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Arboria update for 29 April 2021

Visit the Toxic Quarters in the new update!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community


The Tribe grows stronger with the ninth Early Access update—The Toxic Quarters Update. Enjoy exploring the new levels of the Toxic Quarters and fight new enemies with a brand new Mutation and Symbiont. If you’re brave enough, challenge yourself with the new Simulation gameplay mechanic too.

Watch the update trailer:

Check the full changelog below.

New Mutation: Mine Spitter

There is no shame in stealth. Plant a mine with the new Mine Spitter mutation and watch it explode when stepped on by enemies. In addition, you can use mana to charge up mines to deal more damage.

Let my fruits explode into the faces of your enemies.” - Drupa Snoopa

New Symbiont: Chaindrill

Stab your enemies with a Chaindrill, a fancy weapon made up of a chain and two drills. Why two drills? If you use the attack enough, you’ll trigger a combo. Test the Symbiont to see all its possibilities.

Pull and bore through their flesh, that is what this weapon was made for.” - Tadd da Bat

New Enemy: Behemoth

Behemoth is a hideous creature that roams the dungeons of Durnar. It’s rather slow and its attacks are close-ranged, but strong enough to deal serious damage. Behemoth is a great target to test your brand new Chaindrill on, so don’t wait till it comes for you—go out and get it!

New miniboss: Banshee

Banshee is small, but fierce. This enemy can fly, attack from a distance, and it can create a hologram that will attack you for a while. Some say that a Banshee’s scream is an omen of death—you just need to make sure that it’s the Banshee that’s going to die.

New Gameplay Mechanic: Simulations - Godz Tests

Simulations are a set of challenges prepared by the Godz. They can be accessed by using a special device. Destroy all enemies in allotted time to pass the test and get special rewards. Do you have the courage to face whatever the Godz throw at you?


  • New Symbiont: Chaindrill
  • New Mutation: Mine Spitter
  • New Enemy: Behemoth
  • New miniboss and its arena: Banshee
  • New Boss and level
  • New Trait: Coward
  • New Quests: Floor is Lava, Foundry Quest; Corridor quests (plague, cave, mines); Mutated Maze
  • New game mechanic: Simulations - Godz Tests; a set of Challenges in the form of a Simulation that can be accessed by using a special device
  • New Pause Menu: The game can now be paused. Players can freely navigate the new Pause Menu without the danger of getting attacked in the meantime
  • New NPC: Lost Healer can be encountered in the dungeon and offer a free healing bongo to the player
  • Added overcharging elements: applying an elemental effect while the enemy is already afflicted with any other effect will cause an elemental explosion. The explosion element depends on the new element being applied
  • Added new dungeon landing cutscenes
  • Added new building levels for village NPCs (Druppa, Franky)
  • Added more sounds and music

Symbionts’ rework:

  • Spike - Rework: Now the player can perform a forward jump attack after any attack by pressing “Forward” + Alternative. Charge Attack has 2 charge stages
  • Shield Blade - Total Rework: Now every Alternative Attack is also a Charge Attack, during which the player receives reduced damage from frontal attacks and, if they absorb the hit, gets a minor Damage boost for the next attack. Additionally, if a Charge Attack is released right before the player gets hit, the player receives Full Damage Reduction and a massive Damage boost
  • Axe: Basic and Alternative Attacks stack Attack Speed boost. A Charge Attack additionally gives a timed Armor Penetration boost
  • Sabre - Faster Charge Attack
  • Macuahuitl: Added an additional action that boosts Attack Damage/Stability/ Impact/Movement Speed at the cost of Health and a penalty for Damage Received
  • Halberd: Halberd grows with attacks
  • Sword: Basic Attacks can be additionally charged by tapping the basic attack input button during the anticipation phase
  • Hammer: Added an additional action: quick body slam

Improvements and changes:

  • Optimized the Village and Dungeon (including fixing several FPS drops)
  • Improved detection of the combat state
  • Added a flashing animation for the health bar after receiving damage
  • Added the possibility to interrupt item usage with Dash: The player can now cancel the usage of a Healing Bongo, Drooch, Rootrap, Grenade, or Totem by performing Dash
  • Added an Upgrade that unlocks the creation of Super Essence to Big Momma’s Upgrade Tree
  • Reduced fire status effect damage
  • Added the ability to open the map with the Tab key
  • Added a minimap icon for cursed roots and now show information if the player wants to take a second curse while already having one
  • Increased the Stats of Reptilz and Mutantz Enemies for Balance
  • Changed Balance: Reduction of the Shield Gain; Buff for a Dark Bongo; Reduction of the Damage Bonus for Veteran Trait from 10% to 5%; Reduction of the Thick Trickster Mutagen Value for Heavy Armor
  • Changed Balance: Teleport Mutation - reduced the Mana Cost for Basic and Alternative Usage of the Mutation
  • Changed Balance: Shield Mutation - reduced the Mana Cost for Basic Usage of the Mutation
  • Changed Balance: Dark and Physical Chackram - increased Damage of Alternative Usage
  • Added an on screen tip when the player is attacked by Ticks (enemies spawned by a Breeder) - it explains that attack buttons should be used to shake them off
  • Changed the type of damage a player receives when they have an elemental effect applied so that 50% of elemental damage converts to to regular damage
  • The Alternative Bugz Summon skill will now grant hit reaction immunity
  • Changed the particles in a Veri Spending Machine to be red during combat
  • Added a discount to the Merchant’s shop after the player successfully completes a troublesome business quest. The discount lasts until the end of the current run
  • Added more destructible objects
  • Added faces for the Merchant NPC - there are now emojis displayed on the Merchant’s mask
  • Changed the font for signs’ descriptions when they are read by the player
  • Added Reptilz roar mechanics - after losing, their tails Reptilz now enter a Rage State in which they deal additional Damage for a set amount of time
  • Reworked Reptilz enemies - animations, behavior, and stats’ values
  • Added a queuing weapon and skill swap during attacks
  • Updated new boss’ Holograms in the Plague world
  • Changed difficulty of the Indiana Trollz quest
  • Added Interactable Signs for Big Momma and Gromm da Stoned
  • Added a few missing visual effects to some of the Mutations and other effects in the game
  • Implemented visual changes close to a starting platform in Dungeons in the first and second world
  • Added the dissolve effect for tech materials used in enemies when zoomed in - the materials become transparent
  • Enemies will now be able to receive damage while in ragdoll state
  • Added a few new tip screens
  • Updated faces for “Walking Meat” and “Sluggish” Traits


