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Chronicon update for 20 June 2019

Update 0.93.0 - More Masteries, QoL, performance, and fixes!

Share · View all patches · Build 3938095 · Last edited 20 June 2019 – 14:00:08 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hey everyone!

0.93.0 is finally ready! It largely consists of new mastery perks and passives intended to flesh out the tree with more options as well as support some previously unsupported stuff. The update also adds and changes some mechanics, QoL stuff, items, sets, and also some difficulty balancing and progression. It also includes an experimental performance fix which may help people seeing consistently low framerates. Please let me know if this fix made a difference for you!

Those of you interested in custom/fan translations will also be happy to know that all items, sets, and related text are now fully available for translations!

As always I have also fixed a ton of issues, however some remain on the list so you can expect a 0.93.1 going up next week with more fixes in it. In particular I am having difficulty reproducing and finding some co-op issues such as gamepad-related crashes and area corruption/resets, so if that happens to you please reach out to me with as much info as you can and we'll get it fixed ASAP!

Thanks again for all reports, suggestions, and comments over the past weeks! Extra thanks to those of you who sent me your dxdiag reports to help with the performance problems.

Here's the full notes:



  • Increased Health and Damage growth of all monsters across all difficulties
  • Increased Damage of all Story bosses by 10-30%


  • Skill cards now cleary note when ultimate, passive, and other skills also count as companion skills
  • Skill cards also note of they are Nova skills and other tags. More to be added!
  • Clarified some other skill descriptions


  • Renamed a lot of items to remove any "The" from names as it looks bad with a lot of runes etc

    • Molten Medallion: now increases Lava Blood damage for every 33 points of mana reg, up from 3 (because you can stack mana reg super high and a bug made crit damage not work with it until this update)
    • Flamebound Armor: now re-casts Embershield consistently rather than waiting for it to fade


  • Shroomtender Set: Empowered Shrooms now add 3 weakened stacks per Empowerment via Sporelings
  • Windcaller Set: Gusts spawned by the Windcaller set can now move across void and water


  • Added all item names, set info, and other item card text to a new localization file called "items"
  • Improved text handling and presentation in localization (Chinese in particular)



  • T7 Class Mastery:

    • Critical Hit Damage now goes up to 35% at rank 25, up from 25%

Added 18 new Templar Masteries:

* **Perks:**  

  * Elegance: +to evasion while Grace is active  
  * Dancer: increased effect of War Dance, Shield Dance, and Hearty Dance  
  * Power Charge: Repulse and Revert also cast Magnetic Lock  
  * Coerce: Taunted foes are Intimidated (unable to move)  
  * Light of Life: The damage of Burning Light is doubled   
  * Thorn Orbs: Physical Satellites deal thorn damage  
  * Zealous Advance: Doubled movement speed bonus from Flare  
  * Avatar of Ayeela: Hallowed deal triple damage when triggered from a Healing effect  
  * Aura Affinity: +Aura Effect and Aura Range  

* **Passives:**  

  * Bleeding Phantom: +Phantom Shield and Sharp Steel damage  
  * Shocking Electrocution: +Static Overload and Avenger damage  
  * Painful Convictions: +Burning Conviction and Condemnation damage  
  * Sacred Empowerment: +Expulsion and Hallowed damage  
  * Wide Synergy: +Damage to all elements  
  * Vengeance Focus: +Damage to all Vengeance skills  
  * Wrath Focus: +Damage to all Wrath skills  
  * Conviction Focus: +Damage to all Conviction skills  
  * Redemption Focus: +Damage to all Redemption skills  

Added 17 new Berserker Masteries:


  * Crag Tribes: +Roughness and Primal Nature effect  
  * Cardio: Double effect of Hustle  
  * Flamebound: +Embershield, Dragon Armor, and Dragon Spikes effect/damage  
  * Crier: +War Cry, Rallying Cry, and Dragon Cry effect  
  * Bloody Pulp: Physical skills deal bonus damage vs bleeding foes  
  * Isolation: Spirit Link hosts take more damage for each failed link  
  * Heritage Affinity: +Heritage Effect and Heritage Range  


