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Streets of Rogue update for 23 May 2019

Beta 77

Share · View all patches · Build 3850015 · Last edited 23 May 2019 – 18:35:05 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Another batch of bug fixes comin’ atcha! I don’t know how people keep digging this stuff up, but as long as you keep reporting them, I’ll keep fixing them!

I’ll be announcing the official release date for 1.0 and the console versions around the start of e3. More details on that in the next update. For now, all I can say is “summer”.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

This update’s Fortnight Discussion: Cheap deaths. What are some ways you’ve died that didn’t quite feel fair?

Beta 77


  • Fix for people not always appearing Frozen properly on local multiplayer games
  • Fix for Shapeshifter sometimes appearing to multiplayer clients to retain the hat of the person they last possessed
  • Fix for multiplayer client sometimes appearing weird in home base if they select a new character after death and then the host chooses to return to home base
  • Fix for lamps displaying light on multiplayer client after power box has been destroyed
  • Fix for Fire Hydrant spray particles appearing to go a bit through walls
  • Fix for bottom part of east-west-facing windows casting incorrect shadow on multiplayer client

UI / Controls

  • Message “xxxx is entering the level” appears on level changes in online multiplayer instead of “xxxx has joined the game”
  • Added button to feedback form with link to explanation of how to send output logs
  • Fix for Overpowered Character text remaining on the screen if the player quits to the main menu when this is active and then starts a new one
  • Fix for rare cases where a player could resurrect after a game over in coop mode
  • Fix for "status effect being removed" text sometimes appearing over people's heads twice on multiplayer client
  • Fix for keyboard player being able to teleport while they are dizzy or otherwise incapacitated in local coop mode
  • Player can press the Extra Info button to view NPC info while dizzy or otherwise incapacitated

Playfield Objects

  • Less easy for the player to accidentally become un-hidden from a Bush
  • When teleporting to elevators, player is teleported to more appropriate positions
  • Quick-teleporting will bring the player to the door of the building that houses a mission when possible
  • Changed the ordering of buttons when interacting with Computer for more convenience


  • Shopkeeper cannot drop or lose Portable Sell-O-Matic since this is necessary for his Big Quest
  • Fix for Haterator not taking effect until the victim is out of combat
  • Fix for cases where the player would pick up a melee weapon with over 100 durability when they already had an item of the same type, and the extra durability would not be counted
  • Fix for cases where stepping on a hazardous item (such as a Banana Peel) as a multiplayer client would not harm the player
  • Safeguard against rare case where key items that fell into hole and reappeared were non-interactable
  • Quick-Escape Teleporter will not trigger when player loses health from radiation blast
  • Fix for Quick-Escape Teleporter teleports taking about half as much time as they were supposed to in online and local coop modes

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities

  • Fix for certain cases where player was not able to use Camouflage after being viewed by security cam
  • Fix for cases where player was able to cannibalize from a large distance away from an NPC directly after killing them
  • Shrunk now lasts 20 seconds instead of 30
  • Fix for certain issues with operating/arresting/etc. during bad networking conditions
  • Fix for Potential to Not Suck not triggering after the player reaches level 20
  • Fix for custom character with Possess retaining "Super Special Ability" status after depossessing someone whose ability they had unlocked
  • People exploding from cyanide pills creates a noise
  • Robots standing in bodies of water or puddles does significantly less damage than before
  • Fix for Confused NPCs not pathing properly in combat on multiplayer client
  • NPC Thief cannot accidentally pickpocket players with Honor Among Thieves


  • Fixed errors relating to explosions in online multiplayer
  • More efforts toward avoiding people phasing through walls after being knocked back
  • Fix for bullets sometimes passing through zombified NPCs on multiplayer client
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes doing lower damage when attacking the player if they used to be * Loyal/Aligned to the player
  • Fix for people being set on fire when they died if their next-to-last hit was fire-based, and their last hit came from the client and was not fire-based
  • Fix for error that would sometimes occur on host when multiplayer client's weapon collided with another person's weapon


  • Sound and music no longer play when the game window loses focus through alt-tab, etc.
  • Fix for looping sound effects not changing their volume when the user changes the sound volume through the menu
  • Fix for NPC spawn sound effect not always playing on multiplayer client
  • Fix for hologram despawn sound effect not playing on multiplayer client


  • Fix for Neutralize All missions not always completing properly in Ooze levels
  • Attempted safeguards for rare errors in prison break and gorilla rescue missions
  • Safeguard for rare cases where missions completed after a game over

Big Quests

  • Fix for cases where having a Thief in the party could screw up the Big Quest total counter for other characters


  • Robot NPCs are not affected by radiation blast disaster
  • Players with Zombiism can teleport freely during Zombie disaster
  • Fix for disasters sometimes appearing inappropriately if the player quits to the main menu at the end of a level when a disaster was going to appear on the next level, and starts a new game


  • In New Character Every level, fix for player losing items at the end of levels that they found prior to receiving them for a specific character (such as the Taser)

Level Generation

  • Corrected the positioning of several building templates

Artificial Intelligence

  • If you enslave a Slavemaster, his Slaves will follow him so their heads don't blow up
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes not getting hostile when you freeze one of their friends with the Freeze Ray
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes believing they own the wrong building after being forced indoors by the Ooze disaster
  • Fix for NPCs not retreating indoors due to Ooze if they were far away from the player
  • Fix for Zombies not getting angry at fellow Zombified people who attack them
  • Fix for rioters and war zone’ers not always getting hostile when you arrest or bite their friends
  • When the player asks someone to leave town, they will walk to the closest elevator instead of going for the starting elevator
  • Potential fix for cases where party member NPCs would attack NPCs that you just electrocuted with the intention of enslaving them
  • Fix for NPCs walking through laser emitters at the very start of levels
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes thinking you were inside their building if you got close enough to the outside of the building’s glass wall


  • Fix for a number of potential rare multiplayer desync issues
  • Fix for cases where certain NPC properties could potentially not be set properly on client when the NPC is initially spawned
  • Fix for sometimes not being able to revive ghosts if the game has determined that the ghost player is annoyed with the other player


  • Linux version starts in windowed mode on the first run to hopefully avoid startup blue/purple/black-screen issues with certain configurations


  • Work on internal level editor
  • Work on console-specific stuff

Beta 77b (May 24)

  • Fix for cases where sound effects would not play due to the game window losing focus before sound settings could be configured

Beta 77c (May 25)

  • Player receives notifications upon completing or failing Big Quests (please let me know ASAP if you find bugs with this)
  • Added proper localization for all current achievements
  • Fixed cross-platform cloud saves, these should now be working properly.

Beta 77d (May 27)

  • Fix for lasers being triggered when the player is nearby, which was due to an error in the wall phasing fix I had added
  • Fixed Discord link on the main menu
  • Bunch of other fixes that I'll write up in the next patch notes
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