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Streets of Rogue update for 11 April 2019

Beta 74

Share · View all patches · Build 3727657 · Last edited by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

This update includes a new “No Limits” mutator, intended to make the balance more like it was in earlier builds. Which is to say “there are a whole bunch of exploits”. But the people spoke, and I do listen, so here it is! For more details, see the changelog below. I also made some other balance changes to the base game that I think players will appreciate. I'm going to leave the previous Fortnight Discussion topic open for the next couple of weeks, so let me know what you think of this!

In addition, I completed some “Making of Streets of Rogue” DLC content, which will likely be released once the game hits 1.0. This will include a bunch of earlier builds of the game for you to play around with (including some REAL early ones from more than 4 years ago), and around an hour of developer’s commentary in video form. It won’t be free, but it won’t be pricey either. It also doesn’t include anything that affects the game in its current state, so it’ll just be a totally optional thing for anyone interested in how the game was made.

For more info on the current state of development, check out my "What’s Being Worked On" post on the forums.

Beta 74


  • No Limits Mutator - Limitations removed from a number of objects, items and traits to allow for extreme exploits, grinding and min-maxing

  • Sell-O-Matic can dispense infinite money

  • Clone Machine can clone infinite items

  • Slot Machines can be played as much as you want

  • Goodie Dispenser can dispense infinite items

  • Augmentation Booth can remove any trait

  • Slum Dweller can put an unlimited amount of money into the ATM for his Big Quest

  • Barbecue can create infinite Hot Fud

  • Player can toss as many coins as they want into a Well

  • Alarm Button has infinite uses

  • Player can give as much blood as they want at Hospitals

  • Kill Profiter has unlimited charges

  • Safe in Crowds cap removed

  • Confident in Crowds cap removed


  • Corrected the shadow offsets for a number of different items
  • Fix for Killer Plant body and head highlighting separately on mouseover
  • Giblets from War Zone NPCs do not spawn in water (for performance reasons)
  • Fix for custom Shapeshifter sometimes appearing without a head after possessing people
  • Fix for shirtless NPCs appearing to have a white body after progressing to the next level
  • Fix for nude NPCs not always appearing nude on multiplayer client after being depossessed

UI / Controls

  • Button image selections added to control settings
  • Item Teleporter scrollbar starts where you left off after closing and re-opening the menu
  • Fix for keyboard player not being able to click object buttons in split-screen mode
  • Fix for Supercop and Upper Cruster not appearing properly on multiplayer client character select
  • Fix for player attacking on a click when the mouse is over the chatlog scrollbar and input field
  • Fix for pressing Start at Save Character prompt in Character Creation opening the main menu
  • Fix for objects sometimes losing camera focus when operating bar is onscreen
  • Fix for issues occurring if the player attempted to name their custom character “UpperCruster” or “Cop2”
  • Fix for skill bar "gained points" text sometimes remaining on the screen indefinitely
  • Player can use scroll wheel to move scrollbar on Stats screen in 3- and 4-player modes
  • Small text spacing fix on Stats screen
  • Fix for selection boxes for players 2-4 not animating properly

Playfield Objects

  • Sell-O-Matic per-level selling limit increased by around $70-$100 depending on the level
  • Player can only use Alarm Buttons a certain number of times per level
  • Fix for Turntables action "Spin Records" not working properly from multiplayer client
  • Fix for elevator saying "Big Quest Incomplete" when possessing an NPC as a custom character
  • Gorillas always have bananas in their refrigerator
  • Fix for Floor Switch appearing in some spots where Crusher is operating continuously
  • Potential fix for rare case where Crusher could hit someone through a wall
  • Fix for cases where the player is not able to turn off security systems from Computer when hazards like crushers, fire spewers etc. still remain


  • Fud Processor and Ammo Processor have infinite uses again
  • Machinegun ammo count increased from 40 to 50 and base value increased from 100 to 110
  • Flamethrower ammo count increased from 80 to 100
  • Fix for Quick-Escape Teleporter occasionally firing when the player was left with 0 health, allowing them to continue playing when they should be dead

