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Gunfire Reborn update for 29 April 2021

Update Notes - 4/29/2021: Adjustments on Qing Yan, Ao Bai, weapons & scrolls

Share · View all patches · Build 6618493 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello everyone!
In this update, we have adjusted some Qing Yan’s and Ao Bai’s ascensions, added a new daily challenge theme, and optimized Wind God and some occult scrolls. Meanwhile, we are still looking forward to your feedback and suggestions. Our main focus is to develop new content as usual, so we may need more time to fix bugs and optimize the game. The next major update, which includes a new hero, a new boss, new weapons and more, will be released this summer. Please stay tuned.

If you encounter issues such as game crashes, failure to start, etc., and you cannot use the feedback function, please send your Steam name with detailed description of the issue or screenshots to our email ( We will check and fix the issue as soon as possible.[/i]

  • Adjusted Ascensions of [Qing Yan]:
    (1)Elemental Power→All or Nothing
    Original: Leap DMG converts to elemental DMG with 50% Elemental Effect Chance
    New: Consume all armor when hitting an enemy with a leap. For every armor consumed, increase Leap DMG by 0.8%
    (2)Last Stand: After the armor breaks, increase weapon DMG and skill DMG by 20%/35%/50%→30%/60%/100%
    (3) Nova Release: The Lv.1 and Lv.2 ascension will also cast a Nova that damages surrounding enemies when the armor is broken. The DMG caused by Nova is equal to 20/35/50 times the max armor. The duration of the max armor bonus is now calculated independently per stack instead of refreshing entire duration.
    (4)Death Mark:
    Original: Leave a death mark for 4/5/6s for each enemy you hit with cleave.Enemies with death mark take +20%/30%/40% DMG. Movement speed +20%/25%/30% for 6/6/10s after you kill an enemy with death mark.
    New: Leave a death mark on each enemy you hit with cleave for 4/5/6s. Enemies with the mark receive additional 20/40%/60%% DMG from you (DMG bonus also applies to the cleave that leaves the mark). Movement speed +20%/25%/30% for 6s/6s/10s after you kill a marked enemy
    (5)Armor Enhancement:
    Original: Max Armor +30/60/100, Movement Speed +10%/20%/30%, for 6s after a leap
    Lv3 Ascension: Has 25% chance of be invincible for 0.5s when attacked
    New: When leaping, gain max armor +30/60/100 and +10%/20%/30% movement speed for 6s
    Lv3 Ascension: When injured during this period, there's a 25% chance to become invulnerable for 0.5s

  • Adjusted Ascensions of [Ao Bai]:
    (1)Last Shot→Ember Eruption
    Original: Weapon DMG +50%/75%/150% for the last shot in magazine
    New: When the remaining ammo in the magazine is not more than 30%/40%/50% (or only 1), increase weapon DMG by 40%/80%/120%
    (2)Unleashed Potential:
    Original: While dual-wielding, first 5/7/9 shots deal +100%/150%/200% DMG
    New: During dual-wielding, gain +3% weapon DMG and +1% lucky shot chance every 0.5s with continuous firing (up to 20 times). Lose 15% weapon DMG bonus and 5% lucky shot chance bonus every 0.5s when not firing, until all bonuses are lost
    (3)Grenade Master:
    Original: Grenades Capacity +2/4/6; 30%/35%/60% chance of not consuming a grenade
    New: Explosive Grenade Base DMG +100%/150%/200%; there is a 30%/35%/60% chance of not consuming a grenade
    (4)Mad Bomber:
    Original: Explosion DMG +30%/45%/60%, and gain immunity to explosion DMG
    New: Explosion DMG +20%/40%/60%, and +5%/7%/9% explosion DMG this time for each enemy you hit with explosive weapons or explosive grenades
    Lv 3 Ascension: for each enemy hit by explosion, +9% chance of dealing double DMG
    (5)Adrenal Rush: additionally recover 1%/1.5%/2% HP during this status
    (6)Precise Explosion:
    Original: Explosion DMG +50%/75%/100% if grenades and explosive weapons deal DMG to 1/1/≦3 enemies
    New: +30%/45%/60% DMG if grenades or explosive weapons deal DMG to 1/1/≦3 enemies
    (The DMG bonus is now multiplicative)
    (7)Survival Instinct:
    Original: While dual-wielding, Max HP +50/100/150
    Lv3 Ascension: Get 50% chance of recovering HP equivalent to DMG taken
    New: +20/40/60 Max HP. During dual-wielding, Max HP bonus is doubled
    Lv3 Ascension: There's a 50% chance of recovering HP equivalent to DMG taken when injured


