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Dicey Dungeons update for 18 March 2021

Version 1.11 out now!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello contestants! We've got a new update to Dicey Dungeons today, bringing us up to v1.11! Let the good times roll!

For this update, I decided to really focused on trying to fix as many weird, recurring edge case things as I could. This is stuff that most players will never even encounter, hopefully - it includes fixes from little things like running out of space in your backpack in episodes like Thief Finders Keepers, to losing cards to Curse in the final episode.

(There are also a number of exciting new features and fixes for modders, which I've listed separately in the changelog below.)

With the new update, I'd also like to draw your attention to a couple of mods I like that have gotten updates recently:

The Grab Bag by XenonZed

If you want more item variety in your episodes, check out The Grab Bag, which adds 200+ new items spread across all existing episodes of the game! If you liked MoreFluff, this very much scratches the same itch. It's implemented in such a way that it's compatible with many other mods, too!

Bonus World by Plasmaster09

Bonus World focuses on one single episode: the Bonus Round episode for the sixth character. Instead of choosing your finale card, the episode lets you chose an entire deck style, ranging from either the classic vanilla or parallel universe decks, to decks inspired by other mods like Megaquest and Alternate Timeline.

Here are the patch notes for today's update:


  • Dicey Dungeons is now available in Arabic!
  • Once per battle equipment is destroyed after use when weakened (this one was responsible for some very broken looking behaviour in Aurora fights!)
  • Removed Madison's immunity to Freeze, gave her an extra 4 hit points to make up for it.
  • Player HP cannot be reduced below 1 if the enemy has zero hp: this fixes the Thorns/Cactus rule bug that can leave the player with 0 hp.
  • Added support for getting the very rare, but extremely awesome combination of "The Robot" and "Bounty Hunter" remix rules at the same time.
  • Blind? status counter now decreases correctly.
  • If the game window is moved offscreen for any reason, reset the window position on the next startup. (This fixes a serious issue where the game was appearing not to run at all for some people, preventing them from playing.)
  • If you run out of space in your backpack when you find a new item, you can now make room for it by throwing away something old.
  • When playing as Witch, you can now undo spell purchases from shops or chosen as level up rewards.
  • Show the turn number in Bonus Round episodes.
  • Hard modes in Bonus Round episodes now indicate whether you've completed them already or not.
  • Fixed a bug with Lock when playing Robot, where multiple lock statuses would sometimes only count as 1.
  • When playing Robot, "Calculate" action is unavailable when you have an unused Lock?ed dice.
  • New implementation for Robot Freeze? status that's more consistent with the other contestants.
  • Fix UI jitter bug when finishing a battle with Boomerang + Fury.
  • Make Skeleton available in the Final episode!
  • Fixed a bug where curse could destroy critical cards in the Final episode.
  • Remove Blight and Detonator from early Warrior episodes.
  • Precious Egg and Rotten Egg are now immune to curse, which prevents a possible crash on Parallel Universe episodes.
  • Val rule no longer swaps out once per battle equipment, which prevents an input bug on gamepad.
  • Fixed bug where Ungeradedice was not offered as a trade in Thief episodes due to a typo.
  • Changed Shockwave's gadget from Zap to Theremin.
  • Fixed string display on "Blocked {statuseffect}!" particles from Alternate Reduce-By status.
  • Spare dice cards no longer trigger Re-Equip next or Curse.
  • Freeze no longer targets dice in Spare Dice cards.
  • Sonic Wave? now upgrades correctly to Sonic Wave?+ instead of Sonic Wave+.
  • Fixed Magic Key- to have an EVEN slot.
  • Buffed Warrior's "Rusty Sword" item to make it more interesting.
  • Thorns? is now removed at the end of a turn, not at the start of it.
  • The Frog rule now chooses Super Enemies (where available). Bit more of a fair fight!
  • Locked dice cannot also be burning - so if you inflict both statuses, lock is inflicted first, and then burn. Previously, the game applied burn to the locked dice, wasting the status.
  • Pirate is now correctly categorised as wearing a hat for Judgement cards.
  • Bully bonus round rule now gives enemies Rock+ in hard mode.
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad could not be used to unsilence Inventor in episode 2.
  • Don't apply bonus damage (e.g. from Rose rule) to Crystalina Bonus Round rule.
  • Fixed Uptick value getting increased twice after fights in Thief episode 3.
  • Lightning Rod maintains charge when weakened.
  • Fixed a bug where Weakening "Run Away!+" would reset the countdown.
  • Fix gamepad movement in Display menu.
  • Fixed UI overlap between name and dice display when enemy has extra dice.
  • Fixed negative flee counter bug.
  • Fixed interaction of Hothead and Warlock rules (Sixes are set on Fire?, not on Fire)
  • Reversal gadget will always steal equipment, even if that card would otherwise not be possible to steal (e.g. Mood Change, Yoink).
  • Reversal gadget won't regenerate once per battle equipment that has already been used.
  • Finders Keepers card now indicates when it has been used, and changes from COUNTDOWN12 to a passive card. (also fixed missing sound event when used)
  • Optimise AI search on countdown equipment.
  • Minor adjustments to Calatan, Welsh, French, Japanese and Chinese localisations.


  • Script errors during simulations now display "(during ai simulation)" in traces.
  • Script "delay()" command will now cause AI to wait before making a move if called in "before start turn" or "on start turn".
  • Fixed some typos in MODDING.txt.
  • Expose "getequipmentlist" function to generator scripts.
  • Exposed new script function: getactivefighter.
  • Exposed new script function: getcharactertemplate.
  • Exposed new script function: _internalgiveequipment.
  • Exposed new script function: animateequipmentintoplace.
  • Exposed new script function: getfightertemplate()
  • Added two new functions to fighter: .squeak(), and .reloadanimation(). "squeak()" is shortcut for playing "personality" voice effects, and "reloadanimation()" is potentially useful if you're doing anything that changes animation mid fight.
  • In status "On damage inflicted" and "On damage taken" scripts, "dmgtype" now contains the type of damage inflicted. Default is "none", which just means non-elemental. e.g. "shock", "poison", "none".
  • Fixed vertical alignment of text on passive cards.
  • Localisation fix: If a translation is not found in equipment.csv, check strings.csv instead as a fallback (useful for descriptions that change during combat)
  • Fixed the bug where if a temporary item (e.g. given by giveequipment() where maketemp is false) is weakened mid-turn, it will no longer be temporary.
  • Thief Stolen cards now run "before start turn", "on start turn" and "on any equipment use" scripts.
  • AI fighters can now use the "" variable correctly.
  • Equipment string variable <gold> now correctly shows the amount of gold held by the current fighter, not just by the player.
  • The symbol [newline] can be used in equipment descriptions for realtime description changing in mods - this makes the workaround of grabbing the | character from a substring unnecessary.
  • Reuseable copies of equipment now copy more properties of original equipment, like colour and equipment variables.
  • e.getvar(v) now returns Dynamic instead of Int.
  • Better support for changing enemy innates mid fight - e.g. target.addinnate("weakice"); will now work, and will animate the Innate string at the top of the screen.
  • "Reverse Next Target" is no longer triggered on equipment with the "curseavoid" tag.
  • You can now test Frog rule bosses with the -boss="" command line parameter.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause mods to crash on certain generators if they use empty lists.

As usual, thanks to everyone for playing, and I hope you enjoy the update!

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