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Shortest Trip to Earth update for 15 March 2019

"Many Good Things" Update (Part 2)

Share · View all patches · Build 3641264 · Last edited 15 March 2019 – 14:05:02 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via

Part 2 of the ''Many Good Things'' update is here. And it is massive! Think: Weapons! Ships! Modules! Boss Fights! Events!

Enjoy a huge assortment of new content, as well as significant UI/UX improvements and bug and balance fixes – all powered by feedback from the community, meaning YOU GUYS!

The update introduces…

  • A new ship, the Pumpkin Hammer!
  • The option to (spiritually or otherwise) commemorate lost crewmembers and contemplate meaning of life (or enjoy sensual hedonism) while you're at it
  • Many new narrative paths and a new (minor) game ending to be encountered
  • New game mechanics for gardens, shields and overloaded modules
  • Many new ship weapons & modules, including an arsenal of EMP-guns
  • Many new single-shot Nukes (bringing their total number to 21+)
  • A new epic boss fight, awaiting players in Sector 4

We've introduced significant stability/UX upgrades over the past months. This allowed us to start working on some of the most interesting unannounced features... first of which can be seen in this update.

New Content & Features

  • Major update: New playable ship, the Pumpkin Hammer! (Pumpkin Hammer will now be unlocked if the player had the Atlas ship unlocked before this update)
  • Major update: New narrative paths and sub-events to 200+ ingame events
  • New weapon: DIY EMP raygun
  • New weapon: dual EMP raygun
  • New weapon: smaller rat missile launcher
  • New DIY and other nuke modules
  • New biofish nuke module
  • Reduced damage area radius of all nukes
  • Game now has 21+ different nukes implemented
  • Many new modules added (containers, bridges, gardens, artifacts, etc)
  • All garden modules now work differently
  • New crew skill: gardening
  • All shields now work differently (causing more damage than shield has shield points will now overload all shield(battery) modules that are not turned off)
  • New game end type (if player leaves all crew behind)
  • New bossfight in sector 4. The Lair is now sector 5 bossfight
  • New module type: Auto-operating module (does not need crew or bridge to work properly)
  • New feature: game now has events which boost max HP of crew
  • New event type for commemorating dead crewmembers
  • Added 10+ new events into game, and also new event images, updates and renames
  • Added a couple of new ship-specific events for the new ship
  • Added some discoverable events to sector 6
  • Added a new shuriken cannon perk to Fierce Sincerity ship
  • Atlas ship update. Added new weapon, internal layout updated, removed some walls
  • Rogue Rat ship update. Added 2 internal slots, moved nuke slots, removed walls
  • Many new artifacts added
  • Updated many perks and added some new ones into game
  • Added new ship-specific perks
  • Added new station types (including drone shops)
  • Updated shop price hover texts and prices (everything is now a bit more expensive)
  • New revisitable gas giant type planets to sectors 1-6
  • Added new sun-centered asteroid circles to sectors 1-6
  • New hostile slaver/pirate ships in sector 6
  • Updated enemy Rat Cruiser ship
  • Updated what the cat might be thinking about :)
  • Added option to scrap modules for resources during merchant encounters
  • New combat-capable pet: the Moleculaati


  • Rebalanced all ships. Beginner ships are better now
  • Updated ship selection order
  • All player ships have more hybrid module slots now
  • ECMs now also fit into hybrid module slots
  • Reduced hull HP of some player ships
  • More robust modules (like engines, shields, batteries) now add between 1 and 4 ship HP
  • Changed some ship and Point Defence stats
  • Increased range of Point Defence modules
  • Rebalanced loot from ship combats
  • Rebalanced sector 4 boss ship
  • Some boosting and nerfing to intruders and ships in hostile fleets
  • Reduced crew in enemy ships
  • Sector 3 quest now requires less resources
  • Some metals containers now give +1 ship HP
  • Increased DIY drone prices
  • Ship repair price now always costs 25 credits per HP in shops and repair stations
  • Reduced speed of warp drives
  • Starmap camera now allows greater zoom out
  • Increased garden module importance for AI
  • Made shields slightly better
  • Cat now has operating skill but may stop operating at random moment due to being a cat
  • Updated module loot of all events
  • Updated stealth decryptors
  • Updated crew damage in events
  • Selling exotics earns now less credits
  • Renamed and minor rebalanced all sensors and sensor prefabs
  • Updated SOS signal enemies
  • All weapons have AoE damage now
  • Auto-gatling guns and red-beamer lasers now need operators
  • Reduced nuke slots on Atlas and Bluestar motherships
  • Reduced decoy nukes speed
  • Lowered scrap values and speeds of nukes. Increased turnspeed
  • Nuke lifetime is now 25 seconds instead of 15. Added potential for rat shops in sector 1 and 2
  • Removed option to sell large amounts of synthetics for 2 credits which made players super-rich by sector 4

