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Embr update for 27 April 2021

The Embr Premium Update!

Share · View all patches · Build 6605789 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Greetings Respondrs!

For this month’s update, we’re focusing on your feedback and ideas to update the Embr app and your tools, the essentials for you to make more money. Going forward, we’ll also be focusing on squashing bugs, so keep the feedback and bug reports coming!

Super Premium Tool Upgrades

* Jetpack Hose (Hose)

  • $9,000 D 8
  • Years after this hydro jetpack prototype failed to pass all safety tests during US military trials, Embr corporation purchased the manufacturing rights to augment their fire safety personnel’s mission capabilities, although it takes additional water to use.

* Quantum Sprinkler (Sprinkler)

  • $12,000 G 10 D 7
  • Previously thought to exist only at extremely small scales, our researchers were able to use quantum tunneling to allow water to spread through walls and at increased distances!

* Handheld Jet Propulsion (Axe)

  • $20,000 G 15 D 10
  • Originally an experiment in using rocket miniaturization technology to add more force to an axe swing, attaching the rockets to the other end of the axe allowed our Respondrs to fly at high speeds during their swings!

* Hypercharged Client Magnet (Trampoline)

  • $10,000 G 10 D 7
  • Experimental electromagnetic charges embedded in the trampoline can selectively pull clients in a cone above the trampoline directly to safety!

* Skeletal Reanimation (Healing Needle)

  • $20,000 G 15 D 8
  • Nanomachine based healing technology can reconstruct nearly 99% of human functionality with nothing more than a client’s bone marrow, reviving them from post mortal non existence. A power some would consider… unnatural.

* Show off your style (and money) with new golden tool upgrades for all tools (except grenades)

New Hazmat Suit

  • Hazmat Headgear
  • 1000$ + 4 gold
  • Initial Gas Damage Taken -80%
  • Air Conditioning

Hazmat Bodysuit

  • 2000$ + 2 gold
  • Gas Damage Taken -50%

Hazmat Gloves

  • 2000$ + 1 gold
  • Ladder Speed +200%
  • Initial Shock Damage Taken -75%

Hazmat Pants

  • 1500$ + 3 gold
  • Initial Shock Damage Taken -40%
  • Electric Damage Taken -40%

[Community Choice] New UI:
After listening to your feedback for the last couple of months and working hard on the redesign, we’re happy to present you with Embr UI 3.0. This should make it easier to find your way around the city and make sure you’re bringing the right gear!

[Community Choice] Daily & Weekly Missions:

  • Daily Goals

    • We introduced gold and diamonds, and now we’re helping you earn them, everyday, right on the Embr app. The road to owning the latest and greatest Embr tech just got a whole lot easier.
  • Weekly Goals

    • Completing these challenges earns you those elusive diamonds, and you have all week!

[Community Choice] New Achievements:
We’ve added 6 new achievements to the game. One for completing each type of special mission, and one more for beating District 2! Stay tuned for even more achievements in coming updates.

[Community Choice] Loading Screen Tips
We now have loading screen tips all thanks to everyone’s contributions! Thanks for lending a hand to your fellow Respondrs!

[Community Choice] Updated Balance:

  • Single player extra life should now extended to all non-boss levels, not just the first five
  • Rebalance Flame Gates in District 1
  • Reduced fall damage in Easy Mode

Community Reported Bug Fixes:

[Community] EmbrGigs Gaslight Campaign displays 5/7 flames

  • Embr Satellite Office - Document objective reads "97 & 98" instead of just "98"
  • EmbrGigs - Escape zone sometimes doesn't appear when all objectives are completed
  • Grapplr can be used to clip through walls
  • Reduce first person animation to help reduce Nausea

More Bug Fixes:

