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Osiris: New Dawn update for 6 March 2021

Version 0.4.400 Available Now!

Share · View all patches · Build 6339245 · Last edited 24 June 2023 – 16:41:41 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community
Coming off last week's polish updates is a focus on vastly improved interactions along with a full upgrade to the Gameplay Options!

Gameplay Options

We added a slew of fresh new options to suit a wide variety of gameplay tastes. Want to tame down survival gameplay and focus on building? We got that. Want a hard-core-hard-science experience? We got that too. These options are available for your Single Player and Private Universe campaigns. Public Servers will be set to Normal for now.

Chisel Interaction

Working from the technology recently added to the Multi Tool, we’ve added a damage meter when mining minerals with the Chisel. The chisel also has an intelligent reticle in both first and third person modes to illustrate what is in range.

Third Person Melee

We spent the bulk of the week on 3rp person melee. First, we needed to make sure the weapon swing occurred over the center of the screen to coincide with the reticle. This was accomplished with complex math rotations on top of the motion capture animation data. Then, the trigger sphere from each weapon mathematically calculates the precise position of the hit for proper FX and damage dealing. We also added a raycast from the center of the screen at precisely the right time per swing to calculate detection from the camera, then compare the data from the swing sphere and raycast to find the proper result. Finally, a simple animation speed adjustment when a hit occurs creates the feeling of collision. Also, when holding a melee weapon the camera is brought in to showcase the action. When added all together, we find the 3rd person melee feels very satisfying, responsive, and consistent.

Durability and Hardness

Every surface and melee weapon now has hardness. This is scientifically based on Moh’s hardness scale and each mineral now displays the correct hardness value. Your default chisel is made of steel and therefore has a hardness of 7. Hit any material less than 7 and the chisel will not lose durability. Hit an object over 7 and it will lose durability.

Once durability of an item is depleted it no longer is destroyed - this was far too punishing and not good design. Instead, the item enters a fully degraded state, flashes red, and can still be used but will deal less damage. All items can easily be repaired on the Repair Table.

Utility Interactions

We’ve added proper contextual subtitles to many of the Structures and Utilities in the game, describing states/uses for each.

For example, the 3D Printer requires power to use. If it does not have power the Printer does not light up and the HUD displays it does not have power. Build a nearby Solar Panel and the Printer lights up and is fully interactable. We’ll be adding this functionality to all Utilities and Structures as we go.

Stackable Storage

First, we tracked down the bug preventing the Depository from stacking. Then we added functionality to make other items stack, and added this to the Space Debris Chest!

Here's a video that showcases some of this week's features:

Bug Smash

The Feedback tool continues to be a fantastic resource between player and developer, and we knocked out hundreds of reported issues this week, many having to do with space travel. Here's this week's change list:

