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Endzone - A World Apart update for 18 March 2021

Endzone - A World Apart | Full Release Update - Available now!

Share · View all patches · Build 6401339 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

12 major updates, 20 patches, 100 new features & missions. One year, 350 fixes, 5000 hours of playtesting, demolished desks, buried plants, unending home office, coffee on tap an a dev accidently locked in to the office – and yet we are alive and breathing!

**Endzone flourished due to your dedication. Some reached season 10.000 and beyond by building massive settlements. You, the community sticked to the game, patiently followed it's development and kept on playing. You brought the world of Endzone to life by reaching over 3.5 million hours of playtime and together we have planted more than 40.000 trees.

By releasing this update we are leaving Early Access. And yet, at your request, survival has become more exciting than ever. Raiders are roaming the lands looking for rich and easy prey. Are you willing to pay and keep the peace – or are you going to fight them off with guns and bullets?**

  • Raiders: Added raiders to the game. They consist of 5 different tribes, and start spawning in the mid game, around season 30. Every raider tribe has its own leader and motivation. You can fight off raider encounters by building defensive countermeasures. Alternatively, you can also pay tribute, which will increase every time. If you choose to fight, a raging mob spawns on the map, demolishing buildings and stealing resources from your settlement. Every mob has its health and morale. Reducing health can be achieved by firing with lethal ammunition. Less health means that the raider mob has less power. Lowering morale can be achieved by firing rubber bullets or using Siren Towers. This doesn’t weaken the effectiveness of the mob until it has lost its morale, at which point raiders will start to flee.
  • Buildings: Added the Watchtower as a defensive measure against raiders. Assign Militia to the tower to stock it up with ammunition and to fight back in case of a raider attack.
  • Buildings: Added the Siren Tower as a defensive measure against raiders. Provide the siren tower with electricity to fight back autonomously against raiders.
  • Buildings: Added Barricades with 5 different variations as a defensive measure against raiders. Barricades slow down raider movement.
  • Buildings: Added the Ammunition Factory as part of the defensive measures against raiders. It can produce two different types of ammunition. Rubber bullets and lethal ammunition. Rubber bullets reduce raiders’ morale. Lethal ammunition reduces their health.
  • Buildings: Added ability to build diagonal roads using a shortcut.
  • Buildings: Added a smoke effect for damaged buildings.
  • Research: Added 3 new technologies to the tech tree: Defensive measures, the Siren Tower and barricades.
  • Resources: Added Sulfur as a new resource that can be produced in the mine. Sulfur is used for creating bullets.
  • Options: Added FPS limiter as a graphic option. If you are experiencing heat issues you might want to enable vsync or set a FPS limitation to 30, 48 or 60 fps. Default is 60.
  • Options: Added ability to completely activate/deactivate the radiation effect.
  • Statistics: Added a game progress screen where you can track and see several key achievements of your ongoing session.
  • UI: Added a building condition analytic view to see the state of all the buildings in your settlement.
  • UI: Added planning mode. This mode allows you to place buildings as paused construction sites, to plan ahead with no resources being allocated. The mode can be activated via shortcut or by clicking on the planning mode icon when placing a building.
  • Settlers: Added the possibility for diseases to break out, when many dead bodies are lying around; also added a new "plague" notification.
  • Sound: added voice overs in English and German for all scenarios, traders, raider encounters, tutorials and expedition introductions.
  • Sound: Added 2 new soundtrack files for raider encounters and one new gameplay track.
  • Scenarios: Added a new Scenario: Hunters and the Hunted.
  • Achievements: Added 25 new achievements to the game.
  • Main Menu: Added a map preview for the survival game mode.
  • Map Generation: Added over 585 new map variations for the starting area, to make each map more unique.
  • Decrees: Added a new Outlander decree, and reorganized outlander missions.
  • Side Missions: Added 2 new outlander side missions and 3 new research missions.
  • World Task: Added a task to upgrade all streets in a selected area.

