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Medieval Dynasty update for 26 April 2021

Medieval Dynasty - Major Roadmap Update #4!

Share · View all patches · Build 6601912 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello Village Leaders,

The time has come! The update is here! Here is the next Medieval Dynasty Roadmap Major Update. This time, we’ve added new resources, new tools and activities, a hairy new companion, and a whole lot of fixes and optimizations. Let’s take a look at all the additions in more detail.

It’s hard to imagine the growth of a community without proper resources. From now on in addition to iron, now you can also dig copper and tin. You will find copper and tin in caves, and these deposits are easy to reach. To find iron though, you have to dig a little bit deeper, into the caves themselves. To get access to their depths, you will need to build mines. Down below is the home to the valuable iron ore.

Just a few more hits, and we’ll be there.

After collecting those precious ores, you, or your people, can take them back to your village smithy. The blacksmith will smelt the raw tin and copper ores into tin and copper bars, which you can then combine and create the coveted bronze bars. Iron is a simpler process - you can convert iron ores straight into iron bars. Use these valuable bars to create a whole new range of copper and bronze tools and weapons, such as hammers, sickles, knives, bolts, arrows and more.

As you can see there is a whole new underground world with hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by you.

We also added a new model of transportation - a donkey. He is slower than your old friend, the trusty horse, but he can carry more stuff than his bigger cousin. And he’s also cheaper. The perfect value-for-money companion.

Your new steed, sire!

But that’s not all that you will get in this update. Take some time off from your everyday tasks, venture out, and visit Tutki. This is the place you can find and buy a donkey. We have also added a whole lot of fixes and other updates too. One of them is a change in buying and selling prices. From now on all selling prices will be higher and buying prices will be lower. See the changelog for all the details. And one last thing! From now on all our Dutch, Chinese, and Swedish fans can enjoy their medieval experience in their own languages.

Let us know what you think about this Major update below. Write down your thoughts in the comments section. What is the first thing you will do in the new update? We’re curious to hear your answers. And as always, don’t be shy, stay in touch, and follow us on our Social Media Channels.

All the best,

Your Toplitz Productions and Render Cube Teams

Update Notes v0.5.0.3.

  • New sounds for Rabbit trap: open and close.
  • New sounds for Donkey.
  • New sounds for Blacksmithing: forge with bellows.
  • New sounds for Blacksmithing: anvil - hardening in bucket.
  • Swedish language.
  • Dutch language.
  • New resource deposits: Copper, Tin, Iron, Salt.
  • New resource items: Copper Ore, Tin Ore, Copper Bar, Tin Bar, Bronze Bar, Iron Bar. (Some NPC production settings may reset now)
  • New copper tools/weapons: Hammer, Axe, Hoe, Shovel, Sickle, Knife, Arrow, Bolt, Spear.
  • New bronze tools/weapons: Hammer, Axe, Hoe, Shovel, Sickle, Scythe, Knife, Arrow, Bolt, Spear, Pickaxe.
  • New animations for NPCs working in the Tavern.
  • New workbench: Forge.
  • New vendor presets system.
  • Family for Raimund. (In saved games they will spawn after the season change)
  • Dough will now appear on the bakery shovel and in the stove before becoming baked food.
  • Fish or Meat will now appear on the Firebox during crafting.
  • New village - Tutki. (Formerly Raimund's home)
  • New system that generates interesting places on the map each season such as carts with items. (Old carts on the map are now belong to this system)
  • New mount: Donkey. Can be bought in the new village - Tutki. (They will spawn in saved games after the season change)
  • Compass icons for specific vendor types.
  • Status icons next to the NPC names when interacting with them.
  • Forge now has a fire during crafting.
  • Firebox in Tavern now has a fire during crafting.
  • Double click detection in UI.
  • Icon for flirting option in dialogue.
  • New sounds for the Bull.
  • Crafting menu displays information about recipe: durability, price, food, water etc.
  • New music in game.
  • New Tool/Weapon - Stone Pickaxe.
  • New Tool - Bronze Shearing Scissors.
  • New icons for recipes and crafting categories.
  • Fire for Stove.
  • Player now must start a fire before being able to use Stove, Forge or Cauldrons for crafting.
  • Custom game mode modifier for increasing building limits up to 200% of the basic value.
  • New sounds of sweat wiping for NPC.
  • New sounds of head scratching for NPC.
  • New sounds of sneezing for NPC.