  • Multiplayer - Repondrs cars are displayed with multiple vehicle add-ons at the same time
  • Settings - 'Allow Reduced Physics Quality' is unlocalized in all languages
  • Text - 'Its' is spelled incorrectly in the descriptions of the Stealth Inc Gear
  • UI - Host IP and Password are not visible when text field is not highlighted
  • Achievements - "Diamond Respondr" achievement does not unlock after completing the achievement's objective
  • Achievements - "Fresh Out of the Shop" achievement does not unlock after completing the achievement's objective
  • TL - PC - Multiplayer - Items placed in the salvage area are visually set on fire for Guests
  • Audio - Lack of BGM in multiple levels of the District 2
  • Embr Eats - Redundant Rescue Zone is present in all levels
  • Embr Satellite Office - Gameplay - An objective does not reset when replaying the level
  • Equipment Mechanics - 'Object Grabbr' and 'Client Grabbr' clip into each-other when equipped onto the Grappling Hook
  • Equipment Mechanics - 'Object Grabbr' and 'Client Grabbr' clip into each-other when equipped onto the Grappling Hook
  • Gameplay - Exit Zone is displayed in Salvage mission after destroying the required minimum of cash
  • Inventory/Upgrade - Red paint does not work on the Auto Advanced chassis
  • Loadouts - There is no character limit on renaming the Loadout
  • Multiplayer - The Guest may be spawned outside of the lobby area
  • Multiplayer - UI/UX - 'Get to the Exit Zone!' panel persists into Lobby
  • Multiplayer - UI/UX - "Special Object's" UI displays '0' for Guests when the item is saved
  • Tools - Respondr's index finger clips with the Fire Extinguisher
  • UI - "Burn the building" objective remains on screen even when the building is about to collapse
  • UI - Client rating is represented by placeholder thumbnails for Demolition missions
  • UI - Demolition mission has a placeholder thumbnail
  • UI - Graphic image slightly overlaps text when Tools are highlighted
  • UI - Possible to rename the loadout with the input window not being highlighted
  • UI - Pressing 'Back' button in loadout selection screen returns the player back to the Map
  • UI - Tools have faded red background after dying and replaying a level
  • NovemberBox2/NovemberBox3 - Improper textures of the Boxob truck
  • NovemberBox2/NovemberBox3 - Improper textures of the Boxob truck
  • Multiplayer - Possible to skip selecting a level as Host after specific steps
  • Multiplayer - EscapeHoneycomb - Respondr Vehicles spawn on top of one another
  • Multiplayer - The Intimidator Vehicle Chassis does not appear for the Guests
  • Player is transferred to the first District Map upon returning from a level in the second or third District
  • Empty fire bar is present on any level upon abandoning and replaying the level multiple times
  • Multiplayer - Summary Screen displays information from the previously played levels
  • BoxBox Delivery - Timers on the boxes show 0:60 after going below the 1:00 mark
  • UI/UX - "Objectives Incomplete" text becomes corrupted after specific steps
  • District 2 - Certain levels are missing from the Map
  • Embr Career Fare - Client Findr disappears from the inventory after approaching the Grappler exposition
  • Embr Career Fare - Player may be blocked from completing tutorial when Clients are killed with 'Skeletons on Client Expiration' disabled
  • Equipment Mechanics - Deployable Toilet may remove Clients' collision temporarily
  • Fyre HQ - Lasers can be disabled by EMP Grenades
  • Fyre HQ - Red buttons can be destroyed
  • Gameplay - Specific Video Setting are not changed correctly
  • GasLight Inc. - Placeholder text string is displayed in the level's header description
  • Graphics - Fire VFX is visible in various areas of the title
  • Hotel Construction Site - Fire does not spawn on the first and second floor of the building
  • Hypertube Experimental Offices - Player spawns underneath the road and falls to the ground causing the level to fail
  • Hypertubes Experimental Offices - Clients may die upon throwing them into transportation tubes
  • Multiplayer - 'Back to Lobby' text string in Summary Screen does not change to 'Back to Menu' when the Host leaves the crew during a mission
