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Skullgirls 2nd Encore update for 18 March 2021

Beta Mode Update [2021-03-17]

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello, Liam here.

This update focuses on bug fixes and gameplay tuning.


  • Fixed a bug where Annie could perform Re Entry low enough to the ground for a hit not to come out.
  • When using JHK in Star Power, OTG is no longer restored for the opponent if they are hit.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a low to the ground JMK could advance the combo stage for IPS earlier than expected.
  • Added more variance to Annie's JHP voice lines when used after an Air Dash. When used during a normal jump, followed by another Air Dash Cancel JHP, she will still always say "Rolling" followed by "Maneuver".
  • Fixed an inconsistency between P1 and P2 side when using JHP against Valentine.
  • Star Power no longer drains meter during the down period of a 1v1.
  • Fixed an issue where Annie would stand up too quickly after Beowulf's Canis Major Press, making Beowulf -1 on success.
  • sMK damage reduced from 300, 300, 300, 400 to 175, 175, 175, 250.

  • Modified Sekhmet's VO during her new Super.

  • Fixed an issue where returning to the anchor during Sekhmet mode could cost Eliza her perfect lifebar in some instances.
    These following changes are aimed at reducing the amount of life that Eliza can heal without her intentionally prioritizing combos or sequences focused on healing or collecting blood. Also, while Sekhmet's "Skeleton Footsies" are entertaining to watch, we're going to experiment with having more natural stopping points to them rather than extending them indefinitely with her new back flip move.

  • Blood collection heal reduced to 170, from 200.

  • Sekhmet's grounded M attack spawns blood every other hit (5 hits), rather than every hit (10 hits).

  • Sekhmet's new bite super (QCF+KK) damage reduced to 2000, from 2250. Number of blood drops spawned reduced from 8 to 6, and it no longer heals for 100% of the damage dealt. (Remember it still heals her for 1020 if you collect the blood, and will reposition the Eliza anchor behind for the best Sekhmet combo confirms)

  • Sekhmet can only backflip once per outing, use it wisely!

  • Sekhmet can now cancel blocked attacks (in addition to attacks that connect, just as before) into Hathor's Return.

  • Fixed a bug where Fukua's Level 3 (QCB+PP) would deal non-recoverable damage.
  • Platonic Drillationship (M) hitstun, recovery, and blockstun increased by 5F. Advantage on hit and block unchanged. (It can combo into Best Friends Forever now.)
  • Fukua's Ground Throw is now a hard knockdown, like her Air Throw, differentiating it further from Tender Embrace (QCF LP+LK). She cannot combo off it without BFF, as before, but she does get Oki.
  • Forever a Clone (M) doesn't slow down as much before grabbing the opponent if they're in hitstun, fixing drops where it wouldn't grab correctly in some confirms (ex: cMP cHP) despite the opponent being very close to Fukua.
  • If any of Painwheel's grounded charge normals are charged fully until their active frames start, they will be armored through the start of the active frames, preventing trades and having Painwheel always win the exchange. Armor ends before active as before if Painwheel releases them early.
  • Fixed a bug where Painwheel's JHK would come out 2F earlier than expected when done from a forward jump.
  • Level 3 (QCB + PP) recovery reduced by 4F so that L Buer Reaper is possible on all characters for a stable pick up.
  • Added a buffer after Level 3 ends to help make the above link consistent on heavy characters.
  • Fixed a bug where Buer Reaper inputs after Level 3 could accidentally become Flight with frame perfect timing.
  • Added a visual blood effect for when Painwheel performs her somewhat hidden "Unfly Block" mechanic which is done by using Unfly just before blocking an airborne attack.
  • Robo-Fortune's timer during Systemic Circuit Breaker no longer counts down during a 1v1 down.
  • Each second on Robo-Fortune's Circuit Breaker timer is x1.25 longer than a normal second.
  • By holding any K during the leap portion of Magnetic Trap while Robo-Fortune is in Systemic Circuit Breaker, she will always explode after slamming the opponent just as before.
  • When performing Fallen Woman (divekick) out of Air Throw, it will ignore assists and only target the point character to prevent assists from ruining Air Throw confirms.
  • Level 3 (QCB + PP) is now a knockdown, to prevent opponents falling out of it. (If Squigly players prefer the old version, please let me know)
  • Squigly Battle Opera (QCB + KK) now pulls opponents slightly towards the center of the orb with each hit.
  • Squigly Battle Opera now always delays its airborne hits (giving Squigly more time to do things like charge) consistently rather than requiring specific or lucky bounces. When blocked, or hitting a grounded opponent, it behaves as before. (Squigly players REALLY need to tell me if they prefer the old version =] )
  • Cancelling out of cHP into Silver Chord (uncharged) will always connect instead of dropping with unfortunate timing, via increased hitstun on the hits before the last.
  • Fixed a bug where Daisy Pusher would scale to 50% instead of 55%. Now scales to 55%.
  • Squigly will stop charging her stances during a 1v1 down now.
  • Burstable projectile hits use green (Undizzy) and red (IPS) burst sparks instead of always being Gold, going back to the way they are in retail. Gold Burst sparks now only appear 90 frames after the first burstable hit to signal (as they did in Beta already) when it is safe to burst and keep your Undizzy.

(Build version 3.1.6)

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