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Punch Planet update for 20 March 2021

Punch Planet - Version 0.7.1.A - GAT

Share · View all patches · Build 6361621 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Version 0.7.1 is now released, Gat joins the fight!

Read the full detail changelog here.


Little is known about the origins of Gat, but it's believed he has appeared throughout history to reap from times of chaos. He has returned once more and as the new custodian of Punch Planet.

There is much debate as to whether he is truly immortal or using some form of space wizardry to keep himself alive.

Name : Gat
Age : Unknown
Origin : Unknown
Occupation : Space Wizard


  • 1000

Unique Moves

  • Coffin Kicks: Down + MK (in air, up to 3x)

Special Moves

  • Gem: QCF + Punch
  • Prism Cell: QCB + Punch
  • Levitate: QCF + Kick (in air)
  • Levitate Followups:
    -> Air Reaper: Punch
    -> Air Stake: Kick
    -> Levitate (EX): QCF + 2x Kick

Super Moves

  • Gem Lancer: QCFx2 + Punch (Costs 2 Bars)
  • Diamond Maiden: QCFx2 + Kick (Costs 4 Bars)


  • Normals can be chained into higher priority normals (Light -> Medium / Heavy, Medium -> Heavy), grounded and airborne
  • Airborne normals are cancellable into Levitate (Jp.HP exception)
  • St.MP, Cr.HP, and St.HK are jump cancellable on hit


Added Crystal Desert Stage


Added Gat and Crystal Desert Stage.

When selecting stage music, can now choose music from other stages.

Performance Optimizations

Made substantial optimizations to systems that manage many instances of objects, greatly improving how these objects are cached and used. Collision Box, Projectile, Sound, and Game Effect systems should all have a much smaller per-frame performance footprint, which should improve both normal performance and roll-back performance.

Priority Trades

Added priority trade logic to the game. When two attacks collide at the same time, instead of always trading (both hits are applied), the strength of both attacks will be taken into consideration. If one attack has a higher attack strength value (Light -> Medium / Projectile -> Heavy -> Special), that move will win the trade and their attack will land as a counter-hit.

Hit Stop

Lowered hit stop across the board, should speed up the game flow quite a bit.

  • Light: Remains 6/10
  • Medium: Decreased from 8/12 to 7/11
  • Heavy: Decreased from 10/14 to 8/12
  • Special: Decreased from 12/16 to 10/14
  • JTC: Decreased from 12/16 to 10/14
  • Throw: Increased from 10 to 12


Some adjustments to leniency to make links a little easier and cancels a little more strict (still easy). Also a slight adjust to make DP input slightly more strict.

  • HitCancel_Normal: Decreased from 8 to 6
  • HitCancel_Super: Decreased from 20 to 6
  • Link_Normal: Increased from 3 to 4
  • Link_Special: Increased from 3 to 8
  • Stun: Increased from 3 to 4
  • Wakeup: Increased from 3 to 4
  • Dash: Increased from 4 to 6
  • DP_Forward: Decreased buffer frames after last direction input from 8 to 6

Push Back

Some slight adjusts to make push back happen a bit faster

  • Increased push back scale from 2.75 to 3.0 (moves more each frame)
  • Decreased push calculation frames from 16 to 14 (happens over less frames)


Increased maximum distance between characters from 23 to 24, this will allow characters to be farther apart than before.

Character Hit Shake

Re-enabled and adjusted the character shake that happens when hit collisions occur. Should look better than it did previously and provide some more umfph to attacks, also now applies to the attacker when an attack is parried.


Special moves that are cancelled out of a successful parry will now orient towards the opponent, should help when parrying moves that are hitting right as they cross up.

Also slightly adjusted the freeze / animation ratio when parrying hits, should animate slightly more than before (no functional change).


Quite a few buffs that should help the effectiveness of JTC.

Decreased juggle x-velocity and corner push back, should allow for more followups to land based on positioning.

Improved dash version by increasing distance travelled and cancel window by 2 frames.

Collision Boxes

For all body types, extended empty airborne hurt box bottom down from 4.0 to 3.75. Should make it slightly easier to hit airborne opponents before they've pressed an attack.

For Dog body type, slightly extended the width of his standing and crouching hurt boxes by 0.15. Should make him slightly easier to hit on the ground.