New Map Preview

  • Tutorial: Fixed bug that prevented the completion of the Trade Tutorial
  • Tutorial: In the expedition tutorial, when sending the expedition to the gas station, Arthur now talks to the player, as the text suggests.
  • Localization: Fixed a lot of voice over to text mismatches.
  • Map Generation: Fixed error when generating small maps.
  • Map Generation: Distance to water is now always correctly calculated.
  • Buildings: Fixed an error when destroying the medical center.
  • Buildings: Fixed hunter shooting animals outside of it’s area of influence.
  • Buildings: Fixed Research Station not being able to handle food correctly.
  • Buildings: Fixed animals that were moving while they should be killed/caught.
  • Buildings: Fixed bug where the hunting lodge complained about missing animals, while animals were in the area of influence.
  • Buildings: Fixed effect stuttering of damaged buildings.
  • Buildings: Fixing a bug where the list of animals on the map would not be cleared when starting a new game.
  • Buildings: Settlers will now visit the pavilion and memorial.
  • Buildings: Fixed plantations and fields not removing crops correctly after a savegame upgrade.
  • Buildings: Fixed odd plantation placement and moved plantation trees to new positions in older saved games.
  • Buildings: Fixed missing icon highlights for certain world tasks.
  • Buildings: Buildings now get repaired to be functional again if not all resources for an upgrade are available at the moment.
  • Expeditions: Fixed expedition taking the wrong items when going to a resource ruin.
  • Expeditions: Fixed several placeholder errors in expeditions.
  • Expeditions: Fixed missing localization in diner story.
  • Expeditions: Fixed error when loading a savegame when the expedition was on its way back from an infinite resource ruin.
  • Expeditions: Undiscovered ruins from older savegames are no longer discovered when loading the save game.
  • Expeditions: Fixed bad line breaking in expedition window.
  • Expeditions: Ruins are now always markable for dismantling from inside the expedition window.
  • Expeditions: Fixed error when expedition post inventory does not have enough space for all looted resources.
  • Expeditions: Fixed error when starting an expedition when expedition post inventory is full.
  • UI: Fixed view issue when scrolling to bottom of expedition configuration's settler list.
  • UI: Fixed highlighting of settlement inventory items during looting of expeditions.
  • UI: Attractiveness analytic view now always shows the correct values.
  • UI: Notification of damaged buildings is now correctly hidden when there are no damaged buildings anymore.
  • UI: The placeholder text in search fields is now localized.
  • UI: New settlers notification now spawns in all relevant cases.
  • Scenarios: Fixed an error when trying to restart a saved scenario.
  • Wildlife: Fixed several errors that could result in animals walking over lakes and other path inconsistencies.
  • Wildlife: Fixed possibility of only one herd type being on a map.
  • Savegames: Fixed an error that could happen right after trying to load a savegame.
  • System: Fixed global progress being corrupted, and added reconstruction systems where possible.
  • System: Fixed rare issue where the system tries to process autosave-games that are just deleted but still cached by the operating-system
  • System: Fixed wrong scenario being initialized when using restart-button on a scenario-savegame
  • Camera: Fixed camera animation not playing at the beginning of a scenario/tutorial based on a save game.
  • Input: Cancel shortcut (ESC) does nothing when an in game prompt is open.
  • Side Missions: Fixed broken Tailor malfunction mission.
  • Side Missions: Cooldowns for side missions are now actually saved in a savegame.
  • Side Missions: Fixed wrong behavior when counting and solving certain mission goals.
  • Main Menu: Fixed error when going back to the tutorial screen after finishing a tutorial.
  • Settlers: Fixed builders not repairing upgraded buildings, even if all requirements and resources were met.
  • Settlers: Fixed too many settlers being able to live in a house.
  • Settlers: Improved algorithm to find the best suited builder for the next task.
  • Research: Fixed Pipe System technology not working on electric wells.

