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The Isle update for 30 April 2021

New Heights, New Depths

Share · View all patches · Build 6630282 · Last edited 30 April 2021 – 17:19:38 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

Hey Islanders!

We'd like to start with a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our Update #3 Stress Test. Throughout the test we gathered an absolutely staggering amount of useful data that we swiftly put to good use, a major boost towards achieving the utmost quality we always strive for.

It's been truly awesome seeing all the overwhelmingly positive reactions to the new additions and we look forward to sharing our updated plans for the roadmap in the near future, which significantly optimizes and streamlines our production process, so keep an eye out for that!

For now however... It's time to soar the skies and delve the darkest depths.

Branch Selection:

Right click The Isle in your Steam Library > Left click Properties > Betas > in the available dropdown menu select "evrima - EVRIMA Public Branch" and your game will now update to the latest available version. You can also follow the gif below for visual instructions! NOTE: Your game needs to be closed in-order to switch branch.



  • Added Deinosuchus as a playable class.

Spacebar in water - Swim upwards.

Ctrl in water - Swim downwards.

Hold RMB when waterwalking (walking on the bed of water sources) - Big lunge. Used to grab targets to drown them. Only effective on targets half your weight or less, otherwise causes you to be staggered.

Hold RMB on land - Small lunge. As above, but doesn't launch as far and costs more stamina.

Tap RMB when swimming - Water boost. Used to rapidly launch yourself to your fastest swimming speed. Can also be used to grab swimming targets in the water.

Passive - Water Sense. Used for detecting nearby movement in water.

Hold Q while underwater - Enhanced Water Sense. Used to detect movement in water at a further range. The longer the key is held, the further you can sense. In order to use regular scent you must be above the surface of water.

The Deinosuchus cannot eat food while underwater. The Deinosuchus must rise to the surface of water or be on land in order to do so.

  • Added Pteranodon as a playable class.

Hold Spacebar while stationary - Stationary take off. Used to launch yourself into the air to fly. Stamina cost is subject to change.

Hold Spacebar while sprinting - Running take off. As above but can be performed while sprinting. Stamina cost is subject to change.

Hold Spacebar while flying - Fly upwards.

Hold Ctrl while flying - Fly downwards.

Hold Shift while flying - Fly faster at an increased stamina cost.

Hold Z while flying - Air break. Used to slow yourself down in order to land safely. Be careful though! If you lose too much momentum you will fall from the sky.

Hold RMB while flying close to a water source - Skim the water. Perform this action above ripples in water sources to catch fish. Release RMB when prompted to catch a schooling fish.

The Pteranodon cannot swallow food while flying.

  • Reworked the entirety of Spiro.
  • Added Oxygen System. Character's that go underwater will lose oxygen at various speeds per species. Stamina is required to swim on the surface of water - if you run out you will begin to sink underwater. When near death from drowning, heartbeat sounds will begin to play and the screen will fade to black.
  • Added Schooling Fish. These smaller fish swim in groups and can only be caught by the fishers on the island (currently only Deinosuchus and Pteranodon).
  • Added Elite Fish. These fish are much larger and can be caught by both fishers and non-fishers. They also yield more food. Fishers will have an easier time catching these than non-fishers.
  • Added whoosh and hit sounds to the Tenontosaurus tail slam attack.
  • Added new cave assets.
  • Added several new particle effects and sounds.
  • Added an option to game session for realistic AI.
  • Added carcass gore material to corpses, as featured in legacy.
  • Added "Hold "E" to Wallow" hint.
  • Added Bleed Resistance attribute. Currently only applied to Deinosuchus - it receives less bleed from attacks due to the healing properties of crocodilians. It does not wallow.
  • Added the ability for administrators to copy player names/SteamIDs to their clipboard by clicking on them on the admin panel.
  • Added an option in settings to invert camera control.
  • Added an effect for when characters bleed in water.
  • Added name colours to admin panel to reflect server permissions. (Yellow for admin, Red for developer)
  • Added SteamID filter to admin panel.
  • Added omnidirectional Carnotaurus bite attack (default ALT+LMB)
  • Added save file encryption.
  • Added gore mask to Deinosuchus, Pteranodon, Carnotaurus mouths, Stegosaurus spikes and Tenontosaurus claws.


