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Mortal Online 2 update for 22 March 2021

Beta Patch Notes

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Patchnotes via Steam Community


  • Added Haven starting island.
  • Added Tindrem city.
  • Added Toxai city.
  • Added Spider caves.
  • Added Brown Bears.
  • Added Razorbacks.
  • Added Black Bears.
  • Added Wolfes.
  • Added Domestic Pigs.
  • Added Nitre Workers.
  • Added mounted archery.
  • Added multiple interest points and camps to the map.
  • Added graveyards to Fabernum, Meduli, Bakti, Tindrem and Haven.
  • Added Librarians to all cities.
  • Added more Vendors to all cities.
  • Character creation visual polish.
  • Added more character customization options to character creation for certain races.
  • Added tooltips to attribute buttons in character creation to let players know they can hold shift to allocate/deallocate multiple points at once.
  • Disabled all spawn locations except haven.
  • Armor weight, carry weight are now displayed with two decimals.
  • Armor weight, carry weight, hunger and thirst, body heat now display modifiers in their tooltips.
  • Added thursar melee stamina drain reduction cladegift.
  • Updated some cladegifts.
  • Added debuffs for when reserves are too low to get maximum health/stamina/mana with information of how to get rid of the debuffs.
  • Added black bars to player frame, which will show you how much of your health/stamina/mana is being affected by low reserves.
  • Titles added, some might not work as intended and you can not show the title next to your name.
  • Voice chat reworked to allow better performance and more people.
  • More hints for newer players.
  • Added skin complexions for alvarins, oghmirs & thursars in character creation.
  • Added visual materials for bone resources when crafting armors/weapons.
  • Added postprocess color tweaks to Toxai area & jungle.
  • Added support for none human attacks.
  • Added support for AI charge attacks.
  • Added Pet attack command.
  • You can now mount mounts and ride them
  • Added support for Haven instancing
  • Added volumes that show small hints to help new players out
  • Added a lot of patrolling to the guards
  • Added a welcome message when you login to haven


  • Grip slot in weapon crafting now only accepts Leathers and Textiles.
  • Your strength now affects your blunt damage resist when parrying.
  • Your strength now affects how hard you can shield push another player.
  • Starting to cast and release magic in unarmed combat now doesn't need to exit combat to start casting or releasing a spell.
  • Casting and Releasing magic while in combat now only exits combat but doesn't force re-enter it after cast or Release.
  • Skill point caps changed from 20k points to 1100 Action skill points and 1100 Profession skill points.
  • Push should now trace better and not hit walls unintentionally.
  • Block endurance skill now gains xp when a block actually occurs.
  • Last target now stays til either: A: New target or B: Moves too far away from target.
  • Removed health numbers from targets display frame.
  • Melee and ranged combat is currently disabled on mounts because it is not up to standard yet.
  • Game build on Steam is now split into multiple pak-files (also known as chunks). This is the last patch where you will need to do an excessively a slow update.
  • Brand new hand animation retargeter implemented. This should solve the majority of issues with oversized hands for Oghmirs and Risars. (misaligned hands when casting magic, overly weird weapon poses, etc)
  • Bush pig animations updated.
  • Increased handle hit damage.
  • Pet follow-speeds adjusted.
  • Added butcher tables.
  • Abandon pet too far from you will now do a "global abandon".
  • Update shadow scalability settings. Shadows should be less draining on higher quality levels. Shadows should also have less flicker on lower settings.
  • NPC appearance generation improved with more variation such as different lengths.
  • Character body shape (fat/muscular) has been tweaked. Characters should now not be as puffy by default and be able to use the "full range" of the visual appearance. (thin, fat, muscular, obese, etc)
  • AI rotation while moving has been improved. AI no longer stutter left/right while moving around.
  • Updated light intensity at night to be brighter.
  • Updated cloud altitude, now closer to ground.
  • Nightvision is now different for each clade.
  • Improved pet window tooltips.
  • Optimized chat.
  • Spells that deal direct damage now cause mercy mode.
  • Thursar Regeneration skill now adds 2 hp and correctly reduces magic healing.
  • Updated Localization.
  • AI now play animations when tamed.
  • AI now play a animation when they see the player.
  • Vendor UI will now auto-match the prices if it can using currency from your backpack.
  • Books you are reading now show in the character sheet. You can right click the book to stop training.
  • Stable UI now close when you are too far away.
  • For testing you now gain skill and attribute XP 100 times faster.
  • Most creatures are now tameable.
  • Resting now shows on the timer how long it takes for you to be healthy but you do not auto-exit sitting.
  • Oghmir ichor buff now has a animation.
  • All spell icons are updated.
  • Only logout timers are now canceled by moving.
  • GuildStone tooltips now much clearer when you can afford to make a guild.
  • All pets should now have a custom icon when tamed.
  • Guards will now attack any attacking AI.


