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GROUND BRANCH update for 3 July 2019

BUILD UPDATE #014: Hotfix

Share · View all patches · Build 3978385 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hotfix in the house!

We're fixing the networking issues and broken volume sliders brought in by the previous update, and throwing in a little extra content because why the hell not? "Well, maybe because extra content tends to increase file sizes and you're calling this a hotfix?", you might ask rather sarcastically. And to that hypothetical question, we reply: SHUT UP. SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR CONTENT.

Anyway, the rundown is right after this reminder:

📢 The Steam® Summer Sale goes on: GB is 25% OFF!

The Steam® Summer Sale 2019 has another week to burn and our 25% discount is still on.

You know the drill—grab it, gift it, recommend it, share the news.

Every bit helps us get GROUND BRANCH to where we all want it to be.

› We strongly recommend players coming from an older version of the game (pre-v1027) to delete all files located in %LOCALAPPDATA%\GroundBranch\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. For those who can afford it, a complete reinstall isn't a bad idea either. If you have control, loadout and other such issues, be sure to try these options.
› NOTE: All dedicated servers must be updated to work with the current build.


Networking fixes

Lots of server fixes to address crashes, log spam and various connectivity issues introduced in v1027. Thanks for all the reports!

Fixed audio sliders

Mikson's new weapon sounds are impressive, but they're also pretty loud. If you're not among those of us who gladly risk hearing loss for some extra immersion, you'll be happy to know the audio sliders are fixed. To make gunshots and related sounds quieter, turn down the SFX slider under Settings › Audio.

Adjustable grenade throw

The grenade arc HUD for estimating throw trajectory can now be adjusted in steps for longer or shorter throws by scrolling up/down with the Mouse Wheel. Let us know how it works for you!

NEW MAP: 747 (Night)

WIP map 747 now has a first implementation of its Night version.

› Terrorist Hunt A.I. placement has been improved for both day and night versions.

NEW GEAR: Shotgun Rail Adapter

Now you can rock the M1014 and SDASS Custom shotguns with a tac light or whatever accessories you wanna fit on them. Simply attach the rail adapter, and then place the desired accessory on either of the side rails.

NEW GEAR: Extended Magazines (G22 and PMAG)

As part of our partnership with Taran Tactical, we've added extended base pads for the G22 and PMAG magazines. They're selectable inside weapon customization under "Magazines".

  • The G22 extended magazine carries 18+1 rounds.

  • The extended PMAG carries 35+1 rounds.

› We'll have reasonable trade-offs for these new items once stamina and other systems are implemented.


Various fixes for kit items and their usage.


  • Picking up weapons from the ground is inconsistent and might not work.

  • Running while engaged (i.e. aiming down sights) is using the running animation and may cause a wobbly support arm depending on foregrip location.

  • Game mode Defend is missing Defender spawn boundaries and Attacker freeze period.


Build version: 1027(.1)


Steam Build ID: 3978385
Size: 1.2 GB

Dedicated server

Steam Build ID: 3978388
Size: 50 MB

* FIXED crash if player disconnects shortly after being resurrected by admin  
* FIXED crash if a PlayerState without a valid player controller ends up in AGBGameMode::DeadOnlyChat()  
* FIXED crash relating to GetGameStateSafe  
* FIXED "Too many failures to spawn" causing round to end by removing the related timer all together and just brute forcing all players that can enter play to enter play  
* FIXED spawning with a firearm on client, but not on server  
* FIXED being able to reload/switch items etc. while sprinting  
* FIXED run/walk key cancelling lean when stationary  
* FIXED AI attempting to shoot early prevent round from chambering, thus preventing further shooting  
* FIXED firearms continuing to fire when put away during full auto  
* FIXED change firing mode with trigger pulled  
* FIXED missing/bad navigation in areas on 747  
* FIXED volume settings for WWise not being applied causing them to reset to 100% next time the game loads  
* FIXED 747 map bugs  
* Ability to hop over perimeter fence  
* No texture on wall flag  
* FIXED City bugs  
* trash clipping through  
* subway wall poking through street  
* top of ladder collision in way  
* subway walls culling out to early  
* FIXED bad shipping container UVs  
* FIXED player hanging up on top of truck ladder in 747  
* FIXED some missing Physical Material settings on a few rock types in Storage Facility  
* FIXED TankerShip insertion info section for player names going offscreen  
* FIXED lack of collision on 747 playspace boundary that let players get to non playable areas  
* FIXED rifle laser sight allowing multiple versions to be attached to same weapon  
* FIXED impassable stair section in City scaffolding  
* FIXED odd looking fuel tanks on 747 map (missing textures)  
* FIXED potential nullptr in various functions related to character appearance and loadouts by adding IsValid(Character)  
* FIXED GBFirearm only binding to reload montages OnMontageEnded() delegate on server/offline, preventing clients from being able to reload more then once  
* FIXED game and plugin properties that caused Cooker/UE4 to spam "is not initialized properly" in the log  
NOTE: still need to do a pass on the engine ones  
* FIXED references to old/non-existent assets causing cooker to spawn "Unable to find package for cooking"  
* FIXED (hopefully) assets causing cooker to spam "X imported blah but it was never saved as an export" in log  
* required opening/saving all maps that use various Blueprints :|  
* FIXED missing/bad navigation in areas on 747  
* FIXED BP_TerroristHunt_SpawnManager spawn point usage randomisation caused by changing from GB to standard BP macro library  
* FIXED green tint in black Field (G2) pants  
* FIXED unclamped off-target alpha value in GBFirearm::PrevPosPressed_Implementation()  
* FIXED typo in WBP_OpsBoard_InProgressButton preventing from being visible when round was in progress  
NOTE: InPorgress != InProgress  
* FIXED WBP_LoadingScreen getting none when trying to access to GameState  
* FIXED GBGameMode::GetBestLateComerInsertionPoint() always returning a random insertion point  
* FIXED round not ending if player logs out in BP_TerroristHunt, BP_Defend & BP_TeamEilimination  
* FIXED "RequestAsyncLoad called with empty or only null assets!" spam caused by call to AsynLoad() in BP_Firearm_Master (doh!)  
* FIXED AddDefaultItem() being called on character that is being destroyed causing spawned item to be invalid.  
* FIXED being immortal when resurrected by admin (lol)


