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Atomicrops update for 15 April 2021


Share · View all patches · Build 6544385 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community


Welcome back to your farm. Hope you brought your tractor keys, because boy do we have news for you.

The DOOM AND BLOOM free update features the largest patch notes in Atomicrops history. With tons new content to help spruce up runs more than ever before.

: It's live now!




New Content

🏵️New Location: Deervil's Den. Offers unique upgrades that grant immense power, at a huge cost.
🚜New Tractor: Motivator - Become invincible for 5 seconds. Enemies in an area drop fertilizer and seeds. Energizes all friends and turrets. Holds two charges.
🌹New Item - Top tier Rain Cloud Pigeon (Spring Rain): Boost and water all crops. Grow flowers. Moisten soil.
🌷Added Flowers - Tired of weeds? Turn them in to flowers! These beautiful plants can be harvested for a profit and are brought to your farm through a number of new upgrades. To harvest, simply walk over them or use the harvest button.
🌼Deervil Upgrade - [spoiler]Crops grow 10x faster but ignite when thirsty [/spoiler]
🌼Deervil Upgrade - [spoiler]Crops don't need water but more moles and they appear at night. Effect ends when damage is taken[/spoiler]
🌼Deervil Upgrade - [spoiler]Infinite fertilizer but wasp pursue player, effect ends when damage taken[/spoiler]
🌼Deervil Upgrade - [spoiler]Lose all max heart beets except one. Gain X heart beet seeds for each max heart beet lost. [/spoiler]
🌼Deervil Upgrade - [spoiler]Tomorrow is 2x longer but a lizard will pursue you all day. [/spoiler]
💮New Upgrade - Cows can produce milk
💮New Upgrade - Cows block bullets and drop fertilizer when bullet is blocked
💮New Upgrade - Cows move faster and hold more water
💮New Upgrade - Nasal spray - pigs can find truffles
💮New Upgrade - Pigs till Moist Soil: Crops remove moisture from soil for first watering. While soil is moist, crops grow very fast.
💮New Upgrade - Pigs move faster
💮New Upgrade - Bees turn weeds into flowers
💮New Upgrade - Chickens have 50% chance to turn weed to flower.
💮New Upgrade - Flowers on Damage taken
💮New Upgrade - Flowers on Kill
💮New Upgrade - Pigs have turrets on their backs
💮New Upgrade - Cows have turrets on their backs
💮New Upgrade - Weeds grow and spread faster
💮New Upgrade - Weeds don't grow on soil
💮New Upgrade - Flowers grow on soil instead of weeds
💮New Upgrade - Energize friends on damage
💮New Upgrade - Energize friends on scroll, tractor when energized
💮New Upgrade - Pet farm animals to energize them
💮New Upgrade - Some old weeds become flowers
💮New Upgrade - Scarecrows sometimes energize friends
💮New Upgrade - Scarecrows grow pumpkins
💮New Upgrade - Heart beets grow instantly and gain a heart beet
💮New Upgrade - Turrets and scarecrows can be deployed on hard crust
💮New Upgrade - Daily upgrade
💮New Upgrade - Always energized when at low health
💮New Upgrade - Continually energize friends when at low health
💮New Upgrade - Shoot bullet when fertilizer or seed gathered
💮New Upgrade - Mysterious flower (that resurrects player)
💮New Upgrade - Weeds have a higher chance to drop fertilize and seeds
💮Several New Upgrades that add 2 or 3 of specific animals, turrets, or drones

