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Last Epoch update for 14 June 2019

Beta 0.7.1 Patch Notes

Share · View all patches · Build 3919182 · Last edited 14 June 2019 – 18:50:05 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Monolith of Fate

  • Progress in the Monolith is now saved when you log out or switch characters, allowing you to continue a run at a later time.
  • Once you have conquered 10 timelines subsequent mod options become increasingly difficult with each timeline you conquer, causing the difficulty (and rewards) of the monolith to scale up infinitely.
  • Added two new zone layouts.
  • Added three new monolith modifiers.
  • There is now a reset monolith button that resets your number of timelines conquered to zero.
  • Increased monster density by about 10% in most zones.
  • Reduced distance between packs in The Serpentine Desert.
  • The crit chance mod adds 25% Critical Strike Chance to enemies (down from 30%)
  • The crit chance mod now gives more increased rarity and experience than before.


  • Two new unique items have been added.

  • Alchemist's Ladle

    • This item is no longer dramatically more rare than other unique items.
    • Chance to apply ailments increased to 15% from 5%.
  • Bone Harvester

    • Doubled the base health of Skeleton Harvesters.
    • Skeleton Harvesters now scale with Intelligence and level.
  • Added The Claw unique brass amulet as a low level version of The Fang.

    • Existing The Fang amulets will change into The Claw.
  • The Fang

    • Now grants 60 health (up from 50).
    • Now grants minions +12 melee physical damage.
    • Now grants minions stun immunity.
    • Changed to the Bone Amulet base type (which requires level 56).
  • Prism Wraps

    • Changed the leech effect from On Hit to On Crit.
  • Wing Guards

    • Adds 150 dodge rating (up from 120).
    • Now grants 5% chance to gain Haste for 1 second on hit.
    • No longer adds 40 health.
  • Yrun's Wisdom

    • Now grants 65 health (down from 100).[/li]


  • Added a new set of armor models for the Acolyte and Primalist.
  • Added the Noble Sash base type (requires level 32).
  • The Bronze Belt base type now requires level 44 (up from 35).
  • The Ranger's Belt base type requires level 60 (up from 42).
  • Reworked amulet base types
  • Added 4 new amulet base types.
  • Adjusted amulet level requirements (highest is now 76).
  • Added new art for all amulet base types.
  • Silver Amulets now grant a larger amount of Increased Critical Strike Chance.
  • Brass amulets now grant more lightning protection and also grant +% base spell damage.
  • Added new 2d art for some one-hand weapons.


  • The Health Regen and Elemental Protection affix is now a pure health regeneration prefix, and grants a larger amount of health regeneration.

  • Increased the maximum value of the Minion Health Regen prefix to 300% (from 150%).

  • Increased the Tier 4 and Tier 5 values of armour and protection suffixes.

  • Dexterity shards are now more common.

  • Increased Throwing Attack Damage shards are now more common.

  • Both types of glancing blow shard are now rarer.

  • Set affix shards are now rarer.

  • Reduced the value of attribute affixes (e.g. Strength, Intelligence...)

    • Max value on body armour is now 12 (from 15)
    • Max value on amulets is now 10 (down from 12)
    • Max value on other items is now 8 (from 10)
  • Reduced the max health on the health + glancing blow prefix to 20 (from 25)

  • Reduced the max value of the increased health suffix to 15% (from 18%)

  • The Throwing Attack Damage and Mana Cost prefix now reduces mana cost by 3 (down from 4). Hammer Throw's cost has decreased from 4 to 3, however.

  • Added some new loading screen hints for various mechanics.


  • Adjusted minion AI so that it is better at staying close to your character.

  • Unequipping The Fang or The Claw now unsummons extra wolves if you are above your maximum number of wolves without it.

  • Base health regeneration per second is now 6 + (0.14 per level), up from 6 + (0.08 per level).

    • Related affixes have also been buffed.
  • Potions now heal for a base of 50 + (2 per level) health, up from 50 + (1 per level).

  • Ward now decays at a base rate of 40% of current ward per second (from 20% per second).

  • Intelligence now grants 4% ward retention per point (down from 5%).


  • Rare Highland Bear

    • Avalanche

      • Now deals 11% less damage.
      • Now has a 19% increased delay,
      • Cooldown increased from 4 seconds to 5 seconds.


