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Streets of Rogue update for 6 June 2019

Beta 78

Share · View all patches · Build 3895254 · Last edited 6 June 2019 – 18:25:06 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

I’ve been on an absolute tear these past couple weeks, prepping the game for its final console submission before release. Speaking of which, a release date for the end of early access and the console versions is going to be announced very soon. Keep an eye out for something called the “E3 Pre-Pre-Show on Twitch”, which I think is happening on the 9th. I’ll be making an appearance on it, and we should be announcing an official date. (EDIT: Check the front page of twitch at about 11:30 PST tonight June 9th!)

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

I’m expanding last update’s Fortnight Discussion from Cheap Deaths to Cheapness in general. What do you find to be “cheap” about the game?

Beta 78


  • NPCs flash after death when they are about to explode
  • Fix for Cop Bots not always disappearing on multiplayer client after post-death explosion
  • Fix for fire/water spray particles not traveling the correct distance if the wall they were spraying into is destroyed
  • Fix for T-Posing instances due to NPC’s animator being set to 0 at beginning of levels
  • Counters have correct sprites when pieces of them are broken off
  • Fix for cases where players could have wrong head/body in home base after finishing the game in online multiplayer
  • Fix for cases where players could have wrong head/body in home base after switching the number of players from the home base
  • Fix for NPCs holding weapons the wrong way while dancing
  • Fix for state indicators like the “flee” graphic appearing after death for NPCs when on a slow multiplayer connection
  • Possible fix for “spawn” and “electrocuted” particle effects not always appearing on all PCs
  • Fix for NPCs not always appearing to have fallen into holes on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs who have previously fallen into holes sometimes playing their fall animation as soon as they appear on camera
  • Fix for multiplayer clients who fall into holes appearing too bright on host
  • Fix for wreckage on multiplayer client sometimes appearing over holes at the side of the map

UI / Controls

  • Opening and closing the missions screen is slightly faster
  • When the player updates one of their attributes at the end of a level, text for this will not rise out of the elevator
  • Failsafe for rare case when level could not be completed in local coop mode
  • Fix for rare random occurrence of context buttons not working
  • If the player moves out of range of a chest or vendor, their inventory will close along with the chest/vendor inventory
  • Fix for player teleporting to building entrances when attempting to teleport to outdoor objects
  • Fix for extra NPC info displaying during cinematics when space bar is pressed / A is held
  • Fix for player sometimes teleporting to the starting building of a person instead of their current location when they are far from home

Playfield Objects

  • Upgrading traits at the Augmentation Booth costs less
  • Fix for some cases where fire could spread behind walls to other objects
  • Fix for blue Laser sometimes emitting many noises in rapid succession
  • Fix for blue Laser going off if non-weapons are thrown through it
  • If the player is "operating" an object (hacking, etc.), and it is destroyed, they will stop operating
  • Fix for east-west-facing windows not always having proper mouseover area
  • Fix for being able to score two hits in one melee swing on Killer Plant
  • Fix for Lockdown Walls not having a proper cooldown period between going down and going back up again
  • Fix for Killer Plant’s head not always being destroyed properly on multiplayer client


  • Melee weapons sold by Shopkeepers have extra durability, but retain the same price as before
  • When a weapon breaks, Wrench and Crowbar will only be auto-selected after other melee weapons are exhausted
  • Fix for player being able to pick up objects on the other side of lasers unless they have Lasers Ignore You
  • Fix for player being able to pick up objects on the other side of windows
  • Fix for fires from Molotov Cocktails sometimes spawning inside non-wooden walls
  • Ghosts always drop money
  • Minor adjustments to Trash Can loot
  • Minor adjustments to Shopkeeper inventory
  • Fix for Slaves not always blowing up properly from their Slave Helmet on multiplayer client

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities

  • Fix for hacking slave helmets not working when the NPC was not originally a slave
  • Fix for Vocally Challenged people not being able to hack slave helmets and robots
  • Fix for player not being able to camouflage due to a disabled Security Cam thinking they were in view
  • Countdown displays over the player's head when Feelin' Alright is coming to an end
  • Fix for Sneaky Fingers not always triggering when using Hacking Tool
  • Fix for Above the Law text remaining on the screen after the player has died and used a continue
  • Measures taken to ensure that people can't be harmed by multiple Electro Touches or Chaaaarges in rapid succession
  • Fix for Electro Touches doing double damage from multiplayer client
  • Fix for cases where Zombie Spit would not cause a status effect when shot from multiplayer client
  • Fix for “-Status Effect” text sometimes displaying when client player died
  • Safeguards against rare cases where player could get stuck throwing E_TossItem after using the Toss ability
  • Fix for Zombie gaining Super Special attributes at the start of some online multiplayer games after finishing their Big Quest, but not having the mutator active
  • Fix for certain cases where player is offered 2 traits at the end of levels instead of 3
  • Cop Bot beams have a slightly shorter range
  • People do not keep Confused when traversing between two levels, this was causing AI issues
  • Fix for NPCs being able to make use of Resurrect after falling into a hole


