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Legendary Tales update for 23 December 2021

Magic and Skill tree update is available (in beta branch)

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello everybody! Merry everything and a happy new year.
It’s finally here, the update you’ve all been waiting for.

We have brought so many changes and updates for you today.
We have a back-ground story/reasons for each change/update, but since explaining it all could be a whole novella, I can get to all those bits another time.
Today, let's just talk about the fun stuff.

Before we start anything,
If you’re wondering about monsters, unfortunately our lead animator recently had surgery and had to spend her limited time in the office on getting graphical assets ready for this update. We also had to work on getting all these features ready for today's update so we hope you can bear with us on that front.

This is gonna be a big one so strap yourself in, we’ve got a lot to cover.


Primary and Secondary Attr!
As we’ve mentioned before, the attribute system was going to be changed and now it’s happening. Strength, Dexterity and Intellect still level up through fighting but now they feed into a secondary experience bar that you can use to manually level up your Vitality, Wisdom and Luck. (Yes. Finally you can improve your luck)

Skill tree(Still in development)

One of our biggest updates this time is the skill tree which encompasses so many other features. By leveling up you can earn skill points that you can use to gain all sorts of cool abilities. Skills range from simple attribute bonuses to interesting new ways of playing. With 70 different skills to improve your character, there’s so much to explore and try out with the new skill system.
So what is part of the skill tree now? Let’s have a look.
While you’re looking at the skills we hope you might think about the kind of things you might want in the future.

Here is some of screenshots for Skill trees!


Magic has had some really big changes. Originally, magic had to be acquired through items, well we’ve done away with all that and now they are a part of the skill tree. To learn magic go to the magic tab of the skill tree, if you fulfill the requirements and have enough skill points you can learn it.
Magic now has an information page that explains a bit about what it does and how to use it. You can also arrange your magic the way you want in the magic circles. A new UI page will allow you to move your spells to the position that works best for you. Everybody starts with a portal spell but from there you are on your own. We’ve added some spells for you to start off with but rest assured there’s more to come in the future so stay tuned.
On top of regular magic there’s been some updates to the fusion magic, before you could only combine 2 of the same magic spells but now it is possible to combine different magic spells together! Because of this new fusion system, we have a good foundation for making more combinations in the future.


A stealth system that can be learned through the skill tree has been added. If you learn the stealth skill you can evade detection by enemies for longer and are even given an indicator for whether the enemy has spotted you or not. Stealth is essentially a status you can enter by crouching, and your sneakiness persists for a short while after coming out of it.

New Weapons!

Something really fun, we’ve added 2 new weapon types.
To start with is the

spear type

Spears have a long reach and can be used one handed or two handed. However the damage for any part other than the bladed tip is very low. The spears’ combat skill is the same as the dagger. (Now ‘Critical Point’ in the skill tree.)

Next is the

wand type (You ask us, we make it)

I know a few people really wanted this. While holding the wand you can do magic, but you can’t perform fusion magic spells due to game balance. Wands can provide bonuses to magic but, let's be honest, it's mostly just for fun.

Small Changes.


You asked for it and you got it. Multiplayer is now open! Where you used to have to get private invites from friends you can now make open sessions that anyone can join. There’s still private multiplayer available if you just want to adventure with a select few.

Combat Skills

Combat skills have now been changed to skills. Where originally they could be used from the beginning without any conditions they are now a part of the skill tree system and you must increase your experience to really begin to use them.


Similarly, the ability to grab enemies who have been knocked down or stunned was agiven but we’ve turned this into a skill that must be learned. We know this might be disappointing for some but we want players to feel a real sense of achievement from performing cool feats of strength like these!


Half swording, the act of holding a weapon with both hands in order to parry more effectively, has now become a skill to be learned.

Bow parrying

Parrying with a bow used to be as viable as with any other weapon, but now this has been added to the skill tree as well. You can still parry with a bow, but it won’t be as effective without the skill.