Balancing Changes:

  • [Thunder Storm]
    Adjusted to full-automatic weapon
    Optimized the animation during shooting
    Increased the explosion range of the lightning ball, which is summoned by the weapon skill, when the ball hits the enemy directly (1m->3m)
    Increased the speed of the lightning ball which is summoned by the weapon skill (16→20)
    The explosion range and DMG caused by the lightning ball would now be affected by [Ao Bai]’s ascension
    The explosion range caused by the lightning ball increased to 5m
    The lightning ball could no longer remove elite monsters’ shields
  • [Pupil]
    Optimized the animation during shooting
    Increased RoF (180→280)
    Increased magazine capacity (6→10)
    Decreased charge time (0.78s→0.5s)
    +50% extra DMG when shooting after fully charged
    Increased base accuracy
    Increased accuracy during rapid fire
    Decreased base DMG (102→68)
  • [Aura of Venom]
    Changed the weapon crosshair
    Optimized the animation during shooting
    Increased the width of projectiles to 0.2
    Increased base DMG (95→115)
    Increased magazine capacity (6→8)
  • [Double Caliber]
    Decreased ballistic spiral radius(0.35→0.2)
    Optimized recenter speed of crosshair when zooming in
  • [Scorching Rounds]
    The explosion range and DMG can now be affected by the ascensions of Ao Bai
    Increased magazine capacity (4→6)
    Increased projectile speed (50→80)
    Increased CritX (3→3.5)
  • [Argus]
    Optimized the animation during shooting
  • [Star Devourer]
    Increased reload speed (2.66s→1.6s)
Occult Scrolls:

Balancing Changes:

  • [Ostrich Rider]
    Original: +60% Movement Speed; Cannot Dash anymore
    New: +50% Movement Speed; +300% Dash Cooldown
  • [No Retreat]
    Original: +50% weapon DMG when your Secondary Skill count is 0
    New: +50% weapon DMG for at least 12s when the secondary skill count is 0
  • [Safety Measures]
    Original: After dashing recover 30% of HP lost in the last 1s
    New: Dashing after being injured recovers 50% of total DMG taken within 1s
    Note: You can repeatedly dash multiple times to receive healing within 1 second
  • [Evil-Devouring Sword]
    Original: +10% DMG for each Cursed Scroll you own.
    New: For every cursed scroll you own, gain +15% weapon DMG and +20% skill DMG
  • [Hidden Treasure]
    Original:Destroying breakable objects may bring you coins
    New:Breakable objects drop coppers with a lower chance of dropping buns and soul essences when destroyed
  • [Generosity]
    Original:After picking up a bun, all nearby teammates within 15m will receive 33% of the healing as well
    New: Increase the amount of HP healing from buns by 50%; when picking up/getting buns, all teammate receive 25% amount of the HP healing from buns
  • [Coins of Life]
    Original: Won't die when taking lethal damage. Costs 100% copper coins to be immune to current damage and all incoming damage for the next 3 seconds. Scroll is destroyed once the effect is triggered
    New: Consume all copper when picking up this scroll. It protects you from lethal damage once and would be destroyed afterwards
  • [Extra Surprise]
    Original: Killing enemies has a chance to drop supplies for secondary skills.
    New: Killing an enemy grants extra coppers and extra chance to receive supply for secondary skill
  • [Brutal Gloves]
    Optimized the description: +35% weapon/skill DMG when not hitting weaknesses
  • [Shrine of Recovery]
    Rarity: Legendary → Rare

Cursed Scroll Balancing Changes:

