending on the surface type of the weapon and the colliding material. This means that hitting a piece of wood for example will spawn wood particles and feel different compared to hitting a stone wall, sand, etc.

Hitting an enemy will now also display visual effects depending on the hit direction, and enemies will display proper hit reactions.

This rework of the melee combat system is just the start, and will allow us to expand the melee combat in directions that weren't possible before, with future updates. We'd love to hear your feedback on it and for you to share your ideas and thoughts for future implementations!

New enemies

This will be the first time that we are adding new enemies to the game, but not only that, we also improved some existing ones and gave them more attacks! These new additions are focusing on increasing the variety of the horde and creating more interesting combat scenarios that also raise the difficulty.

Corrupted Militia

This remnant of the City guard is equipped with 1 of 3 melee weapons. Be careful with his 3 attack combo as it can deal a great amount of damage quickly. These foes will sometimes drop their weapon as loot.

Heavy Guardian

There is a new foe joining the Guardian family, say hello to the Heavy Guardian! He is equipped with two short range hammers and can do multiple attacks in quick succession. His silver armor is quite resilient but once you're through he'll fall more quickly than his counterpart. Don't get reckless though, his hits hurt!


This deformed monstrosity isn't to be taken lightly. He might not look like a big threat, but his range and damage is the highest of our lower tier enemies.

Other enemy changes

We've done some major improvmenets to our existing enemy types as part of this update, so be on the lookout for new attack and movement patterns, as well as some balancing changes we think you'll find more fun!

Story / Audio Logs

We know you've been looking for clues as to what happened in this forsaken place, or why. With this update we're finally introducing something to satisfy your curiosity to a degree: Our new audio log system!

You'll be able to find up to 7 professionally voiced Audio logs with this update, distributed across the City tutorial area and hidden in the Dungeon later on. This system finally gives us the ability to deliver parts of the lore of EVERSLAUGHT, for which we have big plans for upcoming updates.

Secret Areas & new levels

We've been working hard to advance the core identity and atmosphere of EVERSLAUGHT and are happy to bring you more varied and interesting dungeon locations and some hidden surprises for those of you who like to explore.


First, let's talk about the biggest addition of new levels, the secret paths! We've added hidden arenas and challenge rooms throughout the dungeon. These are optional challenges that reward you with either an Audio Log or a rare chest. There are 4 secret paths to explore in total with this update and more will follow in the future.

New Arenas

We've added 2 new arenas!

This is the third outside arena we've added to EVERSLAUGHT and it's the biggest one yet. Height differences play a big role here, so be on the move if you're being overwhelmed by the horde and watch out for archers on elevated points!

This arena introduces a few new visuals we've been experimenting with. We quite like the outcome, and will develop more variety in our themes as we go.

New Rooms and Corridors

We've expanded the dungeon generation system with a few new parts, some of them corridors and some bigger rooms. We wanted to start fleshing out the inner workings of the dungeons and further develop the mechanical aspects of our game. This for example is the new elevator room, used to transport all kinds things into the deeper recesses of the dungeon. Be careful, this room is visited by summoners on rare occasions!

Graphic Settings

Another addition to EVERSLAUGHT coming with this update are new graphic settings to customize and improve the performance of your gaming experience, which you can now find in the settings menu. For now, resolution scale, texture resolutions, shadow quality, antialiasing levels and the mash level of detail (LOD’s), are customizable. Additionally a FPS counter toggle can be activated that should allow players to find a sweet spot and maximize frame rate for that juicy 90Hz or even 144Hz VR gaming goodness. If you’re having trouble with the frame rate holding up we recommend trying out the predefined medium setting and see how things improve.
We’ve also been working on overall performance and got rid of the most prevalent issues affecting a smooth experience.

Intro Overhaul

We reworked multiple aspects of the introduction to make the first hour of EVERSLAUGHT a more fun and tighter experience that will delight veterans and newcomers alike. We have balanced enemy spawns, progression and fixed a couple of issues all around. With these changes, a greater variety of enemies and increased numbers, players will get into EVERSLAUGHT's action faster and experience RPG elements like the level ups much earlier. This should better prepare the player for what is to come further along the game.