  • Added - Survival Sound Library Added new cross hair textures
  • Added - Highlighter filtering to bias towards pick ups and selected objects
  • Added - Highlighter filtering to bias towards pick ups and selected objects
  • Added - Info Display to selected Inventory Icon
  • Added - sounds and FX to Forge
  • Added - sound to Space Debris Chest
  • Added - Redicle to MultiTool
  • Added - redicle to Chisel
  • Added - Redicle System to Multi Tool
  • Added - highlighter to all creatures
  • Added - sound to all creatures
  • Added - look at transform for Airlock Ramp Making sure the creature prefabs got updated
  • Added - Graphics Jobs for more optimizations
  • Added - Decal Library
  • Added - Decal System
  • Added - 3rd person hit pause with successful hit
  • Added - Discovery system foundation
  • Added - math to determine proper placement of 3rd person hit collisions
  • Added - dynamic key interactions to Utilities
  • Added - proper subtitle for Utilities and Structures
  • Added - harness to all melee weapons and tools
  • Added - chisel hardness detection
  • Added - flashing red icon to destroyed items
  • Added - harness to all minerals
  • Added - hardness system
  • Added - raycast to 3rd person combat
  • Added - durability and hardness to Tactical Knife and Chisel
  • Added - Panic audio to Player
  • Added - a weight stat to CreatureSpecies in CreatureData
  • Added - hit stun and knockback systems to creatures
  • Added - - ded Eat and Drink sound Emotes
  • Added - volume control to DroidSound audio cues
  • Added - messages for the remote user when they are added and removed as Allies
  • Added - Custom Options back to singleplayer and private multiplayer
  • Fixed - enemy syncing in multiplayer (enemies should no longer teleport around)
  • Fixed - collision on Colossus beetle
  • Fixed - Ammo boxes in mines
  • Fixed - spaceship duplication issues
  • Fixed - a bug that would cause ID mismatches and could cause any number of issues
  • Fixed - Turrets should no longer target Allies
  • Fixed - Panels on the escape pod should no longer respawn when reloading the world
  • Fixed - commander in Beta Mine
  • Fixed - a bug causing enemies to stop spawning until the world was reloaded after a certain number
  • Fixed - Seek task from indefinitely retreating from player
  • Fixed - invisible collision in craters of Lutari
  • Fixed - infinite terrain in Lutari causing frame hitches
  • Fixed - Lutari Low Orbit Fixed low gravity movement speed
  • Fixed - Aziel disappearing in Low Orbit Fixed particles showing on Aziel surface from space
  • Fixed - hover landing in first person
  • Fixed - display weather only on Planet
  • Fixed - shovelling from crouch in 3rd Person
  • Fixed - jumping from crouch
  • Fixed - Glitch option
  • Fixed - Gas Tank trigger blocking other triggers
  • Fixed - solid green lab wall on interact
  • Fixed - Repair Droid repair sound
  • Fixed - Run Reticle size
  • Fixed - Feedback when not added a screenshot
  • Fixed - all weapon shadows
  • Fixed - light in Inflatable Dome
  • Fixed - Trigger in Inflatable Dome
  • Fixed - Ramp in Inflatable Dome
  • Fixed - interaction on environment objects
  • Fixed - Crafting Table crafted icons not appearing
  • Changed - Configured hit behaviors on all creatures
  • Changed - Adjusted Pursue and Seek tasks to properly interrupt when a creature is hit
  • Changed - Adjusted base health values for all creatures
  • Changed - Reduced glow on Spaceship Engines Reduced reentry audio volume
  • Changed - Adjusted Repair Droid sound
  • Changed - Adjusted Repair Droid FX
  • Changed - Reduced stomp impact in frist person
  • Changed - Reduced Tense audio in Player
  • Changed - Setting pixel light count to 4 on all settings
  • Changed - Made glitch FX a singleton
  • Changed - Set 3rd person melee to attack towards center of frame
  • Changed - Changed durability to no longer destroy items
  • Changed repair to be more simplified when repairing structures
  • Changed - Plants now emit fx on each hit
  • Changed - Improved textures and materials for Structures and Utilities
  • Changed - Set flashing wall interaction to match highlighter pulsing
  • Changed - 3rd Person melee is now zoomed in for third person
  • Changed - Stamina penalty now has slow jog instead of forced walk
  • Changed - Creatures are now forced to knock back when hit
  • Changed - Optimized all minerals Optimized Structures with LODs
  • Changed - Improved hit sounds
  • Changed - Improved hit sparks
  • Changed - Improved chisel swing animation
  • Changed - More interaction on Redicle system
  • Changed - Improved plant hit FX for all Proteus plants
  • Changed - Improved meteor sounds
  • Changed - Tactical Knife is now more metallic in appearance
  • Changed - Repair Tool material improvements
  • Changed - Set all textures to be more optimal
  • Changed - Memory optimization pass
  • Changed - Frame rate optimization pass
  • Changed - Optimized textures Set Texture settings for more optimal texture memory
  • Changed - Changing rendering to Deferred for better depth buffer handling
  • Changed - Adjusted foot sounds to all creatures
  • Changed - Sound polish on Crash Site
  • Changed - Adjusted Sound Mixer for better volume control in first and third person modes
  • Changed - Upressed textures on crude melee weapons
  • Changed - Optimized Repair Table
  • Changed - Optimized Workbench
  • Changed - Adjusted ragdoll kill force on all creatures
  • Changed - Updated Repair Droid spark sound volume
  • Changed - Updated sounds on health items
  • Changed - Upped TOD cycle slider to max out at 10x
  • Changed - Configured hit reactions on all creatures with available animations
  • Changed - Rebalanced all player weapons to each have their strengths and weaknesses
  • Changed - Storm now has a lower chance to damage the player by default
  • Changed - Extended weather system lengths except storm
  • Changed - Doubled default TOD cycle length
  • Changed - Increased climbable slope in Normal and Easy difficulties
  • Changed - Enemies now spawn much less frequently and their spawn numbers are further limited in Normal and Easy difficulties
  • Removed - Disabled landing animation in First Person
  • Removed - aluminum from Steel recipe
  • Removed - Temporarily disabled missions past Follow the Commander
  • Removed - Debug from Seek task
  • Removed - debug from seek script
  • Removed - unneeded Debug Logs
  • Removed - rain sound on Aziel

As always, be sure to check out our official Roadmap: Osiris: New Dawn - Roadmap

We hope you enjoy this week’s build! We have some pretty big stuff coming right around the corner, and also like the gains we’re seeing from polishing details. Therefore we plan on focusing a third of our effort to new material, a third to polish/balancing, and a third to bug fixes/stability. So ~33.3% for each, if my math is correct.

Light speed is too slow,

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