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Heat update for 28 March 2019

Heat Update - Alpha 12

Share · View all patches · Build 3686430 · Last edited 28 March 2019 – 01:50:05 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Were happy to release another update, we hope this update makes the starting experience more accessible with a bit less grind up front. Raid mechanics have been changed, alongside other new improvements.

It also takes into account community feedback on a number of issues and we also are increasing the max player count to 40 on the servers. We appreciate everyone's input on helping to make the game better.

We are taking the servers down and rolling them back up in order to process the update. We will be wiping the servers with this update. Community servers can choose whether they wish to wipe or not. We also merged some of the Official Servers to encourage players on the same servers.

If you experience a crash, please visit this thread for troubleshooting (sometimes Steam doesn't download the update properly and you need to re-verify your files) -

In our next update we plan on rolling out more features so community servers can toggle PVE options. We also plan to roll out a couple PVE servers for the official servers. We also plan to making cooking a more viable and worthwhile activity.

In further future updates, we hope to have our new offline raiding protection systems finished, and we are also looking into adding bandit camps.

Here are the changes for Alpha 12:

  • Increased max player count to 40

  • The world is now capable of entering seasons other than spring.

  • Whiskey now has its own type, meaning it won't turn into beer when you bottle it.

  • Beds now have respawn timers ranging from 2 to 5 minutes, up from 15 seconds. Single beds pull ahead in respawn speed, while double beds come with higher HP.

  • Using a low-tier bed no longer sets the cooldown of a high-tier bed beyond its limit.

  • Bed names now appear on the respawn map.

  • Forest respawn times now take x2 longer for all items - this includes all grass, bushes, trees and rocks throughout the world.

  • Red Poppies should have their leaves and petals visible once again

  • Holograms for the Sawmill, Ironworks, Loom, Well, and Waterpump are visible the first time you equip them.

  • Newly tamed animals will be given a Stop command instead of Follow

  • Hair no longer has the chance to go white after equipping and unequipping a hat

  • AI will properly acknowledge tents in pathfinding and visibility checks

  • Fixed the pig's idle animation.

  • Fixed how the flask is held while drinking from it.

  • Halved the intensity of screen effects that occur when taking damage.

  • Reduced the base shipping tax to 10%, down from 30%.

  • Increased harvest damage of Hatchets and Woodcutter Axes by ~100%.

  • Added harvest damage to the Hobo Stick to speed up the naked spawn experience.

  • Increased the Wood giblet reward for killing trees. (Most had no reward.)

  • Increased the value of alcohol by at least 100%.

  • Increased the value of collectibles by 50%. (These items are primarily dropped by geodes.)

  • Resource nodes no longer take decay damage, meaning no more loot mirages.

  • Increased minimum health of resource nodes. The usual range is now 200-250HP, up from 125-250HP. (This means the nodes will drop more loot on average.)

  • Doubled the health of resource nodes involving iron.

  • Iron now drops 75% of the time from hybrid nodes, up from 50%. (The increased node HP should drop more iron, not the other resource.)

  • Fixed a bug causing resource nodes to spawn with half of their intended HP.

  • Fixed a case where spending your last one-to-two dollars would fail from bad math with dimes.

  • Station fuel does not reset to its last saved state when you leave and return.

  • Increased the chance that a rabbit spawns with black or white fur.

  • Swapped the rabbit skin requirements on the Fine / Great Throwables Belt, placing the Black Rabbit Skin after White Rabbit Skin.

  • Backpack Research can now restore itself using the research tree's progress when data is missing. (Why some servers stop loading this is still a mystery...)

  • The serving size of liquids has been reduced by 50%. This just makes them weigh less.

  • Water skins now only hold water and gunk.

  • Increased the capacity of water skins (approximately doubled). They are a superior option for transporting water.

  • Clay Jug, Glass Jar, and Flask now all hold 10 units. These bottles hold anything and resist spoiling. The Flask's resistance is still the strongest.

  • Baby Bottle was bad at what it does. To give it more purpose, it now holds 10 units and resists spoiling more than a Flask.

  • The Barrel can now hold Salt Water and Whiskey.

  • Produce lasts 50% longer before spoiling.

  • Cooked recipes last 100% longer before spoiling.

  • Raw and cooked meats last 100% longer before spoiling. (Combined, this makes cooked meat last 300% longer.)

  • Certain food and liquid that took 2 real months to spoil now take a few days. (eg. Flour: 14, Water: 5, Beer Hops: 3)

  • Milk now lasts 2.5 hours, up from 10 minutes.

  • Cold Storage slows spoiling to 12.5% speed, now making food last 8 times as long, up from 4.

