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Terminal Conflict update for 15 April 2021

Research Decisions - Tank Weapons Programs

Share · View all patches · Build 6547269 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Guns and tanks and planes are nothing unless there is a solid spirit, a solid heart, and great productiveness behind it. - Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A deeper modernization is underway as we complete the new set of weapons program decisions. A warm welcome to this week’s development diary!

Research and Development

Unlike the Space Race and Nuclear Technology that is at your direct control, the military establishments does the conventional weapons development. They will recommend when needed, an overhaul of the tank models, represented by weapon focuses in your terminal, and grant you 1 alignment for selecting it. The aim with each program is to reach 100% completion and during the research time suspends procurement of Army Command.

In the US Tank Program Report decision you can track progress for each model. It even allows you to cancel the design should you need to.

For each tank design that completes its research, a new tank model successfully enters service at the end of the focus. More crucially for you and your administration, it grants you Victory Points and a Steam Achievement.

Research Breakthroughs

Naturally, along the development cycle of anything new, there is always the chance that you discover something magnificent, like an experimental power-train, turret, and many more.

These can upgrade your current design ending your turn or you can save them to provide 10% for a future tank design. Upgrading the design means getting an improved chance of a well-working model but sticking to the current design means your chances are the best for making it in time.

Trouble down the barrel

Just as the Soviet projects, with a lot of eyes and ears, and potentially loose lips, will have your opponent trying to benefit from or sabotage your development. Preventing you from reaching 100% completion on your weapons program and forcing you to opt for a future model, that hope for them might never come.

As the enemy’s agents are at work, they have three crucial choices.

Should your enemy get hold of your blueprint, they will get up to 25% ahead of the competition at the end of the focus. All blueprint progress capture by an opponent converts into research for THEIR future tank weapon model.

Keep safe and will you have what it takes to victory laps for your new tank models?
We hope you enjoy it!

Mighty Cheers
The Strategy Mill Team

Upcoming Development

I) Grand Campaign phase 2 is in development
II) Development continues for Contras in Latin America.
III) Policies are getting rolled out with each new patch.



  • Updated notification for focus selection DELAY to better reflect the bonuses and costs involved
  • Updated WARGAMES to the current version
  • Units In Command Reserve trigger type added
  • Added Remaining Turns Argument Type
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes you could receive an error for dividing by zero
  • Fixed an issue where MIRVIN would say an incorrect dialogue


  • Updated Tank Weapons Programs with Intel component for the opponent - each focus now grants opponent +15% success chance for Espionage until the end of the focus
  • Fixed an error that would occur when selecting a focus while the opponent ends a turn
  • Fixed an issue where Mexican Priistas was not awarding the correct amount of USSR influence when triggered
  • Added updates to the Weapons Program to the Big Picture
  • Intel success bonus was incorrectly hidden for weapons program focuses
  • Fixed an issue where the Espionage bonus would be shown incorrectly for focuses adding intelligence success chance
  • Fixed an issue where The Fate of West Berlin incorrectly stated that the USSR must spend 2 government interests if the USSR controls West Berlin. It now correctly states that this cost is spent only if the USA controls West Berlin.
  • Fixed an issue where the LITEMPO, Spy Network would incorrectly grant influence instead at the start of the focus instead of at the end
  • Fixed an issue where Cultural Exchange would incorrectly provide 1 bonus influence in ALL theaters instead of on Any one theater


  • Take Timelines into account when showing policies
  • Updated COMINFORM to provide USSR influence to regions in WESTERN EUROPE with at least USSR PRESENCE
  • Fixed an issue where Socialist Fraternity description was colored incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue where Corporate Ventures was incorrectly reducing Finance Alignment instead of People Alignment
  • Pan-Arabism now requires NASSER to be recruited and have at least 1 POWER and USSR CONTROL in either EGYPT, LEVANTIAN ZONE or IRAQ to be enacted.
  • Pan-Arabism now grants 5 USSR influence to be placed instead of 4 and 2 VP instead of 1.
  • Pan-Arabism is active for enactment from Timeline 2 instead of 1.
  • Fixed an issue where Ideological Synpathisers would not provide the correct amount of Soviet influence
  • Glasnost now can be enacted regardless of which faction holds control or domination in the region.
  • Glasnost now correctly provides the USA with 6 people interests when enacted by the USSR.
  • The regime of Peace and Love(USSR) in South Asia now requires the USSR to have at least 5 influences in Indochina OR at least 10 influences in South Asia.
  • Fixed some minor typos in policy names
  • Updated the Break Passive Containment policy. It now reads "(Enact this policy if you suspect the USA is blocking your next policy. The sovereignty of the Soviet Union shall never be in dispute!)
  • Fixed an issue where Consumer of Last Resort had incorrect triggers set up
  • Fixed an issue where the Five Year Plan would incorrectly compare the financial interests with the USA instead of the USSR Elites
  • Fifth International will assign VP correctly corresponding to the number of Soviet-controlled regions
  • Fixed an issue where conditions, where one faction should have a higher interest than the opponent, was displayed incorrectly as a copy of a previous alignment condition
  • Updated USSR Policy NORTHERN NEIGHBORS: Gain 1 USSR INFLUENCE and 1 VP in North America for every 3 unlit DOOMSDAY.
  • Updated conditions for Policies Molotov Plan East and Molotov Plan West to be more easily attainable


