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30XX update for 10 March 2021

30XX 0.16.0 Patch Notes - March 10, 2021

Share · View all patches · Build 6361824 · Last edited 10 March 2021 – 23:06:10 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello! Today's 30XX 0.16.0 Patch contains the start of our recolor work for visual clarity - we've changed Highvault's colors a bit - a few other visual clarity improvements, performance improvements, a few game balance changes, and a bunch of fixes! It also properly implements the Parallelized Fate upgrade, so players who've unlocked that can now reroll away items they don't want.

As we continue to make visual updates to 30XX, we'd love to hear your feedback on how it's going - we know that not every change we make is going to be popular with everyone, but our goal's to make sure the game reads as well as possible.

Now that the dust has settled a bit with our launch, we're full steam ahead on new features for 30XX. We've still got plenty of bugfixing to do in the coming weeks, but we're hoping to build out 30XX's powerful tradeoff Prototype Augs in time for 0.17 in 3 weeks, and we've started work on the game's seventh level theme (which will come out in a few months).

These patch notes also contain a hotfix recap since the game launched on Feb 17th, so these notes represent the majority of our work over the past 3 weeks on 30XX.

NOTE: We've added a "Help! I'm stuck!" button in the game's Settings menu - use it if you get wedged in geometry or otherwise stuck somewhere until we've fixed those issues.

Thanks for playing!

(edit: We've hotfixed to 0.16.1 to fix a crash.)



  • Fixed a performance issue that could cause stutters (especially in Burning Temple, but it was possible anywhere).
  • Highvault visual updates! We've updated a bunch of colors to backgrounds, tiles, and decorations, aimed at making the level a little clearer and reducing overall brightness. Let us know what you think!
  • Also added some new visuals to the Hoot Omega battle.
  • Fixed Parallelized Fate. It'll now properly grant +1 item reroll per rank. Once unlocked, the number of rerolls available is visible on the Pause screen, and when hovering over an item in game.
  • Updated a large number of sound effects.
  • Updated a few sprites for Lara, Echo Shell, and charged Crystal Wave.
  • Fixed Echocave's Flapp colors so they stand out better.
  • Updated Large Health/Nuts pickups to differentiate them a bit better from their Small counterparts.
  • Adjusted default chunk start/endpoints slightly (to avoid a few more Resurrection-shrine-in-wall issues - this also fixes an issue where you could test an upward-moving chunk in the Editor and spawn inside of terrain you'd placed.)
  • Fixed an issue where Glory Zone sidepaths would be placed in an odd spot in a level, causing stuff like Penumbra's music advancing too quickly and a certain Highvault Glory Zone where you'd see floating lava by the exit.
  • Mobility Realizer nerfed to +4 speed (from +5).
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Frail Glory's crown to fall into a Void Spawner in Penumbra.
  • Fixed Oxjack's dash-barrier showing up in the wrong places while dashing up or down. (The protection hitbox was in the right place, but was displaying incorrectly.)
  • Added a bunch of new level chunks, and updated others.


  • Implemented a layer system! You can now toggle Tile, Background Tile, Foreground Tile, Enemy and Level Object layers on or off. Assets on disabled layers cannot be placed, selected or deleted. This feature is exclusive to Advanced Mode.
  • The Settings menu contains several modes to draw disabled layers.
  • Bonus chunks now require a golden chest to be placed.
  • Updated the bonus teleporters to match their in-game graphics.
  • Adjusted the Start/End point hint arrow placement in the Editor tutorial.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting regular tiles and background wall tiles while moving them.
  • Fixed a crash when deleting several assets at once while moving them, then undoing the deletion.
  • Fixed a memory leak when changing the Editor language repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug where bonus teleporters did not have a description if the language is set to English.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting an asset with a "destination" parameter while moving it, then undoing the deletion, would result in an incorrect destination point.

RECAP: Update summary since launch:

  • Fixed a crash that could happen when Penumbra's Void Orbs get frozen.

  • Performed a level length balance pass in both Standard and Mega Modes. In general, the first level of a run will now be shorter, and level 6 will be a bit longer. (This also lets us exercise a bit more control over how Pilgrimage makes levels longer.)