  • Fix for cases where bodies could pass through doors and fences on death without breaking them
  • Fix for cases where glass walls could be broken while battling in the arena
  • Rockets and their explosions function a bit better on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPC melee weapons not losing durability during battles with multiplayer client


  • If a level loads while the game window is out of focus, music will not play until the window gains focus
  • Fix for cases where sound effects would not play due to the game window losing focus before sound settings could be configured
  • Fix for zombie spit sound effect not being played properly when coming from non-local online players
  • Fix for sound effects playing in the game if the player sets sound volume to 0, alt-tabs out, and returns to the game
  • "Can't Do" sound effect plays when a scientist is asked to identify an already-identified syringe
  • Fix for water splash sound effect sometimes playing in rapid succession when items or dead people are at the sides of water bodies
  • Fix for sound effect not playing on multiplayer client when Train or Mine Cart hits someone
  • Fix for melee weapon break and armor break sound effects not playing for NPCs on multiplayer client

Stats / Unlocks

  • Fix for player not receiving skill points for indirect “rival” kills
  • Player must only put out 5 fires in a single game to unlock the Firefighter


  • Much lower chance that the player will receive the same quest reward twice in one game
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to ask “Retrieve” NPCs about their item before their optional quest had been accepted

Big Quests

  • Fix for player completing quest as Slavemaster if their slave is killed while walking to the elevator
  • Crate for Scientist's Big Quest does not spawn in Mayor Village
  • Arsonists appear with slightly greater frequency
  • For Assassin quest, bystander NPCs will become targets if they spot you for about a second after the kill occurs, and the original target’s guards will become targets if they see you while searching. Previously, NPCs would become targets only if they had an immediate view of you when the kill occurred


  • War Zone spawns new NPCs at slightly longer intervals, and doesn’t spawn as many total
  • Cannibals in War Zone sometimes carry Axes or Knives instead of guns


  • Cinematic slow motion triggers less often in Low Health for All mode

Level Generation

  • Fix for vending machines not always facing the correct direction when spawning next to caves
  • Fixed a case where a Flame Grate could appear in the way of a Laser Emitter
  • Removed an NPC set to patrol where a Saw Blade was appearing
  • Fix for Cops sometimes spawning inside of objects
  • Fix for Cops sometimes spawning too close to the level entrance
  • Cannibals in bushes cannot spawn close to the player’s starting location

Artificial Intelligence

  • Fix for NPCs being able to close doors when a dead body was in the door
  • Soldiers during War Zone will attack zombies on sight, with the exception of the player
  • Soldiers and Cannibals in War Zone will not become scared by things
  • Fix for NPCs not caring if you hack something behind a locked door
  • If you buy a Safe Combination from someone, they won’t get angry when you take the contents of their Safe
  • Fix for NPCs in a building not becoming Friendly toward the player when a guard receives a bribe while Aligned or Loyal to the player
  • Fix for NPCs going from Aligned/Loyal to Friendly after a bribe
  • Better prevention for NPCs walking through lasers at beginning of levels
  • Fix for people in gangs sometimes not following the player once they become a party member
  • Fix for NPCs attempting to path through certain objects on multiplayer client
  • Fix for cases where NPCs wouldn’t follow the player through doors that they should have been able to open
  • Fix for errors when dropping an item in front of a Cop Bot who is accosting you on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs becoming hostile toward multiplayer client for attacking them while invisible
  • Fix for Cops not always taking viewing distance into account when becoming hostile toward the player for committing crimes


  • Added names to credits list
  • Fixed a couple of translation errors
  • Added text to feedback form indicating that although adding your email address when sending feedback is optional, I would very much appreciate if you would! If you send me a bug report and I need to follow up with you and I can’t, it makes me want to stick my head in a blender.
  • Changed formatting of “Crooked” description to make it fit better
  • Fix for NPC zombies that had originally been another class retaining that other class's name on multiplayer client


  • Better performance during UI animations
  • Fix for water/fire sprays taking up too much CPU time under certain circumstances


  • Fix for cases where NPCs could become stuck inside of walls
  • Fix for some cases where NPCs could pass through walls when knocked back by client
  • Improved syncing of NPC bodies after death
  • Fix for multiplayer client sometimes having difficulty interacting with NPCs walking in gangs
  • Fix for Research Gun causing NPCs to stop receiving position information when used by multiplayer client


  • Work on console-specific stuff
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