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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous update for 29 September 2021

Update 1.0.7c

Share · View all patches · Build 7446133 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.


A new patch has been deployed.

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes a 2x2 sized unit in the army window may get grayed out and be unable to move to another slot. Closing and opening the window a few times should help.
  • Spellbook may contain phantom classes with level 0 under the character classes. This is a visual issue that will be fixed soon.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Quests and companions:

  • Camelia sometimes kept hiding in the basement for too long - fixed;
  • Ramien's death sometimes didn't register correctly, which led to odd situations in later chapters.
  • Mercy quest could become blocked for players visiting aasimar's basement earlier than intended - fixed;
  • Romantic brawl with Lann now has a time limit, so non-melee classes no longer take forever to end the fight;
  • Camelia can no longer miraculously appear in the party in Act 2 after being killed in Act 1.
  • Sometimes coronation for Gold Dragon could end earlier than intended - fixed;
  • It's no longer possible to meet quest characters in the barracks of Battle Bliss Arena if the player wasn't locked up;
  • If Regill died too quickly during The Final Verdict, quest NPCs could stop reacting to further actions - fixed;
  • The Last Resort quest couldn't be completed when choosing certain dialogue options - fixed;
  • Mielara Tumberd could open a portal even for a player who bargained with Nocticula, but the portal didn't work. Portal will no longer appear in such circumstances.
  • In The Final Verdict quest, Regill's pet no longer fights its master;
  • Cutscene with Hepzamirah in Colyphyr Mines no longer freezes if the player went off the Angel mythic path.
  • Fixed an issue in Once in Alushinyrra quest, where the player would be in Nocticula's palace and Yozz would only offer teleportation;
  • Fixed an issue in Chapter 5, that could lead to uninteractive quests and NPCs;
  • It was possible to proceed to Chapter IV without completing the Trickster quest, which caused an array of issues in later chapters - fixed;
  • Mephistophele now has correct stats for all mythic paths and controls the amount of his summons properly.
  • When undergoing Death's Embrace ritual without companions, attack on the top floor of the Ziggurat now begins immediately.
  • Arueshalae's alignment now changes correctly during her quests;
  • Sosiel no longer tries to draw in Nexus mines during combat;
  • In Once in Alushinyrra... quest one of dialogue lines had an incorrect speaker - fixed;
  • Assassin in Drezen now properly lies on the floor as described;
  • Aivu's Frightful presence could force certain enemies to run off the map, leading to various issues - fixed;
  • Burning Dreams quest didn't fail as intended when switching to Chapter 5 - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the party with Ember in it from resting;
  • Rudeness to Velexia caused the game to freeze - fixed. Behave next time!
  • Fixed the case when rejecting Sosiel led to flying high up in the sky. It's definitely dangerous to disappoint Sosiel.
  • In Conspiracy in Shadows allied demons could become enemies if the player supported Nocticula - fixed;
  • When you killed Areshkagal, sometimes she didn't drop Mask of Nothing - fixed;


  • Fixed a problem causing Drezen siege cutscene in some of the old saves to become stuck.
  • You no longer suffer from Encumbrance in Battle Bliss when separated from your party;
  • Dialogue at Desna's Altar in Lost Chapel could become unavailable - fixed;
  • It was possible to exit the Battle Bliss arena during the final battle - fixed;
  • It was impossible to leave the room in a brothel in Alushinyrra, if you loaded a save made in this room - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue in Blackwater where characters could receive a permanent electric damage debuff;
  • In Drezen player sometimes couldn't pick Mythic path in Chapter 5 because Greybor was hostile and forced combat - fixed;
  • Animal companions now correctly rest in Drezen;
  • Fixed a bug preventing an obelisk in Ineluctable Prison from destruction;
  • Fixed another case of teleporting "into the void" in Alushinyrra;
  • It was impossible to leave the room in a brothel in Alushinyrra, if you loaded a save made in this room - fixed;
  • Fixed an issue in Blackwater where characters could receive a permanent electric damage debuff;
  • In Drezen player sometimes couldn't pick Mythic path in Chapter 5 because Greybor was hostile and forced combat - fixed;


  • Tactical combat no longer freezes after using Mass Hideous Laughter;
  • Balance changes to one of garrison armies in chapter 3;
  • It is now possible to move a 2x2 unit one tile to the left;

Classes & Mechanics:

  • Bonuses didn't display correctly for animal companion with Animal Focus - fixed;
  • Oracle's Life Link ability continued to work incorrectly in some circumstances - fixed;
  • Damage Reduction worked incorrectly for Sneak and Precision damage - fixed;
  • Exploiter Wizard now can correctly merge his spellbook with Lich.
  • Animal companions no longer disappear in Nexus
  • Aeon finished calibrating his Bane. Now it affects buffs and effects cast by enemies.
  • Sometimes Ranger couldn't select feat from Combat Style Feat, because he already has all feats - fixed;
  • Path was calculated incorrectly in TBM when moving cursor between two close-standing enemies one of which could be reached with a 5ft step, and the other couldn't. This was one of the causes of failing touch spells - fixed;
  • Arcane Trickster's Cantrips had invalid caster level - fixed;
  • Armored Battlemage couldn't cast spells using Magus abilities - fixed;
  • A combination of Hideous Laughter + Best Jokes + Zippy Magic was so funny that it was able to freeze the game - fixed;
  • Self-imposed debuffs were being removed one frame too late, leading to features like Powerless Prophecy working one turn longer than necessary in TBM - fixed;
  • It wasn't possible to cast dismiss spell as a Thassilonian Specialist - fixed;


  • Ceremonial Falcata's effect could crash the game if you had Dreadful Carnage and fought monsters with regeneration - fixed;
  • Not enough materials were available through the course of the game for Storyteller to craft all items - fixed;
  • Menace of Death by design could grant the wearer a debuff that would stop from attacking. Now it applies a visible buff, should be less confusing.
  • Rushlight's effect lacked description and didn't give spell resistance - fixed;
  • Melazmera's treasures didn't always have a correct cost - fixed;
  • The dagger "Edge of force" wasn't adding damage to force spells as described - fixed;
  • Items would restore charges after game load - fixed;
  • Respec made some features from items permanent - fixed;

User Interface:

  • Initiative order on top of the screen could sometimes disappear - fixed;
  • There was no notification that spellcasting is forbidden by a condition resulting from Lich's Deadly Magic debuff, which could be applied to friendly characters - fixed;
  • With autofill action bar option disabled, player could experience a significant FPS drop or freeze - fixed;
  • Fixed a tooltip for Healing ability when targeting someone who has already been a target this day.


  • Fixed eternal loop of demonic portal sound on the third meeting with Vellexia.
  • You can now refuse to meet the travelling merchant;
  • Damage to attributes would disappear when loading saves - fixed.
  • Baphomet now remembers he can fly, and will no longer fall into pits.
  • Halaseliax had incorrect stats, causing him to be very weak in final combat - fixed;
  • Fixed "Allow sending of saved games" setting interfering with the actual saving process, including the Last Azlanti mode saves.
  • Gallu demons behaved incorrectly when trying to use their ability - fixed;

Changed depots in owlcat-master branch

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