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Run For Cover update for 23 March 2021

Update #41 - Mission Completed

Share · View all patches · Build 6426923 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

It has been almost 2 years since we released the first version of Run For Cover on Steam. The game received over 23 updates packed with exciting new content since then. We are proud to announce that we added new enemies, abilities, areas, quests, animations and gameplay systems. Let's talk about the Highlights!

The weapon and armor system adds more tactical depth to the game. Weapons and armor feature different perks that keep the hunt for the best equipment challenging. Some perks increase the resistance to fire, some perks increase your ammunition capacity or the damage your weapon can do. The new shooting animations give every weapon a distinctive feeling.

The Rebels are a AI controlled faction in the game. They enter the game at different points of the map and support the player in the fight against the enemy. They help you with soldiers and tanks!

The Factory and City area were reworked and extended. They look really neat! We introduced the first indoor area of the game and added new enemies like the Molotov Man or the Special Forces to them. The Molotov Man doesn't need a shirt to be intimidating. This enemy throws Molotov Cocktails at you to light your surroundings on fire. Burning tiles cause damage to your units and create new tactical challenges.

The Military Encampment was added to the forest area and is the highlight of the 3rd quarter of the game. This very challenging section of the map features the new Military Commander that can heal your enemies. The camp is heavily fortified and even protected by nasty Proximity Mines that explode as you walk closer. Watch your step!

The Mansion was added to the game. This is the final area of the game and the location of Pablo Escobeer and his bodyguards. You have to fight your way through his last stand in order to reach the extraction point.

We introduced a new Skill Point System with Individual skill sets. We added new abilities and raised the experience cap to level 11. This will create more interesting choices along the way.

The Customization System allows you to customize the name and the look of your units to your liking. You can chose from different hats, hairstyles, beards, masks and outfits. You can unlock more customization options by progressing though the game.

The game doesn't end with killing Pablo. We added Difficulty Scaling and a Challenge Mode to the game. You can keep your equipment and move on to a higher difficulty or try to unlock team perks that will permanently increase the stats of your units. You will need those perks, since enemies are tougher and the environment is more hazardous on higher difficulties.

The updated main menu lets you properly customize your experience. You can change the sound mixing, video options, hotkeys, or even the camera or animation speed to your liking.

The Full List:

