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Fuzz Force: Spook Squad update for 27 April 2021

Checklist Complete!

Share · View all patches · Build 6607093 · Last edited 27 April 2021 – 10:52:06 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Welcome to the Checklist Complete update! Everything is now in the game (with the exception of achievements and the Polter Prince himself) and it's time for some serious testing.
There's loads of new Modules going from 56 to 75 regular Modules and 12 to 19 Boss Modules, some new dice, some new events, character changes and many bug fixes and polishes.
Level generation has been tweaked so hopefully the levels are more interesting and there should no longer be instances of blocked in tiles.
From this point it's super important to hear your opinions on the game, no matter how small. It's time to balance and change whatever needs improvement. You can do that on the Steam Community HUB, on the Fuzz Force Discord or on the Fuzz Force twitter.

As a request from me, if you enjoy the game, please leave a Steam review. It really helps the game get discovered!


  • Reverted the change to start battles at full battery. Battery persists between battles but fills to 50% if you ended the previous battle below 50%.
  • Scared Dice and related Modules removed
  • Extra Actions reduced from 2/4/6 to 2/3/4
  • Angry reworked. Instead of a flat +3 on Attack rolls, it adds the amount of Angry stacks you have as damage and now caps at 4 stacks decreasing each turn.
  • Bear's Enrage:Angry changed to 3. Sword and Shield Turn:Stance Dance changed to 3 Angry
  • Sword&Shield will not Stance Dance if they are Stunned
  • Fuzztrap's Healing Roots no longer adds shield, they now have a separate shield
  • New common and uncommon dice added with the Status Effect on the lowest numbered face being a rarity above. eg: White Poison, Grey Poison, Grey Poison. A boost to the lower numbers!
  • A few more Dice added
  • The buttons in the inventory have been updated and there's a new Dice Effects menu by clicking the ?
  • There's now a description of the Special Missions on the Character Select menu


New Modules Added
  • Triple Spirits: Gain 2 extra Ghost Jars when winning battles (3 total)
  • Power Reclaimer: Gain Battery equal to 2x the Power Boost on Action Dice
  • Lucky n Charged: You become Charged! on rolling Lucky Numbers
  • Lucky but Sick: Applies a random Status Effect to the Enemy
  • Power Surge: Any Action: Gain a Dice equal to number of equipped Power Dice
  • Power Reclaimer: Gain Battery equal to 2x the Power Boost on Action Dice
  • Giant Slayer: On Attack: Gain a 2-4 Dice if the Enemy has more HP than you
  • Battery Poison: Running out of Battery inflicts 1 Poison to the Enemy
  • Static Charged!: Static damage tripled when Charged!
  • The Burn Turn: Enemy gains 1 Burn every turn they don't have a Shield
  • Fiercely Angry: Enemy Shield fully removed instead of weakening when Angry
  • Sick Dodge: Gain 2 dodge when inflicted by a Status Effect
  • Adrenal Danger: Clears all Status Effects when you gain Danger
  • Stun Assault: Dealing 13 Attack damage in 1 turn Stuns the Enemy
  • Overflow Shield: Charging over max Battery gives Shield
  • Feeling Odd: Rolled Odd numbers on Action Dice +2
  • Getting Even: Rolled Even numbers on Action Dice +2
  • Sick Counter: When Attacked: Poison, Burn or Static Enemy
  • Battery Saver: Rolling 1,2 or 3 on Action Dice costs no Battery
  • Intimidating Presence: Rolling 9+ on Action Dice scares the Enemy
  • Extra Special: Extra Actions add to your Special Gauge
New Boss Modules Added
  • Slick Fuzz: Gain 1 Dodge every turn
  • Power Boost: Any Action: Gain a Dice equal to equipped Power Dice boosts
  • Slick Fuzz: Gain 1 Dodge every turn
  • Danger Zone: Begin every fight with Danger and 50%HP
  • Static Capacity: Static damage +1 for every 7 Max Battery
  • Burn/Static UP: Burn and Static +1 damage per 6 stacks
  • Bonus Round: Perform an Extra Action when applying Status Effects
  • Nothing to Lose: 0 is Lucky too!
Module changes
  • Static Conductor increased from +2 damage to +3
  • Static Skewer moved to regular module drops
  • Extra Extra moved to boss module drops
  • Danger's Edge changed: Danger Boost increased +3 when below 25%HP instead of +4 when below 6HP
  • Danger Junkie now heals 1 HP, reduced from 2.
  • Furiously Angry now lets you get up to 6 stacks of Angry
  • Always Angry now gives 2 Angry
  • Extra Extra, Extra Sick and Extra Special can now give dice with Extra Attack, Shield or Charge as opposed to a single one


