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Gloria Victis update for 22 April 2021

Weekly Update 268 – Heroes of the backline

Share · View all patches · Build 6583130 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Greetings, warriors!

This week we were continuing our work on the assist system, and introducing a lot of improvements dedicated to our heroes of the backline – field medics. They are the ones who are treating your wounds, picking you up after you fell, and taking care of meds and food supplies for their fellow soldiers. Being a medic will now have some more meaning since the whole class has been rebalanced - to lower the cost of being a support for your frontline and increase your impact on the battlefield.

On the other hand, we are continuing our work on the assist system, and our graphic artist's animated next equipment parts. As always, we have prepared a load of fixes and quality of life improvements. Read the details below!

The screenshot’s authors have been awarded. ontuto, Wilczycka, Random and ScubAKinG
– check your Ambers!

Changelog v. Beta

Medic class iteration

Indispensable in every siege or long battle, the role of field medic is appreciated by experienced players and valued for their work on the battlefield. Those are people who are mending your wounds to help you get back on the frontline as quickly as possible, those are the ones who under enemy fire and while being focused by enemies will jump to the front to revive you or cover your retreat.

Being a medic costs a lot. To be reliable medics prefer to wear the heaviest and most expensive armor and are spending small fortunes in each battle mending their allies, because of the cost of the compresses and bandages. It definitely needs a lot of gold and experience to be efficient in that role.

That is why we want to make this class more accessible for players, to make it a viable choice for more players, make the class a little more casual, and encourage being a support role, which can be crucial for reaching victory.

Changes in medic skills

Medics have only four dedicated skills because they need to be durable and tanky to be the most efficient.

First Aid was making reviving fallen allies shorter.
Battle Medic increases the number of health points a revived ally will receive.
Great Comeback is giving AoE buff to everyone around after reviving an ally
And Focus skills were preventing interruption of the revive while receiving damage, not counting stun and stagger.

From now on First Aid skill will allow you to bandage allies. Without it, you will be able to bandage only yourself. To help your friends you will need to assign at least one skill point to that skill. It will help to make a medic class a separate role and allow for some more specialization.

Focus skill, which is the top on the skill tree will now additionally give access to free mend actions, which work like bandaging. If you will have some points added to this skill, you will receive a possibility to mend allies (you cannot use mending on yourself) without a need to spend a bandage or compress from your inventory. The amount of possible mending actions is regenerating over time, in a similar manner to arrows for archers, and will receive a special user interface indicator. When a medic will run out of mending actions granted by skill, they will be able to continue their work using the bandages from their inventory. This will help to keep your allies alive and will reduce the cost of bandaging, to make the gameplay of Medic's role more dynamic and more accessible for lower-level or less experienced players.

In addition to that when a medic will use a simple compress or bandage on himself he will receive a temporary buff and will heal more damage with their mending.

Because of the quite big changes in working of those skills, and remembering your feedback about recent updates, we are giving all players a special skill reset. Reset is available to use directly from Notification Center for the next two weeks. After that time, the notification will be removed. Keep in mind that clicking the right button in the notification will use the skill reset instantly. It cannot be kept for later.

In the look at the changes explained above, there are of course some countermeasures that need to be pointed out.

It is known that reviving frontline shielded tanks on the frontline endlessly is not healthy for the combat experience. Also, with the new assist system, which is counting assists not on players that fell and were revived but only on killed ones, medics could be able to greatly reduce the amount of earned Nation Points earned for kill or assist. Of course, we do not want that.

That is why we are introducing debuffs to revived players that will stack, reducing the number of health points retrieved after revive and prolonging the time of each next revive of that player.
Amount of stacks is unlimited, and it means that if we fell, and will be revived by a medic during the debuff, for each debuff stack we will have twice fewer health points after every revive (500/250/125/63/32/16/8/4/2/1 health points), and the time to revive us will be doubled with each next revive, up to a hard cap of 60 seconds (8s/16s/32s/60s/60s and so on). Debuff lasts for two minutes and if we fell during that time the next stack will be added and the timer will count down the next two minutes.

We do not want to make players wait to revive endlessly and this change will encourage you to keep your allies alive rather than relying on revives.