  • Aura of Decay

    • Now has a specialization tree.
  • Smite

    • Now has a specialization tree.
  • Bear Form

    • Ravage

      • Now has a minimum mana cost of 2.
      • Range no longer scales with weapon range.
      • The Stagger ailment that it inflicts no longer stacks.
      • Stagger now reduces armour by 100 (up from 30).
      • Stagger now increases damage taken by 10% (up from 3%).
    • Swipe

      • Now costs 3 mana by default (down from 5), but has a minimum mana cost of 2.
  • Black Hole

    • The Endless Maw node now grants 30% increased duration per point (from adding 1 second to duration per point)
    • The Scattered node requires 2 points in Endless Maw (up from 1)
  • Erasing Strike

    • Certain Erasure now grants +25% Critical Strike Multiplier per point (down from 40%).
  • Fire Shield

    • Now has a 20% chance to retaliate when hit, rather than retaliating whenever you take 30 damage. The previous scaling dates back to the pre-alpha, which was much shorter.
    • The retaliation spell is now referred to as Flame Bolt to help clarify that it doesn't scale with your Fireball tree.
    • The node that used to reduce the retaliation threshold now adds 5% chance to retaliate when hit per point.
  • Frenzy Totem

    • Now grants 20% attack and cast speed by default (down from 23%)
    • Buff now has 1% increased effect per point of Attunement.
    • Buff no longer flickers to twice its value repeatedly in character sheet.
  • Hammer Throw

    • Hammer Throw now costs 3 mana (down from 4)
    • Added a new node that grants a limited stacking buff that increases damage and critical strike chance.
    • Added a new node that causes the stacking buff to also grant ignite chance.
    • Steadfast Path grants 35% chance to deal double damage (up from 30%)
    • Catapult now adds 3 to mana cost per point, instead of reducing damage by 20% per point.
    • Disintegrating Aura now adds 12 to mana cost (up from 10).
    • Swapped the effects of Ballista and Zealot's Conviction. Now the cost reduction node is behind +projectiles, and the double damage chance node is behind spiral.
    • Zealot's Conviction now grants 13% chance to deal double damage per point and can have 5 points allocated (from 10% chance per point and a max of 3 points).
    • Avatar of the Spire (hammer nova) now also adds 4 base physical damage.
    • Shattering force grants 20% chance to shred armour per point (up from 15%).
  • Harvest

    • Removed the Slow Decay node which granted ward retention on hit.
    • Added a new node that increases the ward gained by your minions.
    • Ghost Conduit no longer requires points in Mirror Soul.
    • Mirror Soul can now have a maximum of 1 point allocated (down from 4).
  • Sacrifice

    • Reduced mana cost to 25 from 30.
  • Spriggan Form

    • Vale Bolt

      • Renamed to Vale Blast to better reflect that it is not a projectile.
      • Now costs 3 mana by default (down from 5), but has a minimum mana cost of 2.
      • Now deals physical damage rather than lightning.
    • Summon Vines

      • Now costs 12 mana (down from 18).
      • Now summons 3 vines (down from 4).
      • Vines' damage and health now scale with Attunement.
  • Summon Skeleton

    • Summoned skeleton archers deal 20% more damage.
    • Summoned skeleton mages deal 30% more damage.
    • Summoned skeleton warriors deal 40% more damage.
  • Teleport

    • Now has a base cooldown of 4 seconds (up from 3).
    • Ether barrier grants 7 ward per point (down from 8).
    • Out of Body now converts 3% of health to ward (down from the 4% previously shown on the tooltip and the 10% it was actually giving).
  • Transplant

    • Now has a base cooldown of 4 seconds (up from 3).
  • Thorn Totem

    • Venom Tipped Thorns now grants 20% poison chance per point and can have up to 5 points allocated (from 14.3% chance and up to 7 points).
    • Lasting Affliction now grants 15% poison duration per point (down from 17%) and requires 4 points in Venom Tipped Thorns (down from 5).


  • The bonuses on transformation granted by the Druid nodes Primal Shifter and Restoration now last for 10 seconds (up from 4).

  • Shaman

    • Added several new nodes.
    • The Conflux node now has a clearer description and requires 3 points in either of the nodes that proc the lightning it improves.
    • The Conflux node now increases the lightning's damage by 20% per point (up from 15%) and can have 5 points allocated (up from 1).
    • Adjusted the positions and effects of many nodes.