  • introduced skill point system
  • added equipment icons to the loot screen
  • increased level cap to level 11
  • Level Scaling for Tile Effects
  • New Armor Perks: Fire Resistance / Healing Boost
  • Resetting Critical Condition Duration
  • Added a Victory Screen
  • Added Voice Over to Pablo
  • Fixed Helicopter Audio at Evacuation Point
  • Fixed Evacuation Point
  • Fixed Tank Assault Animation for higher Animation Speeds
  • Fixed Grenade / Molotov sound for queued actions
  • Fixed a bug where it became difficult to leave the tank exactly on the same tile you entered it
  • Fixed tooltip in the team section of the mission selection
  • Added Molotov Cocktails that can ignite tiles for multiple turns
  • New Enemy: Molotov Man, does not wear a shirt
  • fixed a bug where 'No Action Points' was displayed for critical units
  • fixed a bug where the space key didn't end the turn of the selected unit
  • fixed a bug where some sound effects were not properly impacted by volume control
  • Added Pablo to the Game
  • Added a helicopter flying over the map
  • Added selection UI for the tank sections
  • New Ability: +1 Shotgun Damage
  • New Ability: +1 Assault Rifle Damage
  • Added message when player tries to select a unit without AP
  • Improved tile selection for tiles covered by unit in critical state
  • Improved unit selection for units close to walls
  • Fixed tile visibility issues around walls and tanks
  • Fixed music not playing on initial game start
  • Fixed blocking issues on the beach
  • added transition area to leave the beach
  • added tank assault event
  • added final area: The Mansion
  • added new enemy: Bodyguard
  • implemented evacuation ability
  • fixed a character portrait issue when continuing the game
  • fixed issue that allowed the cutscene to be started multiple times
  • fixed the German translation for the supply chest quest
  • fixed highlight removal for loot-items
  • fixed loading / saving issues
  • unit names are customizable now
  • added a hotkey R for reloading your units weapon
  • deactivated the selection marker for tanks
  • direct interaction without prior selection of interaction ability enabled
  • new mouse cursors for attack, selection, interaction and waiting added
  • loot on your movement path is highlighted
  • added sound variation to the rifle sounds
  • added a new sound for the pistol
  • added hit sound variations
  • fixed muzzle effects for guns
  • added a new shooting animation for rifles
  • added a new shooting animation for shotguns
  • added new bullets and bullet effects
  • added a face slot for customization
  • added customization restrictions
  • added system to unlock customization
  • added more variations for body and head
  • added notifications when customizations are unlocked
  • improved hack the computer quest
  • added an item pickup sound
  • fixed scaling and challenge issues
  • improved camera handling for different aspect ratios
  • added a selection highlight
  • added spawn points to the factory area
  • added proximity mines to the forest area
  • added a 'hack the computer system' quest
  • added an experience bar to the character portrait
  • added an experience message when destroying a truck
  • added a message when progress and challenges are unlocked
  • added a new damage effect for bigger wooden pallets
  • fixed a loot bug
  • every level uses checkpoints now
  • added a team screen that becomes available after finishing the story
  • added a challenge system with 4 challenges for the first stage
  • new challenge: start without medikits to earn a perk that increases healing
  • new challenge: start without grenades to earn a perk that increases grenade damage
  • new challenge: start with increased enemy health to earn a perk that increases health
  • new challenge: start without checkpoints to earn a perk that increases health
  • tweaked the look of the character sheet
  • interacting with a supply chest opens up a loot dialogue
  • added campaign map with an unlock mechanic
  • reworked HP/AP display and slightly improved other UI elements
  • fixed an overlay issue that occurred when pressing escape
  • fixed an animation issue during the office ambush
  • level up sound added
  • added ability sounds
  • added 5 weapon perks
  • added weapon scaling for Challenge Maps
  • added enemy scaling for Challenge Maps
  • added a character screen that shows your stats
  • added a new UI element showing the unit that is currently selected
  • new perk 'Weakpoint': deals extra damage to wounded enemies
  • new perk 'Grenade Defense': reduces incoming grenade damage by one
  • new perk 'Last Shot': the last bullet / shell will cause critical damage
  • new perk 'Grenade Disable': attacks will prevent enemies from using grenades
  • new perk 'Tough': adds the ability to reduce incoming damage to one
  • added a new enemy type to the military encampment
  • enemies use grenades only when wounded, giving the player strategies to prevent damage
  • fixed an issue with the 'Continue' button being available for Mission 2 and Mission 3
  • the progress is now stored in story mode via 2 checkpoints
  • the challenge mode is slightly harder now
  • character customization is now stored
  • added spawn animations to the units of the player
  • added a slider to speed up animations
  • added more ammunition to the rifle and pistol
  • shortened some animations
  • the reload icon is highlighted when the unit is out of ammunition
  • added an ammunition and reloading system to the game
  • reworked probability calculations to utilize a distance falloff
  • added screen shake to explosions in the game
  • added option to disable screen shake
  • removed 'High Score' from game screen
  • added multiple game over effects to the game
  • added a notification when the end of the game is reached
  • improved randomization of unit feedback
  • reworked animation system to prevent glitches
  • reworked spawn system to support random spawn point selection
  • deactivated ability selection during movement to prevent glitches
  • reworked the 'Destroy the Supply Truck' quest
  • added tutorial hint: show explosion range of barrels
  • added tutorial hint: show heal range of units
  • added tutorial hint: show interaction range of objects
  • added 'Out of Range' message if targeted unit is out of range
  • added 'General' section to the options menu
  • added an option to deactivate tutorial hints
  • The Guard ability received an increased chance to hit units in cover
  • The Guard ability is shotgun specific now
  • Added an ability cooldown system that recharges with kills
  • Added an 'Assault' ability, that temporarily increases movement range
  • Fixed a shadow issue in the office area
  • AP display of Rebels was hidden
  • Added death sounds to killed enemy units
  • Added a sound when opening a chest
  • Improved unit selection management
  • improved lighting
  • added a 'Police Station' area
  • added friendly AI rebels that fight with you
  • added more details to the city biome
  • fixed a bug where crate destruction sounds would ignore sound settings
  • fixed a bug where you could shoot a supply stash
  • added a rusty shotgun and a rusty assault rifle
  • added a new enemy type that uses stun grenades
  • added an ambush event to the office area
  • added German text localization to the game
  • added settings menu for video, audio and controls
  • settings can be reached via game menu and main menu
  • settings are stored and loaded
  • reset button loads default settings
  • added an 'End Turn' hotkey
  • added a notification to highlight customization options
  • added button sounds
  • added music to the main menu
  • office area added
  • added 'City Hall' area
  • added 'Military Encampment' area
  • added crossings for the forest area
  • fixed issues with the escape button
  • added a 'Breach the Wall' quest
  • added a 'Factory Administration' area
  • added obstacle patterns to give randomized areas a little structure
  • added a button to get back to the main menu
  • added capacity notification when entering tank
  • XP gained by a tank is shared among the units in the vehicle
  • Factory area improved
  • Bridge area added
  • City area improved
  • Forest area improved
  • improved main menu
  • clicking on a character opens up a customization menu
  • customized characters carry over to the main game
  • entering a tank automatically selects the tank
  • tank advance ability is removed when advancing is not possible
  • fixed the tooltip of the end turn ability of tanks to reflect that no defense buff is applied
  • reworked guard perk to increase number of attacks while guarding
  • reworked immobilize perk to grant every attack an immobilize debuff
  • unlocked abilities are inserted before end turn ability
  • added a new reaper perk that enables your units to regain AP after killing an enemy
  • added individual skill sets for each unit
  • fixed a bug where stunned or dead units remained selected
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