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Chronicon update for 15 March 2019

Update 0.91.0 - Warden love, tweaks, fixes, QoL stuff!

Share · View all patches · Build 3650155 · Last edited 15 March 2019 – 18:45:47 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Hey everyone!

Update 0.91.0 is here with some tweaks, fixes, QoL featuers, and a lot of Warden love!

Thanks for the reports, suggestions, and input!
(and if I haven't replied to your suggestions yet, don't worry, I will!)

I hope you enjoy this update, and that I didn't break too many things...

Have a great weekend!

Here's the full update notes:



  • Slowed the movement of the background stars in Tinka's Domain


  • Doubled the stun duration on Eazima The Dune Mother after she vomits you up


  • You can now re-lock unlocked enchants that have been Greater Augmented to max without spending Memory Essences

Enemies & Affixes:

  • Blood Nova:

    • Is now an actual nova rather than projectiles


  • Endgame:

    • Increased the rewards a little bit as the nerf hammer hit too hard last update
  • Mastery:

    • Rebalanced the growth rate of required experience to levelup, smoothing out the curve and removing the huge jumps each 500 levels


  • Updated the Endgame interface a little bit to make some things more clear
  • Roman numerals are now generally only used to numbers as large as 1000 because it gets silly
  • True Legendary items now show up as big orange T's on the minimap to be easier to see
  • Added small icons to item cards indicating if enchants are locked, maximum Augmented, or maximum Greater Augmented
  • Runes when applied to gear now list the Rune power name first
  • Spell Codexes now show up on the minimap
  • Updated the Help sections on stats by adding some clarifications
  • Item cards now highlight all dynamic values of powers, runes, enchants, and gems
  • Can now hold Shift or Left bumper to sell a full stack
  • Can now hold Shift to spend 20x Mastery points

Items & Equipment:


  • Added new item:

    • Advancing Army (Legendary Boots):

      • 280% of Movement Speed is added to Companion Damage
  • Tome of Knowledge:

    • Now has a Legendary Power:

      • Adds +3% Bonus Experience per kill, stacking infinitely, until an item of Unique quality or higher drops (no, you can't get around this with loot filters ;) )
  • Extra-Ordinary Cap:

    • Now requires Rare or lower quality items


  • Set tomes now roll elemental damage


  • New items:

    • Windflurry (Legendary Arrow):

      • Double Draw now triggers from Storm skills, shooting Gusts instead of arrows, and adds up to 40% additional chance to trigger
    • Finned Arrow (Legendary Arrow):

      • Seeking Arrow strikes up to 10 additional times, deals 40% increased damage, but is limited to a single arrow
  • Windcaller Set improved:

      1. Whirlwinds now spawn with a base duration of 7 seconds, rather than a base of 3 and 7 after a merge
      1. Whirlwinds now also actively seek out other Whirlwinds as they get closer to expiring
    • Added a small animation for the merging rather than just have the Whirlwinds pop out of existence instantly
  • Stormcaller Set Revamped:

      1. Lightning Rod applies a burn to foes struck, dealing the same amount of damage per second, for 5 seconds. This burn stacks.
      1. The stacked up damage per second of the burn effect is added to Static procs from burning foes.
      1. The Warden gains 40% Damage Reduction. Lightning Rod and Static also gain an additional 40% chance to trigger.
  • Snowstorm Set revamped:

      1. Foes affected by Winter's Chill takes 15% increased damage from Snow Blast, and Winter's chill stacks infinitely
      1. When triggered, Snow Blast now also summons a Snow Ball which will hover above the target foe, building up damage based on the Snow Blast triggers. After 3 seconds, a pause in Snow Blast procs, or if the foe dies, the Snow Ball strikes the ground dealing 120% of the stored up damage to all foes within 5 meters.
      1. 40% Damage Reduction, increases Snow Ball range to 7 meters (Hail interaction removed)
  • Torrential Set revamped:

      1. Pummel stacks infinitely and adds an additional 15% damage increase per stack. Pelted Strikes twice as fast.
      1. Torrent always triggers, and Pelted lasts forever.
      1. 40% Damage Reduction, Torrent restores 1% mana on trigger.
  • Storm Pendant:

    • The Rank of the Nimbus spawned can now be Augmented, up to 5
  • Trapper's Boots:

    • Nerfed the enchant augment to 100/150/220% (unique, legendary, greater augment)
  • Snowpiercer:

    • Now adds proc rate to Snow Blast and Hail
  • Winter's Coming:

    • No longer increases Torrent trigger chance
    • Instead increases the Frost damage bonus of Winter and causes Winter's Chill on all foes within 5 meters when Winter is triggered


