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MORDHAU update for 8 June 2019

Patch #7 - New content, one million copies sold & trading cards live!

Share · View all patches · Build 3900973 · Last edited 8 June 2019 – 14:45:04 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

First of all, thank you for the support! In the past month, we’ve hit 1 million copies sold; we can’t thank you enough and we’re so happy you’re enjoying MORDHAU!

This update brings the map Crossroads, a large scale battle featuring horses, mortars, and a dangerous single objective to hold in the center.

Other additions include the Javelin, a dedicated throwable spear, as well as the Heavy Hand Axe, which has a repair hammer on the back of it!

There have been a host of other improvements, including weapon and perk rebalances, a client-side chat mute, Steam Trading Cards, new cosmetics, and some other tweaks and improvements. With this patch we are also disabling Steam family sharing, as this feature is being abused heavily by cheaters to get around bans. Full changelog below.


  • Added new map: Crossroads
  • Added new siege engine: Mortar - can be found in the fort on Crossroads
  • Added new weapon: Heavy Handaxe - a slow, versatile and powerful 3 point one handed axe that can be flipped around to a hammer side, which can be used to repair structures
  • Added new weapon: Javelin - a 3 point dedicated throwable spear with 2 ammo
  • Added various painted plate chest variants
  • Taiga balance - various changes have been made in order to balance the map more
  • Toolboxes can no longer place structures in spawn areas (either friendly or enemy)
  • Traps can no longer be planted in spawn areas (either friendly or enemy)
  • Players that leave the game during votekick now cause the vote to pass and get the 5 min ban
  • Capturing & neutralizing points now gives more points
  • Toolbox structures no longer bump the player between building stages
  • Funland
  • Added carrot


  • Holding block with shield will now automatically bring the block back up upon getting hit instead of having to re-press the button
  • Shield backpedal speed buffed slightly
  • Shield held block volume now slightly easier again
  • Kick range vs shield reduced slightly
  • Glancing blow damage reduced even further - now does 10% instead of 33% of the initial attack
  • Glancing blow now easier to trigger by 5 degrees
  • Naked & Light armor movement speed is now faster
  • Fixed slight Horse movement desync
  • Horse bumps now slow down the horse slightly more
  • Horse now takes slightly less fire damage
  • Easy parry stamina gain increased by 5

Weapons & Equipment

  • Longbow arrow projectile speed buffed (5300 -> 5600)
  • Longbow draw slightly faster (100ms), reload slightly slower (100ms)
  • Crossbow damage against armored torsos buffed
  • Recurve bow draw slightly faster (50ms)
  • Recurve bow arrow speed increased very slightly (4900 -> 5000)
  • Recurve bow can now partial sprint during draw, reload and release - this will buff mobility greatly
  • Improved jump sway on all ranged weapons
  • Huntsman perk point cost reduced to 1
  • Ranger perk point cost reduced to 1
  • Leg damage increased across the board - this is slight for armored legs and significant for tier 1 legs, which are now like the torso counterpart in HTK
  • Active stab releases reduced slightly on the following weapons: Halberd, Spear, Billhook, Bardiche alt mode, Poleaxe, Eveningstar, Zweihander main mode
  • Halberd alt mode stab windup increased 25ms
  • Halberd stab damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45
  • Bardiche alt mode now one shots naked legs
  • Spear main mode stab now deals 3 more damage to plate torso, but 3 less to plate head
  • Spear alt mode stab damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45, reduced vs medium helmet to 65
  • Spear alt mode stamina negation increased to 13
  • Longsword main mode strike release reduced 25ms
  • 1H Axe combo speed buffed
  • 1H Axe strike release increased 25ms
  • Poleaxe point cost reduced to 6
  • Rock point cost reduced to 1
  • Pavise point cost reduced to 1
  • Executioner sword strike damage vs armored helmets reduced by 5
  • Executioner sword stab damage reduced across the board
  • Zweihander halfswording buffed
  • Zweihander stab damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45
  • Zweihander stab stamina drain reduced by 1
  • Zweihander strike miss stamina cost increased by 1
  • Greatsword halfswording buffed
  • Billhook strike releases reduced 25ms
  • Eveningstar strike buffed damage against armored heads slightly
  • Eveningstar strike released increased 25ms
  • Eveningstar main mode stab damage vs plate helmet reduced to 45
  • Messer strike now 25ms faster windup but more restricted turncap
  • Estoc strike release reduced 25ms
  • Estoc stab has slightly more damage vs plate torso
  • Bastard sword 2H strike release reduced 25ms
  • Bastard sword strike combos 25ms faster
  • Bastard sword stab slightly more damage vs plate torso
  • Warhammer strikes now 25ms faster
  • Warhammer strike stamina drain +1
  • Warhammer alt mode reworked - now the same as the main mode but greatly increased headshot damage and cannot combo. Straight damage upgrade but more risky to use
  • Arming sword stab now has 1 more damage vs plate torso
  • Arming sword strike now deals 34 vs plate head
  • Dagger stab damage buffed, strike damage nerfed
  • Cleaver strike damage buffed, stab damage nerfed
  • Mace stab windup speed up 25ms
  • Falchion strike windup speed up 25ms
  • Shortspear throw damage buffed to 50 vs plate torso
  • Fire damage against structures reduced slightly

Maps & Gamemodes

  • Fixed Cave entrance being blocked on MountainPeak
  • Fixed Icicles
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit in Grad dungeon
  • Fixed an out of bounds exploit on Contraband

Visuals & Misc.

  • Held shield block lowering animations are now more snappy & responsive
  • Added 11 new emblems (Kickstarter backer-submitted)
  • Fixed a bug with spectating players in 3p which booted the camera to a random spot on death
  • Reduced size of emblem on crude plate skirt
  • Estoc proportions readjusted - now thicker
  • Fog fix on Grad for 21:9 and other aspect ratios
  • Adjusted collision on the buildable spike wall so that stair is easier to get up in weird angles


  • Improved longsword & bastard sword hitsounds
  • Footstep sounds of enemies/allies increased slightly more


  • 75 damage dealt will now be assist count as kill
  • Added client side chat mutes to context menu (normal mute - completely silences player, motivational mute - replaces user's next messages with motivational quotes) - muting is done by clicking on a user's message in the chat and selecting the options from the context menu, votekicking is also possible from here.
  • Crosshair dot color turns red when looking at an enemy and slightly transparent when looking at an ally
  • Home screen news panel improvements
  • Moved tutorial access to a new Training tab under Fight
  • Scoreboard autoscroll now only scrolls as much as needed, should see the top scorer in more cases
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