Balance Changes & Tweaks

⚖️Balance - Slightly less moles in year 1
⚖️Balance - Increased level 2 mole health
⚖️Balance - Reduced the speed at which wasp enters screen Wasp - no longer charges from offscreen
⚖️Balance - Wasps bunch up less
⚖️Balance - Hippie always turns weeds to flowers
⚖️Balance - All zaps damage enemies for 25% of current health instead of 50%
⚖️Balance - Norman's enemy slow effect lasts 7 seconds instead of 5
⚖️Balance - Weeds appear more often and spread from old weeds faster
⚖️Balance - Weeds have higher chance to drop fertilizer and seeds
⚖️Balance - Reworked item pools - some upgrades that only appeared in certain shops will now appear everywhere.
⚖️Balance - Removed Early to Rose and Chill Beets (add time on rose/heart beet harvest) from golden bulb loot drop pool added horse to golden bulb loot drop pool
⚖️Balance - Reduced stats from rings when married
⚖️Balance - Increased rose cost per relationship level with eligibles
⚖️Balance - Reworked special loot pool and festival special shop
⚖️Balance - Reworked garden shop - sometimes sells rare items at a high price
⚖️Balance - Doubled Final Boss Health
⚖️Balance - Snail boss is more resistant to burning damage
⚖️Balance - One less upgrade camp in the world
⚖️Balance - Increased eligible rose count requirements
⚖️Balance - After year 1 guns and gun upgrade costs scale by season
⚖️Balance - Small change to season tally rewards - Small chance to get a farm animal or scroll instead of an upgrade
⚖️Balance - "Fertilizer on damage taken" upgrade drops much more fertilizer
⚖️Balance - Butterfly from "butterfly when tiling" upgrade flies twice as fast and goes much further
⚖️Balance - Mammoths from the level 2 plains move at same speed as bulls from level 1 plains to reduce unfair and unavoidable damage
⚖️Balance - Sprinkler Tractor will never duplicate heart beets or roses. Reduced chance to duplicate pumpkins and sunflowers.
⚖️Balance - Changed Hotwire to "Can use tractors before they are ready but doing so has %50 chance to damage you."
⚖️Balance - Megaton Tractor can no longer kill worm boss in 1 hit
⚖️Balance - Collectible friendly worms in soil disappear after 10 seconds if not collected.
⚖️Balance - Fat Grub (Tilling soil has a chance to drop seeds and fertilizer.) always drops fertilize when breaking crust
⚖️Balance - High tier seed pigeon scroll will no longer sow roses
⚖️Balance - Increased Wacker Tractor's cooldown from 100 seconds to 120 seconds
⚖️Balance - Bees no longer boost sunflower growth rate
⚖️Balance - Dovecote can now drop higher tier scrolls
⚖️Balance - Moved Horse, Double-Edged Watering Can, and Backup Generator from the Golden Bulb item pool to the main pool
⚖️Balance - Moved Fertile Eggs to the Golden Bulb item pool

Bug Fixes & QoL Improvements

⭐Improved crop and scarecrow collision - collision is softer and player is less likely to get stuck
⭐Fertilizer dispenses onto crops much faster when player has high amounts of fertilizer
⭐Recharge tractor mushroom will always add an extra charge to the tractor even if the tractor is holding max charges.
⭐The harvest control (the circle that expands from the player to harvest crops) now harvests eggs and other objects that are harvestable
⭐Ground Splats disappear much faster to avoid covering up farm tiles for too long
🖥️UI - Improved tractor ui to support displaying many charges
🖥️UI - Tractor UI color tweak to make loading bars more clear
🐛Bug Fix - Fixed issue with player movement collision which would cause dandelion to get stuck on corners
🐛Bug Fix - Drones and followers will choose more targets - but still will try not to aggro camps
🐛Bug Fix - The zapping cloud drone now zaps all the enemies it should be zapping
🐛Bug Fix - Butterfly when tilling + extra soil tilled will no longer cause 3 butterflies to spawn
🐛Bug Fix - Turret placement indicator updates when inventory is changed
🐛Bug Fix - Fixed cactus enemy collider size
🐛Bug Fix - Graphics - fixed z fighting on ground blood splats
🐛Bug Fix - Fixed shield bundits not blinking white when hit
🐛Bug Fix - Graphics - no ghosting when objects are behind fully fertilized crops
🐛Bug Fix - Megaton tractor can no longer kill the moon
🐛Bug Fix - Eggs no longer work with the Double Cream Upgrade (Foraging berries charges tractor)
🐛Bug Fix - Bundits will always play running animation when they return to their camps
🐛Bug Fix - fixed issue with placing trees using a controller
🐛Bug Fix - If there are no more weeds, chickens will wander instead of stand still

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