Slightly adjusted how the walk ramp works, increased ramp frames from 4 to 10 and adjusted range from [0.25, 1.0] to [0.5, 1.0]. This means it will ramp over more frames total, but it will start at a faster speed (longer ramp from 50% -> 100%, instead of a shorter ramp from 25% -> 100%).


Increased throw tech frames from 7 to 6, a little harder to tech.

Decreased recovery frames on whiff from 23 to 21, a little harder to punish on whiff.

Throw breaks now use the push back system for breaking the two characters apart. This will standardize how throw break movement is applied to all characters, instead of relying on their throw break animation. Also, this allows throw breaks that happen in the corner to apply extra push back and maintain the same break distance regardless of stage position.

Also improved leniency coming out of a throw break to use Special leniency instead of Normal.


Adjusted camera zoom for all Super activations, should look cooler.


Standardized damage systems and removed Global / Character scaling functionality and adjusted new values accordingly. Damage is now strictly calculated by BaseDamage * ComboScaling.


Standardized meter gain on use for all special moves to 100 (some were at 150). Also standardized meter use frame for all EX / Super moves from frame 1 to 2 to avoid extra usage when kara-cancelling.


Sweeps have had their block stun reduced across the board and are slightly worse when cancelling into DTC.

EX Reversals

Extended hit box bottom on all reversals so that they are not so easily low-profiled, they should hit more often against low opponents.


  • Fw.MP: Damage slightly decreased
  • Cr.MK: Early frames no longer low-profile, reduced hit box range
  • Cr.HP: Damage slightly increased
  • St.HK.Charged: Damage slightly decreased
  • Cr.HK: Decreased block stun and advantage
  • Headbutt.EX: Extended hit box bottom, increased grab invincible frames
  • Gunshot: Damage slightly decreased


  • St.MP: Damage slightly decreased
  • Cr.MP.Pre-Hold: Early frames no longer low-profile
  • Cr.MP: Damage increased
  • Cr.MK: Damage slightly decreased
  • St.HP.Charged: Decreased damage
  • Cr.HP: Increased damage
  • Cr.HK: Decreased block stun and advantage
  • KnifeRush.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • KnifeRush.EX: Increased grab invincible frames
  • Grenade.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • Grenade.Projectile: Extended hit box top, increased push back
  • Grenade.Projectile.EX: Now slides after first hit


  • Cr.MK: Decreased block stun and advantage, decreased knockdown frames on normal hit, increased knockdown frames on counter-hit
  • St.HP: Increased armor startup frame
  • Jp.Splash: Increased block stun
  • Jp.HP: Updated animation, decreased block stun
  • Shield.L/M/H: Increased meter gain, adjusted armor properties, release changed from airborne to standing
  • Shield.L/M: Increased block stun and advantage
  • Shield.EX: Decreased movement distance, increased grab invincible frames
  • BreakYourBones.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use, increased spike x velocity, increased corner push back
  • HeadLopper.All: Now beats projectiles instead of trading
  • FlyingGoddess.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • Super.WarDance: Decreased corner pushback against airborne opponents, decreased knockdown frames
  • Super.MeteorGoddess: Decreased knockdown frames


  • Added FX to special moves
  • Dash.Forward: Decreased distance
  • Throw.Air: Added Air Throw
  • Throw.Forward: Fixed not having leniency going back to neutral
  • Cr.MK: Decreased block stun and advantage
  • St.HP: Increased knockdown frames, decreased juggle value
  • Cr.HP: Decreased push back, increased block stun and advantage
  • St.HK: Increased juggle value
  • Dw.HK.Slide: Increased recovery frames, decreased block stun and advantage
  • Run->LeapStrike.Regular: No longer causes hard knockdown, increased damage, increased block stun and advantage
  • Run->LeapStrike.EX: Increased recovery frames, decreased block stun and advantage
  • PinWheel: Extended move box bottom
  • PinWheel.EX: Decreased corner push back
  • PinWheel->Dive.All: Now an overhead, adjusted animation
  • PinWheel->Dive.Regular: Decreased hit stun and block stun
  • PinWheel->Dive.EX: Decreased hit stun
  • PinWheel->Grab: Added PinWheel -> Grab followup, hits against standing opponents only (not crouching or airborne)
  • PinWheel->Slide.EX: No longer super cancellable
  • PinWheel.EX->ComboGrab: Added grab followup that hits against airborne and only usable if the EX.PinWheel hits on the way up


