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Pathfinder: Kingmaker update for 1 April 2019

Patch 1.3 – April 1st, 2019 – Part 1

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Patchnotes via Steam Community

Please, be aware of possible spoilers below!

Patch Highlights

  • New feature: you can now enter the Global Map straight from your throne room. No need to run through the capital every time you're leaving the castle anymore!

  • Added new icons for items, books, letters and notes.

  • Added new visual effects for spells such as Boneshaker, Telekinetic Fist, Thorn Body, Molten Orb, Dominate Animal and others, as well as improved some of the existing ones.

  • Added ASUS Aura integration.

  • Several interface improvements:

  • resources on the global map will now show which region they’re located in and whether the player can already claim them,

  • the tooltips for kingdom stats will reflect which advisor governs which stat,

  • pets' stats will always be shown in the inventory and the character sheet, to the right of the pet's owner,

  • character sheet will now show the damage dealt by additional attacks with equipped weapons, such as those gained through high BAB and special abilities,

  • a weapon's description will display the damage that the chosen character is going to deal with it,

  • the articles inside main sections of the encyclopedia will be sorted alphabetically,

  • multiple improvements to the spell book interface, including metamagic, opposing schools, specialization and domain slots, etc.

  • Fixed around 500 typos.

  • Numerous improvements to visuals, animations, audio, and localizations.

  • In the House at the Edge of Time, if Jaethal joined the party, her HP couldn't fall below zero. Resolution: fixed.

  • In the House at the Edge of Time, interacting with mirrors before the quest "Mirror Memories" starts would display the wrong text.

  • In the House at the End of Time, the Magical Lantern will shine a different color depending on the current state of the House.

  • In the "Troll Wilderness" area, some of the monsters couldn't be attacked in some cases. Resolution: fixed.

  • In the "Goblin Fort" area, some of the freed prisoners couldn't reach Kesten's camp. Resolution: fixed.

  • At the "Temple of the Elk" area, a portal transition zone wouldn't disappear when it should. Resolution: fixed.

  • At the "Temple of the Elk" area, it was hard to see Tristian behind the bear's corpse. Resolution: fixed, now the corpse will dissapear.

  • Ilora Nuski could appear in Pitax's main square even if she was killed earlier. Resolution: fixed; if killed, she's buried with a stake through her heart.

  • Edrist Hanvaki could be found in the tavern even after he was supposed to be executed. Resolution: hired an executioner with a better work ethic.

  • Moved the stones that got in the way of bloodshed at the Bald Hilltop.

  • At the "Pitax Royal Palace" area, not all area transitions would be displayed. Resolution: fixed.

  • Some areas didn't have fog of war. Resolution: fixed.

  • You will no longer see your animal companions in your mystic dream at Oleg's Trading Post.

  • Drastically reduced the difficulty of protecting Oleg's Trading Post from the bandit attack.

  • The "Pine Patch" area wouldn't be marked as explored if the player got there from the book event in which they search for Tartuccio.

  • In Jubilost's "Inconsequent Debates" quest, if the player left the area, their party would consist only of their main character. Resolution: fixed. Now the player can assemble a party when leaving the area.

  • One of the tasks in the quest "A Simple Favor" would be displayed at the wrong time. Resolution: fixed.

  • A copy of Maegar Varn would still be standing in Vordakai's Tomb even after assigning him as an advisor in the capital. Resolution: fixed.

  • After the battle in Littletown during "War of the River Kings", Ivar wouldn't turn back into a human. Resolution: fixed.

  • The quest "Trail of Misfortune" didn't work as intended. Resolution: fixed.

  • The addendum that informs players of Auchs and Donovan no longer being a threat during the battle at Stag Lord's Fort could be displayed at the wrong time. Resolution: fixed.

  • The tavern in the capital didn't always display its name. Resolution: fixed.

  • From now on, there will be priests who sell and read scrolls in every regional settlement.

  • Fixed an occasion where automatic kingdom management could get stuck and refuse to skip time.

  • From now on, the quick trade settings will be carried over from one game session to the other.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying tooltips in the stash.

  • Some players could have lost Martial Weapon Proficiency that they have taken as a feat. Resolution: fixed. Martial Weapon Proficiency will be restored to all characters once they load their save.

  • Added buffs to inform the player about the current weather effects.