  • [Broken Bullet]
    Original: -50% Crit DMG
    New: -20% DMG to Shield/Armor
  • [Cateye Sight]
    Original:-50% weapon accuracy.
    New: -1x Weapon CritX
  • [Elemental Curse]
    Original: Cannot inflict elemental effect anymore.
    New: Exponentially decrease the chance of inflicting elemental effect by weapons
  • Added a new trap vault in [Anxi Desert]
  • Optimized a guard-the-seal level in [Anxi Desert]
  • Adjusted the difficulties of some trap vaults
  • Added trap alert in daily challenge theme [Traps will be spawned beneath the hero once in a while]
  • Optimized a route in [Anxi Desert-Stage 3]
  • Optimized a route in [Duo Fjord-Stage 1]
  • Optimized spawn locations of vaults and peddlers in [Duo Fjord-Stage 2]
  • Fixed an environmental issue of a guard-the-seal level in [Anxi Desert]
  • Adjusted the locations of some fire traps and shock traps
  • [Wind God] balancing changes:
    (1)Players can now escape from the [reverse vortex] summoned by [Wind God] by moving. However, the movement speed would be significantly slowed down. Players can flee from it by dashing as usual.
    (2)Balancing changes on [tornado] summoned by [Wind God]
    Speed (Normal/Elite/Nightmare): 5/6/7 m/s → 5.5/6/6.5 m/s
    DMG (Normal/Elite/Nightmare): 5/7/9 tick/0.25s → 5/6/7 tick/0.25s
    (3)Reduced DMG taken by [dive attack] of [Wind God] by 10%
  • [Yoruhime-Maru] balancing changes:
    (1)Catfish Warriors in the area would be removed when entering the final phase
    (2)Adjusted the skill frequency when the HP of [Yoruhime-Maru] is below 50%, and adjusted boss difficulty in lower-difficulty runs
    (3)AdjustedAI behavior: The skills cast during the final phase would now be more periodic
  • Adjusted the special effect of enhanced monsters with [lightning] attribute:
    Optimized the special effect. The skill frequency of enhanced monsters with [lightning] attribute is reduced, and the time it takes for the enhanced monsters with [lightning] attribute to cast their skill for the first time is now longer
UI Interface:
  • “Feedback” at the main menu is now moved to the exit prompt
  • Warning prompt for corrupted save file would no longer show up during a run
  • Optimized descriptions of some occult scrolls’ unlock requirements
Special Effect & Model:
  • Optimized the sealing effect in guard-the-seal level
  • Added hit sound for Thunderclap Gloves, Laser Gloves and Rainbow
  • Optimized sound effects volume at the post-game screen
Daily Challenge:
  • Added a new daily challenge theme [Crystal Seeker]
  • Removed some challenge events from certain Daily Challenges that wouldn't fit the theme
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue where Qing Yan couldn’t cleave right after leap
  • Fixed an issue where Qing Yan, with [Regen Hit - Lv.3], could not regain his armor when leap doesn’t hit an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where [Energy Orb] of [Crown Prince] would explode when the edge of it collides with stone enemies
  • Fixed an issue between Ao Bai's primary skill and [Energy Storage] where the skill icon appears usable without 2 primary weapons equipped
  • Fixed an issue where players could be punched into the void by [Golem]
  • Fixed an issue where some weapon inscriptions would be inactive after player is revived.
  • Fixed an issue where hit feedback for some weapons is missing
  • Fixed an issue where Double Caliber could not return ammo upon hitting weak spots if the first bullet directly kills an enemy
  • Fixed an issue where [Coins of Life] could be triggered without taking lethal damage when players have [Spirit Feline] and [Coins of Life] at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the occult scroll [Veteran] could be triggered by homing missiles launched by [Golem]
  • Fixed an issue where the effect inflicted by corrosive monsters would not vanish even if the monsters are defeated
  • Fixed an issue where the area of corrosive effect would not move along with the corrosive monsters
  • Fixed an issue where [Yoruhime-Maru] would not face toward the direction which the main cannon is targeted at
  • Fixed inconsistency between [Golem]’s partial body hitbox and model
4/30 Additional Update:
  • Fixed an issue where players may stuck at the early access announcement page and thus not enter the game in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where some talents are written in Chinese instead of chosen language
  • Fixed an issue with [Qing Yan]'s ascension [Nova Release - Lv.2 & Lv.3] where the duration of the max armor bonus is abnormal
  • Fixed an issue with [Qing Yan]'s ascension [Death Mark - Lv.3] where the duration of the movement speed bonus is abnormal
    • Fixed an issue where [Qing Yan]'s ascension [All or Nothing] may result in abnormal damage log
  • Fixed an issue with [Aura of Venom] and [Pupil] where switching interface while firing (such as opening backpack) would make the POV stuck
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of background music would be automatically decreasing

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