  • Multiplayer - 'Leave Multiplayer Crew' option in Pause Menu is not highlighted when selected
  • Multiplayer - Incorrect objective is displayed for Demolition missions on the Kiosk
  • Multiplayer - Infinite loading may occur for the Guest when joining a lobby
  • Multiplayer - Kiosk displays white placeholder thumbnails for Embr Gigs missions
  • Multiplayer - Kiosk in the lobby shows "Wuthering Heights" instead of the selected level
  • Multiplayer - No objective is displayed for the BoxBox Delivery Gig on the Kiosk
  • Multiplayer - Numerous issues in multiplayer mode for both Host and Guests
  • Multiplayer - Opening the Pause Menu during lobby countdown affects the timer
  • Possible to change the font size and color of the loadout name
  • Possible to change the font size and color of the text in chat
  • Profile Menu - Improper text formatting of the 'Holla Holla' achievement progress in the Achievements tab
  • RescueFroyo - Completing the Rescue Mission objectives is required during Special Missions
  • RescueHamster2 - Possible to get stuck in capsules with robots
  • Salvage missions - Objectives stop updating shortly after entering a level
  • Text - "Incarcerated" is misspelled in the description for the Distance Dryer upgrade
  • Text - "Never-ending" is spelled incorrectly in the description of the Intimidator vehicle
  • Text - "RescueFroyo" is not localized in all languages on the map screen
  • Text - Two errors in the description of the Defendr Tech Trousers
  • Tools - 'Object Grabbr' and 'Client Grabbr' upgrades are displayed as placeholders on the Grappling Hook
  • UI - 'Embr Shop' is visible when pausing during a level
  • UI - 'Hide Objectives' option overlaps with objectives in specific levels
  • UI - "BoxBoxDelivery" and "YouWorkOffice" are not localized in all languages
  • UI - BoxBox campaign mission's red tape contains missing key in its description
  • UI - Button tooltips overlap the Summary Screen in Tutorial and Escape missions
  • UI - Completed objectives become unchecked when changing any setting option
  • UI - Deployable Toilet Grenade has the same thumbnail as EMP Grenade
  • UI - District 3 - 'Missing key' String is displayed for the RescueJamba4 level
  • UI - Duplicated Vacuum Grenade in the Shop
  • UI - Early Access Roadmap contains outdated information
  • UI - Gaslight campaign mission's red tape contains placeholder text in its description
  • UI - Hidden objectives reappear after the optional objective gets updated
  • UI - Impossible to enter a Join Code in the Private Match Multiplayer menu
  • UI - Inconsistent behavior of the 'Achievements' slider in Profile Menu
  • UI - Incorrect thumbnail is displayed for the RescueGamma level on the Map
  • UI - Items in the Shop and Loadouts may not have a thumbnail or description when highlighted
  • UI - Jetpack Hose upgrade is visible for the Hose
  • UI - Job Summary screen is visible during the loading screen
  • UI - Join Code and Password are not visible when text field is not highlighted
  • UI - Redundant 'Clients Rescued' text is visible in specific areas of the title
  • UI - Redundant 'Hide Objectives' option in Boss Fights
  • UI - Required objectives are displayed under optional objectives in specific missions
  • UI - Rescue mission's red tape may be displayed at the start of any special mission
  • UI - Summary Screen textboxes can get stuck in random sizes upon quickly navigating to the next page
  • UI - Water bar may appear empty upon unlocking all upgrades for Basic Hose
  • UI/UX - "In" missing from the message "A Client is danger" which pops up during missions
  • UI/UX - "Objectives Incomplete" text becomes corrupted after specific steps
  • Multiplayer - Players may not be able to click on any buttons on the Job Summary screen
  • Embr Career Fare - Title freezes at the first door of the tutorial
  • Multiplayer - Items placed in the salvage area are visually set on fire for Guests
  • UI - "Privacy policy" button is pre-highlighted on Sign In screen when using a controller
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