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Ortharion project update for 5 April 2021


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Patchnotes via Steam Community

New content

  • A new map has been added with a new game mode: Missions. This new system is available from the adventurer's camp, there are currently 3 types of missions.
  • All spells are visible in the spellbook in several sections, and spell visibility has been redesigned.
  • Spells can be purchased directly from the spell book. Qualifications must be met and prices vary, they are cheaper for evolution classes and for state spells.
  • Added level bonuses for some spells, these bonus levels can be found on multiple locations, such as gems, gear, talent.
  • Bonus levels on equipment are added in addition to powers and set. The chances of getting a bonus level depend on what is already on the equipment.
  • Added 22 new talents, the talent tree has been reset.
  • Added 9 gear spells.
  • Added 14 runes.
  • Added 16 gems.
  • Added 9 new spells.
  • Added 12 new achievements.
  • A new item improvement interface is available, allowing you to change or add to your equipment spells, sets, bonus levels.
  • The enchanter in the Mercenary Encampment can now change any stats that were not changed by the individual change.
  • Added new stats: + X% Energy Shield regeneration.


Major improvements

  • Improved slope detection as well as slip operation.
  • The version of Unity that I am using has been updated, but requiring many changes, the HD version did not bring me anything other than the "Volumetric light" and some light adjustments so I am back on a standard version, allowing to have a better FPS, +10 to +20 depending on the levels, a better control of the visual options for you from the options.
  • Spells can be autocast.
  • Updates for interior terrain, several new rooms have been added or modified and dungeons are no longer procedural.
  • The visuals for the following spells have been redone: Frost Shield, Frost Pillar, Frost Peak, Cold Shock, Ice Nova, Rock Peak, Fireball, Volcanic Eruption, Puddles for NPCs.

Performance improvements

  • Enemy animations are no longer activated based on distance but whether they are visible or not.
  • Improved performance for passive spells or runes with activation effects, such as 10% chance to inflict burn. This issue was easily seen during AoE attacks for high level characters.
  • Improved performance on spell cooldowns.

Interface improvements

  • On the parchment upgrade interface, when you create a new spell, the scrolls stay in the slot, avoiding having to replace them each time.
  • If you have potions in your action bar and pick up new ones of the same category, they are added to your current stocks in your action bar.
  • From the map window you can click on the orange dots to see the other maps.
  • Spell Scrolls as well as Blank Scrolls can be sold.
  • Changed the description of the spell "Buff aura" for the bard to make the description easier to understand.
  • If you change equipment and the spellbook is open, your spell visualization is updated.
  • The level as well as the bonus level are visible on the spell information if they are above level 0.
  • Changed the icons of the burst and elemental shield spells.
  • The spellbook has had a change in the visibility of these spells.
  • When the chest is full and the player tries to send an item that has a stacking number and an item of the same type is present, it is possible to accumulate both in the chest.
  • It is possible to reset talent points for gold.
  • The player can remove runes from spells without needing to change them to other runes.

Various improvements

  • If the player dies falling into a void or water in hardcore mode death is not counted and the player remains in hardcore mode.
  • The red screen of life is more easily seen when the player has lost more than 50% of those health points.
  • Enemies are correctly removed 3 seconds after they die.
  • It is no longer possible to zoom in as much as before, to avoid problems with aiming.
  • The rune number visible at the top of the rune interface updates when you pick up or purchase a rune while the interface is open.

Sound improvements

  • There is no longer an overlap of multiple sounds at the same time on melee attacks.
  • The aura of fire has no sound anymore.
  • The player's damage-taking sounds are heard when damage is greater than 10% instead of 5%.
  • The number of sounds of finished objectives and finished quests have been reduced to keep only the 2 most consistent.
  • The sounds of the teleporter and resurrection pylons are heard less far and less loudly.


Spells balances:

  • Passive bonuses, talent, and gems that increased energy shield gain approximately 25% bonus.
  • Spells no longer have an orientation speed limit.
  • The second animation of classic attacks such as slash is faster.
  • Slash can be used with a staff.
  • The shield attack animations and the animation for the decapitation spell have a faster transition.
  • Reduced the damage of Dot that has a low duration, -25% overall and -75% for burn for level 1 and -40% at level 25.
  • The Dash no longer has a learning condition, if you use a spell at the same time, it stops its execution, but without triggering its cooldown, when you exit your Dash phase your running speed is at its maximum , the distance traveled has been reduced by 10%.
  • "Weakening" spell changed from -7.5% to -4.2% damage dealt by enemies at maximum levels per stack.
  • Changed the shaman's elemental debuff that deals additional damage based on the number of "weakening" present on the target.
  • Breath of Death no longer uses a use condition.
  • The Summon Mage Skeleton spell costs 19% more mana.
  • Lightning Strike requires 0.5 cast time instead of 0.7 and has the "Spell" category.
  • Coldstroke takes 0.3 cast time instead of 0, mana cost has been reduced by 10%.
  • The passive spell "Activate by block" activates "infinite block" instead of "progressive resistance"
  • Flame Storm: Rotation speed changed from 0% to 100%, movement speed changed from 40% to 50%.
  • “Regeneration Enhancement” now has the Aura spell category.