  • A Graveknight summoned by an Create Undead spell did not have the usual undead immunities. Resolution: fixed.

  • The muse-touched aasimar's spell-like ability will now work on the evil spirit in Lizardfolk Village.

  • Thassilonian Wizards couldn't use spells from the "Arcane Unleashed" DLC. Resolution: fixed.

  • The barbarian vendor didn't have any weapons or equipment. Resolution: fixed.

  • Some wands and scrolls that required a DC value didn't have it. Resolution: fixed.

  • From now on, a fired custom companion will surrender their equipment before leaving.

  • Marksman's Headset didn't provide a bonus to Deadly Aim. Resolution: fixed; to make sure it works turn the Deadly Aim ability off and on again.

  • Some weapons didn't have properly working Mithral, Cold Iron and Adamantine enchantments. Resolution: fixed.

  • Dark Acolyte's Robe had an incorrect description. Resolution: fixed.

  • Improved the looks of the area in Jubilost's "Inconsequent Debates" quest.

  • Improved door textures in the Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes.

  • Improved the level of detail in the main square of the un-upgraded capital.

  • Players were able to unlock several achievements aimed to mark the completion of the main campaign while playing the "Varnhold's Lot" DLC. Resolution: fixed.

  • Updated item and spell descriptions in the DE localization. Improved DE, FR and ZH localizations.