User interface feedback improvements

While we are bandaged or mended, new indicators and information will be shown to let us know that we are being helped. From now on you will clearly see that you are being bandaged, who is bandaging you, how many health points are being recovered and you will also receive proper information if you leave the reach of the medic that was helping you.

The death screen window is quite big and is cutting fallen players' vision that could help them decide if they should respawn already or if there is any chance to be revived. This is why if you unfocus the death screen it will now become transparent, so you will be able to see if anyone is trying to help you. If help will not come in time and the screen will turn black the death window will become opaque again.

Assist system changes and Nation Points collection

From now on, the assists will be counted on the death of the player, when it will be not possible to revive him, or on the moment when the fallen player will choose to respawn. Players that can be revived are not counted as dead and will not grant instant NP reward for kill and assists. In the previous system, it was possible to lose a lot of points by being knocked out and revived many times during the battle. The new system is fairer and encourages a more strategic approach, giving medics the ability to prevent their teammates from losing NP by healing and reviving them and encouraging enemies to ensure fallen players will not be revived.

To make the system clear and simple, we are adding new combat log information. From now on you will receive information about knocking down and assisting in knocking down an enemy. The message will contain a tip, explaining the need to protect the body from medics and that rewards and statistics will be counted after the unconscious character will die.

Quality of life

– Changed the player context menu on the party side window to make it identical with the unconscious player context menu (Give First Aid on top and only two options instead of 4)
– Added notification when someone protects us from looting (when we are unconscious)
– From now Notifications about someone capturing an enemy flag can be "liked" by clicking the thumbs up button near the notification. After that player who captures the flag will receive notification that allies like it.
– Moved the NPC and their waypoints to the proper position around Twinfall after last level design changes
– Blocked the bridge near Twinfall to not let siege machines cross it. Any SoW and Guild Castle shouldn't involve siege engines from Nation Siege Camps
– Removed some trees from the mountain next to Twinfall to make shooting ballista easier
– Siege Engines chassis is now taking a modded damage while running on the very slope terrains, making pushing the machines outside the roads less viable. It should only be visibly damaging it more on edge cases of terrain
– Sitting on benches have now 3 seconds progress bar to avoid players “teleporting” to them during combat
– Animated further items in-game: Emissary's Turban, Legion Legate's Lion Helmet, Storm Guard's Sallet, Mercykiller's Armour, Horde Warrior's Light Helmet, Mordr Gunnarsson's Helm, Speartip's Helm, Royal champion's helm, Clan Nightroar's Gambeson, Work Apron, and Servant's Apron. You can see how the equipment behaves before and after the implementation of this system!
– Added missing sangamar workers on nation castles (just for visual purposes, they are not doing anything important)


– Fixed the description of Battle Medic skill. It increases health after reviving by 3% per level and an extra 20% on level 10
– Fixed the position of beehives at Aquitania Farm
– Fixed the issue causing the old bear model has been shown on very low settings
– Divided the biggest Ismir non-loot zone into two separate squares because it was too close to Ulfgard castle
– Fixed the issue causing dialog box which asks you “Do you want to receive first aid from player #?” were not automatically closing after the timeout
– Fixed the issue causing proxy player animations were showing one tier of movement lower (only animation, position synchronization was right), so when the player was sprinting it was showing running for other players and if the player were running it appeared as walking for others

Hotfix 23.04.21

We are introducing a hotfix for Gloria Victis, addressing some more of your feedback and reports after yesterdays update:

Instead of prolonging the time to revive an unconscious player, we are limiting the amount of possible revives based on stacks introduced yesterday. From now on, the time to revive a player will be the same as before the update, but the debuff stack given to a revived player will still lower his health points after each revives. After reaching four stacks of the debuff, reviving will be not possible until the end of the debuff, which lasts two minutes.

For example: After the first/second/third/fourth revive player will have 500/250/125/63 HP, revive time will be the same for each revive and there will be no option to revive given player for the fifth time if he still has 4 stacks of the debuff.

– Add 5% instant arrows quiver regain on the last hit that will make the player unconscious (if the player have appropriate skill ofc)
– Blocked possibility to mend enemies (with error notification)

  • Added the information on the combat log about how many health points have been healed to us or ally after we mend or bandage
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