Sadly we haven't managed to add in save slots yet, so if you want to start a new savegame, please join our Discord so we can help you make a copy of your old save game and start a new playthrough without losing the old one.

General Improvements
  • Gauntlet Rotational Interface (GRI) has received an update, selecting options using the GRI has become much faster and more intuitive.
  • Killing an enemy with a gauntlet weapon, be it the Hand Cannon, Boltslinger or Grappling Hook, now knocks them back. Let ‘em fly!
  • Several nasty frame rate killers have been taken care of
  • Fixed camera clipping of light rays
Balancing changes

Our goal with balancing EVERSLAUGHT is to achieve a difficulty that is fair and rewarding while at the same time creating a challenging and intense experience.
The balancing with this update will have a great impact on these key factors:

  • Increase difficulty on all player levels.
  • Give enemies a stronger identity and purpose, especially in the horde.
  • Make the 3 classes, Warrior, Vanguard and Rogue feel more impactful.

Previously the difficulty felt lackluster and many players haven’t reported dying more than a handful of times. That's not enough! Going forward we are increasing both enemy and player strength levels to deal with this. This will heighten the high risk, high reward approach we are going for in our combat. Working out the identity and impact of single enemies and our 3 classes, firstly meant creating specific advantages and disadvantages for all scenarios. We hope that players will feel the differences this creates with every level up and unique enemy encounter. However , the level cap will remain at 20, as content for anything above that threshold is still in development.

Now for a full list of all balance changes included in this update:



  • Dash duration increased from 0.32 to 0.42 seconds
  • Dash speed lowered from 13 to 10.5
  • Overall mobility is unchanged, this will allow for more controlled steering while dashing.


  • Increased enemy amounts in all levels, especially in the early game
  • Enemy types are now unlocked at lower player levels
  • Guardian armor scaling adjusted


  • Increased number of arena waves
  • Changed enemy spawn positions in all levels
  • Decreased breakable amounts
  • Level spawning order and unlocking changed



  • Healing cost decreased from 12 to 10
  • Healing amount increased from 20 to 25
  • Gauntlet weapon damage now additionally scales with player level


  • Warrior fist damage increased by 30%
  • Rogue movement speed bonus at level 20 increased to 43% from 20%
  • Rogue crit chance at level 20 increased to 40% from 27%
  • Rogue hook cooldown at level 20 lowered to 1.5 from 1.75 seconds
  • Rogue dash cooldown at level 20 lowered to 0.65 from 0.77 seconds

Leveling Warrior or Vanguard has previously felt like the safest bet for staying alive and dealing consistent damage, we are addressing this by increasing the Rogues strength substantially.


  • Elemental damage (Shock & Fire) Increased by 50%
  • Chain lightning damage increased by 50%
  • Slow effects are stronger now


  • Exploder damage increased from 24 to 32
  • Exploder damage to surrounding enemies increased by 40%
  • Exploder blood drops increased from 24 to 30
  • Corrupted damage increased from 10 to 13
  • Corrupted attack speed increased by 30%
  • Warrior damage increased from 16 to 19
  • Archer flee distance increased
  • Archer attack range increased by 25%
  • Summoner movement speed increased
  • Summoners start fleeing earlier



  • Warrior health increase at level 20 lowered to +60% from 75%
  • Warrior melee damage at level 20 lowered to +36% from 52%
  • Vanguard additional blood orbs at level 20 lowered to 28% from 70%
  • Vanguard hook distance at level 20 lowered to 13m from 17m
  • Vanguard gun damage at level 20 lowered to +2x from +3.15x (Remember, gun damage now additionally scales with player level too)


  • Additional blood orbs (weapon skill) reduced by 50%
  • Increased Hand Cannon cooldown from 0.4 seconds to 1 second


  • Warrior blood drops decreased from 16 to 14
  • Guardian blood drops decreased from 24 to 16
  • Guardian attack speed lowered by 20%
  • Guardian health lowered by 30%
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