  • When saving the game, wild animals will now remember their HP and position.
  • Transferring whole stack of coins. (The decimal value was left in the inventory)
  • Sometimes the numbers of transferred/dropped items are wrong.
  • Trying to assign people to a building while having no villagers displays "no building" instead of "no people".
  • Cannot skip intro with gamepad.
  • Hop and fruit trees do not show as ready to harvest in the field menu.
  • Terrain has too low grid density at high FOV values.
  • Levitating trees on the map.
  • Animal buttons cannot be clicked in the assignment menus.
  • Chopped trees left alone drop infinite feathers with each save/reload.
  • Chopped trees after loading the game turn into regular logs with a different rotations, so they sometimes fall under the map.
  • Mothers are still assigned to the workplace first season after childbirth.
  • Alwin story V - if he is sitting when the player accepts the quest, he does not get up and follow.
  • Fish does not light up in inspector mode, after being shot.
  • Reduced the occurrence of an issue with dangling NPCs over seated NPCs.
  • Cutting branches from a felled tree and chopping it into logs does not give any technology points.
  • Wrong hit sounds of House and Hen House foundations.
  • Sometimes the horse "zips" to the player when summoned.
  • The player can sometimes fall under the map after using the unstuck.
  • Different items appear in hand than on HUD.
  • Horse will now be more likely to stop when walking into objects.
  • The player can mount another horse when being already on a horse.
  • The player can freeze in aiming state after opening and closing menu during aiming.
  • Mouse input still registers while in ESC menu.
  • House problems after switching to the heir.
  • Sometimes an NPC with a torch has an idle animation (e.g., crossing hands) when the player is talking to it.
  • Builder Trance does not work for fences.
  • On season change the character will not be teleported to home, when the character is sitting on a horse.
  • If the player stopped crafting before finishing all the items, the workbench animations are playing anyway.
  • Issue causing player to stand/sit too far away from loom, spinning/pottery wheel if player cancelled crafting before character was able to fully move to the position.
  • Hammer mode menu can be displayed during Event card.
  • Fish Tart now uses Salted Fish instead of Dried Fish.
  • When talking to seamstress they have the tavern icon instead of sewer.
  • Saving and reloading makes fresh chopped logs disappear.
  • When using inspector mode, you are unable to see fresh chopped logs.
  • NPCs from a player's village with the profession of vendor.
  • HUD tutorial does not scale properly for different aspect ratios.
  • HUD knowledge tutorial now also hides when HUD should be hidden.
  • Getting on a mount illuminates the cave.
  • When Alwin sits during a quest where the player supposed to take him somewhere, he cannot get up.
  • Some quests require iron tools but now they are further in the Technology.
  • Donkey is "kicking".
  • Bronze Spear is disappearing after being thrown.
  • Bronze Bolt mesh rotation.
  • Spears or arrows stuck in trees might keep hovering in the air after cutting down the tree.
  • Camera movement is cancelling timed interactions if the player was within max interaction distance from interacted object.
  • An issue causing the player to be stuck when trying to mount while crouching.
  • Being able to open sleep menu at campfire in small simple house.
  • Animation loop times for Quern, Loom, Spinning Wheel, and Wine Barrel.
  • When talking to Seamstress they have the Tavern icon instead of Sewing Hut.
  • Too fast leveling from grains.
  • The Mine has zero condition.
  • When picking up stuff, instead of looking directly at items, the player must look above them to pick them up.
  • Juice Press working animation for female NPC.
  • Quern animation desynchronizing when the player is crafting.
  • Reduced NPCs "bouncing" after getting up from benches or stools.
  • Farmer's Trans does not work for harvesting vegetables.
  • Vendors are selling Rot.
  • Bronze Knife cannot be produced.
  • Infinite bolts with crossbow if the player unequipped them after reloading the crossbow.
  • Reduced the number of cases of the invisible force moving NPCs away from the workstations.
  • An option to exit map border when dismounting.
  • One of the stones gives Farming Technology points instead of Survival.
  • When a player eats spoiled food from the plate, the plate description still shows that it is poisonous.
  • Sometimes quests require wrong items to deliver and can't be completed.

