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Survive Together update for 18 March 2021

Update #17

Share · View all patches · Build 6405297 · Last edited 18 March 2021 – 23:46:08 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

The Blueberry Update - We now have a method of farming blueberry bushes, as well as gathering blueberries much quicker. Currently, you can build a seed extractor at the farm which can turn cut tall grass into fiber and a seed. There's currently a chance to extract a blueberry seed when doing this, although eventually the remains of an empty wild blueberry bush will need to be processed in the seed extractor to get their seeds. The seeds can be planted and watered the same way tall grass is grown. Over time the bush will grow until eventually generating fruit over time.

Using the basket on a blueberry bush will now automatically extract as many blueberries as can fit in the basket. Eventually the basket and other contains will be able to do the same on other objects containing many items, such as gathering ores from the quarry.

Many new tooltips have been added to the game, such as on the left game panel that now explain what each button does when hovering the mouse over them. The tooltips in the item guide have also been updated to look cleaner.

For a list of all changes, see below:


  • Added farming blueberries. You can now plant blueberry seeds in a plot of four soil, water it and the bush will start to grow. Over time, new berries will emerge on the bush as well without any further upkeep.
  • Added the seed extractor. Instead of using a sharp rock on cut tall grass to extract fiber and some tall grass seed, you can put the cut tall grass (and eventually other plant materials) in the seed extractor to do the same, but also have a chance to extract random seeds of other varieties (blueberry bush seeds, carrot seeds, tomato seeds, and more to come).
  • Added AI gathering blueberries with baskets (this should help keep food readily available for the first few weeks until I can implement farming food sources).
  • Added baskets being able to hold/collect blueberries. Baskets can now collect entire blueberry bushes worth of blueberries, and hold a maximum of 40 blueberries at a time.
  • Added AI crafting the oven.
  • Added AI crafting the barkeep table.
  • Added blueberry bush seeds.
  • Added AI organizing the seed extractor. The town farmer will now clean up the seed extractor (fiber and seeds) and store them away.
  • Added AI carpenter building the seed extractor.
  • Added opening storage chests with Keypress O. This is useful when holding a basket for example and wanting to get soil instead of depositing the basket. Eventually I'll add clickable special actions like this somewhere on the screen.
  • Added extracting farmed blueberry bushes. They now work the same way wild blueberry bushes work. You can gather the berries by hand or with baskets.
  • Added AI extracting farmed blueberry bushes.
  • Added the seed extractor to the village mode start.
  • Added the oven to the village mode start.
  • Added the barkeep table to the village mode start.
  • Added AI farmer planting blueberry seeds.
  • Added AI barkeep crafting skewers.
  • Added a limit of 10 blueberry bushes that the farmer AI will plant. This will likely be adjustable by the leader at some point.
  • Added indicators to the town menu that shows which villager you have control of.
  • Added buttons to the town menu to take control of different villagers.
  • Added "Y" button to access the town storage window. Here you can see every item the town has and how many of each it has in storage chests.
  • Added AI organizing their shops. Now if random items are laying around the tailor shop, tavern, etc, the owner of that area will organizing those items instead of just leaving them laying around.
  • Added 70% hunger requirement to get pregnant, and now consumes 30% hunger upon getting pregnant.
  • Added 70% stamina requirement to get pregnant, and now consumes 30% stamina upon getting pregnant.
  • Added a forced pregnancy button. On the left panel there's a new button that will make your current character pregnant. This is only available if you have at least 70% stamina, at least 70% hunger, don't currently have a child following you, aren't current pregnant, are at least of age to have kids, etc. If this happens to the character you currently control, the baby won't appear until you name it (by saying "I name you ____").
  • Added AI pregnancy toggle. You can now toggle whether or not your current character can get pregnant by clicking a toggle on the left panel (baby icon). If disabled, they will no longer randomly get pregnant.
  • Added tooltips for hovering over the buttons on the left panel that explains what the buttons do.


  • Fixed a bug with AI crafting stone bricks.
  • Fixed a bug with clicking on storage items in the blacksmith shop's chest.
  • Fixed a bug with clicking on storage items in the mason shop's chest.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI crafting sharp rocks.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI crafting rubble.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI crafting rock picks.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI crafting iron pellets.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI harvesting empty blueberry bushes.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI tailor crafting squirrel skin robes.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI farmer not planting/watering new crops.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI blacksmith wasn't organizing iron ingots unless the storage supply was extremely low.
  • Fixed a bug where AI going to drink water would sometimes take a few trips to the well.
  • Fixed clicking on cut tall grass from the farm storage chest.
  • Fixed clicking on blueberries from the farm storage chest.
  • Fixed AI crafting baskets.
  • Fixed AI organizing baskets of blueberries that are dropped.
  • Fixed a bug where the AI would stand around when no jobs were left to perform.
  • Fixed a bug where switching characters while still under the influence of the AI would treat the character as a non-AI character.
  • Fixed a bug with AI digging up the iron quarry.
  • Fixed a bug with AI harvesting tall grass.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI hunter setting up squirrel snares.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI hunter skinning squirrels.
  • Fixed a bug with the AI gathering blueberries.
  • Fixed a bug with storing squirrel skin buckets of water.
  • Fixed a bug with AI storing blueberry seeds.
  • Fixed blueberry seed creation from the seed extractor to cap at 10 per town at a time.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen's background wasn't loading fast enough, and so loading a game immediately upon running the game would have the loading stats appear over the title screen background instead of the black background.
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't properly close if you exit during asset loading.
  • Fixed a bug where the loading screen would only progress to 90% instead of 95% before finishing.
  • Fixed a bug with AI barkeep cooking squirrels.
  • Fixed the town menu to be cleaned up more.
  • Fixed the order of professions on the town menu to be alphabetical.
  • Fixed the escape menu to close any open panels (character screen, storage window, etc) when accessed.
  • Fixed AI twine crafting so that villagers will use the spinning wheel if one exists.
  • Fixed the amount of blueberry bush spawns at game start to be halved (the village managed to store over 1k blueberries after day 30, which is a bit too much. This might get nerfed again in the future if it's still too high).
  • Fixed a rare crash on loading the game.
  • Fixed loading percentages to be normalized (for example every 1% loading takes roughly the same time as any other 1%).
  • Fixed a rare bug where the AI farmer would get stuck trying to craft fiber.
  • Fixed a huge performance issue. I've been optimizing a lot over time but this should make smoothing things out way easier going forward.
  • Fixed a rare bug where multiple chests could appear in one shop.
  • Fixed the item guide tooltips to now be using the same proper background as the shift-hover tooltips.
  • Fixed shift-hover tooltips to now have a proper background behind the text, making it easier to read.
  • Fixed initial loading of images to be optimized.
  • Fixed a bug where the Twitch integration could fail to connect and not be usable until reload.
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