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Dota 2 update for 30 June 2021

ClientVersion 4918

Share · View all patches · Build 6958185 · Last edited by Wendy

There are no official patch notes available for this build.

The following changelog has been automatically generated from GameTracking data.


  • Updated localization files for English


  • Modified Economy Item: The Scarlet Flare Belt
  • Modified Economy Item: The Scarlet Flare Arms
  • Modified Economy Item: The Scarlet Flare Neck
  • Modified Economy Item: The Scarlet Flare Head
  • Modified Economy Item: The Duskbloom Trickster Back
  • Modified Economy Item: The Duskbloom Trickster Off-Hand
  • Modified Economy Item: The Duskbloom Trickster Armor
  • Modified Economy Item: The Duskbloom Trickster Head
  • Modified Economy Item: The Duskbloom Trickster Belt

English Localization

  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_Plays_Description: Play {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Nemestice MatchesPlay {s:current_tier_score} Nemestice Matches
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_Wins_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Nemestice MatchesWin {s:current_tier_score} Nemestice Matches
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_Channels_Description: Channel {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Nemestice EmbersChannel {s:current_tier_score} Nemestice Embers
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_Gathers_Description: Pick up {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} fallen Nemestice Embers from the groundPick up {s:current_tier_score} fallen Nemestice Embers from the ground
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_MeteorKills_Description: Kill {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} heroes while Embercharged in NemesticeKill {s:current_tier_score} heroes while Embercharged in Nemestice
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Nemestice_Towers_Description: Destroy {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} towers during a Nemestice gameDestroy {s:current_tier_score} towers during a Nemestice game
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Plays_Description: Play {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} MatchesPlay {s:current_tier_score} Matches
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_High_Fives_Completed_Description: High Five Players {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} TimesHigh Five Players {s:current_tier_score} Times
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Tips_Given_And_Received_Description: Give or Receive {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} TipsGive or Receive {s:current_tier_score} Tips
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Wins_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} MatchesWin {s:current_tier_score} Matches
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_CM_AD_RD_Wins_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Matches in Captain's Mode, Ability Draft or Random DraftWin {s:current_tier_score} Matches in Captain's Mode, Ability Draft or Random Draft
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Guild_Wins_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Matches with 3+ Guild MembersWin {s:current_tier_score} Matches with 3+ Guild Members
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Complete_Guild_Contracts_Description: Complete {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Guild ContractsComplete {s:current_tier_score} Guild Contracts
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Kills_Description: Kill {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Enemy HeroesKill {s:current_tier_score} Enemy Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Assists_Description: Assist in {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Enemy Hero KillsAssist in {s:current_tier_score} Enemy Hero Kills
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Building_Damage_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Damage to Enemy BuildingsDeal {s:current_tier_score} Damage to Enemy Buildings
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Hero_Damage_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Damage to Enemy HeroesDeal {s:current_tier_score} Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Hero_Damage_Physical_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Physical Damage to Enemy HeroesDeal {s:current_tier_score} Physical Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Hero_Damage_Magical_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Magic Damage to Enemy HeroesDeal {s:current_tier_score} Magic Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Hero_Damage_Pure_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Pure Damage to Enemy HeroesDeal {s:current_tier_score} Pure Damage to Enemy Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Kill_Roshan_Description: Kill Roshan {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} TimesKill Roshan {s:current_tier_score} Times
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Destroy_Wards_Description: Destroy {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Enemy WardsDestroy {s:current_tier_score} Enemy Wards
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Wins_In_Full_Party_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Matches in a 5-stackWin {s:current_tier_score} Matches in a 5-stack
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Wins_As_Core_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} games as a Core in Ranked RolesWin {s:current_tier_score} games as a Core in Ranked Roles
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Wins_As_Support_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} games as a Support in Ranked RolesWin {s:current_tier_score} games as a Support in Ranked Roles
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_1_Star_Hero_Challenges_Description: Complete {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Hero Challenges with 1-Star or greaterComplete {s:current_tier_score} Hero Challenges with 1-Star or greater
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_3_Star_Hero_Challenges_Description: Complete {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Hero Challenges with 3-StarsComplete {s:current_tier_score} Hero Challenges with 3-Stars
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Last_Hits_Description: Last Hit {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} CreepsLast Hit {s:current_tier_score} Creeps
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Denies_Description: Deny {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} CreepsDeny {s:current_tier_score} Creeps
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Stack_Camps_Description: Stack {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Neutral CampsStack {s:current_tier_score} Neutral Camps
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Bounty_Runes_Description: Activate {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Bounty RunesActivate {s:current_tier_score} Bounty Runes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Stun_Duration_Description: Stun Enemy Heroes for {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} secondsStun Enemy Heroes for {s:current_tier_score} seconds
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Heal_Heroes_Description: Heal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} health to allied HeroesHeal {s:current_tier_score} health to allied Heroes
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Hand_Of_Midas_Gold_Description: Gain {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Gold from Hand of Midas in Winning GamesGain {s:current_tier_score} Gold from Hand of Midas in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Hero_Damage_Description: Deal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} damage to Heroes in Winning GamesDeal {s:current_tier_score} damage to Heroes in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Net_Worth_Description: Accumulate {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Net Worth in Winning GamesAccumulate {s:current_tier_score} Net Worth in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Plant_Observer_Wards_Description: Plant {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Observer Wards in Winning GamesPlant {s:current_tier_score} Observer Wards in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_As_Strength_Hero_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} games as a Strength HeroWin {s:current_tier_score} games as a Strength Hero
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_As_Agility_Hero_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} games as a Agility HeroWin {s:current_tier_score} games as a Agility Hero
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_As_Intelligence_Hero_Description: Win {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} games as a Intelligence HeroWin {s:current_tier_score} games as a Intelligence Hero
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Last_Hits_Description: Last Hit {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Creeps in Winning GamesLast Hit {s:current_tier_score} Creeps in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Bounty_Runes_Description: Activate {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} Bounty Runes in Winning GamesActivate {s:current_tier_score} Bounty Runes in Winning Games
  • DOTA_Spring2021_Quest_Win_And_Heal_Heroes_Description: Heal {s:tier1_score} / {s:tier2_score} / {s:tier3_score} HP in Winning GamesHeal {s:current_tier_score} HP in Winning Games
  • DOTA_WeeklyQuests_ActivateWeekInformation: Quest progress will only count for the week that is currently activated, you can activate previous weeks to complete older quests.
  • DOTA_Spring2021_WeeklyStarRewardPipLabel: {d:point_reward}
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