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Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation update for 25 June 2019

Spooky Summer 2019 Update!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hello! We've been working on a bunch of stuff!

First off, Spooky's Dollhouse isn't ready yet - we're still plugging away at it. We're working with Akuma Kira on it and their time is split with working on updates to Lost in Vivo as well. This patch is a collection of fixes and improvements that we've been working on in the mean time. We realized we've actually done a ton of work and it's good stuff that we ought to share with you.

There were substantial enough changes to existing specimen/rooms/mechanics that we are doing a fresh new leaderboard for Endless Mode. It's called (uncreatively) Endless Summer 2019 and you can find it in the community hub.

The full patch notes contain spoilers, so read on from here if you're okay with that. Additionally Serious Sean made a video that covers most of the changes:

Full Patch Notes:


  • The ability to specimen reset has been removed.
  • How rooms and specimen are loaded was changed to make it a consistent staged process, eliminating a lot of strange timing bugs that were difficult to track down. This also means that you no longer skip the fade-from-black in a room when a specimen has respawned.
  • How rooms generate and store their geometry has been updated so they don't re-do it every time you load a room.
  • The way weapons & offhands (like the flashlight & lantern) work was rewritten. Weapons now use real animations rather than being driven entirely through scripts. These changes don't have gameplay effects but are part of restructuring code to be BYOM ready.
  • Use camera distance fog rather than camera near plane distance fog. This removes some high-FOV exploits and generally looks better. In rooms where people relied on using FOV exploits (the big abyss rooms) the fog distance has been increased so you can still check the path in front of you.
  • Updates to the in game HUD, a new damage animation, and some other under the hood changes.
  • Updates to how interactables are picked. This makes it a lot more consistent and cases like the Specimen 3 Lab key card behave more how you would expect plus removes some strange deadzones around Specimen 13's keys.
  • Specimen who break doors down now rattle the doors before breaking them. You can also see specimen coming through the area behind the doors after the door has been broken (regardless of how physically improbable the door position might be). Also fixed some minor logic around the direction the door got kicked in.
  • Switched to doing color grading with a look-up-table (LUT) for specimen color effects, replacing old color filter effects. This means that if Lisa & Tirsiak chase you at the same time your vision is no longer almost black.
  • New cool looking flow mapping shader on Specimen 7 and the boss fight for Specimen 9
  • Changed how Specimen 9 boss form picks attacks so if you reflect multiple fireballs at him it doesn't start a several versions of the next form. This way is also easier to maintain and/or change.
  • Updated some of Specimen 11's area, new models for the meat in the freezer and new effects in the freezer. Fixed the mirror not "tracking" the player.
  • Updated how the player moves when crawling to play the footstep noises and head bob properly.
  • Specimen 10's little scare in the ducts works properly again and some ambient sounds were fixed.
  • Added an in-game timer that shows how much time you've played a save. You can show it while you're playing via a new option in the options menu. It's still a little bit of a work in progress.
  • Updated Specimen 10's behavior. It now retains its form between rooms, when it is in parasite form it breaks doors down very quickly, however when the parasite catches you it gestates momentarily before returning to its walking form. This should make Specimen 10's mechanics more obvious to new players and make it more fair in Endless mode.
  • Updated Specimen 12's behavior. He now has a stamina meter much like the player, and when it charges up he yells and sprints towards you very quickly. Once his meter is expired he has to walk for a little bit before he can sprint again.
  • Ran a fine toothed comb over the specimen hit/hallucination effects. They were previously operating under incorrect timings and they've been restored (Specimen 8, 10, and 11 specifically)
  • Same as above but with all the static effects in the game. They're much more pixel perfect and scale better with different resolutions.
  • Made Specimen 10's damage overlay more efficient. A few people on lower powered computers were reporting issues with it so it now operates much faster.
  • Updated the Specimen 9 boss fight screen effect visuals to be better.
  • HUGE update on all the killscreens, went over them with a fine toothed comb to fix timing and visual issues. They also work a lot better in VR since they are now "attached" to your face so the 2D ones will play out like a movie rather than being a strange floating plane.
  • New whale in Specimen 13's area.
  • Specimen 9 got an AFK killscreen that's different from the normal killscreen to hopefully clue people in on his behavior more.
  • Specimen 3 got a behavior review, new animations, and a killscreen. Hopefully his neck won't break anymore when chasing people.
  • Steam now connects after the splash video so it shouldn't make the intro stutter anymore.
  • Added an option to turn VSync off and to set your target framerate. Spooky's is a really light game so if we didn't have a target framerate option it can go over 1000fps and that breaks physics. Turning VSync off can help if you feel like your mouse inputs are slightly delayed.
  • Updated CAT-DOS. Switched it to work like the minigame room arcade machines and returned its old secret glitchy state.
  • Added smoothed FOV animations to the intro cutscene.
  • Added a new Specimen 9 Boss reveal cutscene.
  • Updated the Specimen 9 Boss Good Ending sequence. It looks neato now.
  • Added the "Did you think it would end serious?" message back before the credits.
  • Reformatted & updated the credits. Everyone say hi to SeriousSean and Teshno in the credits.
  • Made UI Bleeps more consistent, especially in the options that were very bleep-less.
  • Updated the Options substantially with a selection indicator and a number of small fixes to make them easier to use and navigate.


  • Fixed the problem where you would lose sensitivity or button mappings for controllers if you started the game with them plugged in if they had been plugged in before. Now you should be able to plug, unplug, start the game with it plugged in, whatever your setup may be.
  • Made the text on the note that spawns Specimen 2 less blindingly bright
  • Pausing while Specimen 6 descends from or ascends to the ceiling no longer freezes/crashes the game.
  • The combination lock in Specimen 13's area is actually blurry if you don't have the lantern
  • Water footstep sounds weren't playing after exiting Specimen 13's area
  • White Face has been fixed. Probably.
  • Monster 2 has a back to the model.
  • Flashlight wasn't showing up in the school sections.
  • Doors in the lab caused a slight view jump when you used them.
  • Bunk bed ladders have a back side now.
  • Unknown Specimen 5's Specimen 1's weren't cleaned up if you died or exited to menu while they were active and they would persist through subsequent new/loaded games.
  • Some menus were missing English localization.
  • Some of Specimen 12's closet pieces were on the wrong layer and could soft lock the game/break everything.
  • Pressing the UI Submit button on a controller from a game over screen would instantly select new game again.
  • There was an incorrect navmesh in one of the hallway rooms with the railings that (non-incorporeal) Specimen would walk right through.
  • You could get stuck in Otto's spawn room if you had specimen off. Now you can eat the floor pizza and move on, as is intended.
  • Specimen 9 can no longer get you in Specimen 12's area while you're hiding. Enough people complained that we changed it.
  • You can't get stuck behind the doors in the white room in the ending sequence anymore.

Good luck out there all you fleshy live ones! ːspookycloseupː

Also come talk to us on Discord in our official AMG server

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