  • Minor NPCs at the "Camp at the Capital Gates" area will now react with short quips if the player interacts with them.
  • At the "Swamp Road" area (the place where you first meet the Technic League), a companion that was given up as a slave would return to help the player fight if they got attacked during rest. Resolution: fixed.
  • Resting in the Ravaged Capital in the last chapter of the game will now skip time, as it should.
  • On the global map, the "Pitax River Bend" area would still look like it hasn't been visited before even after it has been. Resolution: fixed.
  • Corrected the difficulty of skill checks at the "Rushlight Fields" area.
  • Tiefling could get so confused when entering the Throne Room that they could lose their tails somewhere. Resolution: glued those tails on there for good.
  • At the "The Tomb's Threshold" area, Cephal wouldn't receive the "Staff of the Whispering Souls" from friendly Zordesh, as he should. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the "House at the Edge of Time" area, it will now be easier to get Nyrissa's Third Key. From now on, the player can get to the room where it is held straight from the cellar - the location that used to be between them has been removed. Also, the player doesn't have to be in a specific state to be able to get the key. Finally, the key icons will now be displayed as quest items.
  • Before the final dialogue in Varnhold in the final chapter, Maegar Varn and his warriors could run away to random locations on the map. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the "Abandoned Keep" area, a certain book was hard to find and pick up because it wasn't highlighted properly. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the "Littletown" area, the bards' animations wouldn't work properly during combat. Resolution: fixed. Also, the bards at the Littletown tavern will now have more ambient animations. The difficulty of the diplomacy check in the same tavern has been increased. Finally, Irovetti has decided to dispatch a guard regiment to better protect his bards in Littletown.
  • After the battle at the "Pitax Square" area, Stefano Mosconi would start the wrong dialog. Resolution: fixed.
  • During the drunken melee event at the "Rushlight Fields" area it was possible to use buffs, armor and magic items. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the "Goblin Fort" area, the cutscene of prisoners running away has been improved.
  • Not all options were available during the dialogue with Kharn Vereel in the "Pitax Town" area. Resolution: fixed.
  • From now on, after Linzi's final cutscene in the House at the Edge of Time, the items she's wearing will return to the party's inventory.
  • Anoriel Eight Eyes and Arsinoe stood on the same spot after the final cutscene in the "Camp at the Capital Gates" areas. Resolution: fixed for those playthroughs that haven't reached that cutscene yet.
  • At the "Fey Glade" area, the camera could be moved far away out of the bounds of the actual map. Resolution: fixed.
  • Characters would stop attacking their "personal Souleaters" after the first attack. Resolution: fixed.
  • Flying stones have been sighted at the "Varisian Caravan" area. Resolution: flying stones herded off to undisclosed location, all witnesses taken care of.
  • It was impossible to loot a barrel in the port of Pitax. Resolution: the barrel is now empty, and over at the Pitax Royal Palace, ranger Gaetane's backpack has suddenly gotten heavier.
  • In the "Lonely Barrow" area, one of the containers wouldn't become highlighted when hitting Tab. Resolution: it was removed, and its contents moved to a different container nearby.
  • When meeting the General from "Varnhold's Lot" DLC in the final chapter, they could appear as hostile to the player. Resolution: fixed.
  • Some of the chests in the House at the Edge of Time had incorrect loot, or even no loot in them. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the loot containers in the Hunting Lodge didn't work. Resolution: fixed.
  • During the first fight with Kalannah, sometimes all opponents became friendly towards the player. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the "Other World" area, it was impossible to disarm one of the traps. Resolution: fixed.
  • Wrong title on an entrance in the House at the Edge of Time: it stated "Second Floor", but lead to the basement. Resolution: fixed.
  • Important Pitax NPCs will now be marked on the local map.
  • Annamede Bellavarah and Ilora Nuski didn't leave Pitax Town in some cases, even when promising to do that. Resolution: fixed.
  • One of the traps in the Whiterose Abbey didn't work as intended. Resolution: fixed.
  • Added tooltips to the local map for the "Ravaged Capital" area.
  • In the final chapter, the enemies at the "Flintlock Grasslands" area displayed the wrong visual effects and dropped loot when they shouldn't have. Resolution: fixed. The fix will apply once you leave and re-enter the area.
  • At the "Wilderness Clearing" area, where the encounter with townsfolk fleeing from the capital takes place, the local map didn't show an area exit marker. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the area "Sharp Fangs Tribal Camp", a few skeletons were spotted hanging in mid-air. Resolution: fixed.
  • In Varnhold, the dialogue between Varn and a Merchant would get entered in the log more than once. Resolution: Fixed.
  • Added new enemies to the House at the Edge of Time - Autumn Golem and Summer Golem. This should make the encounters in the area a bit more varied.
  • In some cases, the Governor could not spawn in Irovetti's palace in the final chapter. Resolution: Fixed.
  • In the "Adamantine Shield Fortress" area, corpses could float in mid-air. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the "Vordakai Tomb" area, you can now attack the daemon guard not only from dialogue.
  • At the "Varnhold Stockade" area, your characters could pass through one of the walls. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the "Vordakai Tomb" area, some of the low-level scrolls in loot containers have been exchanged for higher-level scrolls.
  • At the "Armag's Tomb" area, some of the barbarians never left, even when they intended to. The same happened to Amiri in the House at the Edge of Time. Barbarian stubbornness? Resolution: fixed.
  • In the Pitax palace, a door couldn't be opened because it was locked "from the other side" no matter which side you pick.
  • During the illustrated event at Pike Stretch, depending on player's choices the acting character didn't die while the text stated otherwise. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the ''Kellid Barbarian Camp" area, the party will now rest after the book event.
  • Added a bark from the main character which signalizes that the party has entered a magic-hampering zone in the Abandoned Keep or the House at the Edge of Time.
  • In some areas, the Raven didn't have a portrait. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the "Ravaged Capital" area during the final chapter, players could sometimes fall through the ground textures. Resolution: fixed.


