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Caves of Qud update for 27 April 2019

Feature Friday - Grit Gate, Remodeled

Share · View all patches · Build 3774046 · Last edited 27 April 2019 – 04:25:05 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

  • We remodeled Grit Gate.

  • The whole layout is new. Explore!

  • Added a new music track to Grit Gate.

  • Added a functional power grid to Grit Gate. Power is generated at power stations, conducted through power lines (or, in rarer cases, wirelessly), and consumed by various kinds of artifacts in place of battery power.

  • Added new objects in support of the power grid infrastructure: fusion power station, broadcast power station, wired fulcrete, wired door, power line, and heavy power line.

  • Added a functional hydraulic power system to Grit Gate. Power is generated at pumping stations, conducted via liquids through pipes, and consumed by various kinds of artifacts in place of battery power.

  • Added new objects in support of the hydraulic infrastructure: fusion pumping station, glass hydraulic pipe, metal hydraulic pipe, fulcrete with piping, and hydraulic irrigator.

  • Added three new Barathrumites: Hortensa, Iseppa, and Neek. They'll be getting personalized descriptions soon.

  • Urshiib now correctly have the Quills and Triple-Jointed mutations.

  • Gave several of the Barathrumites new tiles.

  • Gave several of the Barathrumites relevant tinker skills.

  • Gave several of the Barathumites guns.

  • Barathrumites now repair broken contraptions if they're nearby.

  • Barathrumites now flee from danger if their HP gets low.

  • Wounded Barathrumites now seek out healing installations.

  • Added several new gadgets: unicomputer, liquid-cooled unicomputer, powered telescope, loudspeaker, gas burner, hydraulic brass foaminator, and chromeling signal relay.

  • Added two new types of workbenches.

  • Added some powered defensive structures to the grid: chain laser emplacements and force projectors.

  • Added a new forcefield variant: force barrier. Force barriers block all projectiles and block movement for creatures who don't have proper clearance.

  • Replaced the force field entrance to Grit Gate with a force barrier.

  • Added a mainframe computer to Grit Gate. She calls herself Ereshkigal.

  • Added mainframe supporting objects: monitor, control panel, status panel, and vacuum column tape drive.

  • Added an intercom to the mainframe room.

  • Added two new sculptures: chrome bust of Mehmet I and chrome bust of K4K5.

  • Added a new type of arc sconce.

  • Made some architectural adjustments to Barathrum's Study.

  • Refreshed Rodanis Y's stats and abilities. They now default to an unpowered state but can be powered -- via the grid -- by interfacing with Ereshkigal, assuming you have the appropriate security clearance.

  • Refreshed chromeling and plated chromeling's stats and abilities.

  • Added a new chromeling status effect: overclocked.

  • Gave certain NPCs a new item: safety bracelet.

  • Grit Gate quests now correctly award Barathrumite reputation again.

  • We fully refreshed the quest 'A Call to Arms'.

    • Added two new subquests: Grave Thoughts and The Assessment.
    • Tweaked the stats of several existing Putus Templar.
    • Added a new item: gentling mask.
    • Added a new member to the Putus Templar ranks: newfather. Newfathers spawn with force-domesticated creatures (via gentling masks) who are eager to win their affection.
    • Tweaked dialog all across the entire Grit Gate questline.
  • Made several other small tweaks in support of the remodel.

  • Added a new heavy weapon: chain laser.

  • Added power buttons to some grid-powered contraptions. You can power them off and on if you have the proper security clearance.

  • Added support for grid power to several gadgets.

  • You can no longer beguile, proselytize, or otherwise woo wraith-knights.

  • Wraith-knights are now excluded from dynamic encounters.

  • Added new tiles for glass walls and doors.

  • Added new tiles for tetraxenonoglass walls.

  • Added tinted glass walls and doors.

  • Added a new vase tile.

  • Added a new tile for taco suprema.

  • Added color and tile variety for tables with objects on them.

  • Banner of the Holy Rhombus now only bestows its status effect if its being wielded or on the ground in the 'raised' position.

  • Furniture is now excluded from autoget.

  • Force walls and portable walls may no longer be built on diagonals.

  • Portable walls must now start adjacent to their deployer.

  • Creatures with the Quills mutation are now immune to other creatures' quills.

  • Creatures with the Force Wall mutation can no longer walk through the forcefields they create with it.

  • Smart use on unidentified artifacts now brings up their interaction menu.

  • Reasonably intelligent NPCs are now somewhat more tolerant to friendly fire.

  • You are no longer considered to have violated the covenant of the water ritual if the NPC who died was responsible for their own demise or if they were non-hostile to you and the damage that killed them appears to be accidental.

  • Creatures who like to occasionally wander now occasionally teleport if they have the ability to.

  • When you're on fire, beating at the flames now requires you to have hands. The alternative of rolling on the ground is available to you as a fallback, if you are on the ground and capable of interacting with it.

  • Creatures who are on fire now try to put out the fire with the methods available to them, depending on their intelligence and willpower.

  • Creatures and objects that are on fire now have a "fight fire" interaction menu option that you can use to try to beat out the flames with your hands.

  • Weapons that stun or electrify on hit are now rated more highly by creature AI.

  • NPCs can now use Jump.

  • You can no longer jump without feet.

  • Hindren, ice frogs, and bloated pearlfrogs now have Jump.

  • When you kill one of your companions, they are no longer awarded XP for their own death.

  • Gathering liquids with the 'collect' command now carries the same dangers as pouring those liquids.

  • Force bubbles no longer generate fresh force fields every time their emitter moves.

  • Technological force emitters now have a chance per turn to regenerate destroyed fields.

  • Activating and deactivating force bracelets now costs a turn.

  • Forcefield activation and movement no longer pushes objects that are out of phase with the forcefield or creatures that have a forcefield nullifier implant.

  • Solar arrays that are nonfunctional due to not being in the sun now display that status if you have access to telemetry.

  • The prone status effect now gives -6 Agility, -5 DV, and -80 move speed.

  • There are now some creatures who cannot be knocked prone and others who cannot stand back up if knocked prone.

  • Fixed an AI pathing issue.

  • Fixed a formatting issue with the Ruin of House Isner story.

  • [modding] The tag ExcludeFromTurretStock will now prevent an ammo blueprint for being considered for the stocks of turrets that use MagazineAmmoLoader weapons. This can be used to avoid the situation that has been arising where mods that add new kinds of ammo cause turrets to show up with small amounts of each of the different varieties.

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