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Across the Obelisk update for 30 April 2021

Balance Patch 0.6.15

Share · View all patches · Build 6629383 · Last edited 30 April 2021 – 14:39:10 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello everyone, to further improve the system of resistances and negative resistances that we introduced in the last patch, we are going to make some changes to 5 debuffs, Burn, Chill, Spark, Insane and Dark. From now on these will not improve the damage taken by 1 per 3 charges (a bit confusing for new players) but instead will reduce the resistance of its related element by 1% per stack.

This will cause several changes, good and bad, the bad ones is that increasing the damage of cards that do little damage will be harder, for example now with charge battery you only need 3 sparks charges to increase the damage by 1, with this change it will cost much more to gain that +1 only with spark charges.

On the other hand, the good side is that is more consistent and easier to understand, plus now you can face enemies with high resistances and lower their resistances without having to rely on vulnerable, the cap is -95%, or make setups of heroes that focus on 1 element and take advantage of it. Another positive thing is that because now "Burn" lowers the fire resistance, "Burn" is affected by itself, so the more burns you have to more damage it does.

We have also changed the way the "Vitality" buff works since we were not convinced after the last change we did, now it will increase the maximum life by +5 per charge and will heal you for that value. All cards that grant vitality have been tweaked to adjust to the new mechanic.

In addition to this, we have added several QoL, added new cards, made several reworks and balanced many other cards:

Quality of Life & Fixes

  • Added "Energy" "Draw Card" and "Discard Card" filters in the magic forge. Many more filters will come!
  • Added a button to check your decks during item rewards and in shops.
  • In an event when there is an option to rest, it tells you explicitly how much it will heal you, if you have several options and you want to heal yourself make sure you choose the one that says it heals.
  • You can now see the game seed in the settings menu during a game.
  • Items and traits that let you draw new cards (f.e. "chastise", "holy book"...) will not be activated if your hand is full of cards. Previously those items and traits were activated but, because your hand was full, you never got a new card from them losing the functionality that they were created for.
  • Fixed the problem when loading a savegame on a combat with an active corruption. Sometimes the corruption was not executed, now it should always execute on a load game.
  • In coop mode when looting a pet everybody will unlock it, previously only the user that looted the pet got it.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes players were unable to choose an event reply option.

Cornelius: Fire resistance increased to 25(from 20) cold resistance decreased to 0(from 5)
Malukah: Healthy trait swaped for Vitalizer, now Vitalizer is at lvl 4 (like Ottis)


  • The damage of some monster cards in act 3 and ng+ has been increased a little bit, especially of the cards that applied the curses modified in the patch.
    Ignidoh: HP slightly increased, uses meteor shower sooner in Act 3 (round 2 normal, round 1 ng+), also now Ash storm applies burn.

Vitality cards
Desesperate prayer: heal reduced.
Heavenly blessing: heal reduced.
Holy aegis: rework, now grants shield depending on the number of cards in your deck, and always grants vitality and courage.
Sanctuary: blue upgrade, 1 less vitality charge.
Shield of warding: upgrades are now uncommon(from common), blue upgrade, shield and block increased.
Vitalize: heal removed, vitality charges reduced.
Vitalizing serenade: base card is now uncommon(from rare), heal removed, vitality charges reduced.

-Note: Even with the heal part reduced or removed on some cards and the less vitality charges these cards are better than before.

Warrior cards
Headbutt: rework, now deals damage equal to the number of cards in your hand.
SafeGuard: rework, now grants block depending on the numer of cards in your deck, and always grants inspire.
Transfusion: rework, now you can aply your bleeds to anyone, or get the bleeds from anyone and apply them to yourself.
Skullsplitter: increased damage and charges.

Scout cards
Annoying whistle: blue upgrade, increased insane charges.
Eternal lullaby: increased insane charges-
Neverending story: Cost 2(from1) base dame increased to 3.
-Note: Neverending story was performing too good compared to other AoE cards and in addition to benefiting from his multi hit nature, with this change the card is more in the line that cards like multishot/volley/rainofarrows while maintaning all the good parts that made the card fun and good.
Sprint: yellow upgrade, cost reduced to 0(from 1)and mantains the draw card, but now gives 1 fast instead of haste.
Tedious poem: increased insane charges.

Healer cards
New card: -Bulk Heal- Heal depending on the numer of cards in your deck.
New card: -Detoxify- a cheap card to remove poison or bleed and also grants buffer.
Dawnlight: rework, Damage spell that deal damge equal to the number of cards in your hand.
-Note: When we did dawnlight we didn't have planned what we will have for act 2 much less for act 4, now that we know that act 4 will be holy/shadow based we need to get rid of a cost 0 AoE dispel Dark, so the sooner we do the better.
Dilute: cost increased to 1, draw card added, vanish removed.
-Note: Wet is a very strong debuff and you can apply a lot of it with this card, now that we have Detoxify as a cheap dispel, we can convert Dilute into a combo card, with cost 1 but adding draw, and without having to nerf all the cool combos you can do with this card.
Enervate: increased insane charges.
Expectec prophecy: blue upgrade, removed vanish.
Holy smite: yellow upgrade, increased damage.
Inner fire: yellow upgrade, burn reduced to 3 charges(from 8) but now you suffer 3 fire damage.
Mesmeric mirage: increased damage and insane charges.
Mindtwist: increased damage and insane charges.
Pain supresion: yellow upgrade, increased shield charges.
Pandemonium: increased damage and charges, yellow upgrade, cost reduced to 4 (from 5)
Ruin bolt: increased damage.

Mage cards
New card: -Necrotic Burst- deal shadow damage equal to the number of cards in your discard.
Ball lightning: yellow upgrade, increased spark charge.
Curse of agony: blue upgrade, increased bleed charges, yellow upgrade, increased poison charges.
Curse of decay: increased damage.
Curse of element: increased all charges.
Curse of fragility: increased all charges.
Curse of madness: increased charges.
Curse of weakness: increased damage.
Deep darkness: increased damage.
Disintegrate: base version now applyes burn and spark, all version increased damage and charges.
Drain life: increased damage.
Electric discharge: yellow upgrade, increased damage and charges.
Electrocute: yellow upgrade, increased damage and charges.
Flare: yellow upgrade, increased damage and charges.
Frostbolt: increased damage, yellow upgrade, increased damage and charges.
Icebarrier: base and blue upgrade cost reduced to 1(from 2), yellow upgrade removed vanish.
Ice comet: increased damage and charges.
Meteorite: increased damage and charges.
Meteor shower: increased charges.
Scorching ray: increased charges.
Winter orb: blue upgrade, increased chill, yellow upgrade, now does damage based on your block.

We will be adding more cards little by little that let you play with the deck/discard/hand and with other mechanics. As always, these changes are not final and many cards will be modified during Early Access.

If you have a game in progress and you want to continue playing it as you have now or you just don't like this version, we have put the previous version posted in the steam beta branch, you can see how to do it here.

What's next?
Now that the multiplayer seems to be more stable and we have already made the change to negative resistances, the next thing we will do is to introduce many more QoL and improve the NG+ mode.

To do this, instead of making progressive levels of ng+ 1 2 5 ... what we will do is to make handicaps that the player can choose freely and each of these handicaps will have an associated increase to the score, this will be called Corruptors. These will be from simple things like increases to life, speed, resistances for the monsters or penalties for the heroes like -resistances -speed or even -1 -2 initial energy, besides other more specific corruptors like: starting without reward chests, random combats, more severe injuries, monsters that use cards more randomly and many more.

Thank you all for your support, feedback and understanding.

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