  • The task "Find three mirrors" of the "Mirror Memories" quest wouldn't complete even once the whole quest has been finished. Resolution: fixed.
  • While travelling to "The Tomb's Threshold" area, Cephal and Varn could misremember the outcome of the events in the Old Stump village. Resolution: fixed.
  • In some cases, the final dialogue with Amiri during the "Reforged Blade" quest could start twice. Resolution: fixed.
  • The different tasks of the "Affairs of the Heart" quest wouldn't complete as intended. Resolution: fixed.
  • Added a lingering objective to the "War of the River Kings" quest to avoid having this quest with no active objectives.
  • In some cases, Ilora Nuski would be incorrectly assumed as still alive during the dialogue in the throne room after defeating Irovetti.
  • Kanerah and Kalikke will not discuss the events in Aldori's mansion if the player has installed the "Wildcards" DLC after finishing the prologue.
  • The player is now able not to deal with Irlene at her first dialogue.
  • Former bandits, who switched over to the player's side during the fight with Stag Lord, will now leave the Stag Fort once the player leaves it.
  • Edrist Hanvaki's dialogue didn't allow to tell him about his brother's death if the player didn't carry the brother's letter, which led to confusion. Resolution: it is now possible to inform Edrist about Tomin's death, although Edrist would still ask for a letter as a proof.
  • The task "Read Kesten's note" in the "Witch Hunt" quest would fail upon the completion of the quest. Resolution: the task will now complete when talking to Kesten at the "Shrine of Lamashtu" area.
  • The quest "The Nature of the Beast" now fails if the quest "Troll Trouble" has reached the "Check up on the reclusive mage" stage.
  • Some of the events connected to the quest "An Amusement for the Nobles" happened even if the player refused to take part in it. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the "Season of Bloom" quest it was sometimes possible to skip the "Go up the Gudrin river to find Kesten and his militia" task, also leading to it staying active until the end of the quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • Missing localization for two quest completion texts added.
  • It was possible to make certain skill checks several times during the dialogue with Willas Gunderson about the events at Candlemere, gaining experience for each successful throw. Resolution: fixed.
  • The dialogue option that allowed to attack the mesmerized cyclopes at the "City of Hollow Eyes" area didn't work. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tiressia will stop providing more feather tokens once the "Delicate Situation" quest has been finished.
  • Players will no longer be able to initiate a mutiny against captain Martyn in Pitax tavern if they already revealed Wellar's plot to Martyn.
  • In "The River's Justice" quest, some of the NPCs had to leave during the dialogue with Eimar, but didn't. Resolution: fixed.
  • After killing Old Kagar during the "Lost Child" quest, the player could receive the wrong version of the "Talk to the boy's mother at the capital tavern" task. Resolution: fixed.
  • The player could receive one of the tasks of the quest "A Simple Favor" at the wrong place and time. Resolution: fixed.
  • At the Old Sycamore, sending the kobold and mite hunters to be eaten by the worg will now fail the "Death to Worgs" errand.
  • In the "Earthbreaker" artisan quest, the inquisitor had an incorrect appearance and characteristics. Resolution: fixed.
  • The unicorn that is needed to complete the quest "A Simple Favor" can now be found in the Narlmarches.
  • Varrask's Enemy didn't show up in the Secluded Lodge if the "Witch Hunt" quest is active. Resolution: Varrask's Enemy stays away from the Secluded Lodge only during "Witch Hunt" events that happen at the lodge itself.
  • Jubilost no longer tells he is working on solving the riddle if the riddle has already been solved.
  • Tirval could be asked about the militia before the appropriate quest had started. Resolution: fixed.
  • Made sure that friendly Hargulka and Tartuk appear in the "Troll lair" area in the final chapter when they should.
  • The illustrated event at the barbarian camp at the "Varnhold Vanishing" chapter provided two almost identical paragraphs if the player met and didn't kill Bolga at the old spriggan's lair. Resolution: only one line is shown now.
  • The dialogue with Kargadd's children could happen before the player had met Kargadd while implying that the player already had. Resolution: fixed.
  • The "Talk to Kimo" objective didn't complete as intended in the "Affairs of the Heart" quest. Resolution: fixed.
  • Octavia's mother, Marchioness Clarida Della Fiorni, would appear in the throne room too soon - before the completion of the "Highborn at Heart" quest. She could also appear before the player under various guises (as a dwarf, orc, gnome, etc.) Resolution: fixed. Now she'll stand next to Valerie in the capital square. Her passion for dressing up has been reduced to the minimum.
  • During the Rushlight event Irovetti addressed Valerie even though she wasn't in an active party with the player. Resolution: fixed.
  • Tristian was talking during the dialogue with Tsanna at the "Secluded Lodge" area even though he wasn't in the player's party. He did the same during the dialogue with Eimar at Rushlight. Resolution: fixed. Taught the telepath some basic eavesdropping manners.
  • Jhod called the player "baron" before the player actually became one. Resolution: fixed.
  • In the quest "The Curse of Candlemere", it was possible to complete the quest, but not have the opportunity to tell Willas Gunderson about that. Resolution: Fixed.
  • The herbs needed for the "Swamp Bouquet" errand can now be bought from some merchants (Bokken, goblin trader, the trader in the Dire Narlmarches settlement).
  • In some cases, Darven didn't give the player their reward in the Secluded Lodge during the "Deal with the Devil" quest. It was also easy to miss him and leave the area without talking to him. Resolution: Fixed.
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