* Added in shotgun rail adapters to allow for flashlights and other accessories to be used  
* Modified aspect ratio and camera angle of main menu  
* Small adjustments to player scalability settings so shadows don't go completely away on Low setting causing unfair gameplay advantage  
* Adjusted vertical grip hand pose for a better fit   
* These will get better when the new character meshes/skeleton is in  
* City  
* Cleaned up collision around insertion points  
* Added a few solid low walls around center of map for more cover and to reduce long AI sightline a bit  
* Filled in some visible non-playable areas  
* Added first go at night version for 747  
* Removed odd refraction from default glass material (RR and Depot mainly)  
* Added in new Taran Tactical mag extension version of the G22 and PMAG magazines  
* Added PhysMat setting to rocks in 747


* added audio sliders functionality for Wwise and music  
* assigned all sound effects to SFX class  
* Wwise: added missing MK 14 EBR reload sounds  
* Wwise: improved unsuppressed MK 14 EBR, AK-74M and AR-15 shots  
* lowered falloff distance for FullAutoPunch layer of unsuppressed gunshots


* assigned outers to all instances of NewObject()  
* added validation checks to various methods involving setting/using an insertion point on the player state  
* removed usage of gameplay ability system  
* updated all affected C++ and Blueprints  
* replaced usage of macros in GB Blueprint Macro Library with native versions  
* removed usage of redundant / pointless macros in GB Blueprint Macro Library  
* added ToggleRun option to GBPlayerSettings class  
* added Reset() Blueprint native function to GBItem  
* causes pouches to refil with last thing they had in them  
* causes firearms to max capacity if not in the process of reloading  
* update BP_TargetApplScreen used in some training maps to use new Refill() method on characters items  
* replaced usage of GBResetInterface with calls to native AActor::Reset()  
* updated BP_Door_Swinging to take player and doors direction into account when incrementally opening  
* updated GBGrenade to allow you to adjust throw range using mouse wheel  
* removed log spam about montage replication  
* removed log spam about player spawning  
* improved AI on 747 by correcting Guard points, Patrols routes and the like  
* removed DonMeshPainterGlobalActorSpawnParams from GBGameMode - yet to use it server side  
* updated player patch support due to DonMeshPainter update  
NOTE : while updated, they are not enabled  
* removed stubbs about player patch from GBPlayerController  
* updated RBEventManager  
* changed several parameters from TWeakPointers to normal C++ pointers  
* updated FRBListener struct  
* created IsValid() that returns true if object & function are valid  
* changed optional constructor to take normal C++ pointers instead of TWeakPointers  
* removed == operator  
* updated RBSurfaceLinkManager  
* changed Get() from using a mutable default to using a SingleTon added to the root set  
* replaced usage of CachedLinkedClasses variable with simply adding the cached classes to the root set  
Both these changes were done to prevent GC issues  
* added "Defaults" button to audio, video and gameplay setting screens  
* changed default audio volume levels from 10 to 08  
* removed stubb from BP_Handgun_Master  
* reduced max throw distance in BP_Grenade_Master  
* Updated DedicatedServer.bat with all available maps and game types```
Ground Branch Preview Depot Depot 16901
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