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This Merchant Life update for 9 June 2019

Version 0.82

Share · View all patches · Build 3902583 · Last edited 9 June 2019 – 16:25:03 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

A lot of fixes and balance changes in this update, and some more event illustrations to boot!


  • Heroes joining the caravan during the story no longer replace existing heroes of the same class if you have one currently hired - they accompany the caravan but not as fighters.
  • The initiation system for combat missions has been revised a little so that it should be impossible to complete a journey on which a combat mission should take place without it actually happening!
  • Mission, faction mission and tavern fighter data for the current settlement now saved in full. Explore available for current settlement also saved.
  • Friend meeting availability added to save/load data for current settlement.
  • Faction missions received at Archon now randomly alternate between the two Queens rather than always being for the same Queen.
  • Can now only purchase timber during market tutorial, and a convenient urgent demand for timber in Archon will ensure a profit rather than a loss is made from this tutorial trade!
  • Challenge mission types now failed if losing combat before completing them (as with escort missions)
  • Search missions now fail if losing combat on the return leg of the journey, having found the required item/people.
  • Collect missions now only fail if losing combat on the return leg of the journey, having collected the required item/people.


  • Base costs of common resources increased, costs of rare and exotic resources decreased. Making a profit trading early on should be easier, but more of a challenge in the mid and late game.
  • Town resource stocks now scale based on global reputation, becoming larger as global reputation increases (and balancing out issues where increased speed around map wouldn't give resources enough time to restock in mid/late game).
  • Town resource stock regeneration speed also scales based on global reputation, increasing as global reputation increases
  • CaravanBaseSpeed reduced from 0.25/2.5 to 0.2/2, slowing travel speed down a little across the map
  • The increase of caravan speed on the map from each point of cart speed stat increase is reduced, as is general caravan speed as a consequence
  • Speed bonus from Side Sails part reduced from 20% to 10%. Part description text on cart screen now details actual percentages for this part.
  • Halved baseline cart repair cost across all difficulties. The repair cost increases more slowly from making early cart upgrades, but increases much more from later upgrades. Essentially cart repair should be a good deal cheaper than it was early in the game, and more expensive than before in late game.
  • Level requirement for Tier 2 charters reduced from 10 to 8, and Tier 3 charters reduced from 16 to 14.
  • Fighter wage costs scale with global reputation, starting lower than before and rising to higher with each tier of progression.
  • Hero wage costs scale with global reputation, rising to higher amounts at the higher tiers of progression.
  • Thresholds for caravan target level adjusted so high target ratings less prevalent.
  • The range of adjustments made to chance to be attacked by target rating reduced a little
  • Systems for Limited Combat Avoidance and Limited Event Avoidance moved from being calculated per frame to per hour of travel, and duration of effects increased
  • The skill "Panic Stations" now increases Deployment Time at the start of battle by 2 rather than 1, and then skill "Tactical Accuracy" now increases Deployment Time at the start of battle by 3 rather than 2
  • Hero deployment time increases to 3 at level 5 and 4 at level 8
  • XP rewards from victory in combat now scale based on global reputation
  • Cart wear reduced as cart now spends longer being judged to be travelling after bug fix in this version (0.1 > 0.08)
  • Atton starting recruitment level reduced from Tier 3 to Tier 2, Archon reduced from Tier 3 to Tier 2, Centuria reduced from Tier 2 to Tier 1. Jarl increased from Tier 2 to Tier 3, Artemis increased from Tier 1 to Tier 3.
  • Adjusted balancing for how often the cart is likely to get attacked per hour, making it generally less likely, particularly increasing the much higher chances that previously existed at high target ratings.
  • Added some easier initial combat mission types with lower coin rewards, for settlements where player's reputation is below 20.
  • Enemy numbers in road events increases a little more quickly as you move through the global reputation tiers.
  • Enemy numbers for combat missions now scale somewhat based upon global reputation (although less than road event combats). Combat mission rewards also scale with global reputation.
  • Search mission coin rewards reduced around 20-30%.
  • EscortGoldDistance, which defines the base coins reward level for most mission types, reduced from 200 to 150.
  • Reward modifiers for collect and challenge mission types also reduced.
  • Reduced enemies somewhat for the Conspirators faction mission type.
  • Shifted around a few locations between Artemis and Centuria, so that the Dye Makers crafter is now in Artemis, removing the issues from having two crafters in one location. The tailors from Artemis now moves to Centuria, which makes sense as it's known for it's weavers! Resource costs and availability for Dyes adjusted accordingly for these two locations.


