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Chronicon update for 26 April 2019

Update 0.92.0 - Engine update, performance fixes, new save system, keybind profiles, new loot filters, and much more!

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hey everyone!

It's been a while and I got a pretty big update for you!
This update upgrades a ton of internal systems and makes use of the most recent GMS2 engine update. So if you've experience framerate issues or the game running sluggishly, this update should (hopefully!) solve those issues!

If you're playing Chronicon on Linux, you may have to do some tweaks depending on your setup, as the updated engine targets ubuntu 18 LTS instead of 14 LTS. However, thanks to liberodark, Chronicon should support more distros without the need for tinkering. A big thanks to him :)

Additionally some major points of this update are brand new loot filters that can be saved and shared across characters, computers, guides, etc! You can make one per character, or make several types of filters for different purposes, and switch between them from the pause menu from any character.

There's also a new keybind system that works in the same way! Per character, per style, per whatever, really. Just set them up and select them from the pause menu. Easy peasy! Both the filters and keybinds are stored as plain text files in a json format (in your Chronicon save directory) so you can easily grab them and share them with friends or copy-paste their contents into guides, for example.

I've also written a new faster and more reliable save system. It allows more frequent auto-saves, and should prevent loss of data if you experience a sudden shutdown or power outage. Pretty neat. Please also note that starting the game after updating will convert all existing save data to a new format that is not backwards compatible.

On top of all this, Anomalies have been tweaked a bit (more to come on that front), many items have been given cool new powers, and I've added a few new runes and legendary + true legendary equipment.

And as always I've fixed a bunch of issues - thank you very much for your reports, suggestions, and support!

As we draw closer to 1.0, I will have more news to share regarding progress, estimated time of "release", and upcoming pricing changes to the game sometime soon!


Full notes below:


Performance Fixes:

  • Engine updated to most recent which should fix performance and framerate issues revolving around vsync, high hz monitors, power saving settings, and many similar issues - please let me know how it runs for you!

New Save System & Format:

  • Autosaves are now more frequent, faster, and safer
  • An icon has been added to the top left when saving/loading data - don't close the game while this icon is visible!
  • Data corruption due to sudden PC shutdowns or power outages should now only be a traumatic memory and likely won't happen again
  • All data will be converted to a new format when launching the game after updating
  • !Note: The new format is not compatible with older versions of the game!

New Loot Filters:

  • Added new Loot Filter which can be customized to exclude any rarity (including TL) or misc item types outside of equipment
  • The display filter and Radial Loot filters are now separate
  • A "default" loot filter is generated on first startup on 0.92.0 or later
  • This can be copied and edited externally or in-game
  • If there are no filters or the selected filter does no longer exist, the "default" is re-generated and used
  • Filters can be found in the save directory

Keybind Profiles:

  • Similar to loot filters, keybind profiles can now be set up and bound per-character
  • Note: Changing the profile on one character changes it for all other characters who use the same profile, so if you estimate doing a lot of changes it's worth setting up a few different
  • Also note that all controller/keybind settings settings, including co-op partners, click to move and controller options, are tied to the same selected profile
  • Keybind profiles can be found in the save directory

Lesser Rune Drops:

  • Rune drop data has been reset to prevent an issue where people were seeing dupes before getting all Runes, sorry about the inconvenience!


  • Open forest layouts: Removed a lot of single tree blocks
  • Open desert/cave layouts: reduced the avg size by ~15%
  • Lushlands layout: reduced overall size by ~30%
  • Catacombs layout: removed (might return in a more spaceous format at some point)
  • Improved door spawning of Dungeon Anomalies so there should be more variation and possible locations for the doors
  • Added some more layout-tileset combinations
  • Adjusted light tinting for desert Anomalies somewhat

Enchants & Powers:

  • Quieted the Hellfire enchant proc a little
  • Changed how powers are evaluated slightly so that powers such as Despair can be chained into other powers as you would expect, for example the Despair effect (bonus damage to slowed foes) is added before any other effect relying on damage is evaluated

Enemies & Affixes:

  • Bleeder effix buffed so enemies deal approx 50% more bleed damage


  • Added a new Loot Filter Settings menu
  • Added an auto save warning thing to the intro, which will also verify and convert any old format save files
  • Removed the Reset Hero button from the menu as it caused more harm than good - it may return later
  • The minimap and quest tracker now moves to the left corner if there's a player in the top right slot in co-op (still need to do something neat for when there's 4 players though)



  • Keys, Potions, Elixirs, and Scrolls now fall under their own separate item categories rather than "consumable"
  • Their relative values have been adjusted
  • Added some lore texts to a few legendary items
  • Slightly adjusted the drop rate of Prismatic Stars as due to an error they would be disproportionally low with lower mf values (they are still more rare than other Prismatics though, which remain unchanged)
  • Many items have had their minimum levels raised to spread the loot out a bit so you haven't seen everything by level 50

True Legendaries:

  • Added new items:

    • Vestige of Lost Souls (Armor)
    • Tear of The Arch Druid (Amulet)

Legendaries & Uniques:

  • Added new items:

    • Wolf Tooth Necklace (Warden amulet)
    • Star of The Pure (Amulet)
  • Added powers to existing items:

    • Supernova (Ring)
    • Ragnarok Guard (Berserker armor)
    • Molten Medallion (Berserker amulet)
    • Firelord's Amulet (Warlock Amulet)
    • Thorn Ring (Ring)
  • Updated icons for:

    • Brimstone Staff (Warlock)
    • Icecrown (Warlock)