  • Economy changed. The base selling factor is now 50% instead of 35% and buy factor is now 150% instead of 200%.
  • Sounds in new animations of cooking: Cauldron and Firebox, for Male and Female NPC.
  • The frequency of sounds for farm animals has been reduced.
  • Mixed sounds of wind.
  • Item descriptions.
  • Building descriptions.
  • Skills descriptions.
  • Technologies descriptions.
  • Furniture descriptions.
  • Knowledge tab descriptions.
  • Tutorial messages.
  • NPCs now fertilize chunks on fields (with set target seeds) regardless of a season.
  • Dialogue UI.
  • Radial menus icons.
  • Japanese language.
  • Swedish language.
  • Polish language.
  • Brazilian language.
  • German language.
  • Italian language.
  • Spanish language.
  • Portuguese language.
  • Dutch language.
  • Czech language.
  • Turkish language.
  • Russian language.
  • Ukrainian language.
  • Hungarian language.
  • English language.
  • French language.
  • Chinese language.
  • Interacting with chest in buildings shows the name of that building.
  • Changed the building name from Sewing to Sewing Hut.
  • Changed the workstation name from Spinning Wheels to Spinning Wheel.
  • Changed name for item parameter from Health Points to Durability.
  • Changed name from Fertilizer to Fertiliser.
  • Changed name for skill and technology from Crafting to Production and Production Technology.
  • Changed name for category in Tailoring Table from Tailoring to Miscellaneous.
  • The name of the points required for next level in skill are now Experience Points instead of Skill Points.
  • Changed name for the professions in Barn to Farmer (works on fields and orchards) and Barn Worker (threshes grain and produces other items).
  • Hidden HUD allows to use Inventory tab etc.
  • Feathers are collected automatically after felling the tree.
  • Many of the already existing interactions provide additional Technology Points.
  • The assortment of vendors has been increased.
  • The number of vendors on the map has been increased.
  • Stable technology requirement lowered from 5000 to 2000.
  • Apiary technology requirement lowered from 9000 to 5000.
  • Field management is not cropped during seed selection.
  • The number of seasons to complete Challenges increased by 1.
  • Traveling merchant Event - new option if the player has diplomacy maxed out.
  • Decreased items icon size in quickslot radial menu.
  • Food that is being fried now changes depending on the recipe.
  • Firebox animation for the player is now faster.
  • Item selection optimizations.
  • Anvil and Forge models.
  • Anvil animations for the player and NPCs.
  • Forge animations for the player and NPCs.
  • Night Rider talent no longer increases animation speed for the horse.
  • Scythe holding animation for NPCs.
  • Spears and Throwing Rocks will now automatically start aiming if the player has more than one of them in the inventory and is holding right action button after throwing.
  • The duration of the alcohol intoxication effect is increased.
  • Some iron items, feathers and wines had their parameters changed.
  • Some items e.g., saddlebags or Saddle no longer require Iron in production and now use Tin Bar instead.
  • Workers and animals limits are now added to the description in building radial menu.
  • Smithy recipes are now sorted in a different way.
  • The length of the cave depends on whether it has a Mine building.
  • Toddlers have more clothes to put on.
  • The age of the animals is considered in production.
  • Toddler idles animations in fall and winter.
  • Toddler walking animation.
  • New model for the mine building.
  • The position of horse equipment in inventory.
  • Animals price with same new price factors as items.
  • Nerfed last level of barter skill so now it gives 30% instead of 40%.
  • Music in game.
  • Sounds for Foal Male, Foal Female, Bull, Calf Male, Calf Female.
  • NPC name changed from Racimir to Racimiar.
  • Caves with the built Mine are lighted by torches.
  • Item related inputs in HUD are now hidden when the player is on mount.
  • Adjusted chance to destroy for bronze and copper arrow/bolts depending on material type.
  • The cave with the Mine building has signs pointing in the direction of the exit.
  • Updated donkey icon in the inventory.
  • Soup in the cauldrons now is boiling when cooking.
  • Increased weights from 20 and 40 max to 30 and 60 max for Donkey.
  • Icon for "all" item category.
  • Technology rewards for completing quests now have "technology" word for more clarity.
  • Being drunk only affects player movement with player input.
  • Added Meat to a Pigsty vendor.
  • Lowered resource cost for Vegetable Soup.
  • Improved rotation of NPCs who want to sit on a bench or stool.
  • Improved rotation of NPCs who talk to other NPCs.
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