  • Reworked almost all areas of Spiro. Jungle have been made less dense. Entirely new scenes added to incentivize exploration.
  • Bleed is now affected by movement. The faster you're moving, the more quickly you will lose blood.
  • Wallowing no longer blocks bleed fully. In order to have 100% protection against the effects of bleed, the player must rest as well.
  • Regional spawning now takes character type into consideration when choosing a location. ie. Deinosuchus will spawn in/near water sources and only has the option to spawn in regions with water.
  • Removed global chat.
  • Set default chat to local species.
  • More ragdoll improvements.
  • Better default keybinds for gamepad.
  • Adjusted pickup to automatically carry fish in water.
  • Adjusted pickup rotation when carrying.
  • Setup all default gamepad keybinds.
  • Small code and BP changes to replication efficiency.
  • Updated road textures.
  • Improved tail hitboxes.
  • “Neck” hitbox has been added to all animals. This is future proofing for Ceratopsians and Sauropods, etc.
  • Re-added the Utahraptor missed pounce landing animation. The animation plays much faster than previous iterations.
  • Meat chunks now emit scent.
  • Adjusted admin announcements panel size to not take up as much of the player's screen.
  • Updated spawn selection map to reflect map changes.
  • Carnotaurus' idle vocals now scale with its growth.
  • Several improvements to sound effects attenuations and volumes.
  • Swallowing improvements.
  • Network performance improvements.
  • Collision adjustments for perimiter fences.
  • Allowed Stegosaurus to move while bucking.
  • Adjusted Carnotaurus drinking animation
  • Made lunge also work when using lunge speed boost
  • Adjusted Carnotaurus pickup socket.
  • Adjusted Stegosaurus buck animation.
  • Improved ragdoll physics and physical animations.
  • Adjusted pack scent values to group sizes.
  • Adjusted adaptive river sounds volume an distance attenuation.
  • Adjusted Carnotaurus pounce points.
  • Improved Server Logs.
  • Adjusted grouping so that it removes the player if they are killed or logout of the server.


Global Mechanics

Mass Rework

  • Weights for all creatures reworked to be more accurate to scale throughout their growth cycles.


  • Global bleed damage increased.

Fall damage

  • Reduced across the board as future proofing for the fracture system.


  • Paused hunger depletion when actively grazing, if the player is above 20% hunger.


  • Global bucking stamina damage increased. You now buck pouncers off much faster.
  • Bucking costs more depending on the number of pouncers.

Locked Health

  • Increased amount of locked health a player can have. Players will feel the aftermath of a battle a lot more as more of their health is locked away for a longer duration.
  • Locked health now heals faster when resting, encouraging you to rest after a fight.

Locational Damage

  • Leg hitbox damage multiplier decreased.
  • Tail hitbox damage multiplier decreased.
  • Disabled bleed being dealt with attacks that hit the tip of someone's tail.

Growth Time

  • Growth time reduced to 135 minutes.


  • Reduced the Carnotaurus in size.

HP Regen Rates

  • Reduced standing rate.
  • Reduced resting rate.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Increased sprinting stamina decay rate.
  • Increased charge decay rate.
  • Increased slow swim decay rate.
  • Increased fast swim decay rate.

Bite speed

  • Decreased bite speed play rate.

Turn radius

  • Sprinting turn radius decreased

Group limit

  • Group limit increased from 3 to 5.

Jump Velocity

  • Increased jump height.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Decreased sprinting stamina decay.
  • Increased slow swim decay rate.
  • Increased fast swim decay rate.

Stamina Regen Rates

  • Increased trotting stamina regen rate.
  • Increased walking stamina regen rate.
  • Increased standing stamina regen rate.
  • Decreased resting stamina regen rate.


  • Increased hunger.

Corpse Value

  • Decreased corpse value.

Growth Time

  • Decreased time from 45 minutes to 30 minutes.


