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WolfQuest: Anniversary Edition update for 18 April 2021

v1.0.7 Public Beta Now Available! (UPDATED with beta 34, Mac also availabl)

Share · View all patches · Build 6560676 · Last edited 18 April 2021 – 19:09:08 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
This build has not been seen in a public branch.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 20, released 18 April) is now available in the Steam Public Beta branch (See instructions below on how to access it.)

Beta 30 is now available now for Windows, Mac is still on beta29d.


  • MP version incremented, so you can't play with others who are on the last released version. Any saved games from this version will not work in the previous version, due to many changes and additions, but saves that you have not opened in the beta will work in the previous version.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 20, released 18 April)

  • Age Perks system offers a selection of physical, clout, and wisdom bonuses for each year of your wolf's life. Once a year, you have the option to advance your wolf in age by one year and select from a new set of perks. On your birthday (in April, just before your pups are born) you will be presented with the Age Perks menu, where you can view all of the Age Perks available at each age. You can select up to three new Age Perks if you wish to advance to the next age. If you advance through the years, your final choice will be whether to advance to age eight, which will make your wolf an Elder Wolf who at some point will die. (More info in Game Help: Age Perks)
  • Ironwolf mode: In the real world, wolves are one false move or unlucky kick away from death. Now you too can live life on the edge by choosing Ironwolf mode when creating a wolf. This is a hardcore mode for players who really want to live the life of a wild wolf. Irownolves have only one save, and upon dying will be permanently dead. (More info in Game Help: Ironwolf)
  • Beavers now live along the Lamar River, Slough Creek, and in the Lost River beaver pond. They are most active at dawn and dusk. When you find a beaver trail, follow the tutorial tip to lie in wait and (hopefully) ambush one.

See recent news announcements for more about Age Perks, Ironwolf, and beavers.

  • Scents: New system for floating scents and ground scent tracks. This should look just like the old scent system, but without some problems that the old system caused (slow performance on Intel integrated graphics; on some newer GPUs, fter several hours of playing, screen sometimes would go black, or possibly white, or screwy in some way).
  • Revised adaptive music system: Eliminates bugs with out-of-sync tracks. Also modest reduction in memory load from music tracks.
  • Enabled headlook when wolf is sitting and lying down (latter only in initial pose).
  • Trees in Basic Sky & Vegetation mode move more appropriately with the wind.
  • Tweaks to snow coverage on trees (Enhanced mode only).
  • Aspen trees in LR now have fall colors, as they did in WQ Classic.
  • Scent tracks now disappear quickly when the source dies. (The way they persisted longer was a feature of the new scent system, but it is understandably frustrating, so now they fade at a faster rate. We don't want to remove them instantly or you get the "scent tracks disappear suddenly" bug which is also annoying.)
  • New Amethyst episode intro text when starting a new game with an experienced wolf.
  • New shader on big glacial erratics (boulders), hopefully will eliminate occasional harsh look to them.
  • Distant views of landscape are nicer (smoother and softer ground cover, using linear blends instead of heightmap blends).
  • Added bite-sfx when biting beaver, fox, and coyote. * Music ducks (in volume) when alert sounds play.
  • Multiplayer: Client wolf in stranger territory is not teleported to host when host forces sleep.
  • Multiplayer: Host-triggered sleep fails if a client wolf has a meat chunk in mouth.
  • When loading MP save, sometimes you get the SP Setup options instead of the MP options.
  • Renaming a wolf by only changing the case will result in wolf name being "NPC wolf" in-game.
  • Sometimes the family snapshot prompts can appear incorrectly while playing.
  • Pups can get stuck, motionless, when swimming against the current.
  • Sometimes pups follow mate when the "Raise pups" quest starts.
  • Sometimes pups will go into flooded den on their own accord, even when they refuse if so commanded.
  • Invisible wolf attacks player-wolf.
  • In certain situations, camera gets stuck circling above the pack after the end of Journey to Rendezvous Site quest.
  • Increased hunger threshold on mate so they will eat even if not very hungry.
  • DLC coats are somewhat more likely, instead of very more likely, to be assigned to dispersal wolves and pups.
  • Permanent bull elk carcass near LR spawn point.
  • One meat chunk floats out in front of the wolf's mouth.
  • Water clips in headcam and scent view.
  • No grass or sage on Lamar River island.
  • Many terrain and water issues.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 21, released 19 April)

