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Bloons TD 6 update for 15 April 2021

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 25.0

Share · View all patches · Build 6537293 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Bloons TD 6 - Update Notes! Version 25.0

New Awesome

  • New beginner map Resort

  • New ETn skin for Etienne

  • New non-trophy Music Track Sails Again, playable anytime via the Jukebox. Spice Islands, Off the Coast & Lotus Island also now rock this awesome track by default.

  • New Trophy Store Items

    • Heroes: Sauda Crane Pet, Pat Super Jump Placement

    • Monkeys: Banana Farm Chicken, Monkey Village Brazil Flag, Monkey Village USA Flag (whoever makes the most noise gets their flag next, and by noise we mean youtube and twitch views!)

    • Bloons: BTD4 Retro MOAB Skin, BTD4 Retro BFB Skin

    • Co-op: Player Numbers Emote, Trophy Winner Emote

    • Game & UI: Sharp Sauda Avatar, Portable Lava Lake

    • Game & UI: 2 Community designed Competition Avatars

      • u/ReconScoutTeemo Penguin Friend
      • u/Cyliia Gloo Gunner
    • Limited Time: It’s a surprise, but keep your eyes out for a new item that first weekend in May

Key Features

  • Mini-Races - for granular ad hoc competition and more rewards! Don’t worry - you don’t have to race twice! Instead, all Racers now submit their scores to 2 leaderboards. The Mini-Race leaderboard (look for the tab button on the leaderboard screen) will segment players into smaller groups of 100 on a first come first added basis when your first time is recorded.

    • We love the fierce competition at the very top of the full leaderboard, but for players unable to compete for those wickedly fast times, we wanted to offer the chance to shine on their own more granular leaderboards and enjoy the excitement of shaving just a fraction of time from your score to move up the standings.
    • Yes, there’s a little Contested Territory (Bloons Monkey City, and Adventure Time TD) thinking here but we wanted to greatly expand the range of competition within those pools so 100 players per Mini-Race made sense for that.
    • No, there are no badges for the Mini-Races, as it is incredibly important to us to not dilute the prestige of the main board rankings and badges.
  • Veteran Levels have been added to the game! After reaching max level, players can now continue to earn additional Veteran Levels. Every one of these requires a substantial amount of experience, but that per level requirement stays flat.

    • We have been listening to the feedback on this topic - ranging from requests to increase the Player Level Max, adding stats that would track total xp, or create a paragon-style system.
    • We will raise the Player Level Max at some intentionally non-committal time in the future but only after we have further narrowed the delta between the available Monkey Knowledge Points including achievements and the total MK Points that can be spent.
    • Veteran Levels allow the awesome number of super dedicated players to keep earning XP and compete for bragging rights on an upcapped scale, but without unbalancing the Monkey Knowledge system.
    • And don’t worry about your Veteran Levels when we do raise the Player Level Max. At that time any Veteran Level player will start earning XP toward the new Player Max, and when that is hit, they will pick up their Veteran Level number and XP count right where they left off.

Big Changes / Additions

  • Player avatars have been added to in-game leaderboards. Because of course you want to show off your cool avatars in as many places as possible. We’ll keep thinking about more ways to do so.
  • New rewards screen popup for Races to explain the Mini-Races
  • For more challenge consistency in high rounds, the standard roundset has been extended up to round 120. Now in game modes with standard roundsets the freeplay rounds from 101-120 will be predetermined. This is a big deal for us and we plan to do more custom rounds past 120, so we do want to hear feedback from the community here. BTD6 reddit is the best place for that - if you haven’t signed up, please do!
  • A large damage type and Bloon type rework has been made to optimize performance, and this will resolve a number of issues with incorrect damage types dealing damage where they should not.
  • Players may now always attempt daily challenges & races even on maps that are currently locked for them. In the initial design we thought this was important to push players to unlock more maps than the first few, but as we have grown our map count it is now more important to give players a chance to sample maps they haven’t unlocked.
  • Added deep link share buttons for co-op games and custom challenges, which can be used to launch the game directly into a co-op lobby, or custom challenge screen! To create one, simply select the clipboard and share that link with your friends, and they will tunnel right into your game.
    • One important note on Steam - due to issues that we haven’t yet been able to resolve with Unity, the deeplink will only launch the game on Steam if BTD6 is not open. If BTD6 is already open, please copy and paste the code as normal. We’ll keep working to make it smoother with each update, but for now if you play on Steam please pay attention to the two options on the link page - if your game is open, copy the code; if your game is not open, choose the Launch Game button.

Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Various localization & UI text fixes
  • Tower UI in co-op should now refresh when viewing a tower that is being upgraded by another player
  • Strong target priority again picks Fortified Blimps over their standard variants
  • Added a first-time trigger to explain recent changes to map unlocks
  • Information on lobbies that cannot be made public has been moved from the corner of the screen to a popup over the public button
  • Player XP bar now has comma separators
  • Optimization to Bloon pop fx
  • Resolved some issues with hero placement/upgrade effects
  • Updated share icons within Challenge Editor
  • Resolved a crash with entering Races or Daily Challenges too fast
  • Drop & Lock placement mode now works with nudge state
  • Resolved a UI issue with towers not correctly displaying locked upgrades
  • Added [X] close button to race pass pop-up and hero bundle pop-ups in addition to them closing when tapping out of the menu
  • Resolved a bug with Blowback which could cause a Golden Bloon to remain immune to damage forever
  • Chutes co-op vertical split has been centered

Ice Monkey

  • As a part of the damage & types rework above, basic Ice damage can no longer damage Golden Bloons without the correct upgrades / buffs
  • 020 Deep Freeze and higher upgrades should correctly play sound again

Monkey Buccaneer

  • 4xx Aircraft Carrier planes should no longer play extra spawn sounds
  • x4x MOAB Takedown ability ‘tiebreakers’ picking incorrect targets has been resolved

Dartling Gunner

  • 3xx Laser Cannon path once again has a sell animation

Wizard Monkey

  • x2x Wall of Fire visual issue resolved where tower attack animation would not be correct under some cases


  • As a part of the damage types rework mentioned above, Acidic Mixture Dip will now correctly allow Ice attacks to damage Lead Bloons
  • As a part of the damage types rework, Acidic Mixture Dip will now correctly allow sharp towers to damage Golden Bloons
  • As a part of the damage types rework, Acidic Mixture Dip will no longer allow Explosive attacks to damage DDTs

Monkey Village

  • 101 and higher upgrades should correctly play sound again

Striker Jones

  • As a part of the damage & types rework, Lv5 will no longer allow energy attacks to damage DDTs


  • Level 8 ‘camo’ unlock visual correctly displays at this level again, not level 9
  • Level 10 UCAV no longer creates a secondary ice platform when etienne is placed on frozen water


  • Sapper achievement description has been clarified; the important note here for players chasing that achievement is to not one shot or strip the fortified state, so unstable concoction, shattering shells, and insta kills like moab takedown in particular should be avoided

Desktop Version

  • Unity has updated to allow cursor size to match system size so it is now possible to scale this up on Steam! We do not have a solution (still working with Unity on this) to scale the desktop cursor in game, so it must be done with system settings. On Windows this can be found by searching in the Windows search function “Mouse pointer size”. Also note the cursor resolution might become crusty due to the image size being scaled up.

Balance Changes

Dart Monkey

For new players, camo is the first real game mechanic that presents a wall for new players. To combat this we have swapped the initial unlock costs of Spike-o-pult & Crossbow to nudge new players more towards upgrading down the camo path for Dart Monkeys first.

  • 3xx Spike-o-pult XP unlock cost increased from 1900 -> 2100
  • xx3 Crossbow XP unlock cost reduced from 2100 -> 1900

Bomb Shooter

In some cases the effort to make upgrades feel powerful eclipsed the need for monkey tower weaknesses to be supported by path or other tower synergies. Reviewing the state of White compared to Black Bloons we feel it no longer makes sense for Bomb stall path to ignore inherent Bomb weakness compared to Ice, which can’t fully get around it’s weakness until T5. MOAB Maulers have been a very strong meta spam for a while now, so we are chipping off most of its ceramic bonus at T3.

  • 4xx Bloon Impact damage type Normal (All) changed to Explosive
  • 5xx Bloon Crush remains Normal type
  • x3x MOAB Mauler ceramic damage reduced from 3 -> 1
  • x4x MOAB Assassin ceramic bonus unchanged

Tack Shooter

Inferno Ring is priced high for a low single-target damage pierce based tower when pierce isn't as important at high rounds, so price has been reduced. We liked Maelstrom’s pierce change, however want to ease off a little as higher density rounds feel a lot more position & timing dependent now than they need to be. Similar to Bomb, Tack Zone’s innate popping of Lead with obviously sharp projectiles no longer feels fitting and so along with a large price reduction the damage type stays Sharp.