  • Increased thirst.

Sprint Speed

  • Sprint Speed increased.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Decreased sprint decay rate.
  • Increased slow swim decay rate.
  • Increased fast swim decay rate.

Stamina Regen Rates

  • Increased trotting stamina regen rate.
  • Increased walking stamina regen rate.
  • Increased standing stamina regen rate.
  • Increased resting stamina regen rate.


  • Increased hunger.

Spit Cost

  • Spit hunger cost decreased.

Tail Jab Stamina Cost

  • Increased stamina cost.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Increased sprint decay rate.
  • Increased slow swim decay rate.
  • Increased fast swim decay rate.

Stamina Regen Rates

  • Increased trotting stamina regen rate.
  • Increased walking stamina regen rate.
  • Increased standing stamina regen rate.
  • Decreased resting stamina regen rate.

Starting HP

  • Decreased starting HP.

Starting Blood

  • Decreased starting blood.


  • Decreased hunger.


  • Decreased thirst.

Hitbox adjustment

  • Removed damage for attacks that hit the Stegosaurus thagomizers (tail spikes).

Group limit

  • Group limit increased to from 4 to 5.

Growth Time

  • Growth time reduced to 105 minutes.


  • Reduced the Tenontosaurus in size.

Rear Kick Stamina Cost

  • Decreased rear kick stamina cost.

Jump Velocity

  • Increased jump velocity.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Increased slow swim decay rate.
  • Increased fast swim decay rate.

Stamina Regen Rates

  • Increased trotting stamina regen rate.
  • Increased walking stamina regen rate.
  • Increased standing stamina regen rate.
  • Decreased resting stamina regen rate.

Juvenile Sprint Speed

  • Increased juvenile sprint play rate.


  • Decreased hunger.

Basic attack

  • Removed bleed damage from the bite attack. (Claw should still deal bleed.)


  • Decreased thirst.

CC Thresholds

  • Stagger threshold increased.
  • Knockdown threshold increased.

Group limit

  • Group limit increased from 6 to 8.

Growth Time

  • Growth time reduced to 75 minutes.

ALT Bite

  • Increased damage.
  • Decreased stamina cost.

Stamina Decay Rates

  • Increased sprint decay.
  • Increased slow swim decay.
  • Increased fast swim decay.

Stamina Regen Rates

  • Increased trotting stamina regen rate.
  • Increased standing stamina regen rate.
  • Decreased resting stamina regen rate.

Group limit

  • Group limit increased from 6 to 8.
Pounce Rework


  • Increased pounce bleed.


  • Decreased initial damage.
  • Decreased damage per tick.
  • Decreased stamina per tick.


  • Decreased initial damage.
  • Decreased damage per tick.
  • Decreased stamina per tick.