  • 11 new event illustrations added.


  • Cart target rating is now directly affected by road security score (rather than it being applied afterwards as part of the overall chance of attack calculation) and this is indicated on the target rating mouseover.
  • Added % indicators for cart condition to make it clearer
  • Minor UI tweaks to the Unlocks charter sidebar
  • Added a warning message on the combat screen if the player has any security but presses to continue to the movement phase of the battle without any of them deployed to the battle
  • Added trait quote mouseovers.
  • Minor text alignment tweaks on town Mission screen.
  • Added Thanks and Attributions sub-pages in the Credits screen.
  • Pips added to trait panels on the Profile sidebar to indicate what level each of the player's traits are at. These are also added to the trait requirements when they are needed to meet friends (along with numeric indication of the required level here).
  • Added mouseovers for market force icons on the market screen.
  • Changed display of empty mission slots on the town mission screen, with missions moving up as those above them in the last are taken.
  • Changed display of empty recruitment slots on the town tavern screen.
  • Sidebar buttons flash when they have initially been unlocked and not yet accessed. The skills tab also flashes whenever the player has unspent skill points available.
  • Mission completions and failures are now called out more prominently, with the missions sidebar being shown with a success or failure message whenever either of these occur and an audio cue as well. Old mission failure and mission success HUD messages removed.
  • Added the option to select HUD types - 'Standard' (same as previous) and 'Alternate' (closer to older implementations that didn't have issues with map mouseovers on screen resolutions above 1920 x 1080).
  • Tweaks to placement of mission action buttons, and glow effects added.
  • Settlement status bar fades in as caravan approaches that settlement, fading back in as it leaves.
  • Added town status icons with mouseovers to the Town Hub and Town Info screens.
  • Town details icons with mouseovers added to the Town Info screen (recruitment level / cart repair / apothecary).
  • Enemy indicator during the deployment phase of combat now indicates whether a single enemy or multiple enemies are going to attack from that direction.
  • Sidebar mouseovers now appear above Road Event UI.
  • The fighter leaving the caravan notification on the Town Hub screen now shows the fighter variant, and works for more recently added fighter classes.


  • Cart stats now update correctly for all cart upgrades
  • Repair costs update immediately after making an upgrade
  • Fixed minor overlap issues with main story goals on the top of screen HUD bar
  • Losing a battle in multiple directions no longer increases the total damage to the cart or the player to multiples, the max is always one set of damage
  • Players can now only take one combat mission at once. Partly to fix several issues that could occur when this was the case. Possible still with faction missions if taken in the same location, but seems to handle it correctly anyway.
  • Fixed crash that occurred during game creation sequence if player pressed the enter key.
  • Fixed incorrect chances of unusual region scenarios occurring outside of the forest region.
  • Fixed issue which was sometimes causing a delay in time passing while the caravan was moving, which also led to time estimates for journeys always being longer than the amount of time that actually passed.
  • Fixed issue with many trainers only training wits, and reverting them to the numbers of other traits beforehand.
  • Fixed side traits that don't offer faction and/or settlements bonuses displaying that you had a reputation bonus at or with "None"
  • Fixed issue where horse hats would only appear for the first two horses
  • Corrected time costs for the LoseTime event outcome to use the right amount and not apply Erin's time saving bonus.
  • Road event UI should now show the rewards taking into account the various boosts and modifiers that can be applied rather than just the baseline amount.
  • The Silver Sun encounter on the road event now gives Intel specific to the Silver Sun's HQ, if the player takes that option.
  • Meeting a stranger on the road event now requires the player to have a weapon good to be able to sell it to the stranger!
  • Fixed issue with the veteran bonus counting itself multiple times in battle (once per round) as if that was multiple fighters.
  • Fixed a number of issues with the security and defence scores not updating correctly after fighters were killed / moved / withdrawn
  • Fixed an issue with leader bonus applying after the fighter with that trait was no longer fighting in that quadrant
  • Adjusted UI during combat movement phase so correct and currently baseline (no dice applied) security vs enemy defence stats are displayed
  • Fixed an issue where moving a fighter to the opposite quadrant in combat wouldn't update the security score in those quadrants correctly
  • Stopped Grey Bards story search message appearing on two town hub screens during an earlier story chapter instead of the correct one.
  • Firing fighters and unlocking skills should run the security slots update, checking for available spaces for hiring fighters.
  • Some fixes and reorganising of how veteran bonuses are applied, maintained and removed in combat.
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