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Beasts of Bermuda update for 21 December 2021

A Very Merry QOL Patch

Share · View all patches · Build 7922336 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Server Config and Commands

+Servers: Added new config setting, FoodDrainDifficulty
-Controls how quickly food and food sat decay
-Can be set to EGameDifficulty::Easy (0.5x), EGameDifficulty::Normal (1.0x), EGameDifficulty::Hard (2.0x), or EGameDifficulty::Expert (3.0x)
+Servers: Added new config setting, WaterDrainDifficulty
-Controls how quickly water and water sat decay
-Can be set to EGameDifficulty::Easy (0.5x), EGameDifficulty::Normal (1.0x), EGameDifficulty::Hard (2.0x), or EGameDifficulty::Expert (3.0x)
+Servers: Added new config setting, WaterDirtinessDifficulty
-Controls how quickly water sources become dirty when drunk from
-Can be set to EGameDifficulty::Easy (0.5x), EGameDifficulty::Normal (1.0x), EGameDifficulty::Hard (2.0x), or EGameDifficulty::Expert (3.0x)
+Servers: Added new config setting, GrowthRate
-Controls how quickly players grow at all growth levels
-Can be set to EGrowthRate::VerySlow (0.5x), EGrowthRate::Slow (0.75x), EGrowthRate::Normal (1.0x), EGrowthRate::Fast (1.5x): or EGrowthRate::VeryFast (2.0x)
+Servers: Added new config option, FoliageSpawnSpeed
-Controls how long it takes for foliage to respawn on the map
-Can be set to EGrowthRate::VerySlow (2.0x), EGrowthRate::Slow (1.5x), EGrowthRate::Normal (1.0x), EGrowthRate::Fast (0.75x): or EGrowthRate::VeryFast (0.5x)
+Servers: Added new config variable, bPortalsDisabled. If true, all portals on the maps will be disabled
+Servers: Added new config variable, MaxTalentsAllowed. If set to -1, it is ignored. If set to any other value, players with not be able to spend more talents than this value on their creatures
-If players have creatures saved with more than this value, they will be prompted to remove some, similarly to Reincarnations
-This can be a great way to give your server a pseudo-talent reset. Set the value to 0 and let everybody subtract their talents! Then set it to -1 and they can spend them again as normal where they wish
+Servers: The CreatureLimits config now has two additional fields:
-SoftCapStart and SoftCapEnd
-Each species can now be separately configured for where soft group caps begin and end. The defaults are 0.7 for start, and 1.0 for end.
-This allows servers to configure when creatures begin counting towards soft group caps, and when they count as a full, "Adult" creature
+Servers: Servers can now set terrestrial carnivores able to group with other terrestrial carnivores, flyers with other flyers, and aquatics with other aquatics via server config
-Previously only herbivores could be configured to group with other herbivores
+Servers: Added new console command, FillAllFreshwater. Removes all dirtiness and sets all freshwaters to full. Requires EAdminCommands::ControlWeather
+Servers: Added new config setting bDisableCharacterDeath, in [/Script/BeastsOfBermuda.SaveSystem]
-When set to true, if a player dies, they will return to the creature select screen but their creature will not be marked as dead.
-They can select it for play without resurrecting or reviving it and spawn back into the map at a randomly selected, appropriate spawn point for their creature
+Servers: Added new console command, SetDisableDeath, which allows the server to toggle the state of the bDisableDeath config variable while the server is running
-The state of this variable will always be shown to the client on the server info, on the escape menu, so players know whether or not death currently counts
+Servers: Added new config variable, SkinLockGrowthThreshold, which is the growth threshold at which skins will lock and become uneditable
-If set to -1.f, it will use the in-game default value of 0.7 growth. Any positive value will be used as an override for the growth level at which skin editing locks
+Servers: Added new server moderator category. EditFoliage. Allows usage of the Foliage Placement Editor while in the Observer Cam
-To use the Foliage Placement Editor in the Observer Cam, this permission is now required
+Servers: Added new config variable, bDisableResurrections
-When true, resurrections cannot be done by the player
+Servers: Added new config variable, bDisableReincarnations
-When true, reincarnations cannot be done by the player
+Servers: Added species-specific growth limits.
-Config files need to specify the GrowthLimits variable now, rather than GrowthLimit
-The format looks like this:

Weather Config

+Added several new config variables that control weather. They are specified in the Game.ini file under this header
-Default value is 0. Adds this value to the Ocean height at all times, in centimeters. Can be negative to drop the Ocean height as well.
-When false, storms cause no stress
-When false, no tornados spawn
-Default value is true. When false, storm surges will not stop near the top of the map, and can go over the highest point of land on the map
-Default value is 1.0f. Controls how quickly weather ticks. 2.0 will double weather tick rate and make storms play through twice as quickly, for example. Set to low values for very long storms
-Default value is 1.0f. Weather effects strength multiplier. Set to bigger values such as 1.5f or 2.0f to make weather more intense. Set to lower values to make weather more mild.
-Default value is 1.0f. Controls how long periods of time between storms are. Set to lower values to make storms happen more often and for sunny weather periods to be shorter
-Default value is 1.0f. Multiplies just how strong the storm surge is. Set to 0.0f to disable storm surge.
RainCommonness default is 5
FogCommonness default is 2
OvercastCommonness default is 2
DryLightningCommonness default is 1
-The above four variables control how frequent each weather type is. When the weather generator generates a weather event, it selects Rain, Fog, Overcast or DryLightning. Increase or decrease the above numbers to make various weather types more or less common or, at 0, they will never happen

