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Beacon update for 19 March 2021

Beacon 2.92

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Patch 2.92 is released, bringing Beacon closer to the final 3.0 release! This update includes major Act 1 Level improvements, a big chunk of balance tweaks, and dozens of fixes.

Over 20 of the Level 1 and 2 Landmarks have had improvements made to them for this patch, with some getting major overhauls. Similar to the other recent level updates, terrain is thicker and combat areas should be more free to move around in. Many awkward or uninteresting areas have been redone which will hopefully give Levels 1 and 2 a fresh feel for long time players. Loot balance has been improved as well making it more likely to find extra weapons in the early levels, along with additional secret spawns giving more variation over multiple runs.

With this update the levels in the game are nearing their final iterations, and only a handful of final edits remain that will be saved for 3.0. We've been working on the final 3.0 content and features while finishing 2.92 and with this patch's release it's time for us to start adding them to the game and testing them. While we only have a couple of months left to finish developing 3.0's content, it will likely take another few months after that for us to finish other necessary launch tasks such as adding achievements, finalizing controller support, doing any final fixes/optimizations, and creating a new Trailer.

We'll keep everyone updated of our progress as we get closer to the 3.0 release, but we're still not quite ready to give a final release date yet. Until then read the full 2.92 patch notes below!

Patch 2.92


  • Updated many Level 1 Landmark levels with improved terrain and additional secrets
  • Updated many Level 2 Landmark levels with improved terrain and additional secrets
  • Updated many Act 1 Cap tiles, improving their layouts and optimizing details
  • Updated Level 4 Start terrain
  • Balanced loot spawns in many levels to make stockpiles more consistently common in earlier levels
  • Added new background details to some Solus and Prism levels
  • Added new mini water pools to many Swamp landmarks
  • Optimized dozens of levels by reducing their overall height and balancing details
  • Optimized many Cache pocket world zones and updated layouts of a few
  • Replaced thin light bridges in many levels with thick light bridges
  • Updated Level 2 End/Level 3 Start slightly and simplified in levels where you can't climb the fortress (Like the Telemite pocket world level skip zones)
  • Added Fall Triggers to sides and tops of dozens of pocket worlds, preventing the player from floating past the edge of the level bounds in many levels when using floating dodge mutations


  • Player - Removed movement slow while using a charging weapon
  • Player - Removed movement slow while firing a heavy weapon
  • Reconstitute - Mutation Lives limit decreased from 10 to 5
  • Reconstitute - Removed x2 Mutation Life DNA Mod
  • Reconstitute - Increased chance for x2 Random Stat mod to spawn
  • Reduced health to break open many breakable crates and traps
  • Reduced chance for Swamp Ferns to spawn a fruit pack on them slightly
  • Trap: Dislodged Engine - Reduced push force and damage of engine discharge
  • Enemies - Removed Scavenger enemy spawn from Uncharted basic enemy spawner, making them more rare in later levels
  • Enemy: Fortification Drone - Decreased max health, increased movement speed, added a chance for the drone to zap the player when damaged
  • Enemy: Pyro Turret - Increased range of flamethrower, increased duration and size of flames it leaves on the floor
  • Enemy: Tritoraptor Dad - Reduced stun on pounce from 1 second to .1 second, increased melee cooldown
  • Enemy: Solus Warden - Increased max health
  • Enemy: Solus Soldier - Increased max health, decreased time between Burrow attacks, increased speed of both types of burrow attacks, increased AoE of Acid Pool, increased AoE of Spikes, and added new melee swipe effects
  • Enemy: Nematode - Reduced chance for cyst to spawn when damaged from 50% to 20%
  • Pickup: Mega Barrage - Increased missiles released from 16 to 24
  • Pickup: Hive Swarm - Increased hatchlings released from 12 to 21, doubled speed of hatchlings released
  • Passive: Tesla Drone - Increased power of tesla shot and added charge effect, increased stun from rare large tesla shots, and increased cooldown between shots
  • Auxiliary: Scrap Printer - Removed cooldown after printing an item, added Grenade Pack and Rations to the item spawn list
  • Auxiliary: Detonator MK2 - Increased explosion damage, updated blinking effects
  • Auxiliary: Quill Bladder - Replaced with new Quill Spear wave that doesn't require charging.
  • Auxiliary: Swarm - Increased hatchlings released from 6 to 9, doubled speed of hatchlings released
  • Auxiliary: Barrage - Increased missiles released from 5 to 8
  • Weapon: Laser Carbine and Last Word (Variant) - Reduced time to charge explosive shot, raised damage of both shot types.
  • Weapon: Tesla Rifle and Super Spreader (Variant) - Increased bounces of charged shots, increased damage per shot slightly
  • Grenade: Sonic Grenades (Enemy and Player) - Reduced radius of explosions, decreased amount of player launch from explosions, and updated effects to make it more obvious it has repeated explosions
  • Grenade: Mini-Myce - Increased radius to match explosion effect better, decreased damage slightly
  • Mutation: Gas Bladder - Increased globules released each dodge, fixed globules sticking to the player often, and updated description
  • Mutation: Springy Claws - Increased speed of dodge, added new Fast Dodge Roll animations, and updated effects to better match dodge timing to make it feel more natural


  • Set Waypoints on map legend to change their color when moused over on the map screen
  • Moved Keybindings on HUD on right side elements to the right side
  • Grenade Area Effects (Like fire or acid) now inherit their faction from the grenade, making it ignore its own faction
  • Removed outer walls on Light Bridge pieces, allowing the player to walk off the edge
  • Removed Nightshroud Bouncers Grenade Mod from Giant Palier Mound loot crate (Only drops from small mushroom crate now)
  • Updated Rarity particles slightly
  • Updated Droid Pod crater models and added a new trail effect


  • Multiple fixes attempted for players falling through Prism elevators when performance is low
  • Fixed Ending Screen not allowing Spacebar to be used to continue through the ending slides if it has been rebound (Now always allows Space or your Dodge bind)
  • Fixed Continue being overlapped and broken if Options is opened before a save file is created.
  • Fixed being able to hold down dodge after the level has begun transitioning and the player is locked
  • Fixed Containment Droid enemies having a chance to slip through cracks in the floor occasionally when run over
  • Attempted fix for 3D Printer loot sometimes falling through the floor when landing on the octogonal ship platform
  • Fixed Remote Mine Prism trap blocking bullets in a radius around it
  • Fixed incorrect rarity on a few items
  • Fixed a few weapons having the Accuracy Bonus on their clip that shouldn't
  • Fixed Basalt delivery drones dropping basalts before the player is near them, causing them to pile up sometimes or spawn in the wrong level variants
  • Fixed some Prism Ramp prefabs not being marked as Metal, allowing certain burrow dodges to be used on them that shouldn't work
  • Fixed Rattleslugs not being ignored by enemy counters
  • Fixed certain basalts and waterfall forms not blocking bullets correctly
  • Fixed bones and certain other models showing up on the map screen
  • Fixed many Freja Gibs not being pushed by explosions
  • Fixed incorrect materials on a few models that appeared from a recent optimization pass
  • Fixed some Level 2 trap arenas having 2 waves of enemies
  • Fixed Arena Spotlights using white glows instead of red
  • Fixed some Level 2 trap arenas having 2 waves of enemies
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