  • Tightened up lots of our camera snap zones. (We're also experimenting with new camera snap zones in HQ - let us know what you think!)

  • Fixed up Shieldface initial behavior - there were a few cases where they might not start moving right when activated.

  • Ace can now catch his thrown Saber and Raijin Call during his own invuln frames.

  • Deepverse's Snake Miniboss' exploding tail pieces now deal damage scaling with Enemy Damage (Zealot's Wrath) instead of Hazard Damage (Sacred Spines).

  • Fixed an issue where Oxjack's dash-bolt didn't correctly trigger Penumbra's Megavoids.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Mega Mode shop items to not save as "purchased".

  • Fixed an issue causing Mega Mode shops to not synchronize properly in online co-op. (The two players now share a shop, and if either player attempts to purchase an item, both players will get it.)

  • Fixed a few edge cases where co-op save data could behave oddly in online co-op in Mega Mode.

  • Fixed cases where Japanese strings would incorrectly display as "~".

  • Fixed a few potential crashes.

  • Fixed an issue causing Slot Machines to occasionally drop Energy capsules (which don't drop in the game at all anymore).

  • Fixed an issue in online co-op that could cause the client to be unable to trigger miniboss encounters. If either player makes it to the miniboss trigger, it'll teleport the other player forward and start the event.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to appear invisible to one another in online co-op, especially after a death/game reset.

  • Fixed the mid-level Choice Machine drawing too far forward.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause coyote time jumps to fail to trigger Penumbra's Faith Block groups. (30XX gives you a small period of time after you walk off a platform to jump normally - the bug was that these jumps would sometimes fail to trigger the faith block disappearing and spawning the next set, which felt bad.)

  • Fixed an issue that'd cause Hoot Omega to fly directly into lava and die immediately. (We'd been testing enemies taking damage from spikes/lava/etc - 0.15.6 removes this - let us know what you think!

  • All "warp" effects other than teleporting to your partner in co-op now also set your last "safe" spot to the warp location (so you don't warp, touch lava, and go all the way back to before the warp).

  • Fixed an issue in online co-op where a Tornado Machine's tornadoes might display in the wrong direction (causing a phantom hitbox).

  • Fixed an issue causing a player to be temporarily unable to attack after joining a co-op session. (If you still experience this or are playing on an older version, you can reset it by charging up a shot.)

  • Fixed Echobeast's teleport warning tells showing up under the ground when he moves to the bottom of his arena.

  • Fixed an issue causing Clockzone's Gearturret (spinning clock face enemy) to not animate properly for the client in online play.

  • Fixed an issue causing Clockzone Gear Platforms (and spike gears) with exceptionally long movement periods to warp after entering their room.

  • Hopefully fixed an issue causing some players with specific, uncommon controllers to not be able to control menus as expected. Please check in with us if this describes you! When pausing in local co-op, only the pausing player will have menu control now.

    • Folks play 30XX with a wide variety of controllers, so let us know if any other issues pop here - we'll get em resolved ASAP.
  • Fixed a missing Echocave decoration.

  • You can no longer unequip the Toy Beam (previously Dump Beam) if doing so would place you over your Core Limit.

  • The new Unstuck button no longer works on the title screen (to hilarious results).

  • During Early Access, "Show Chunk Name" now defaults to On in Advanced Options.

  • Shopaholic no longer spawns more than once per run.

  • Added an "Unstuck" command at the bottom of the Settings menu. If you use it, it'll teleport any local players (i.e., not your partner in online co-op) to the beginning of the chunk you're in. We've seen a few issues where various abilities can get players stuck, so we figured we'd add this while we work on them. It'll also currently unlock miniboss/contemplate gates, in case the unstuck feature places you behind a gate you've already triggered.

    • Please note: This command probably doesn't work flawlessly yet, so you should probably only use it if you really need it! There are almost certainly a few places where this command will send you somewhere you don't want to go. We'll fix it up as soon as we find the time.
  • Fixed an online Penumbra crash.

  • Fixed an issue where Ace and Nina could pick up some of the other's weapons, sometimes resulting in a crash when used.