  • Land taxes have been reduced by about 50% as we fixed an error calculating the taxable value of complex stations, containers, lights, etc... (Stations are now ~50%, containers / foundations / ramparts are now 20%, and lights are now 30% of their erroneous upkeep.)

  • Tooltips now display the upkeep value of placed items. (This is the value being added to the claim flag where the item is placed.)

  • Reduced additive guild tax to 1% per claim flag, down from 5%. There is a lot of land in the game, we don't see the need to have a high penalty for buying more.

  • Decay time increased to 200 hours, up from 50.

  • Repair time for paid taxes increased to 250 hours, up from 100. (This is faster compared to its old relationship with decay, but slower overall.)

  • Decay damage is now capped to a random value near 100% of a structure's health. Where you would originally see an instant catastrophic collapse, you will now see structures break apart slowly. The witnessing player can now do something about it if they don't want the building to collapse.

  • Elixir and Tonic Bottles are no longer heavy goods.

  • Rounded up a few bizarre or tedious stack counts. (eg. Timber now stacks to 100, Elixir Bottles and Pies now stack.)

  • Reduced the weight of Potassium Nitrate Powder... A lot.

  • Base narcotics now apply properly. (eg. Beer, Whiskey, Moonshine)

  • Base poisons now apply properly. (eg. Poisonous Mushrooms)

  • Poison damage now stacks.

  • Poison now deals damage over 2 minutes, up from 5 seconds.

  • Tomatoes are no longer incredibly poisonous.

  • Cleaned up the death messages. Removed ones that were not being used and made the current ones more useful.

  • Added death messages for dying from fire.

  • Improved reliability of some interactions.

  • Fixed an issue where in some cases (such as logging in) characters (especially NPCs) can become invisible.

  • Improved appearance of networking characters' positions, especially when using a poor quality connection.

  • Fixed issue where client side prediction of fall damage would trigger in error.

  • Fixed some edge cases where certain entities would not take fall damage.

  • Fixed animation flicker during trick and reload looping

  • Fixed early sighting glitch when reloading semi-auto rifles

  • Polished reload animations on lever-action guns

  • Polished first person head rattle when shooting

  • Updated the descriptions of the guns

  • Volcanic: Decreased damage (55 -> 35), reduced unaimed spread, increased clip size (6 -> 8), reduced reload time, slightly increased fire rate

  • Flintlock Musket: Decreased damage (100 -> 70)

  • Flintlock Pistol: Decreased damage (100 -> 60), slightly reduced reload time

  • Break-Action Revolver: Slightly increased fire rate, slightly reduced unaimed spread

  • All Rifles: Reduced draw time, slightly increased fire rate

  • All Guns: Reduced additional spread during tricks (slightly improves effectiveness of hammer fanning / speed shooting), decreased spread reduction after shot, increased spread reduction after sighting up

  • Land with taxable value must be bought out to place a claim flag.

  • Land buyout costs the property's taxable value x100.

  • There is no land buyout if the player's guild is the previous owner's guild.

  • There is no land buyout if the land has no previous owner.

  • Removal of walls now costs money, ranging from $10 to $50 each.

  • Kicking no longer damages concrete. It uses the "Bash" damage type.

  • Wall removal cost is based on the property's taxable value. A value below $10 is rounded up, and a value above $50 is rounded down.

  • Stations and structures can now be removed when they are damaged. (Dismantled items will refund a percentage based on remaining health.)

  • Added "landClaimInvincibility" to the server settings. (Flags will only take damage from decay while this is enabled.)

  • Added support for adding xp to other players.
    /addXP [amount] (username) - Gives [amount] xp to yourself or optionally (username).

  • Added "landClaimBuyoutMultiplier" to the server settings.

  • Added "permanentMaterials" to the server settings. These materials cannot be destroyed by construction hammers. (Empty by default.)

  • Added "paidRemovalMaterials" to the server settings. These materials require payment to be destroyed by construction hammers. (All but Stick by default.)

  • Added "nonRefundableMaterials" to the server settings. These materials cannot refund resources when destroyed by construction hammers. (All but Stick by default.)

  • Added "paidRemovalMultiplier", "paidRemovalMin", and "paidRemovalMax" to the server settings for fine-tuning.

  • The client and server now synchronize high-performance timers properly. (This timer is easiest to see on the crafting bar.)

  • Lobby server names are no longer re-styled to black on mouse-over. Third time's the charm.

  • Merged the official and community server lists into a default server tab. (Official servers will always sort to the top.)

  • Servers that load from history will not appear in the default server tab.

We look forward to everyone's feedback on the update. And we thank you for your support.

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