  * Rage Reach: +Rage Release range  
  * Bloodied Stone: +Quake and Internal Hemorrhage damage  
  * Spirit and Soul: +Dragon Spirit and Dragon Soul damage/effect  
  * Exploding Blood: +Lava Blood and Explosive Man. damage  
  * Cold Release: +Frostbite and Rage Release damage  
  * Guardian Focus: +Damage to all Guardian skills  
  * Sky Lord Focus: +Damage to all Sky Lord skills  
  * Dragonkin Focus: +Damage to all Dragonkin skills  
  * Frostborn Focus: +Damage to all Frostborn skills  
  * Wide Synergy: +Damage to all elements  

Added 21 new Warden Masteries:


  * Harsh Winds: Physical Storm skills now slow foes hit  
  * Enchanced Sporelings: Double Damage of Sporeling  
  * Counter Shock: Taze always triggers  
  * Frost Shield: Doubles the effect of Frost Ward  
  * Momentum: Tumble, Escape, and Trapflip also cast Sprint after being used  
  * Restorative Roots: When Root Veil breaks, it casts Leaf Wind  
  * Acrobat: Increased effect of Agility and Sprint  
  * Freeze Snap: Cold Snap also casts Flash Freeze  
  * Mega Wisp: All Wisps merge into a single Wisp, with 120% of their total health and damage  
  * Whirling Snow: Snow Blast increases the Evasion of the Warden by 1% when triggered, stacking 10 times  
  * Companion Affinity: Increased Companion Use Effect  


  * Splinter Arrows: Increased damage of Double Draw and Splinter  
  * Natural Harmony: Increased damage of Spores and Pods  
  * Static Rods: Increased damage of Static and lightning Rod  
  * Charged Wisps: Increased damage of Wisp  
  * Hailblast: Increased damage of Snowblast and Hail  
  * Wide Synergy: +Damage to all elements  
  * Wind Ranger Focus: +Damage to all Wind Ranger skills  
  * Druid Focus: +Damage to all Druid skills  
  * Storm Caller Focus: +Damage to all Storm Caller skills  
  * Winter Herald Focus: +Damage to all Winter Herald skills      

Tweaked existing Warden Masteries:

  * Wind Runner: Now adds 3% damage per stack, up from 2%  
  * Careful Aim: Now adds 3% damage per stack, up from 2%  
  * Stormsurge: Now adds damage to all Storm Caller skills per stack  
  * Winter's Embrace: Changed icon  

Added 21 new Warlock Masteries:


  * Alone In The Dark: +15% Bane skill damage if the Warlock has no companions.  
  * True Master: The effect of Master of the Arts is doubled.  
  * Soul Jars: Soul Thief adds two souls.  
  * Unholy Rites: Soul Trap lures an additional Soul, and Blood Rite also restores Mana and heals all companions  
  * Lingering Essence: Soul Barrier also heals like Soul Eater but without the Soul cost  
  * Plague Doctor: Increases all Poison skills base damage by 10% but drains 3% of the warlocks health on cast. The damage bonus is tripled if the Warlock has no companions.  
  * Frozen Soul: Lowers base cooldown of all Frost skills  
  * Demonic Sorcery: All Fire Sorcery skills have a chance to doublecast if the Warlock has no companions.  
  * Bone Caster: Shadow Satellites turn into bones which increase the damage of all Bone skills  
  * Ritual Affinity: +Ritual effect.  
  * Companion Affinity: +Companion use effect.  


  * Infectious Blood: +Damage to Infection and Living Blood  
  * Cold Torment: +Damage to Cold Death and Spirit of Torment  
  * Ice Gibs: +Damage to Corpse Shatter  
  * Hell's Fury: +Damage to Flaming Hells and Demonic Fury  
  * Profanation: +Damage to Desecration and +effect to Masochism  
  * Corruptor Focus: +Damage to all Corruptor skills  
  * Lich Focus: +Damage to all Lich skills  
  * Demonologist Focus: +Damage to all Demonologist skills  
  * Reaper Focus: +Damage to all Reaper skills  
  * Wide Synergy: +Damage to all elements  

Tweaked existing Warlock masteries:

  * Blood Drinker: New icon  
  * Dark Lust: New icon  
  * Soulflame: Now only consumes 3 souls, down from 5  

Warden & Warlock:

* Grand Summoner / Master Tamer now increases the base damage & health of companions rather than add to the comp Damage/hp stats  


  • "Explode on kill" enchant will now count as a "gib" and therefore trigger "on gib" enchants and effects
  • Added a red vignette for low health warning
  • Further lowered how companion health scales with enemy damage by about 40%
  • "On cast" triggers are now only triggered when the player casts a skill, ie no longer on skills cast from other skills or triggered effects, preventing excessive stacking of "casts" (which in turn leads to nerfing "on cast" stuff to account for said stacking)


  • Included a possible fix for low framerates
  • Improved autosave timings
  • Moved Jorgen's Chest in the Southern Advance to not be obscured by nametags



  • Salvation: use effect now adds X HPR for each Y MPR, 3 (scales with Aura Effect) for each 45 (does not scale with Aura Effect) on level 100, and 1 for 1 on level 1


  • Ferocity: Now increases companion damage by 11/22/33%, up from 10/15/20%
  • Guide: Now increases companion health by 11/22/33%, up from 10/15/20%


  • Summoner: Now increases companion health & damage by 9/13/17/21/25%, up from 9/12/15/18/21%

Quality of Life:

  • The "pause game when losing focus" setting now also mutes the game
  • The "force attack" button (default: shift) now also removes any mouse-over info on loot when held
  • Keys now glint on the ground a bit


  • Fixed Vestige of Lost Souls barrier staying up when uneqipping the item
  • Fixed Sun & Moon (set) stacking infinitely if you managed to refresh it just as it faded away
  • Fixed Frostborn Heirloom triggering even if the Berserker doesn't have the Rage Release passive unlocked
  • Fixed Stormdweller Hood (Warden) power not working
  • Fixed Armor of the Elven Ranger (Warden) power not working
  • Fixed issue where Molten Veins (Berserker) did not use your Crit Damage stat, and would always use the default value (170% damage)
  • Fixed Enkindled (Berserker) not working correctly with All For One and similar effects
  • Fixed Supporter (Templar perk) not working with Wrath/Lightning Auras
  • Fixed Dexterity (Berserker passive) not working as intended
  • Fixed Dragon Soul (Berserker passive) sometimes not proccing properly due to a bad LOS check
  • Fixed Explosive Punch (Berserker active) sometimes getting you stuck if an enemy pulled or knocked you away as it was being cast
  • Fixed Call of the Dragon (Berserker Ultimate) increasing proc rate of Dragon Soul to 100% unintentionally
  • Fixed Power Charge (Templar Perk) not working properly
  • Fixed Empowered Shot (Warden) sometimes having like 1 pixel range
  • Fixed several skills having too low range in some situations
  • Fixed issue where a lot of projectiles would pass through walls
  • Fixed Captain Moore having a longer preferred range than his swings would hit in some cases
  • Fixed several linebreaking issues with non-latin fonts
  • Fixed a lot of skill description inconsistencies
  • Fixed issue where interface elements and could have unintended transparency
  • Fixed some dialogue problems
  • Fixed some help topic typos
  • Fixed some skill descriptions not showing max/next ranks
  • Fixed TL item glow being partially drawn on the ground when they are in the air
  • Fixed issue where items sometimes would refuse to roll Shadow Damage or Holy Damage
  • Fixed issue which could cause class-specific items to not drop at all in some cases
  • Fixed issue where transmuting class items would get you random ordinary items
  • Fixed issue where increased MF also increased the chance to get off-class epics and lower (now it reduces the chance as intended)
  • Fixed Satellites not being removed correctly
  • Fixed exploit which would allow bringing back dead Hardcore characters
  • Fixed issue which could cause a crash on load in co-op games
  • Fixed issue where game might crash when trying to load bad data
  • Fixed crash from Frost Blitz affix enemies if it spawns as they died
  • Fixed crash from spell targeting some from enemy spells being cast as enemies died or recently died
  • Fixed a crash related to music frequency (probably)
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