  • Overkill damage no longer counts for leech. This means you can't leech for more than the damage it took to kill an enemy.
  • Sources of Damage Leeched as Health have been made approximately half as powerful as they were before.
  • The Hybrid Health Leech affix grants up to 40% increased health leech (down from 50%).
  • The Hybrid Health Leech affix can no longer spawn on gloves, but can now spawn on rings and relics. It can still spawn on amulets.
  • The Melee Damage Leeched as Health affix is now a prefix.


  • The fog of war on minimaps will no longer reset when your character leaves a zone.

    • Fog of war will not be saved inside the Monolith of Fate. This is primarily due to the fact that the Monolith of Fate will use procedural generation in future.
  • The locations of permanent minions are now shown on the minimap.

  • Unique items and set items now have icons on the minimap.

  • Replaced the item tooltip UI with a new design. This design shows an item's 2d art, clearly displays the hotkeys, and allows you to see the tier & range of affixes on the item.

  • Items you pick up are now highlighted until moused-over.

  • Several miscellaneous improvements to the chat window.

  • Time travel transitions now fade to loading screens instead of just staying on black.


  • Updated vertical lightning effects for Storm Totem, Fury Leap and some other skills.
  • Updated Lightning Blast's effect.
  • Updated Rive's effect.
  • Updated Warpath's effect.

New Sounds

  • Ephemeral Stance
  • Erasing Strike
  • Fireball
  • Glacier
  • Hammer Throw
  • Juggernaut Stance
  • Lightning Blast
  • Lunge
  • Manifest Weapon
  • Shield Rush
  • Snap Freeze
  • Teleport
  • Vengeance
  • Warpath


  • Adjusted the layout of the Shattered Valley and Welryn Outskirts.
  • Added a new sidequest to the Ruins of Welryn.
  • Added a training dummy to the End of Time.


  • Adjusted shadows, reflections and other graphical effects to improve performance while maintaining a quality standard.
  • Improved the performance of Poison and Ignite.
  • Improved the performance of effects that repeatedly apply in an area, such as Frenzy Totem.
  • Various miscellaneous improvements to calculations and reduced memory allocation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the resolution being incorrect at character select screen & when the client starts.
  • Fixed a bug where Blood Tethers from Oculorum Mortis enemies would persist after they were supposed to end.
  • Fixed Chimaera's Essence Unique Amulet not dropping.
  • Fixed the Glancing Blow Chance and Health affix shard not dropping.
  • Added world map labels to zones that were missing them.
  • Fixed some item level requirements being lower than intended.
  • Fixed waypoint visuals applying to the Mage's new armour.
  • Fixed a bug where Ragnar was showing up in Gladiator's Rest.
  • Fixed the Sane Cultist not giving you a quest if you talked to them a second time, rather than accepting the first time.
  • Fixed a bug where taking any node that changed Black Hole's cooldown would approximately halve the cooldown.
  • Fixed Elemental Nova's Ascended Current granting half the increased shock effect it should.
  • Fixed the Spellblade's Mind Flame scaling off of Attunement rather than Intelligence.
  • Fixed the Beastmaster's Caustic Poisons granting added poison damage instead of increased.
  • Fixed some enemy and environment effects spamming log files.
  • Fixed a bug where you were immune during Reap's movement
  • Fixed a bug where the Wraith Feast node on the Harvest Tree wasn't working.
  • Fixed a bug where Storm Totem was not gaining stats from Attunement and levels.
  • Fixed a bug where in the Rip Blood tree the Marrow Drinker node overrode Arcane Fortress node.
  • Fixed many debuffs not affecting enemies correctly.
  • Fixed Avalanche having a one time cost instead of a channeled cost.
  • Fixed a bug where you could take a node that required 25 points without mastering in Shaman
  • Fixed a few later Shaman nodes requiring an incorrect number of mastery points.
  • Fixed the Forge Guard's Lethal Strikes node giving 10% increased Critical Strike Multiplier instead of +10% Critical Strike Multiplier.
  • Fixed a bug where Rainbow Edge was giving 20% shock, ignite, and chill chance instead of 25%.
  • Fixed a bug where an armour affix or elemental affix could occasionally not change value when upgraded from Tier 3 to Tier 4.
  • Fixed the "increased armour and protections" stat not being reflected in the character sheet correctly.
  • Fixed on-hit flash effects persisting in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug where Teleport's Stable Bubble was giving 4% increased ward retention, rather than 10% ward retention
  • Fixed a bug where leaving a zone while hovering over an enemy could cause the enemy's information to get stuck on the main enemy health bar.
  • Fixed a bug where leech was not being randomised along with hit damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Stagger visuals persisted after it wore off.
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