Admin Foliage Placement Tool

+Added a new admin tool that allows the user to place permanent foliage on the map while using the observer cam.
-It can be accessed within the observer cam by pressing the "Ability" key while in the observer cam. To access this, you must have a new admin permission category, EditFoliage
+While in this foliage placement tool, you can select and place most of the various types of foliage (trees, bushes, etc) present on BoB.
-Additionally, some (a few) temple assets, some (a few) rocks, some (a few) cliff pieces, flowers, salt, crystals, and some cubes and planes have been exposed to this placement tool.
+You can place single instances of foliage or place them with a painting brush.
+While using the painting brush, you can specify density
+There is also an eraser brush and an undo option, but the eraser can only erase foliage placed using this tool. Regular map foliage cannot be changed. You can also bulk-delete all foliage or bulk-delete all foliage of a specified type that was placed using this tool
+While placing foliage in either method, you can specify the pitch angle, a random scale range, and a Z offset.
+Foliage can be labeled as edible or inedible. Edible foliage will be interactable by players, as they will be able to eat or pick up edible foliage. Tornados and forest fires will also interact with edible foliage. Regular foliage grades still apply. For example, a tree will be edible to creatures when they'd regularly be able to eat that tree. A rock marked edible will never be edible regardless.
+Foliage can be marked as permanent or temporary. Permanent foliage will respawn after eaten or destroyed, exactly like regular map foliage
+Foliage can be marked as save or do-not-save. Foliage placed and marked to save will save into a new save file named SERVER_MapName_Foliage.
+The Foliage Placement Tool shows how much of each foliage type has been placed on the map. It also estimates the additional load time necessary to send all of the new foliage data to a connecting client. There is no limit to how much foliage can be placed using this tool, but use caution. Adding more will increase loading times, so if you want to paint 10 million mushrooms, it'd cause unacceptable loading times
+Added a grid snap setting to the foliage placement ui. It includes an optional snap to z control as well. This allows easy snapping of building pieces such as temple assets or cubes
+Multiple people can use this tool at once, and it is used during a server's runtime, in real-time. Players will see you changing the map in real-time and foliage will be immediately interactable.
+Mechanics: Glide mode on the observer cam is now accessed by the "roar" key, rather than attack2

FPT 'Canvas' Maps:

+Added new map: Rival_Shores_Canvas. This is a version of Rival Shores with all of the edible foliage removed.
+Added new map: Ancestral_Plains_Canvas. This is a version of Ancestral Plains with all of the edible foliage removed.
+Added new map: DM_Caldera_Canvas. This is a version of DM_Caldera with all of the edible foliage removed.
+Added new map: Forest_Island_Canvas. This is a version of Forest_Island with all of the edible foliage removed.
+Added new map: Volcano_Bay. This map is very incomplete, but serves as a good canvas map for the foliage editing tool
-Warning, this map is extremely incomplete. It is a very large, tiled map with water sources, spawn points, shrines and some jungle trees present. Some water sources are extremely dangerous but the foliage editing tool can place temple ramps and stuff to make safe access


+All creatures now play sandy or muddy footstep sounds if stepping in sand or mud
+All creatures now leave behind wet, sandy, muddy, or bloody footsteps if the situation is appropriate
-Yes, this includes beached mosas, elasmos, and kronos!
-While carrying carcasses, or while bleeding, you now leave behind bloody footsteps
-The footsteps stay for about a minute and then fade out

Added partial support for Game Pads

  • Supports Xbox controllers natively
  • PlayStation 4 controllers work with a Windows driver
  • PlayStation 4 controller's touchpad works as a mouse to navigate menus
  • Menu navigation for other controllers doesn't work yet
  • Character moves with left analog stick
  • Camera moves with right analog stick
  • A = Jump, X = Use, B = Crouch, Y = Special, RT = Attack1, LT = Attack2, RB = Ability, LB = Scent, Left stick click = Sprint, D-pad Up = Emote Wheel (does not work yet), D-pad Down = Rest, D-pad Right = Lay Nest & No (prompts), D-pad Left = Yes (prompts)
  • Keybinds might need a reset for controllers to work