Rune balances:

  • You have a 200% chance to get a rune that you don't already have by loot or random rune purchase.
  • The Area Multiplier rune is only available for direct damage area spells.
  • The rare rune that has a 30% chance to apply slow poison can be used on projectiles in addition to area spells.
  • Random runes can be directly purchased on different rarities and the prices are now fixed and based on rarity.

Talent balances:

  • The talent tree is available from level 1, with 1 Ortharion Shard to collect.
  • The talent that increases Energy Shield by decreasing health counts increases Energy Shield% regeneration instead of a fixed amount.
  • Reduced Cooldown Talent decreased by 75% and increased from 1 to 5 max points.
  • The “Master of Damage” talent decreased by 75% and increased from 1 to 5 stacks maximum.

Equipment and Gems Balances:

  • The chance to block on shields is increased for the lowest level, and decreased from level 15, from 46% to 40% at maximum level.
  • The dodge chance given by gear is increased for the lower level, and decreases from level 12, from 14% to 10% at maximum level.
  • Legendary Leg: The damage bonus per active spell on the player has been reduced from 10% to 5%.

Quest and NPC balances:

  • The Dash spell is given by the 2nd quest of the game with the ghost escort.
  • The Energy Shield passive spell is no longer available for purchase from the Scroll Vendor.
  • There is no longer worn platform, avoiding getting stuck sometimes.
  • Some parts in the desert have been reworked, courses removed so as not to encourage the player to go to certain places.
  • Access to the dungeon has been reduced from level 26 to 16, the number of Ortharion required has not been changed.
  • Items obtained from vendors and as rewards from quests have the chance to drop higher quality items.
  • Chance to improve an item's rarity at the Enchanter has been increased from 40% to 35%.
  • Chance to have the keys to the cage in the desert increased from 10% to 15%.

Balancing enemies:

  • The attack speed of the foxes has been divided by 2.
  • Enemy aggro loss increased from 17 to 21 yards.

Bug fixes:

  • The game no longer crashes when the rarity of multiple items is improved at the Enchanter.
  • The player is no longer frozen or stunned when dead, which then prevented proper resuscitation.
  • The player is no longer stuck under certain conditions upon death, so the interface to resurrect is displayed correctly.
  • The IDs of Ortharion shards in the Forest of the Dead cave have been corrected.
  • Both "Fire Aura" and "Cold Armor" spells can properly activate runes linked to them, such as Burn, Frostbite, and Freeze on enemies.
  • The 3 successes related to killing any monsters in the game can be performed correctly.
  • The options are correctly saved before launching the arena.
  • It is no longer possible to repurchase certain items sold several times.
  • Blood stains on the screen are properly removed when the player is resurrected.
  • Energy shield takes into account the energy shield bonus to 100% regeneration
  • Sounds that are played at the player's location no longer create an orientation problem in space, before that if the player moved left some sounds could be heard on the right.
  • The rate increases on the different uses of spells are taken into account directly, thus avoiding problems when the player has a very high value in attack speed or cast speed.
  • It is no longer possible to change the stats of "defense", "power", "life" "minimum damage", "maximum damage", "block", "block recovery" and "blocked damage" from the enchanter. .
  • Chain fire correctly stops when the 4th animation is performed.
  • The talent "Freeze of Death" is working correctly.
  • The block recovery time bonus is taken into account correctly so blocks will be correctly performed every 3 seconds or so if a block is possible.
  • The talent "mana regeneration and lives on the move" has a maximum level of 1 and is functioning correctly.
  • Some spells that are activated by talents are correctly recharged and can therefore be reused.
  • Fixed a bug on equipment spells that were triggered based on maximum stack of upgrade spells, such as understanding spell book spellings.
  • Fixed weakened armor text bug.
  • Item enhancement at the Enchanter now correctly grants 15% set spell + spell on gear upgrade instead of 100%.
  • On the stat change in the Enchanter it is no longer possible to have stats for weapons on the spell books and shield.
  • Damage taken from weakened armor is correctly accounted for.
  • It is no longer possible to apply buff, debuff, damage over time effects to dead people, preventing the player from starting with burns or slows, for example.
  • Enemies always regain their places when the player dies.
  • Dungeon bosses correctly orient themselves towards the player as they move.
  • The rune of multi-projectile is only available for multi-projectile.
  • The stamina cost of the dash is correctly reduced by leveling up.
  • Quest, Achievement, and Tutorial UI views are still correctly visible in their entirety.
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