  • Spells can no longer be cast in mercy mode.
  • Spells can no longer be cast in a stunned state.
  • Casting a spell while resting didn't remove the buff.
  • Magic Precast finish now doesn't block new actions from being made.
  • Magic Release now doesn't block new actions from being made.
  • Max mana is now correctly displayed.
  • Magic damage now doesn't trigger armor sounds.
  • Fizzle animation now shouldn't be playing even on successful Precast.
  • Magic effects should now not be skipped on casting new spells.
  • Lots of crash fixes.
  • Renamed paperdoll entries: 'Longterm -> Reserves', 'Length -> Height'.
  • Renamed Size to Height in character creation.
  • Paperdoll now displays the correct Size value.
  • Stuck function would sometimes cause a crash.
  • Feed pets would sometimes cause client to crash.
  • Player would get a large head-direction-pop when looking left/right after standing still for a little while.
  • Random arrow no longer appears on the back of humanoids.
  • Round compass is no longer 45 degrees off.
  • Incorrect distance check would cause fur on creatures to disappear right in front of the player.
  • Fixed issue with some levels being loaded at all times resulting in a performance drop.
  • Fixed issue with candle particles draining a few CPU cycles in cities.
  • Vendors no longer float or get stuck in ceilings.
  • Warcries should now refresh the buff timers of affected allies.
  • Multiple warcries should now increase the intensity of the warcry buff if your character is of the same clade.
  • Fixed bug where buff was on cool down if you already had used it and someone tried to buff you with it.
  • Fixed clade gift spelling errors.
  • Fixed some calculations which didn't take clade gift attribute bonuses into account.
  • Resting no longer forces your character to stand up once the timer has run out.
  • Resting won't force your character to stand if you happened to move just before sitting down.
  • Fixed bug where character height didn't visually update correctly in char creation if you held down shift.
  • Fixed bug in stables where pet icon was not displayed correctly.
  • Removed black bars showing on the sides in login screen and char creation when playing with higher aspect ratios.
  • Attribute lockstate should now correctly update when logging in.
  • Adjusted the values of max carry & armor weight to the value where you start losing movement speed.
  • Fixed several issues with the pet ui.
  • Fixed issues with certain clade gifts not reducing damage correctly.
  • AI should now more smoothly follow you when tamed.
  • AI that pitch to follow the ground now do it smoother.
  • Item use and skill use can no longer be triggered when dead.
  • Fixed memory leak in chat window.
  • Books now have a custom tool-tip.
  • AI now have a reaction window that is different depending on the AI before they attack.
  • Tamed AI should no longer react with the herd it came from.
  • Fixed issue with short AI not pathing correctly.
  • Items on vendors should now show the correct tooltip.
  • Extraction and Refining now give xp in all involved skills.
  • Fixed issue where ai would think it switched to a weapon when it switched to unarmed making it slow to react.
  • NPCs should no longer scan for targets and turn towards that target.
  • Fixed glitch where you could tame certain animals from far away.
  • Fixed issue with AI that attacked AI now correctly sending animations.
  • AI that takes damage from other players will now play their pain animation and sounds.
  • Fixed issue with AI not correctly knowing where the player was causing them to hit you from far away.
  • Added several new line of sight traces to make sure AI can see the player they are attacking.

Known Issues:

  • A lot of Ai spawners are still missing.
  • Login button is disabled without telling the user why if Steam is not running when starting the game.
  • There is no animation for mounting or dismounting a horse and the player will teleport onto the horse.
  • You can enter combat but not use melee weapons while mounted.
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