  • Fixed an issue causing Lethal Tempo to refuse to drop Potentia.

  • Choicebooster now affects new Mega Mode shops.

  • Fixed an issue causing Revive shrines to spawn during the Hoot Omega fight.

  • Fixed an issue causing the camera to zoom improperly during the Hoot Omega fight (either in local co-op, or when dying).

  • Reduced level length in Standard by approximately 33%. Mega Mode's level length is unchanged.

  • Fixed two crashes - one that seems to have been related to loading Mega Mode files, and one that involved invalid bullet spawns.

  • Penumbra's Voidspawners now spawn a new Void after 3 seconds (levels 1-2) and 2 seconds (levels 3+), up from 2 seconds/1 second, respectively.

  • Fixed some level generation possibilities that caused deeply wack situations.

  • Improved default placement of resurrection shrines in co-op so they (hopefully) don't show up in walls. (Looking at you, Clockzone spawns.)

  • Fixed an online issue that'd see Ace-playing clients pick up Techniques into the wrong slot, sometimes overwriting existing abilities.

  • Increased Slot/Shop spawn rates in Standard.

  • Fixed Highvault's Tornado Machines visuals sometimes not matching the hitbox in online play as the client.

  • Fixed Penumbra's music issue. (Bandaid fix - better fix coming soon.)

  • Fixed an issue that'd make it look like you had full Energy as Nina after completing a stage with 0. (It was a display bug.)

  • Fixed an issue causing the Core Blessing (Memory Index upgrade) to work approximately 100% less frequently than intended.

  • Fixed a sneaky hiding wall in a certain Clockzone chunk (that'd make it look like you were landing on nothing).

  • Fixed the only common crash we've seen so far - keep those reports coming!

  • Fixed online issues where Trapmole, Shieldface, and Crystal Twin enemies (Echocave) weren't behaving properly for the client.

  • Fixed a few awkward level generations.

  • Fixed a few issues that might be causing Proton users to crash. (There may be more.)

  • Highvault Wind platforms now do a better job of stopping players from getting stuck in them.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Mega Mode shop to not properly reset when you start a new run in a given slot.

  • Updated Chest graphics for a little more clarity. We have bigger plans here - we're not done yet!


  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the Editor tutorial.
  • Fixed the Start/End point hint arrow placement in the Editor tutorial.
  • The editor can now be used without an account. Certain features, such as uploading chunks, still require one, however.
  • In the Chunk Catalog menu, you can now view a chunk author's "User Card" from the Chunk Card.
  • You can now view all chunks by a given user, either through the User Card or as a filter in the Chunk Catalog.
  • You can now only vote on a chunk if you've played it.
  • The editor now reminds you of Advanced Mode when uploading a Basic Mode chunk (can be disabled).
  • Removed Clockzone's "Gate" phase (since this is a transitional phase).
  • Newly generated chunk thumbnails now have colored borders to indicate the chunk difficulty.
  • Newly generated chunk thumbnails now have rounded corners to better match the shape of their containers.
  • Improved background scaling in newly generated chunk thumbnails.
  • Objects with a "destination" or "path" parameter no longer show their destination or path in newly generated chunk thumbnails.
  • Fixed a rare crash when moving multiple tiles at once.
  • Fixed a memory leak when entering and leaving the chunk builder repeatedly.
  • Fixed a lot of instances of text not fitting in buttons or fields in certain languages.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting a copied asset and hovering over other assets would leave behind highlight rectangles.
  • Fixed a bug where multi-selecting objects, then right-clicking an unselected object to delete it, also deletes the selected objects.
  • Fixed a bug where multi-selecting both objects and tiles, then right-clicking a tile, doesn't delete the objects and vice versa.
  • Fixed a bug where chunks with the Bonus phase would show a broken phase name in Basic Mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the Bonus phase could not be selected in the Chunk Catalog filters.
  • Fixed a bug where hovering over an asset while saving the chunk would display the highlight rectangle for that asset in the chunk thumbnail.
  • Fixed a bug where certain floating cars on the title screen could disappear before leaving the screen.
  • Hopefully fixed a rare bug where you cannot enter your chunk name in the in-editor settings menu.
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