  • Tutorial: The expedition tutorial now gives all kinds of tools and clothing, so the player has more options to customize the expedition.
  • Side Missions: Changed several trigger conditions and rewards for balancing reasons.
  • Side Missions: Outlander side missions have now been reorganized and don’t require a town center level 3 upgrade anymore. Instead, they can be triggered in the forum and by activating a special decree.
  • Side Missions: Tweaked several side missions to use a trading window, where you can decide what resources you want to “give away”.
  • Side Missions: Too many dead people side mission now requires at least one working graveyard.
  • Side Missions: Several missions now hide their goals, when no goals should be displayed.
  • Side Missions: Knowledge is Power mission no longer spawns when players have more than 9 tech points.
  • Side Missions: Improved localization and UI feedback for side missions with optional solve counts.
  • Main Menu: Overhauled the session creation UI for survival mode.
  • Main Menu: Minor main menu visual and sound tweaks and polishing.
  • Main Menu: Removed or rearranged road map, disclaimer texts and social interaction buttons.
  • Main Menu: Disabled side missions in the builder mode preset.
  • Buildings: Tweaked Memorial textures.
  • Buildings: Tweaked visuals of lupin and tomatoes when growing on a field.
  • Buildings: Animals that have been captured now remember their gender when being brought to a hunting lodge or pasture.
  • Buildings: Tweaked footprint of the school building.
  • Buildings: It’s now possible to build power poles on streets that are not yet built.
  • Buildings: Changed & optimized the visuals of several buildings.
  • Buildings: Solar collectors now reflects light during the day.
  • UI: Several tweaks to building inspectors and buttons.
  • UI: Improved game log and made sure that text is always displayed correctly.
  • UI: Increased font size of all tooltips as they should always be comfortable/easy to read
  • UI: Removed bug button to post feedback (You can still post feedback using ‘F1’)
  • UI: Tweaked radiation screen effect visuals.
  • UI: Changed order of tutorials.
  • UI: Lower hud was reorganized, especially timeline view and analytic buttons, to work better in all aspect ratios and ui scales.
  • UI: Roadmap doesn’t pop up when starting the game anymore.
  • UI: Building Mode overlay is now disabled when the building is currently dismantled.
  • UI: The progress for a story ruin is now shown in the expedition window.
  • UI: Improved visuals of camera position buttons on minimap.
  • UI: Changed sorting of logistics build menu.
  • UI: Street, field, and plantation cursor is now highlighted in subtle red, if not placeable.
  • Scenario: Endscreen now has different buttons and button actions when the scenario failed (restart & main menu vs. continue & main menu).
  • Settlers: Tweaked settler decision making a little to make more sense.
  • Settlers: Tweaked priority for upgrading buildings to be higher.
  • Settlers: Settlers try to stick more to roads if available.
  • Settlers: Adding wandering behavior to idling settlers (they now move around in the near vicinity).
  • Performance: Further performance improvements.
  • Expeditions: Ruins can no longer be dismantled when chosen to be scouted.
  • Expedition: Expedition rations warning no longer triggers when sending an expedition to resource POIs.
  • Achievements: Changed the way achievements are unlocked. Session based achievements can now only be unlocked in a survival game, to avoid getting achievements by simply starting specific scenarios and tutorials.
  • Achievements: Added info text for all game modes to communicate where achievements can be unlocked.
  • Animation: Added scared animation to settlers that are close to an ongoing raider encounter.
  • Animation: Added new animations for kids inside the school.
  • Options: Sensitivity settings are now reset when reset-all-button is pressed in controls options.
  • Options: Removed obsolete resolution warning.
  • Environment: Particles now adapt to game speed.
  • Trading: Animals offered by traders are now weighted based on the amount of animals present in the settlement.
  • Trading: Traders now react after issuing a trading offer, so their reaction in conjunction with the voice overs offers a good experience and feedback.
  • Sound: Reduced the sound for flag decorations.
  • Sound: Changed prioritization of ambient audio sources to make more sense.

  • Map generation: All share codes have become invalid due to the new map variations. New share codes work as expected.
  • Buildings: The Market sometimes collects types of food that are prohibited to be collected. Also the Market sometimes gives wrong feedback about Resources that can’t be collected in the near vicinity.
  • Buildings: The highest upgrade of the bus can still be connected to a power grid, even though the building no longer benefits from electricity. Additionally, the building tooltip for upgrading the mounted bus to the town center falsely contains fragments of its prior function when supplied with electricity.