Bug Fixes

  • Loading games overall stability increased and many issues resolved
  • Crew load from save game works better now
  • Updated level generation to be more compatible with savegame
  • Refactored sector end to be more savegame friendly
  • Quick select now disabled by default after loading the game
  • Refactored how sector warp lines are drawn and saved
  • Fixed POI revisit button "not working" after game load. Now the game also unpauses when clicking after loading
  • Save game system can now detect fresh installs and it won't unlock ships while updating save folder any more
  • Fixed saving & loading during second part of the battle result panel won't give extra resources each time the game is loaded again
  • All cases that disable accelerated internal time now have a warning icon on screen
  • Weapons can be more accurate now with good operators
  • Garden module shroomery animation overhaul to fix repetition
  • Fixed some pathfinding and visual glitches
  • Starmap and sector radar don't have glitchy visuals any more
  • Species encounter popups at the end of ambusher events won't prevent POI from finishing its flow * Whenever comtip is shown a log message about queue size is shown too
  • Fixed a buggy violent sly gas giant
  • Crew (intruders) won't enter the ship under a module any more. Also no hand weapons are visible any more when crew is outside the ship, in space pod
  • Module actions panel now works as it should when selecting overloaded modules on enemy ship
  • Text animation now works better at line ends
  • Now K-key can't be used to forcefully turn on modules that state that they can't be turned on. Fixing the free fuel from warp issue
  • Fixed some problematic module status visualiser issues
  • AoE damage area visualiser size is now correct
  • Comtip about fuel and other resources running low won't be shown multiple times any more
  • Comtip about enemy escape attempt is now closed a bit earlier during battle end
  • Comtip about enemy warping is now shown when the enemy actually starts loading warp module
  • Fixes to starsystem map radar
  • Firefighting crew now keeps distance from fire cell center
  • Improved module disruptor animation
  • Fixed an issue with "Store all and close" button in tutorial
  • Fixed Pirate Sekvoia weapon placement
  • No-resource and resource-full warnings now handle dump-excess and no-containers case better
  • Fixed some navblockers on containers
  • Rogue Rat slot numbers fixed
  • Organics-only engine can now be used when no fuel is left
  • Fixed module-getting related issue in battle results panel that caused POI to lock up

UI, UX and audio updates

  • Major update: Ship attack cursor now shows number of shots and their AoE size
  • Major update: Module status visualizers now have hovertexts
  • Major update: New "Revisit" button for revisitable events
  • Hovering ship HP now shows from where max HP comes from
  • Removed sound notification from all the green warning signs
  • Overhauled almost all audio sources, fixed panning and loudness issues
  • Added sound for "being chased by enemy fleet in star system map"
  • Added second menu background image
  • "Show Ship Exterior" button now has an animation
  • More projectiles have shield collision explosions now
  • Updated intro text for game start
  • Added latest updates summary to main menu
  • Added DIY drone nuke thruster visuals
  • Removed double spaces and typo’s from texts of all events
  • Fixed shop visuals appearing twice when resuming load game
  • Installing a module now shows seconds next to the install bar
  • UI element with log panel is now always on top
  • Added tutorial image
  • New difficulty images
  • Modules sold is shop should now be sorted by type
  • All perks now have small title letters again
  • Opening sector map won't lead player to help page any more
  • Added two warning signs: "enemy ships present" and "player fleet jammed"
  • Disabled "normal", "hardcore" and "tutorial" title texts from new game panel
  • Changed color palette of some drones
  • Fixed a typo that caused unlocked items to disappear after game update
  • Updated metal low warning
  • Repaired health bar issues in module status visualizers
  • Game now tries to regularly find "bugged out" crew and revive them. Adds log line too
  • Selecting module attack command manually now displays attack hover over player ship
  • Crew healing animation in medbay now only works when the module works
  • Organics pack is now green
  • Garden animations now diversified
  • Added a hover text to "ship evasion icon/stat" telling how evasion probabilities are combined
  • Added a hover text to ship deflection and evasion hover
  • Status visualizer icons now slowly blink if red
  • Logtext in a better spot now
  • Ship evasion chance is now everywhere shown as percentage
  • Crew now moves away from medbay after healing
  • Not selected crew outline is now yellow and less thick
  • Logtext now tells the names of crew that stayed behind
  • Integrity modules visually affect floors now
  • Warning sign if sensor range is reduced in starystem view due to being inside gas cloud
  • Shop panel hover texts now show average prices of resource
  • Shop buttons that select critical and in-wall damage token deselect other damage tokens now
  • Crew skills are now white (or red if hungry) in multiple crew selection
  • Help panel updates contain doors, organics & gardens, matconvertors and tuned/fixed some other small stuff due to late changes
  • Module actions panel now shows overload status instead of buttons
  • DIY EMP nuke has overcharge icon
  • New cursors
  • Other small UI fixes
Windows 64-bit Shortest Trip to Earth Windows Depot 812041
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