  • Added new Runes:

    • Pulverize (Berserker)
    • Boulderfist (Berserker)
    • Rapid Pyre (Templar)
    • Trap Throw (Warden)
    • Advanced Toxicology (Warden)
    • Retaliating Companions (All)
    • Bloodscent (All)
  • Tweaked some Runes:

    • Infinite Rolls (Berserker) now has a roll range and is augmentable
    • Hard Knocks (Berserker) now has a roll range and is augmentable


  • The Shroomtender set weakness debuff now adds an additional stack per sporeling empowerment (see Skills for more info)


  • Added an experimental grouping feature to Shroom builds which should improve performance for such builds a lot, this feature can eventually be used on more things if it works well
  • Added many more possible random names for new characters


  • Performance should be better across the board for everyone
  • Slight overall improvement to render times
  • Vastly improved effeciency of saving in multiplayer (should be much less, if any, stuttering on stash access etc now)



  • Salvation:

    • Use effect is now based on Mana Regeneration instead of Maximum Mana
  • Juggernaut & Knight Templar (Mastery perks):

    • Swapped icons


  • Lay Traps:

  • Trapfilp:

    • Traps now springs when expiring instead of disappearing
  • Sporeling:

    • Now shoot Spores that target nearby shrooms (if any) and empower them, rather than planting a new shroom
    • No longer trigger on-hit effects but does still damage everything they pass through
    • Empowerment also increases the radius of the shroom by 1% per 10 empowerments
  • Spores:

    • Now spawn directly on top of the player (or spider/spiderling) rather than slightly in front so it can now hit everything close enough of the caster in 360 degrees


  • Firestorm & Inferno:

    • Swapped icons


  • Added the 6th stash tab!
  • Increased prices of buying rows the more tabs you have


  • Moved some bad portal spawn nodes in Storage Area layouts (story and Anomaly)


  • Fixed getting stuck at the end of the Crumbling Reliquary (again)
  • Fixed Tough Companions Perk giving HPR to Berserker
  • Fixed Hardcore deaths in Anomalies not reflecting what League was played on the tombstones
  • Fixed issue causing rare crafting materials to not drop in endgame if the game's base difficulty was set to normal or casual
  • Fixed Crippling Cold (Berserker) not working unless having 3 points spent
  • Fixed some crashes related to bad formatting of custom translations
  • Fixed stash eating items if deposited and then opening the skill tree or quest log via keyboard shortcuts
  • Fixed hitting Esc while binding a key cancelling out and going back to the main controls menu
  • Fixed the killstreak popup cutting of exp numbers if you get huge amounts
  • Fixed a stash item duping exploit
  • Fixed the skill animation pops and shines in the skill trees remaning when swapping pages
  • Fixed some Anomaly generation issues
  • Fixed a lot of general performance issues
  • Fixed some periodic stuttering issues
  • Fixed potential stutter on radial looting
  • Fixed vsync issues with non-60hz monitors
  • Fixed a minor memory leak
  • Fixed Tome of Knowledge suffix being a prefix
  • Fixed Stagger and other self-hurt effects showing damage numbers even if they were all disabled
  • Fixed the Blood-Tooth arena recording progress incorrectly, allowing the use of town portals during the waves
  • Fixed the text in item tags (when holding alt) being slightly offset so they overlapped
  • Fixed special symbols being drawn in item cards when hovering items on the ground
  • Fixed a bad puzzle spawn in Temple areas
  • Fixed being able to keep the Tome of Knowledge buff after unequipping the item
  • Fixed some bad exit spawns for desert dungeon anomalies
  • Fixed Seeking Arrow not turning to face the direction of its movement
  • Fixed a rare Anomaly generation crash
  • Fixed several Anomaly generation errors where tilesets were incorrectly overwritten and swapped
  • Fixed Shrines spawning over stairs on some Act 1 zones
  • Fixed missing waypoint and freeze on loadscreen in the Ancient Ruins
  • Fixed issue with the pacify feature of shrine-spawned champions (the timer before they react) causing a crash in rare cases
  • Fixed Courtyard maxing out Chest spawns (should now spawn approx 2)
  • Fixed pathfinding and collision issue with enemy companions/summons trying to return to a dead master causing a crash
  • Fixed hard crash to desktop if using Flamebound armor (as a rune) on classes other than Berserker
  • Fixed issue with effects and powers casting other skills sometimes using too low ranks
  • Fixed Root Veil being incorrectly applied to companions (shields don't work on companions!)
  • Fixed transmutation altar not clearing on some recipes
  • Fixed some skill description grammar errors
  • Fixed an issue that capped companion thorn damage
  • Fixed Frozen Soul mastery (Warlock) not working
  • Fixed crash on Wall of Fire (Warlock)
  • Fixed Burning Heart mastery (Berserker) not working
  • Fixed missing fire sound effect on Dragon Punch (Berserker)
  • Fixed the buff bar for players 2+3 in co-op being placed incorrectly on the interface
  • Fixed pause menu being offset vertically if pausing during a zoom from dialogue or cutscenes
  • Fixed lists being populated with random values due to outdated stuff in the enchant database, causing all manner of obscure issues
  • Fixed Elven Shrines losing their collision info when re-entering a visited area
  • Fixed The Dcotor's Quarters spawning a shrine instead of a secret door (oops)
  • Fixed crash from Air Freeze (Warden)
  • Fixed rare crash on opening the stat page on a fresh character
  • Fixed issue causing Normal and Casual difficulty to give the same amount of exp since the Anomaly League addition
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