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The Universim update for 10 May 2019

Burning Skies Patch V0.0.33 Is Now Live

Share · View all patches · Build 3813410 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Greetings, Creators!

Aaanddd we’re back again! It’s been a hectic month as usual, including an unfortunate situation where a few of our developers got sick. As a result, we had to delay the patch a bit, but it was all worth it. We’re slowly moving towards the Space Age, as you’ve likely noticed, which means we have plenty of exciting features in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. Behind the scenes, our team has been doing some amazing work on alien planets with unique flora and fauna, a reworked pathfinding system (always improvements being made to this cheeky system), and ALIENS! The best news is, all of this is not too far, far away.

_Don’t forget to leave us a review if you’re enjoying the content! It gives our programmers, who are currently chained to their desks, a little something to smile about._

Read about all of the “Burning Skies” additions below:

Mysterious Boxes

The sky isn’t falling. Not yet, at least. Tell your Nuggets not to panic, as the mysterious boxes from the cosmos could be a gift dressed in really ugly wrapping paper. These also aren’t the kind of boxes you’ll need a credit card to open. You’re thinking of the wrong game studio if this section had you concerned. These ones are free! However, they could contain some nasty business if you open them carelessly. Research more about them and they may drop a few hints about what could be inside.

Legendary Structures

Now you can build a few wonders of the world! Nuggets will finally have something to be proud of. You can beautify your civilization with the Eiffel Tower, a few Pyramids, or the one-and-only Notre-Dame de Paris! However, you won’t be able to build them until you find all of their blueprints, which are locked inside of those mysterious boxes we mentioned. Culture from the stars! In the future, these boxes will also contain blueprints for alien technology.

Spontaneous Fires

In what is probably an unfortunately-timed addition, considering the other contents of this patch, we have implemented random fires into the game. Mismanagement of buildings or rapid climate change can lead to fires starting around your city.


Death is in the air! Certain buildings will produce pollution, which, coupled with your overall treatment of the environment, may lead to global warming. This can result in more natural disasters, brutal winters, the extinction of certain animal species, and potentially the end of Nuggets altogether. You’ve been warned!


The Nuggets’ sense of fashion and overall taste evolves alongside the civilization. It all started with a few leaves and the odd loincloth, and now Nuggets can be seen with fancy haircuts, dresses, and suits. Sadly, Nuggets still don’t wear any pants.


While the early ages of your civilization required varying amounts of micromanagement, modern conveniences and technology allow you to take a more macro approach. Sit back and relax; buildings like Modern Age Factories will produce everything you need without Nuggets being present. However, having a few Nuggets inside to supervise things will speed up production somewhat.

Upgraded Farm

The power of technology! Farms look so glorious now that they are fully-automated. Those mechanical claws will do all of the harvesting, while the mineral-regulating irrigation system will ensure that Bloody Diarrhea fruit tastes better than ever.

Screenshot Tool

Ever wanted to grab stunning 4K screenshots of the game with the press of a button? We’ve got you! There’s now a little button on the main HUD you can use to snap a screenshot at any resolution of your choosing. Share them with the community! We’ll add the best ones to our various pages.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue when clicking on a building panel button caused the Wiki button to be activated and Nuggets to stop doing any kind of work.
  • Fixed: Issue when clicking Prioritize in a building panel would not display any indication of the building being prioritized.
  • Fixed: Issue with the Building List Panel where Nuggets could be over-assigned to buildings.
  • Fixed: Issue where camera shake would persist even when the game was paused.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Building List Panel would enable shifts on all buildings when opened after load.
  • Fixed: Issue where modern fisheries would use stone age boats after reloading the game.
  • Fixed: Error that occurred when you had the reservoir panel open when you upgraded it.
  • Fixed: UI bug where the research progress bar would be inaccurate after enacting the “Science Law”.
  • Fixed: Protection Dome sound effect. Dramatically reduced volume and range.
  • Fixed: Issue where a tornado was dealing damage after it ended.
  • Fixed: A bug that occurred when certain windows settings were not applied properly due to the wrong path of the setting file location.
  • Fixed: Issue where camera shake was fading out when the game was paused.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Gunpowder perk was unlocking the Chemical Factory.
  • Fixed: Issue where the system would assume that an Exile Village building belonged to the player, which could lead to an issue where a Save Game was not loading anymore.
  • Fixed: Issue that lead to issues with the Steam API due to an incorrect directory name.
  • Fixed: Issue with a small trap projector not displaying it properly.
  • Fixed: Issue with the fishing hut perk, which visually lead to the Refined Material perk unlock, but was not actually unlocking it
  • Fixed: Updating time to grow in crop info.
  • Fixed: Wonky night lighting for certain modern buildings.
  • Fixed: Issue where you could sacrifice Nuggets at an unfinished temple.
  • Fixed: Issue where a Farm’s crops timer was not updating properly and was resulting in factories not producing food.
  • Fixed: Issue where grass was causing infinite load times when a new game was started.
  • Fixed: Issue where Farms were able to operate without using any electricity, even if they required it.