Now as part of the skill tree you can improve your fists as a weapon. Turn those hands into fiery fists of fury and punch out your enemies. In the skill tree you can increase your fists’ damage and armor penetration. You can even learn to parry your enemy with only your hands.

Changes based on gamers feedback


Due to the massive amount of changes the tutorial has inevitably had to be changed too. How else are you going to learn all these cool features? But your luck stat is pretty high right now because we’ve made it shorter rather than longer. It is also optional, but as always, highly recommended.
The initial game prologue has also been modified to only be performed once per account, rather than every time a new character is made. There have also been some changes to the prologue level.


  • Potions are now available for sale in the magic shop in town! Better get yours fast because they’re sure to run out of stock. (Kidding, the stock is infinite)
  • Throwing accuracy has been improved so you should find it easier to throw weapons.
  • The buckler is now mounted on the side holster rather than the back.
  • Previously, if you hit the level limit of a floor your experience did not increase at all. Now if you reach the limit your experience will still increase, albeit slowly.
  • As always, some particles have been updated or improved.
  • Now, you have the ability to sell multiple items at the same time. Select all the items you want to sell and you can dump them all at once.

You can download this update from Beta branch.
(If you don’t know how to use beta branch, Look at end of this announcement)

Why is it on Beta branch?

We have internally tested this version, but internal tests are always limited. So, Before we release this version as default, We need your help to tweak and game balance and sort out any bugs.

About Save files :

Everybody was worried about this but don’t worry about your Save file, even if you move around the beta-default branch, both of your save files will be fine. But since the two versions are significantly different, they won’t support each other's save files.

About future updates/patch

For the next few weeks we are going to do bug fixes and balance patches. When we see it’s okay, we will roll-out the version to the default branch. After that (or at the same time) we are going to update to Unreal Engine version from 4.26 to 4.27 which is going to be a lot of work for us, but we really need it since 4.26 has too many VR bugs. We can’t put it off much longer.
It will take a while to do all these things. But during this time, we’ll always be thinking about how to make the game better.
Btw, I want to make it clear, these skill trees are not complete. We will bring more skills in the future.
(As always, we prepare/plan more than you think.)

About Patreon

We wanted to tell you that we are starting a Patreon. We estimate that our funding is fine for now. But maybe it would be good to have some support from people, for a stable situation and even to boost up our work process. Also in just little ways like the cost of a cup of coffee.
Just a little something for people to show their support. We don’t want to beg for money but some people have asked about crowdfunding or donations in the past so this is in response to that. To be clear, there are no rewards, this is just for supporting the project.
But, more so than Patreon, the best way to support us is to tell people about Legendary Tales and recommend it to others. It seems there are still many VR gamers who don’t know about Legendary Tales yet. Now that multiplayer has gone global you’re going to need more people to join you on your adventures!

All my team worked really hard to bring this to you before the end of this year and I am really glad we could roll-out this update before the christmas.
We were even working during the move to the new office somehow.
We wanted to bring more, I always do, but we did not have enough resources and man-power.

Still, we could do this, because all of you, the first pioneers who decided to support us by buying Legendary Tales and giving us so much useful feedback.
Your feedback and discussions are so valuable to us. We listen, watch, and read what you have to say and it’s benefitted Legendary Tales so much..
We really appreciate all of your love and support.

As always we hope that you can get a lot of enjoyment out of all this, we wish we could bring you more and we’ll keep working hard to bring Legendary Tales to life.

However you’re spending this holiday season, we hope you spend it pleasantly.
We’ll see you again next year.

If you need any help, join our Discord.
We will do our best to help you out!

How to change to beta branch

  1. Go to your Steam Library.

  2. Select "Legendary Tales" in your Steam library.

  3. Right click to open menu, then click properties.

  4. Select BETAS and click drop-down under "Select the beta you would like to opt into". you can find there the beta branch.

** If you see nothing in drop-down list, please turn off your steam entirely once and restart again!

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