  • Fixed an issue where if Nasser lost power without getting recruited Pan-Arabism would not properly be deactivated
  • Added Nasser's Funeral decision that disables the Pan-Arabism policy when his Power is lower than 1
  • Fixed an issue that did not properly launch the Weapons Program Victory parade
  • Fixed an issue where the Soviet tank modernization would incorrectly provide advancement to the US tank program instead of the Soviet one
  • Wirtschaftswunder Soviet decision descriptions added
  • Standardization of Wirtschaftswunder description texts
  • Already existing decision imagery applied, where it made sense
  • Fixed an issue where the tank program would not properly launch the final decisions in the set
  • Update of documentation
  • Minor bug fix for decision 2406
  • Fixed some wording for American and Soviet Weapons Program
  • Fixed an issue where canceling a Weapons Program would incorrectly continue delivering scientific breakthroughs
  • Minor fixes in localization for CIA and KGB decisions
  • Tank Modernization decisions now are conditioned to a fixed unit amount that is to be lost due to modernization from the Command Reserve
  • Added US Tank Program Report and Soviet Tank Program reports
  • Added USA and USSR decisions for tank modernization
  • Removed an incorrect need for a region control to gain the Weapons Program
  • Adjusted Decision Priorities
  • Canceling a weapons program limits production choices to be made to the Armed Services Committee
  • You can now attempt to gain the full Enemy blueprint with a small chance of success
  • Fixed a minor typo in the Greek Civil War Decision chain
  • Updated the description for The Percentage agreement to clarify the role of the British government regarding the greek king
  • Updated the description of Brotherhood and Unity to fix an issue where it was not pointing to TITO being available in the ALLIES menu after triggering
  • Updated the description of Tito's Ambition to clarify that Yugoslavia is launching military action in Greece
  • Updated the description of Successful KKE Operation to emphasize that the Greek king is defeated and fix an issue where the text would incorrectly overflow
  • Updated The Big Short decision
  • Fixed a typo in USSR decision Flashes in the Night


  • Added achievements for US TANK PROGRAM: M48 Patton, M60 Patton, M551 Sheridan, M1 Abrams, M8 AGS
  • Added achievements for SOVIET TANK PROGRAM: T-54/T-55, T-62, T-72, T-80, T-90


  • Fixed a typo for Leaders in the encyclopedia
  • Fixed an issue where selecting to review information about the Command Reserve in the Encyclopedia would not function properly.


  • Added console commands - Press ~ to access console or press the console button in the debug menu (available only when run from the in-game editor)
  • Console command allows Get Flag Value(string) command added


  • Fixed an issue where Delaying focus selection would not properly display that action
  • Units In Command Reserve notification fix
  • Fixed an issue where Army Commands in effects were displayed incorrectly
  • Updated tooltip for Pursued Policies
  • Updated tooltips for Characs not available to be favored
  • Updated a tooltip for a full display


  • Fixed a typo in the editor description for unit procurement
  • Decision Effect Is Hidden now applies to focuses as well
  • Standard checkbox size fix


  • Updated US Dark coloring from #075375 to #075E85 for better color contrast on certain screen types
  • Added Console button image and fixed console debug button
  • Fixed an issue where the missile range was not properly displaying in km
  • Updated the tool-tips for nuclear research
  • Updated the clarification for researching missiles
  • Updated the order in which nuclear capabilities are shown for Ballistics Missile Research for a better overview
  • Fixed an issue where some of the text would incorrectly cut into the border of the tooltip
  • Finalized new options menu


  • Lowered the volume of the background ambiance


  • Fixed minor typos in various decisions
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