General balance changes / Improvements:

  • Automation of Factories.
  • Clone Center received some changes. Now you can order more than one Nugget at a time.
  • Reworked gravity system. Objects can now be thrown into orbit around the planet, but will slowly fall back to the surface. Objects are no longer instantly destroyed when dropped from high in the atmosphere and will instead fall as expected.
  • Increased amount of turtles being spawned on the planet.
  • Increased amount of birds being spawned on the planet.
  • Increased building fire resistance by 30%.
  • Adjusted Nugget gene system. Kids will inherit skin color starting from the first generation.
  • Nuggets will have equal chance of inheriting skin color from Mother & Father.
  • Modern reservoirs are more resistant to heat. The temperature for evaporation and freezing was increased / decreased.
  • Overall temperature on the planet received minor tweaks to adjust to the current pollution system.
  • Amount of resources that each pile can hold was adjusted from 5 to 30.
  • Meteor VFX tweaks and improvements. Should look and sound better now.
  • Additional Resource Panel Improvements.
  • Animals killed with Telekinesis now drop food.
  • Major localization fixes throughout existing languages.
  • Exile Village decals added.
  • Small update to culling system to handle Dynamic buildings better.
  • New tooltips were added to the new systems as well as tooltips for the old systems.


  • New Nugget clothing.
  • New haircuts for Nuggets.
  • Farm building upgrade for Modern Age.
  • Notre-Dame building.
  • Pyramid building.
  • Eiffel Tower building.
  • Clone Center capsule was updated.
  • Exile Village buildings have decals now.
  • Meteor Crater model.
  • Cracked meteor model.
  • Mysterious box model.
  • Trait icons for Legendary Nuggets.

UI Design:

  • The Nugget customizer has new traits icons.
  • MainUI resources bar was adjusted to hold all resources in one line when playing at standard resolutions.
  • Photo mode panel was added.
  • Construction menu was updated. New building cloud added.
  • Clone Center now has a queue.
  • Fixed missing localization in Clone Center panel.
  • Pollution indicator was added to the building usage panel and to building cloud in construction menu.
  • Pollution tooltip was added to mainUI - changed oxygen level to environment.
  • New category for Legendary Building was added to construction menu.
  • New round buttons added for legendary buildings. Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Pyramids.
  • New building cloud was introduced for legendary buildings category. It contains 4 puzzles for each building that will have to be collected in order for the building to be unlocked.
  • New banner panel for puzzle discovery.
  • Reorganization of settings menu: moved decals and grass to graphics category.
  • New panel for trading UI.
  • New panel for Loot box was added.
  • Added renders for Modern Farm, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Pyramid to construction menu.

There were plenty of interesting challenges to overcome this month, which unfortunately means we had to push the trading system between your civilization and Exile Villages to the next patch. It needs a little more work. We are currently building a final road map towards full release and we couldn’t be more excited! We know it has taken quite a while to get to where we are now, but we hope we made the development process as transparent, informative, and fun for you as possible. Making a game of this scale is no easy matter, which means that creating something good takes time. We want The Universim to be memorable. Luckily, we have all of you backing us up and keeping us on track! Plus, all of your feedback continues to make the game EVEN BETTER. Much love to everyone!

Once again, don’t forget to drop us a review and chat to us over on our Discord server. You can even expect some cool stuff on Twitter and Facebook. After all, you don’t want to miss any sneaky info drops about alien planets, do you?

Have an amazing weekend!

All our love,

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