Lynn the Queen | The Unshakable Ago | The Nihilists | Liam The Prophet | Mike the Mega-Devourer

Raiders now roam the forests in the world of Endzone, looking for suitable settlements to raid and steal from. Be on the lookout and prepare well!

There are now 5 different tribes of raiders in the game, which will visit your settlement at different intervals depending on your session settings and demand a tribute. If you don't want to give in to this, or have too few resources available, only combat will help. How high the demands are depends on your progress and the tribe that is in conflict with you. The more prosperous your settlement is and the more settlers there are, the more devastating the raids will be. Each tribe has its own motivations and goals for raiding, so you better not let them get too close to your settlement!

Raiders attacking a settlement

Raiders announce themselves just before an attack and spawn on a random spot on the edge of the map. From there they make their way to your settlement. During the raid, the mob decides for itself where in the settlement it can hit you the hardest. Are your water reserves well stocked? Then you better fear for your food! Also, raiders destroy the buildings they come close to. The deeper the mob can get into your settlement, the more severe the destruction will be.
Raiders can be fought off in three different ways. You can either pay the required tribute and avoid the attack, or you can defend yourself by trying to bring either the health bar or the morale of the mob to 0. For both purposes, new buildings have been added to the research tree, which you can construct for defensive purposes.

Additional research for Defensive Measurements

Defensive Measures, Watchtowers, Siren Towers and Barricades must first be researched. So go on expeditions in time to find the necessary technology before an attack happens and you are completely defenseless.


Sirene Tower


Defensive Measures can be researched to unlock the mining of Sulfur in the mine. With Sulfur you'll produce both Metal bullets and Rubber bullets. Ammunition can only be made in the Ammunition Factory. The following recipes are available there:

  • Metal bullet: 1 coal, 1 sulfur, 1 metal = 5 units
  • Rubber bullet: 1 coal, 1 sulfur, 1 plastic = 5 units

Ammunition Factory

Both types of ammunition can be used by Militias in Watchtowers to shoot at the raiders. Metal bullets decrease the life meter of the mob, rubber bullets decrease its morale. The type of ammunition you want to use to repel the raiders can be set individually in each tower.

Siren Towers are not occupied by settlers, but only require a connection to a power grid. As soon as the raiders enter the siren's radius of action, their morale is lowered. So always make sure that a siren tower has power even at night. Wind turbines that are exclusively available for the tower are particularly suitable for this purpose.

Barricades can also be erected to reduce the attackers' movement speed. If these are well placed, you can delay the advance into the center of the settlement and give your militia the opportunity to defeat the mob before it arrives. In the best case scenario, the raider won’t even proceed far enough to damage any buildings.

As soon as the health bar or morale of the raiders drops to 0, they will take flight and head back to the edge of the map. After leaving the map, you will get an overview of the last attack. It shows how many buildings were damaged and how many resources were stolen from the settlement.

Health bar, morale and looted resources in the Raider UI

Overview of the attack after the raid


  • The release build includes a big release update with brand new gameplay features, targeted especially at the late game.
  • We’ll further support the game with bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements. We know that you’ll want to give us feedback especially on the newly introduced features and we’ll still be all eyes and ears about that.
  • However, in the following months, there won’t be big new feature updates as there were during Early Access.
  • We’ll also start working on a classical “add-on” which is targeted to also come out in 2021. We already have some great ideas for that. But, as always, we’d love your ideas and feedback of what you would like to see.


With this update, the Early Access of Endzone - A World Apart is over, but this does not mean that we are done with the development. As already confirmed, an Add-On is planned to be released this year. We still want to hear your feedback and ideas to the game, and how we can improve it. If you want to be part of the development, head over to our Discord Server and share your vision with us!

- Your Team from Gentlymad & Assemble Entertainment

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