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Skullgirls 2nd Encore update for 10 April 2021

Beta Mode Update [2021-04-09]

Share · View all patches · Build 6518064 · Last edited 10 April 2021 – 00:19:09 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello, Liam here.

This update focuses primarily on Annie and Beowulf, and has some other adjustments along with it.


Pillar of Creation has been updated with new visuals, and has received substantial changes to feel more like a proper level 2 with new utility that isn't just about raw damage.

  • Now hits the opponent twice, holding the opponent in place for a much longer time allowing for full conversions from anywhere on the screen.
  • Now deals less damage.
  • Adjusted hitboxes to hit higher up.
  • Now has hitstop until the active frame on point only, preventing the opponent from using a reversal to escape if they were in the middle of something. You can block before it hits as long as you weren't performing an action.
  • The second hit from Pillar of Creation will drain 1 meter from the opponent if it hits the point character. This value is halved when used as a DHC.

North Knuckle's follow up slam has also received some big changes to make it feel more in line with what players expect out of a punching special move. New properties for each strength have been added, and a Super Cancel window has been added. All versions still build Undizzy on the Slam follow up, even as an assist.

  • L version keeps the opponent close, allowing for confirms. Deals low damage. Safe on block.
  • M version behaves like the previous version of North Knuckle's Slam. Deals less damage than H.
  • H version is now a wall splat.
    ... (This brings an entirely new type of conversion assist to the table for team building. It can help you convert off almost all projectiles (Beams, Dead Cross, Napalm Shot, Bombs, etc) with ease, build midscreen resources (Robo heads, midscreen Vial Hazard → TK Bypass...), and just generally adds great damage. This assist may be toned down in the future, but for now it's the full package.)

Other changes...

  • Adjusted sMP hitbox slightly downwards to hit all characters OTG.
  • During Star Power, jHK's star will only ground bounce the opponent up once per combo.
    ... (This only triggers if the blade touches the opponent, so you can still get a second ground bounce from a stray jHK star confirm.)
  • Fixed a bug where Sagan Beam would pull Peacock's Lonesome Lenny the wrong direction towards Annie if Lenny was facing the same direction as Annie.
  • Reduced recovery of cMP and tuned hitstun and blockstun now that it is not her stagger button. Still -2 on hit. It's now -5 on block, previously was -6.
  • Slightly extended Gravity Collapse DHC window.
  • Updated attack FX colors on Annie palettes 18, 27, 28, and 29.
  • Fire themed palettes (8, 17, and 28) light the opponent on fire (instead of creating sparkles) when hitting with her normally purple galaxy style attacks.
  • Added sounds to Gravity Collapse.
  • Tuned FX stars spawned from jLK.
  • Annie builds meter during Star Power if her assist is caught in a double snap, instead of losing meter.
    ... (This is required, or else the optimal thing to do is the longest double snap combo imaginable to drain her meter to zero.)
  • Greatly reduced hitstop on block for Destruction Pillar.
  • Adjusted Annie's OTG hurtbox to prevent her from falling out of some combos, like Squigly's Throw → Silver Chord.
  • Dash start up speed (before Sagan's jets are active) slightly reduced.
  • Adjusted Annie's position when hit with knockback style attacks to prevent some Annie specific combo drops.
  • jHP stars during Star Power last for 3 less frames before fizzling out and losing their hurtbox. Stars from jHP and sHP have had their blockstun reduced by 7F and hitstop reduced by 2F.

Beowulf has received changes that aim to do the following:

  • Provide more consistent hype gain per combo.
  • Open up new ways to spend hype.
  • Narrow the gap in team effectiveness between picking resource building assists that revolve around taunt, and those that don't.

I expect Beowulf will require further tuning after the dust settles.