Stamina Cost

  • Initial Stamina cost increased.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Utahraptor not accelerating at the correct speed.
  • Fixed Dryosaurus AI aggression.
  • Fixed eating locking up if body disappears when eating, if dragged previously.
  • Fixed issue of ragdoll clipping to the floor and shaking widely.
  • Fixed piece of meat not ragdolling on first grab.
  • Fixed issues with Carnotaurus attenuations and eat vocal volume.
  • Fixed Hypsilophodon not spawning water effects.
  • Fixed not being able to wallow sometimes after swallowing meat.
  • Fixed underwater ambient sound not playing in swamp.
  • Fixed eating animation continuing for 1 more tick after releasing it.
  • Fixed gore rotation when eating.
  • Fixed pounce being canceled when losing contact with target.
  • Fixed meat chunks giving more food when eating from ground.
  • Fixed issue with Carnotaurus charge stomp audio on jungle terrain.
  • Fixed Carnotaurus self stagger not playing.
  • Fixed underwater sound not working in rivers.
  • Fixed animation not playing if pounced while resting.
  • Fixed vocals being interrupted every pounce tick of damage.
  • Fixed bite hitboxes when using the alt attack while jumping/swimming.
  • Fixed a crash if physics asset get returns null when spawning.
  • Fixed vocals breaking during anim transitions.
  • Fixed animation transitions causing pinned anim not to work.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to eat a corpse being carried.
  • Fixed Carnotaurus and Utahraptor playing the swallow animation while swimming.
  • Fixed fast getup working even without stamina.
  • Fixed river underwater ambience playing above water level.
  • Fixed not being able to rest sometimes after scenting and swimming.
  • Fixed Hypsilophodon spit not being visible when looking forward.
  • Fixed edible bushes being depleted but still showing the eat prompt.
  • Fixed Stegosaurus eat animation playing out animation twice.
  • Fixed meat chunks becoming stuck in a player's mouth if spamming E.
  • Fixed input lock and animation becoming stuck after swallowing while sprinting.
  • Fixed Dryosaurus rotation when in water after hiding.
  • Fixed swallowing ending pickup prematurely.
  • Fixed eating loop animation canceling eat ability.
  • Fixed being able to deal damage after being staggered.
  • Fixed Hypsilophodon tail replication.
  • Fixed bleeding VFX not spawning consistently.
  • Fixed post processing not working underwater for swamps and rivers.
  • Fixed jungle ambience audio loop dropping out when voice limit met
  • Fixed pounce points to avoid utah rotate in place while pouncing big creatures
  • Fixed not being able to swallow meat chunks when first grabbing them
  • Fixed Pickup causing walk to be toggled
  • Fixed various issues with the collision of trees.
  • Fixed Dryosaurus eating animation not looping.
  • Fixed Tenontosaurus rotating pouncing Utahraptors.
  • Fixed underwater audio in various parts of Spiro where water isn't present.
  • Fixed navigation invokers being registered multiple times.
  • Fixed swamp and rivers PP being reset by other pawns (including fish).
  • Fixed spawning wet footprints on hard surfaces if wallowed.
  • Fixed pounce applying bleed with an incorrect value.
  • Fixed eating math tick from normal eating allowing "ghost" amount of food
  • Fixed weight issue with meats
  • Fixed being able to set growth higher than 1, affecting Attribute values
  • Fixed eating giving extra food.
  • Fixed montage not stopping after depleting corpse.
  • Fixed player names changing while in spectator.
  • Fixed an issue with drinking and eating animations looping, not receiving the order to stop on other clients.
  • Fixed Pounce causing input lock if server and client didn't agree on if the player started to swim.
  • Fixed herbivore eating animations loop stopping ability early.
  • Fixed forcefield collision on Spiro.
  • Fixed red currant bush glowing in sunlight.
  • Fixed regional spawn cooldown sometimes showing as -1.
  • Fixed Carnotaurus corpse drag animations not playing.
  • Fixed Stegosaurus resting audio being too loud.
  • Fixed grabbing corpses speeding up their decay rate.
  • Fixed entering "/" into chat preventing chat from being opened again.
  • Fixed Carnotaurus jittering when skidding.
  • Fixed growth pausing if the player did not shutdown the game using the ingame quit button.
  • Fixed pouncing on players stood on top of assets immediately throwing the Utahraptor off.
  • Fixed cloud setting not saving when exiting settings.
  • Fixed texture setting not saving when exiting settings.
  • Fixed players occasionally respawning as a Utahraptor juvenile outside of the map.
  • Fixed admin grow command making players stand automatically.
  • Fixed camera stuttering slightly when crouching.

And we fixed 200+ unique bugs related to the new mechanics. There are some fixes in here that were not present in public QA, so keep an eye out for those too!

Known Issues

Below is a list of high priority issues that we will be aiming to resolve in an upcoming hotfix, amongst some additional enhancements before pressing on towards Update #4.

  • Rare issue where players can fall underneath the map.
  • Rare issue where players that have been lunged by a Deinosuchus can have physics enabled on their limbs, even after being released from the lunge. Safelog to fix.
  • Chat may not auto show sometimes, despite the toggle being enabled in settings. Re-enable to fix it.
  • Occasionally players may not be able to spawn as a Deinosuchus. Relog to fix it.

Changed depots in internal-shipping branch

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