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Streets of Rogue update for 3 July 2019

Final Beta before Launch!

Share · View all patches · Build 3976790 · Last edited 3 July 2019 – 18:35:05 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Here we are, the final beta update before the game releases out of Early Access on July 12th! And one day early to boot, I didn’t want to release this on the July 4th holiday.

In case you missed it, Streets of Rogue is going to be releasing on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch on July 12th as well. You can find all the details in this post.

This is a major, major milestone, and I am beyond excited and anxious. Streets of Rogue fans, please help spread the word, and let’s give this scrappy indie a bigger launch than Cyberpunk 2077! OK so that may be a little.. ambitious, but as I always say, aim really high and you’ll fail much higher than you otherwise would have!

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

Last update’s “Double Fortnight Discussion” continues with the Final Thoughts Free-For-All.

Beta 80


  • Fix for online players using custom characters not appearing to have the correct body if someone joined the game while they were in the home base
  • Fix for radiation blast causing NPCs to display "fall in hole" animation after already falling into a hole

UI / Controls

  • Fix for player being able to make selections on object context buttons while quest notifications were on the screen
  • If player uses shift+click to drop items from the toolbar while interacting with an object, they will stop interacting
  • Fix for incorrect item being dropped when dropping items while using Sell-O-Matic and having Auto-Sort Inventory turned off
  • Fix for inventory sometimes closing at inappropriate times when the player right-clicks on items in it while interacting with a chest
  • Fix for object names appearing on mouse cursor after bombs have exploded and game has ended in “Find Bombs” mission
  • Potential fix for rare instance where trait select buttons were not clickable after turning off Twitch integration
  • Fix for trait select menu taking too long to close after selection if Twitch integration was turned on but Twitch trait selection was turned off
  • Twitch vote no longer requires you to enter a pound sign before the number, though you still can if you want, it works either way
  • Fix for twitch chat prompting users to make choices after twitch integration was turned off
  • Fix for player being able to open and close certain menus while a multiplayer game was loading, though this wasn’t actually visible to the player
  • Fix for objects in range of the player losing their highlight if the player enters the main menu and returns
  • Fix for items in inventory appearing inappropriately with red text if you sell certain items like Taser during their cooldown period
  • Chatlog appears when right-stick button is pressed to bring up chat menu
  • Fix for "Get Hat" remaining over the Mayor's head when Mayor hands the hat to multiplayer client

Playfield Objects

  • Fix for cases where player would be able to open locked doors from the wrong side
  • Fix for incorrect number of items sometimes getting stored in ATM when storing stackable items
  • Fix for spray size of Fire Spewer and Fire Hydrant not always being correct on multiplayer client
  • Fix for explosions from objects like exploding barrels, fire hydrants, etc. not appearing on multiplayer client when using a grenade on these objects
  • Fix for rare cases where Gas could affect people from far away


  • Water Pistol will fill up with status effects when you stand in bodies of water
  • Fireproof Suit resists all damage, not just fire
  • Fix for gamepad players being able to use Fud and Ammo Processors after their charges had run out
  • Record of Evidence is removed from the player's inventory after it is used
  • Cloned or Friend Phone’d NPCs will have fewer “shop” items in their inventory
  • Fix for occasional multiplayer host player and client player inventory desyncs after the client loads a saved game
  • Fix for "inventory full" message appearing in certain cases where player trades an item for another item with an NPC
  • Player cannot give Cannibals and Vampires food items that they are not capable of consuming
  • Fix for multiplayer client with no equipped weapon equipping a weapon they just picked up, even if the weapon that was picked up was already in their inventory
  • Fix for Rocks and Shurikens not being thrown the correct distance after loading saved games

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities

  • Fix for player needing to wait a couple of seconds before shooting people a second time with nicotine or acid from water pistols, or it would be ineffective
  • Fix for player sometimes not being able to possess people when they were near windows or doors
  • Fix for player not always gaining Super Special Ability of the NPC they are possessing when they have unlocked that ability
  • Fix for NPCs with Hearing Blocked waking up when certain objects like doors were broken
  • Fix for Crazy-Dizzy not having a proper description
  • Fix for cases where backstabs wouldn't work properly on NPCs who were in combat or fleeing when the backstabber was invisible
  • Werewolf NPCs in the player’s party will have to wait for their cooldown to end before transforming into a Werewolf a second time
  • Player cannot receive Crooked at the end of levels if they do not have The Law
  • Fix for Bloody Mess not being triggered by Bite
  • Trust Funder gives player money at the start of the first level
  • Fix for multiplayer client not retaining Super Special Abilities if they leave the game and return
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to use Chloroform Hankie multiple times on an NPC and gib them during high latency
  • Fix for custom character Homesickness Killer NPCs not starting with all their traits at the beginning of games in multiplayer mode


  • Fix for player being able to teleport while their opponent is tripping on a banana peel


  • Fix for "get money" sound playing at the beginning of levels if the player's followers have Trust Funder
  • Fix for Chloroform sound effect playing multiple times on multiplayer client

Stats / Unlocks

  • Player only receives credit for the first three times he pickpockets a single person
  • Fix for cause of death reading as "Giant Bomb" instead of "Suicide" after the player is initially killed in the Find Bombs disaster

Big Quests

  • Extra Gorillas for Gorilla's big quest are not spawned in Mayor Village


  • Fix for Random Mutators sometimes giving players mutators that they've already activated
  • Fix for Continue not functioning when the clock runs out due to “Find Bombs” mission or Time Limit mutators

Level Generation

  • Gangsters appear in groups in the Park levels
  • Fix for certain floor tiles between buildings in Uptown levels being considered “dangerous” which could affect where the player could teleport amongst other things
  • Removed Bouncer from a couple of locations where they didn't make sense
  • Altered guard spawn rate in a couple of locations

Artificial Intelligence

  • Fix for NPCs becoming hostile toward the player for pickpocketing them from the front while invisible
  • Fix for cases where Cops would become hostile toward players who damaged NPCs when the NPC was not in the Cop’s line of vision
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not attacking other NPCs that the player commanded them to if they are nearby but just slightly out of their direct line of vision
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would attempt to path around objects that were removed at the start of the level
  • Fix for player not being able to pay off specific mobsters if that mobster is aligned with the player, but the other mobsters in their gang are not
  • Fix for former party member NPCs not using health items given to them by the player
  • Ghosts will not become annoyed at the player for doing things like cannibalizing and enslaving
  • Reduction in instances where NPCs would know a hidden player’s location or blame the player after being damaged by items items, fires, and explosions caused by the player
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes avoiding Fire Spewers when far away from their shot radius
  • Fix for cases where NPCs would continue to attack an object that was already destroyed
  • Fix for NPCs who escape from prisons becoming non-interactable if they run into a new building during Radiation and Ooze disasters


  • Fixed an error in Wall Walloper description
  • Tutorial now directs you to click the Entrance icon instead of the Elevator icon, which is more accurate


  • Added new desktop icon, added icons for Mac and Linux

Beta 80b

  • Fix for NPCs not always turning into Werewolf
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