Status Effects / Traits / Special Abilities

  • Fix for NPCs who were infected with Zombiism, then fell in a hole, respawning outside the hole
  • Fix for cases where client player could appear as ghost on multiplayer host after being knocked out
  • Fix for NPCs sometimes becoming aligned due to Random Reverence immediately after being depossessed
  • Safeguard against multiplayer client becoming Werewolf permanently
  • Fix for Shop Drops triggering a second time for NPCs who have already become zombies
  • Fix for Killing Time not working with custom characters
  • Fix for non-starting traits being removed when a custom character transformed into Werewolf
  • Fix for multiplayer client’s starting traits not always being added back properly on host machine, when client has just depossessed or transformed back from Werewolf form
  • Potential fix for Werewolf remaining in Werewolf form after becoming a ghost in online multiplayer
  • Water projectiles refill the Water Cannon
  • Fix for Cannibal’s Table Manners trait resulting in cops getting angry
  • Fix for Vampire making cops angry when biting people during Super Special Abilities
  • When Super Special Ability is active, player will not receive character-specific traits at the end of levels since these are redundant
  • Super Special Ability for Slavemaster properly prevents Cops from getting angry
  • Super Special Ability for Slavemaster results in bigger Slave Helmet explosions
  • Fix for Research Gun not actually researching NPCs when Super Special Ability is active
  • Wall Walloper + results in less durability loss from destroying walls
  • Lock and Load restores a higher percentage of ammunition at the beginning of levels

Big Quests

  • Timing on when arsonists may appear for Firefighter big quest has been changed slightly
  • Player will not receive a floor bonus for Firefighter Big Quest if an arsonist did not appear
  • Upper-Cruster NPCs can become Arsonists

Level Generation

  • Soldier NPCs at Military Bases are not removed from a level during War Zone disaster

Artificial Intelligence

  • If the player possesses someone who is hostile toward a questgiver or rescue target, they will not fail the quest
  • Fix for errors setting up relationships which could lead to bigger problems
  • Fail-safe for rare cases where Ideological Clash would affect NPCs that needed to be rescued for missions
  • Fix for NPCs running from player with Fair Game after the player possessed someone and no longer has Fair Game
  • Mayor will not join the player’s party if they like the player’s joke
  • Fix for NPC owners/cops who had become Zombified sometimes not attacking other people when they were too far away from their starting position
  • Fix for knocked-out NPCs being considered a part of the player's party
  • Fix for small error that may occur when an NPC is becoming mutinous
  • Fix for NPC party members teleporting alongside the player after the player has given them a task such as Stand Guard
  • Player cannot bribe Bouncer after enslaving them


  • Modified the description of the Ghost Gibber to include reference to electricity so people won’t be confused why this damages people in water


  • Potential fix for cases where host player could die, other players could finish the level, and the game would still end
  • Fix for levels not completing correctly when the last player who had not exited the level fell into a hole and died
  • Fix for multiplayer client being able to attack and perform certain other actions while falling into a hole
  • Fix for player health bar reading incorrectly for other players after a Werewolf transformation
  • Fail-safe for rare error when shooting bullets from multiplayer client
  • Levels will not be considered complete if the last remaining player is in a “knocked out” state
  • Fix for cases where a client possessing someone could remain possessing that person into the next level
  • Fix for issues stemming from client being knocked out when time limit to reach the elevator runs out
  • Fix for client reappearing after teleporting or falling into a hole if the time limit to reach the elevator runs out while doing these things
  • Fix for Diminutive players not always appearing diminutive at the start of levels on client

Saved Games

  • Better safeguards against player’s save data being deleted due to a crash or power outage during the save process
  • Removed code that copied player's save data from the its pre-mid-2018 folder to its current folder on launch if it had not been previously copied


  • Lots of work on console-specific stuff


  • Completed “making-of” DLC content
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