General Mechanics Changes

+Mechanics: Reincarnations now have bad luck prevention, such that you'll never get less inherits than "average," based on your Trials
-This should result in reincarnations being less of a gamble, as you can't get a terribly low inherit count any longer when you have good Trials
+Mechanics: Increased fresh spawn inherits to 7-10, up from 3-5
+Mechanics: Increased minimum reincarnation inherits to 7-10, up from 5-7
+Mechanics: Carcasses that have been picked up no longer can apply Necrophobia
+Increased growth speeds significantly between 1.0 and 1.2. Average growth times from 0.4 to 1.2 should be:
-94 mintues for Oryctodromeus, Pteranodon, Velociraptor
-133 minutes for Pachycephalosaurus
-160 minutes for Megalosaurus, Tropeognathus, Elasmosaurus, Ichthyovenator
-200 minutes for Lurdusaurus, Parasaurolophus,
-267 minutes for Acrocanthosaurus, Kronosaurus, Mosasaurus, Saichania, Tyrannosaurus, Coahuilaceratops
-366 minutes for Apatosaurus
-The above cagetories do not necessarily mean these creatures grow at the same rates beyond 1.2, even if they grow at the same rates leading up to 1.2
-If a server has adjusted the GrowthRate config var, all these times can be divided by the scalar associated with that growth rate
-The above growth times were gathered with 50% food, water, comfort, food sat, and water sat


+Mechanics: It now takes less distance traveled to score well on the Distance Traveled Trial
+Mechanics: It now takes less comfort bias to score well on the Comfort Bias Consumed Trial
+Mechanics: It now takes less offspring to score well on the Total Offspring Trial
+Mechanics: It now takes a lower ratio of water satiation to water drank to score well on the Water Satiation Drank Trial
+Mechanics: Creatures now trigger to add to the Scents Identified Trial of they are swimming or flying
+Mechanics: The Scents Identified, Water Sources Visited, and Shrines Visited Trials now notify you when you find a new scent, visit a new water source, or visit a new shrine
+Mechanics: You now can get hunt points for killing your own species, so long as you are not grouped


+Mechanics: Poor diets no longer result in a slower movement speed
+Reduced Salt's respawn timer to 30 minutes, down from 1 hour
+Reduced Piscivores' fish requirement significantly
+Redistributed and increased salt locations on Rival Shores and Ancestral Plains
+Balance: Reduced salt requirements for all herbivores by about 33%

Quality of Life Changes

+QoL: Added dropdown button that shows server info, which now shows some of its config options
+QoL: Servers that have configured a Discord link now have a discord icon show up on the escape menu that can be clicked by players connected to the server to join their Discord
+QoL: The Character screen (O menu) now has a growth indicator on it
+QoL: Backup server save files are now sorted by game versions
+QoL: Certain interactable foliage objects no longer drop root balls when picked up and set down. This includes mushrooms, crystals, and vegetables

Balance Changes

+Balance: Damage-reducing effects such as Saichania's Spiky Shield now reduce incoming bleed damage as well
+Balance: Sai can now interact with trees and other tier 5 foliage at growth level 1.25
+Balance: Increased Hatchling, juvenile, and subadult speeds for Acrocanthosaurus, Apatosaurus, Ichthyovenator, Megalosaurus, Oryctodromeus, Pachycephalosaurus, Lurdusaurus, Saichania, Pteranodon, Velociraptor, Tropeognathus, Coahuilaceratops, Elasmosaurus, Kronosaurus, Mosasaurus
+Balance: Megalosaurus no longer deals bleed damage
+Balance: Megalosaurus' base attack damage is now 150, up from 130
+Balance: Megalosaurus' size is now 650 base, up from 600
+Balance: Megalosaurus' sprint speed is now 920, down from 950
+Balance: Megalosaurus' base health is now 675, up from 625
+Balance: Increased Ory sprint speed to 800, up from 551
+Acro's foliage tier is now 4, up from 3. This matches Coah, Sai, and Para's foliage tier.
+Swapped the Serrated Teeth talent for the Sharp Teeth talent on Megalosaurus. On older creatures, talent points and inherits from Serrated Teeth will automatically transfer to Sharp Teeth.

Bug Fixes

+Fixed: Strange collision on RS Pine and Birch Trees after being burnt
+Fixed: Being able to connect to the same server twice, which resulted in all kinds of strange bugs
+Fixed: Tropeo's right wingbeat hitbox is now properly positioned
+Fixed: Apato no longer requires excessive salt, and now gets a "Craving Salt" debuff instead of immediately getting "Salt Deficiency"
+Fixed: Client crash when entities take "damage" events locally from or to something in the map in certain cases.
+Fixed: Client Crash when generating combat log history in certain cases
+Fixed: Client crash that could occur after changing characters and having received invites.
+Fixed: Crash that could happen when trying to access data in replays.
+Fixed: The out of bounds visual effect now properly applies the out of bounds status condition
+Fixed: Getting kicked or disconnected from the server now properly prompts the reason.
+Fixed: Main Menu not showing up after getting two disconnects in a row.

Art & Screenshots by Teatimejess & Starcatcher
Afrikaans Translation

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