  • Reduced number of beavers spawned in Amethyst.
  • Made beaver trails more evident on terrain on low graphics quality settings.
  • Fattened up the beaver just a bit.
  • Added controller inputs for lying in wait and holding still for beaver ambush.
  • Enabled Right Ctrl key input for Walk/Stalk (was only Left Ctrl).
  • Added music stingers when killing beaver, fox, and coyote.
  • Music volume inconsistencies.
  • Beaver carcass collider is not aligned with carcass.
  • in Amethyst, beavers flee parallel to river instead of heading into it.
  • Mate doesn't catch hares anymore.
  • Mate's age is not reliably used when starting a new game in Slough Creek.
  • Beaver Game Help entry has placeholder instead of actual input symbol.
  • Odd underwater creek near beaver dam in flood season.
  • Typos.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 22a, released 20 April)

NOTE: Age 8 is not available currently. It should be in next beta build.

  • Age Perks: Youthful Prowess: Reduced threatening effect some.
  • Advancements in age are not recorded in autosaves. (So if you advanced in age and didn't do a manual save, you'd be back at previous save when reloading that save.)
  • Sometimes mate teleports somewhere else when pups are born.
  • In Basic Sky & Veg mode, in main menu, when in Eye Customization, scene color and brightness are incorrect.
  • Moose calves in summer do not show health meter.
  • Beaver scent glow color doesn't match floating scent color.
  • In Pack Stats, mate's age is truncated if pack name is longish.
  • In Age Perks panel, sometimes wolf image is oversized.
  • Water issues (weird-looking underwater creeks, excess water sound effects).

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 23, released 21 April)

  • Age 8 is available once you (and/or your mate) reach that birthday (with mortal consequences eventually).
  • In Multiplayer, players cannot revive after being nearly killed.
  • Snow on big boulders is too dark and shiny.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 24, released 22 April)

  • When advancing in age, you can now choose fewer than three perks if you want.
  • Perks are not applied or saved when advancing in age -- ack! Very sorry about that! Unfortunately, we can't retrieve those selections made in the last beta so you will have to finish SC again in order to advance in age and choose perks again.

1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 25, released 22 April) -- now with Mac beta too!

  • Beavers will now occasionally stop and wash their face.
  • New wolf pose when holding very still as beaver approaches.
  • On existing wolves in Wolf Customization, Ironwolf buttons are dimmed to make it clear that they are not selectable.
  • In the notification about selecting fewer than three perks, "choose more" is now the default option.
  • Newborn fawns and elk calves emit scents.
  • Beaver can't find a suitable spot to place branch on lodge.
  • Beaver body scent is red rather than brown like the ground and floating scents.
  • Beaver fur and carcass gore
  • Ambush bonus damage applies to all animals, not only beavers.
  • In Age Perks panel, order of perks shifts from one age to another.
  • After player-wolf becomes an Elder Wolf, Attribute +/- buttons in Wolf Customization should not be changeable, but are.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 27, released 23 April)

This beta is only on Windows at the moment, the Mac beta is still beta25.

  • Beavers sometimes go underground (actually fixed in beta25).
  • When starting a new game in Slough Creek, Mate pulldown won't show multiple mates, and will show dead mates who should not be selectable. Setup New Game's Mate list:
  • Ungulate hunt music issues.
  • Shaker sound effect when locking onto animal wtih Health Perception perk keeps playing afterwards.
  • Ageing up from eight to nine removes all perks.
  • Pup icon does not appear on map when moving to a new rendezvous site.
  • Mule deer fawn leaves no scent tracks in July.
  • Mate "missing" home when returning from excursion.
  • Various terrain and water issues.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 28, released 26 April)

This beta is only on Windows at the moment, the Mac beta is still beta25, but we will release a new Mac beta Tuesday morning.

  • Elder Wolves will have smaller litters than they did when younger.
  • Ironwolf now becomes an Elder Wolf when reaching age eight.
  • New "Reminisce" mode; After an Elder Wolf dies, older saved games (from before age eight) use this mode so you can revisit your mate and pups and relive memories, but you cannot save your game.
  • Updated version of vegetation renderer (for Enhanced Vegetation mode) generally makes trees look better at a distance, but there are a few quirks to refine.
  • Beavers sometimes go underground (actually fixed now).
  • Grizzly cub carcass lack a name.
  • During the journey quests, dispersal wolves stalk wolf pups and are considered a dangerous predators, and are confused about their purpose.
  • Sometimes the mate heads off on a hunting excurision immediately after the pups leave the den for the first time. (Also, some mates go hunting too frequently, so we have set a minimum time at home.)
  • Pups gradually increase in size as they grow older, but this size increase was applied only when loading a save, not incrementally during gameplay
  • In certain situations, beaver riverbank lodges are above the water in summertime.
  • Pups that survive a dead Elder Wolf appear in Family Tree as younger pups instead of older pups.
  • Pups that survive a dead Elder Wolf appear in Family Tree as duplicates of another.
  • Terrain and water issues.
  • On MacOS: Beaver dam is white, lacking texture.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 29a, released 27 April)