  • All Specials now require 30 units to be ready, up from 25
  • Finn's Charge Blaster now adds his charge stat dice when he is Charged! instead of below 13 battery
  • Finn's Charge Blaster special "Tri-Disaster" buffed to use an Attack Triaction, Shield Tristatus and Charge Tristatus Dice, instead of just an Attack Triaction and Shield Tristatus
  • Dotty's Pawvise Blade now boosts her Shield Stat by her Attack Stat if you previously attacked
  • Dotty's Pawvise Blade special "Doodle Defence" changed to roll 2 Shield Dice, 4 if you have 0 Shield
  • Dotty's Pawvise Blade and Peppa's Life.exe specials now clear status effects without applying Scared!
  • Lix's Barrier Bass used to boost your Attack Stat by 50% your current shield amount. Now on Attack it consumes 25% your shield to give an Attack Dice of the same value.
  • Lix's Barrier Bass special "Final Crescendo" dice buffed. You now get a dice every 8 shield you have instead of 10
  • Peppa's Power.exe special "Permanent Deletion" changed to roll 2 Attack Dice, 4 if Charged! Dice buffed to 1,1,1,7,7,7 to fix an issue with her particle effects and also have a common, uncommon and rare extra Attacks on the 7 faces


  • Added 2 new events to the Forest
  • Added a new event to the Halls
  • Added 2 new events to the Attic. The Peery Painting now has an image
  • The Backpack event now has an image along with the buttons in the inventory+blacksmith have a backpack icon.


  • Fixed Angelic Fuzz not reviving properly if you were defeated by poison
  • Fixed Bonus Battery activating on dice without Status Effects
  • Fixed Bottomless Potion calling out if you didn't get another potion
  • Fixed adding stat points to HP+Battery carrying over to subsequent runs
  • Fixed damage numbers not appearing when attacking an enemy's shield
  • Fixed Static not removing an enemy's Burn, Poison or Static Shield
  • Fixed Jackobox not spinning when it attacked
  • Changed the Owl to Enrage: Heal 7HP in one go instead of 3,2,1,1 which is messy to see
  • The player will now do their Shield animation when adding to an existing shield.
  • The player will now do the take damage animation if they dodge the first of the enemy's dice
  • Enemies who rolled a 0 with Danger were not getting the +2 bonus
  • Fixed dodge sound being loud in the halls and attic
  • Fixed the defeat sound not playing in boss/final boss battles
  • Fixed some dice's costs not matching their rarity
  • Fixed the enemy name panel not being affected by the volume slider
  • Fixed Peppa's model outline (The glow parts didnt line up with the non glow parts)
  • Fixed Malware.exe not changing colour to match her mode
  • Fixed Peppa's battery dog model not being long enough
  • Fixed Peppa's weapons not showing correctly on the Mission over screen
  • Fixed a bug where a buff could apply more than its maximum stacks
  • Fixed a bug with stun particles still playing after getting Scared!
  • Fixed a bug where the mimic tiles counted towards the Area Cleared bonus
  • Fixed text being small in the shop when looking at Modules
  • Rotated the dice on the table to match those in the inventory
  • Changed the inventory's panel when hovering a dice to only show the upgraded values if a dice is upgraded
  • Reenabled the Next: Boss pop up when reaching the area's exit tile
  • Fixed the Load Game button not working on the main menu
  • Suspend data is only deleted when you start a game with a new character, it was being deleted when you clicked Begin Mission, even if you cancelled out.
  • Suspend data is not deleted if you start the training area with suspend data
  • Reworked the level generation so tiles should never be inaccessible. More interesting level layouts should be generated also
  • Fixed a bug with the Random Loadout special mission not working
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