  • Dash.Forward: Decreased distance
  • Dash.Backward: Increased distance
  • Throw.Forward: Decreased knockdown frames
  • St.LK: Decreased damage
  • Cr.LK: Extended hit box range
  • Fw.MK: Increased startup frames, increased followthrough frames, increased hit stun, decreased hit / block advantage
  • Fw.MK->HK: Decreased startup frames, increased damage, extended hit box top
  • Fw.HK: Extended hit box range
  • St.HP: Retracted hit box range, extended hurt box range, now beats projectiles instead of trading
  • Cr.HK: Decreased block stun and advantage
  • LunarDisk.All: Increased projectile spawn y position (slightly higher)
  • LunarDisk.Projectile.EX: First hit now juggles against grounded opponents, decreased juggle x velocity
  • CrescentKicks.All: Extended hit box bottom, decreased first hit corner push back against grounded opponents, retracted first hit hit box left position (does not extend as far back)
  • Super.LegendaryAgent: Decreased invincibility frames


  • Added FX to moves that are buffed and granting armor
  • Jumps: Slightly increased jump height
  • Fw.MP: Now has a charged version
  • Fw.MP.Fast: Decreased movement distance, increased followthrough frames, decreased hit stun, decreased hit and block advantage
  • Fw.MP.Charged: Requires 7 frames of holding, grants better advantage and moves farther
  • Cr.MK: Decreased hit box range, decreased hurt box range, damage increased
  • Fw.HP: Now has a charged version
  • Fw.HP.Fast: Now causes a soft knockdown against airborne opponents, decreased followthrough frames, decreased recovery frames, decreased hit and block advantage
  • Fw.HP.Charged: Requires 8 frames of holding, grants ground bounce against airborne, farther range, and better advantage
  • Cr.HP: Increased startup frames, decreased hit box range, decreased block stun and advantage
  • Cr.HK: Increased juggle remove value
  • GroundAndPound.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • GroundAndPound.L: Now causes a hard knockdown, increased juggle remove value, decreased damage
  • GroundAndPound.H: Increased damage
  • HornyToad.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • HornyToad.All: Extended initial hit box bottom
  • HookSwing.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • HookSwing.EX: Increased second hit juggle y velocity
  • Buff-U.Projectile: No longer has proximity box
  • Super.LastCall.Buffed: Decreased damage


  • General: Decreased health from 1100 to 1050
  • Dash.Forward: Increased distance
  • Throw.Backward: Fixed juggle animation on KO
  • Jp.LK: Extended hit box range, extended hurt box range
  • St.MP: Increased followthrough frames, decreased recovery frames (no total change)
  • Cr.MP: Increased followthrough frames, decreased recovery frames (no total change)
  • Dw.Bk.MP: Decreased startup frames
  • Jp.MP: Increased active frames, decreased followthrough frames
  • St.MK: Increased followthrough frames, decreased recovery frames, extended second hit hit box range, extended hurt box range
  • Cr.HP: Decreased startup frames, upper hit box no longer hits against crouching oponents, decreased upper hit hit box range, decreased lower hit hit box range, retracted hurt box range, now beats projectiles instead of trading
  • Jp.HP: Decreased hit stun, decreased block stun
  • St.HK: Decreased damage
  • Cr.HK: Adjusted proximity box range, decreased block stun and advantage
  • Jp.HK: Increased active frames, increased hit stun, increased block stun, extended hit box range
  • BatteryDischarge.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • BatteryDischarge.All: Juggle now always launches away
  • EnergyTurret.L/M/H: Decreased followthrough frames, decreased meter gain on use
  • EnergyTurret.Projectile.All: Extended hit box bottom
  • EnergyTurret.Projectile.L/M/H: Increased hit stun, increased block stun, now juggles against airborne opponents in a combo (still resets against jumping)
  • EnergyTurret.Projectile.EX: Increased projectile hit value (no longer loses to gunshot)
  • RapidTaser.All: Extended hit box range, extended hit box bottom
  • RapidTaser.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • RapidTaser.M: Increased distance, retracted final hit hit box range
  • RapidTaser.H: Increased distance
  • RapidTaser.EX: Increased distance, now has armor frames later in startup, increased grab invincible frames
  • OrbitalStrike.L/M/H: Decreased meter gain on use
  • JetPack.L/M/H: Increased hold speed
  • BackBoost: Can now cancel into regular JetPack
  • Super.MaximumThrusters: Increased damage on block
  • Super.AccessDenied: Decreased meter lost per frame

You can read the full detailed notes here

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