  • Newborn pups are absent from den after birth, and then are outside den at start of Raise Pups quest.
  • Can't claim territory when competitors are preparing an attack.
  • Health Perception age perk sound effect doesn't stop playing when it should.
  • Sometimes can't attack beaver when approaching the front of its body.
  • Boulder lies in beaver trail near eastern SC colony.
  • Too much short grass near SC eastern rock den.
  • Terrain and water issues.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 29b, released 27 April)


  • Wolf can't bite new bitepoints on front shoulders of beavers.
  • Slough Creek spring floodwaters lack physics.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 29d, released 27 April)

Available now for Mac and Windows.

  • With Enhanced Vegetation, performance drops substantially at dawn and dusk.
  • In Lost River, the beavers' wood resource areas lack wood resources.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 30, released 29 April)

Available now for Windows, Mac is still on beta29d.

NOTE: On lower graphics quality levels, we are switching to a different post-processing effect and vignette (used when sleeping). These should be a bit faster on low-end computers. We are still testing and tweaking the settings, so please submit a bug report if you think the overall image or vignette effect isn't quite right.

  • Added vignette effect on player-wolf's last day of life and when in Reminisce mode.
  • Made the scent post marker on the World Map more readable (when Good Memory perk is active).
  • Some refinements to distant tree appearances.
  • In Amethyst, Very Large Objects (mainly the cliff rocks) now get dynamic snow even on Very Low quality level.
  • In Setup New Game, moved Lost River Classic below Slough Creek.
  • In Amethyst and Lost River, beavers hideaway in their lodges too early in the fall. (They should be out-and-about in November, but are not).
  • Terrain and water issues.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 30c, released 29 April)

  • Various issues with the new color grading and vignette effects.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 30d, released 29 April)

  • Eliminated areas with stretched or discordant texturing in Slough Creek (the creek itself) during flood stage.
  • On low quality levels, vignette effect doesn't work when sleeping or on last day or reminisce mode.
  • In certain spots, scent posts get destroyed soon after they were created.
  • Willow bushes ignore lighting conditions.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 31, released 29 April)

  • In Family Tree, deceased wolves (from Ironwolf or Elder Wolf) are now so noted.
  • In Setup New Game, map selection is retained when scrolling through wolves.
  • In Setup New Game, if an Ironwolf is selected, new text explaining that game options like Difficulty are not changeable.
  • Two boulders are intruding on Ranger Cabin's personal space.
  • Sometimes the player-wolf image In Age Perks is too big for its britches (or box). Should be mostly fixed but still a few issues occasionally.
  • On Enhanced, with minimal Tree and Grass Distance, one dead tree switches from 3d model to flat billboard way too close to the camera.
  • Meat chunk music warbles when player finishes eating it.
  • Health Perception targeting arrow sfx plays even if game audio is disabled.
  • Gaps between land and floodwaters in a few spots.
  • Terrain and water issues.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 32, released 30 April)

Available now for Windows, Mac is still on beta29d.

  • Eliminated areas with stretched or discordant texturing in Slough Creek (the creek itself).
  • Better water effects when wolf is swimming.
  • Ironwolves that reach age eight are labeled "Elder Ironwolf" in My Wolves and Family Tree.
  • Issues with player-wolf rendering in Age Perks.
  • Terrain and water issues.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 33, released 2 May)

Available now for Windows, Mac is still on beta29d.

  • Eliminated areas with stretched or discordant texturing in the McBride feeder creek.
  • Issues with player-wolf rendering in the wolf badge and Age Perks.

[h2]1.0.7 Public Beta (beta 34, released 3 May)

Available now for Windows, Mac is still on beta33.

  • Conflicting age-up info
  • Beaver has wrong scent icon in some cases.
  • On lower McBride Feeder creek, wolf can walk on water surface, and some areas with stretched textures.
  • Terrain and water issues.
  1. In the Steam app, go to your Library, then right-click on the WolfQuest: AE name in the left column and choose Properties.
  2. Then go to the Betas tab and select the WQ current Beta option in the pulldown. No password is necessary. Steam should then start downloading it. Later you can switch back to the public version in that Betas tab, by selecting NONE in that pulldown.

Changed depots in beta branch

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