  • Reworked Mana Refill: Cooldown count now starts after the effect has ended
  • Fixed the Shock Status effect: It will now sometimes cause Hit Reactions for enemies
  • Fixed an issue with carrying more items than there were inventory slots
  • Fixed issues with combining essences
  • The Mutagen "Mana Return" will now restore mana only once per mana consumption
  • The Mutagen "Overkill" will now properly calculate bonus damage
  • Fixed some of the descriptions and typos
  • Fixed an issue with counting an enemy’s death twice in some cases, which sometimes caused problems in quests/events
  • Fixed an issue with a Basic Chakram: The disc is now destroyed if the throwing animation was interrupted
  • Killing enemies before they complete their spawn actions won’t cause a crash - this issue usually occurred while spamming Bio Shockwave or other skills that deal area damage over time
  • Fixed the issue with not being able to collect more than one battery after purchasing an upgrade from Big Momma which should have allowed this possibility
  • The Mutagen “Automated Hunter” will now only work with traps (as intended)
  • Fixed reroll in the Spawner Building. Now you can have a maximum of one Power Seed
  • Fixed an issue with enemies gaining speed when affected by Ice Ultimate
  • Fixed a crash caused by the "Slimey Dash" Mutagen
  • Fixed a crash that happened in some cases when a player killed enemies with the Bio Shockwave skill
  • Fixed issues with collecting weapon blueprints
  • A skill activation check will now take mana cost reduction or increase bonuses into consideration: The player won’t be able to use skills if mana cost would be increased above the player’s mana reserves. The player will be able to use skills if the actual mana cost reduces the cost below the player’s mana reserves even if the original cost wouldn’t allow for this
  • Damage dealt/received by the player won’t be reset when a new enemy spawns
  • Fixed Elemental Chains and the following now apply properly: Armor Debuff (Bio alt), spawning explosion on a target’s death (Fire alt); Slow Debuff (Ice alt); Armor AOE Armor Debuff (Bio basic); Resistance Debuff (Shock); Received Damage Debuff (Bio basic); Resistance Debuff (Shock); Slow (Ice basic)
  • Elemental Chains: Changed the additional effect to persist for 2 seconds after the enemy leaves the area
  • Fixed an issue with audio for a dialogue in the Abandoned Machinery quest, which was not adjusted to the audio settings
  • Fixed an issue with the possibility to start a Corridor Root Event by standing behind a wall
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the wrong levels of armor in Tzukal NPC’s shop
  • Fixed an issue with an enemy remaining idle after spawning in some cases
  • Fixed an issue with audio distortion and lags in the Indiana Trollz quest
  • Fixed the Furious stance: Attack speed buffs won't affect other time-based mechanics
  • Added an image for the Spawner NPC in the building unlocking a window
  • Added subtitles for Tenigax
  • Fixed textures assigned to Reptilz enemies and set proper armor depending on the element
  • Reworked the Collozeum quest and fixed an issue with enemies not being spawned in some cases
  • Skills that consume mana over time won’t be cancelled prematurely if the player has enough mana cost reduction bonuses
  • Fixed setting of the Breeder's pests’ element
  • Furious Stance Bio: Removed reduced attack speed, added a bonus break.
  • Furious Stance Shock: Fixed applying/removing an attack speed bonus
  • Fixed an issue with a bad icon for Yotunz Scythe
  • Fixed an issue with the Dark Parasite exploding too early
  • Fixed some of the collisions and places where a player could get stuck
  • Fixed the incorrect price of the Drupa Upgrade - Drooch Elemental Resistance Increase
  • Fixed the description for the Weapon Proficiency upgrade in Spawner’s shop
  • Bugz Summon Alternative will now be able to hit the same enemy multiple times
  • Fixed an issue with Smasher, Bulktong, and Farminator disappearing after using Telekinesis and Vortex Ultimate
  • Fixed an issue with a poor knockback animation of Bulktong when using Telekinesis
  • Fixed an incorrect price of the “Elemental Resistance” upgrade in Drupa NPC’s shop
  • Fixed an issue with the possibility to get stuck by using the elevator in some of the rooms
  • Fixed an issue with moving up enemies when using Earthwist’s basic attack
  • Fixed some of the issues with merging between Plague enemies


Arboria changed greatly over the last couple of months. With all new content it feels better than ever! But that’s not all we prepared for you. Keep following the game on Steam to stay up to date with monthly updates.

And if you can’t wait to see what’s coming next, check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria - Roadmap of Updates.

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