  • 5xx Inferno Ring price reduced from 50,000 -> 45,500
  • x4x Maelstrom ability pierce increased 100 -> 200
  • xx5 Tack Zone price reduced from $24,000 -> 20,000
  • xx5 Tack Zone damage type changed Normal -> Sharp

Ice Monkey

By buffing Snowstorm to have the same cooldown as Absolute Zero we unintentionally ruined a certain style of player-made challenge based on Absolute Zero timing. We have reworked the buff from v24 in order to keep the same freeze uptime but allow this type of challenge to be possible once again.

  • x5x Absolute Zero ability cooldown reduced from 30s -> 20
  • x5x Absolute Zero ability duration reduced from 15s -> 10

Monkey Buccaneer

Most cases for Buccaneer currently find you better off sticking to Destroyers and adding other buffs, so we have made a couple slight nudges to this top path

  • 2xx Double Shot price increased from $500 -> 550
  • 4xx Aircraft Carrier price reduced from $7500 -> 7200

Dartling Gunner

Dartling Gunner’s Rocket Storm is currently overperforming versus Buckshot, so we made slight adjustments to the price of these upgrades.

  • x4x Rocket Storm price increased from $4800 -> 5100
  • xx3 Buckshot price reduced from $3800 -> 3400

Wizard Monkey

Wall of Fire has been reworked in order to cut down on cases of frustrating randomness as well as the initial cooldown on the attack being reduced. Additionally at the highest tier all fire attacks will be further enhanced in damage

  • x2x Wall of Fire now targets ‘closest’ track position by default
  • x2x Wall of Fire initial cooldown reduced from 5.5s -> 1
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix, Fireball damage increased from 9 -> 27
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix, Wall of Fire damage increased 1 -> 3
  • x5x Wizard Lord Phoenix, Breath damage increased from 2 -> 6

Super Monkey

As Super Monkey’s range crosspath is too often considered unnecessary for Sun Avatar & Dark Knight we have chosen to move some of Robo Monkey’s pierce down into a lower tier again

  • 010 Super Range now also increases Super Monkey pierce by 1
  • 030 Robo Monkey pierce remains at 6

Ninja Monkey

Ninja’s Bloon Sabotage is often used in tricky rounds as a powerful slow with a long duration, so we have made a gentle price increase here to reflect that support strength.

  • x4x Bloon Sabotage price increased from $5000 -> 5200


Druid’s top path Storm & Ball Lightning upgrades needed a value boost versus other options versus other paths of other tower choices, so these have been given a small price buff for now.

  • 3xx Druid of the Storm price reduced from $2000 -> 1850
  • 4xx Ball Lightning price reduced from $5500 -> 5100

Monkey Village

Monkey Village’s range at Primary Expertise has been increased slightly to open up downstream strategies by fitting additional Primary towers within range

  • 5xx Village influence radius increased from 48 -> 55


Engineer XXL trap is extremely powerful but too expensive for backline dps and we’d like to see it more viable for frontline engineer builds

  • xx5 XXL Trap price reduced from $60,000 -> 54,000


Yes, here it is the nerf you’ve all been waiting for. But as some in the community predicted, it’s not that much of a nerf. Sauda’s range has been tightened up as her role is specifically about high damage in a small, focused area.

  • Attack range reduced from 25 to 23
  • Lv6 Attack range bonus reduced from 4 -> 3
  • Lv15 Attack range bonus reduced from 4 -> 3

Monkey Knowledge

Hypothermia’s benefits have been made redundant so the MK now has a brand new effect.

  • Hypothermia now instead increases the duration of snowstorm by 1 second


Thrive has been one of the least understood Powers in the game, and that misunderstanding has only added to the use case delta vs Cash Drops. To improve balance Thrive has been upgraded.

  • In addition to increasing the Cash Generation of towers that generate cash, Thrive will now also increase the amount of Cash gained from Bloon pops for its duration
  • New visual fx have been added to Thrive to show that it is currently active
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