  • Fixed a bug where moves that spent more than one hype would display the wrong color flash on Beowulf.
  • Entering grab stance in the middle of a combo will advance the combo stage to at least combo stage 3 and begin building Undizzy. Grab stance combo starters (Throw, Chairless sHP, Wulfshoot, etc) still start at combo stage 2.
  • Beowulf's taunt effect has changed. It now buffs his next non-ex grab stance finisher to build 3 hype immediately if he has less than 3 hype, even if he has already used an ex move in the same combo. It will also build 1 hype if he has less than 1 hype. Taunt recovery reduced by 17F.
  • Added EX Chair Pickup for 3 hype, (Down, Down + KK) which pulls the chair towards Beowulf and delivers a hit if opponents happen to be the in way. Beowulf can hold K to continue the stance, catching The Hurting when it arrives, which builds 1 hype.
  • Added Sound Stage 15 to the list of stages that support Beowulf's crowd cheering.
  • On stages which have the crowd and audience present (NMO Arena, Innsmouth, Sound Stage, etc), the crowd will now yell along with Beowulf's hits during double snap combos that he starts. The crowd will go crazy if Beowulf finishes it, and be disappointed if he drops it.
    ... (I miss seeing all of you at offline events and screaming screaming "AY AY... AY!" along with you all during double snap combos, so this will do for now... ;;_)
  • Added a version of EX Blitzer, as an experiment. Press KK or PP during Wulf Blitzer to spend 1 hype to perform another normal Wulf Blitzer. With 3 hype, you can do up to 6 Blitzers. This EX version ignores the blockstun reduction rule that usually comes with using the last Blitzer, so Forward, Forward, Forward, EX + Down will still be -2. EX Blitzer can also be used 5 frames earlier from the previous Blitzer compared to the non-EX version.
  • Gigantic Arm min scaling increased to 45%, from 27.5%.
  • Mic Drop (hold sMP) now builds 1/3 hype once per combo, up from 1/4.
  • When sHK staggers the opponent, it builds 1/3 hype once per combo.
    ... (Beowulf can now build 2/3 hype every confirm, greatly increasing hype gain.)
  • Peacock's "The Hole Idea" (H) behaviour has been reverted back to the retail version. She can teleport behind the opponent after her assist has touched the floor again.
  • Bang! (M) recovery has been greatly reduced, but still has more recovery than retail. Blockstun has been reduced. Now -16 on block, but with much faster recovery on whiff and will feel less sluggish.
  • Bang! (M) knockback distance reverted to retail values, allowing corner wall bounce confirms from the same distance.
  • Peacock has received significant combo damage reductions via reduced damage on her normals. She now deals average combo damage (relative to the cast) using her previously optimized midscreen and corner combos. All of her zoning damage and zoning chip damage tools are the same as before.
  • All versions of Shadow Of Impending Doom now scale to 60%, previously 80%.
  • Reverted all Theonite Beam hitbox sizes back to their retail versions.
  • Air L Theonite Beam during Systemic Circuit Breaker knocks grounded opponents slightly higher and closer towards her.
  • Fixed a bug where Air L Theonite Beam in Circuit Breaker against grounded opponents wasn't activating her once per combo beam rules.
  • Ground L Theonite Beam in Circuit Breaker pulls opponents closer to her the closer she is to them. From far distances, it will push the opponent away instead.
  • Circuit Breaker beam damage reduced from 1100 to 1000.
  • Robo-Fortune can double jump again during the first two frames of her jump, but all air normals will hit mid for that jump after.
  • Warranty Extension damage is all non recoverable. Damage increased from 750 → 1000. Timer extension reduced from 6s → 5s.
    ... (In light of the recent changes that made every Circuit Breaker timer second longer than a normal human second, time added from Warranty Extension even at 5 seconds is still even longer than time added previously at 6 seconds. 450 frames [current] vs 432 frames [first version])
  • Level 5 will only wall bounce characters if it successfully hits the the point character.
  • Fixed a bug where taunted Tympany Drive was more safe on block than expected. The final hit of Tympany on BLOCK now properly applies hitstop on himself, keeping the frame data the same as the non taunted version.
  • Follow up hits from jLP are no longer buffered, reverting them back to the way they were in retail instead of being buffered. The first follow up hit on jLP is still buffered a bit, but not as much as before.
  • Sekhmet's Backflip health cost increased from 600 → 800.
  • Fixed a bug where Filia could button dash directly from a low to the ground air dash when using the new lenient button dash addition.
  • Fiber Upper's hitboxes were ever so slightly extended forward around opponent head height to hit standing Annie and Cerebella during combos.
  • Fixed a bug where some moves had one extra frame of unintended recovery when they ended. Applies to sHK, Cat Call, and Cat Scratch.
  • Squigly Battle Opera hits function as they do in retail now, and the previous changes have been reverted.
    ... (Making Squigly Battle Opera use the new logic without removing any of the old SBO conversions that players were using earlier isn't possible, so we're erring on the side of not breaking anything people are used to.)
  • Can now DHC into Counter Venom if she has Vial Hazard loaded. This DHC version has different properties then when used on point. It has increased recovery on block, it is not invincible on block or plus on block obviously, it deals less damage, and it doesn't automatically upgrade her loaded Vial Hazard to level 3.
  • Reduced intensity of white palette flash on characters when recovering from hitstun.
  • Removed green faint tint when characters exit a Reaction Shot (pushblock) with blockstun remaining. This puts us back to the retail behaviour.

(Build version 3.1.12)

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