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Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai update for 28 April 2021

"Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai - Version 3" Patch Note

Share · View all patches · Build 6606346 · Last edited 28 April 2021 – 10:52:10 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

In order to create a more fair environment, we have separated the ranking board for the base game and Version 3. Now you can keep your own best records on the ranking board exclusive for Version 3!

Also, I know it's a bit late already, but here's the patch note for you to know what has been changed in Version 3.

You can also have a glance at the full list here.

Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai Version 3.10 Frame Data

About the Frame Notation

  • The Startup, Active, and Recovery frame values shown are based on the total number of frames in the attack when it does not connect with a target.
  • An attack’s hit range is determined from the first Active frame, so if the Startup phase takes 10 frames, the hit range will be decided from Frame 11.
  • Due to the above, if the frame advantage is less than 11 frames, a move with a Startup phase of 10 frames will not be registered.
  • The number in parentheses for multi-level techniques indicates the Recovery value.
  • The frames listed for strategists are part of the character's frames, not the strategist's attack Startup frames.

About Attack Range

  • The distance from the character’s center to the end of their longest attack reach is displayed. In the case of moving techniques, the amount of movement is not added, so the distance to reach the opponent is calculated as the distance traveled plus the attack range.

About Damage Values

  • The data value before correction is displayed instead of the actual damage inflicted.
  • Therefore, if a damage value of 160 is displayed for a throw, the actual figure is 128 due to an 80% correction applied to a single hit calculated at the time of the grab.

Calculating the Frame Advantage

  • The frame advantage for opponents standing in close contact with you is calculated from the moment the first frame of your attack’s Active phase connects with your opponent.
  • For attacks capable of knocking an opponent back, the frame advantage is calculated from the moment the opponent hits the ground after being unable to perform a Recovery.
  • For aerial attacks, the frame advantage is calculated from the moment the first frame of the Active phase connects with your opponent just before you land on the ground.

Attack Level

  • This is a numerical value used to decide between two simultaneous attacks. At the time of the attack, the one with the higher Attack Level wins. If a character comes into contact with a projectile, the projectile will be canceled if the character’s Attack Level is equal to or higher than that of the projectile.


  • This specifies the height of an attack. It is used to calculate guarding and invulnerability status.

Hitstun Graphic

  • The specified animation for a hitstun is the same for all Low attacks, but the hitstun pose played for a normal Standing status will differ depending on where the attack landed.
  • There are two types: High & Low.


  • In addition to the hit location mentioned above, all of the animations played will differ depending on the Attack Level, and the Standing or Crouching status of the character being hit. The total frame count of the hitstun depends on the freeze time set for each move.

Special - Second Time Onward

  • This refers to the processing of moves featuring the same special counter effect that connects two or more times with their target during a single combo. For example, after the special counter, it will process Ground Bounce - Ground Bounce.

Air Special - Second Time

  • This refers to the processing of moves featuring the same special counter effect that connects two or more times while in the air. In general, this only includes Blown Off.

Damage Corrections Based on Counter-hits

  • If your opponent’s attack lands during the counter’s frames, it becomes a counter-hit, and the damage and hit shake for the character attacked will increase depending on the Attack Level.
  • Damage Correction: [Attacker’s Attack Level + Opponent’s Attack Level] is divided by 2 and then multiplied by 0.1x. (Example: Lv3 and Lv2 would result in 1.25x, Lv6 and Lv6 would be 1.6x)

Lv7 and higher techniques and throws are fixed at a value of 1.2x.
Any instances less than 1.2x are adjusted so that they equal 1.2x.
*However, the initial move of a Hougeki Combo does not increase the damage even if performed as a counter-hit.

Additional shake frames based on Attack Level
0 +2F
1 +3F
2 +3F
3 +4F
4 +4F
5 +4F
6 +5F
Each additional Fixed at +5F

Damage Correction (calculated by total combo count)
Combo Count During Normal Damage During Hougeki Combo
1 100% 100%
2 80% 60%
3 60% 50%
4 40% 40%
5 20% 30%
6 20% 20%
22 10% 10%
52 5% 5%
Each additional Correction of 5%
Values are rounded down to the nearest decimal. The damage value displayed on screen adds a 0 following the last digit after rounding down to the nearest decimal point.

Tactics Bar Correction (calculated by total combo count)
Combo Count During Normal Damage During Hougeki Combo
1 100% 100%
2 100% 80%
22 100% 60%
32 100% 40%
42 100% 20%
Each additional Correction of 100% / 20%
Values are rounded down to the nearest decimal.
The Tactics Bar fills faster when the character with more Health attacks, and fills more slowly when guarding. Includes Hougeki Combos.
After an Ougi that can be carried over to a combo lands during the combo, a 50% correction will be applied to the gauge recovery rate of the attacking side. Excludes Hougeki Combos.

Other items of note

  • Throws are unilaterally defeated by non-throw techniques when performed at the same time.
  • Finishing throws performed at the same time result in a throw rejection.
  • Performing a throw while dashing results in the throw being made after the dash stop motion.
  • Throw rejection is unavailable when thrown as part of a counter.
  • Throw rejection is unavailable during a move’s Recovery phase.
  • Throw rejection is unavailable from Frame 11 onward while backstepping.
  • You are invulnerable from Frames 1 to 10 after activating a backstep.
  • You cannot be thrown from Frame 1 onward of a jump starting motion.
  • You cannot be thrown while guarding or when taking damage.
  • You are invulnerable during Frame 1 when getting up off the ground and cannot be thrown for 9 frames.
    *Inputting a move does not reset your throw invulnerability.
  • You cannot be thrown for 9 frames after a guard.
    *Inputting a move does not reset your throw invulnerability.
  • Advance Input can be accepted from 6 frames in advance, but the input will not be recognized after the Recovery phase ends if you do not continue pressing the button.
  • Hiougi and strategists cannot be canceled into from actions such as normal moves.
  • Attacks that use the tactics bar and enable invulnerability while in the air (EX versions of attacks that normally allow for aerial invulnerability; Kaku the strategist) will hit your opponent as an anti-air attack even if their EX aerial attack offers full invulnerability.

If you are still hesitating on getting Version 3 or not... why wait?
Launch discount will only last until April 30th, so grab your chance before it too late!

If you do own the base game already, you can get an even better deal through the following bundle!

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