  • Endgame crafting materials now glow differently on the ground than regular Legendary items to set them apart a little bit more
  • Loot drops should now spawn faster from killed enemies
  • Stack sizes of everything increased to 10k


  • Knockback and Leaping:

    • Now animates a lot faster, and after a certain point will scale with movement speed (especially useful for leaping companions)



  • Hallowed Grace:

    • Is now a multiplier rather than percentage, adding a multiple of barrier strength as base damage


  • Added new Warden rune:

    • Greater Hail:

      • Pelted has a % chance to spawn Greater Hail, dealing damage in a 2 meter radius
  • Boomspore:

    • Now detonates all Shrooms instantly on cast rather than all within damage radius



  • Commander (Mastery Perk):

    • Now also triggers on using Companion skills


  • Phantom Shield:

    • Now has a range of 7 meters, which cannot be improved with Reach


  • Double Draw:

    • Double Draw is now direct damage, always triggering on-hit effects
  • Gale:

    • Animation updated
  • Hail Storm:

    • Now has an instance limit of 4
  • Razor Wind:

    • Added visual effect
  • Storm Shrooms:

    • Now also deals damage when the Shrooms pop, and works with the Stormcaller set bonuses
  • Spore Rain:

    • Now uses the new area targeting mechanic to guarantee a decent number of direct hits
  • Toxicology:

  • Fairy Ring:

    • Poison Shrooms now deal instant damage and places a poison DoT on foes hit, rather than producing laggy poison clouds
  • Overgrowth:

  • Forest Ward:

    • Updated animations


  • Reduced the spawn rate of the Shady Dealer somewhat


  • Increased the size of all mouse-over "hitboxes" for shrines, enemies, etc


  • Fixed Rune of Focused Lightning not working with Static (Warden)
  • Fixed an issue with area targeting skills that would cause missing projectiles to target in a particular pattern rather than fully random
  • Fixed issue allowing stash duping if you had not opened the stash in either hardcore or normal mode
  • Fixed issue where global progression could be shared between hardcore and normal mode
  • Fixed Bloodline (Berserker) not adding Heritage Effect
  • Fixed Flash (Templar) not working with Hammerstorm
  • Fixed stats and gear power not updating when leveling up equipment via transmutation
  • Fixed Shrooms and Spores (Warden) not triggering on-hit effects
  • Fixed several issues with Chinese fonts and text coloring
  • Fixed on-kill effects not triggering from enemies who died from indirect damage like procs and dots
  • Fixed crash on transmuting 3 identical amulets
  • Fixed chests, bosses, and champions sometimes not spawning loot
  • Fixed odd generation bug in caves
  • Fixed some Frozen effects remaining on dead enemies
  • Fixed thrown Templar shields hovering in the air without moving sometimes
  • Fixed Lost City Cellar "Relic Coffer" chest sometimes requiring a key to be opened
  • Fixed Ritual of Summoning (Warlock) not being effected by Ritual Effect stat
  • Fixed Master Ranger (Warden ultimate) adding a ton of base damage to Splinters
  • Fixed Pyre, Magnetic Blades, Plague, Wall of Fire, and Blizzard not being instance limited
  • Fixed being able to portal out of the Blood-Tooth Arena, which would bug the progress and cause you to get stuck until restart
  • Fixed Unstable Dimensions spawning in areas that don't generally allow portals
  • Fixed rune dupes dropping sooner than expected because of not saving rune data correctly between sessions
  • Fixed Disorient (Warden) not working
  • Fixed Empowered Shot (Warden) not breaking breakables
  • Fixed some skill typos and fixed Critical Hit naming inconsistency for some skills
  • Fixed issue which caused characters to sometimes randomly attack when entering the game
  • Fixed some generation issues in Desert areas and Anomalies
  • Fixed Dragon Storm (Berserker) not correctly limiting to 9 instances
  • Fixed Dragon Storm (Berserker) being drawn on the floor rather than at a perceived height
  • Fixed Demonic Fury (Warlock) not having a light effect
  • Fixed Death Speaker and Amulet of Despair not working as intended
  • Fixed Lightning Rod (Warden) proc mastery not working correctly
  • Fixed weird issue with Warlock Clot merging (Bloodbinder set) that could alter the player's stats
  • Fixed sticky targeting preventing interactions with waypoints, npcs, etc
  • Fixed not being able to select Waypoints with gamepads if Radial loot was bound to (A)
  • Fixed not being able to resurrect co-op partners in challenge areas in Hardcore mode (Hardcore mode allows deaths inside challenge areas)
  • Fixed issue where if a player reached the end of the Crumbling Reliquary before other in co-op, they would be killed and left in the void :(
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