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The Elder Scrolls: Legends update for 26 February 2019

The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.7 Patch Notes

Share · View all patches · Build 3587388 · Last edited 15 March 2019 – 18:47:40 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

The latest version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends is live! Check out the new Quality of Life feature, our cute new FX for Mudcrab Anklesnapper and over 100 fixes!


  • Mass Pack opening is now available at the pack opening screen, organized by pack type, if you have 50 or more unopened packs! This is an Alpha release so there will be future changes and adjustments.
  • Automatically Mute Opponent Emotes is now an available preference in the Settings menu!

Animation, Visual and Audio Effects

  • Ability buff VFXs for the following cards now trigger at the same time for multiple instances: 5th Legion Trainer, Training Grounds, Bruma Armorer, Bruma Profiteer, Necromancer's Amulet, and Shrine Guardian. Continued animation timing improvements still ongoing.
  • The card unsummoning animation has been improved to be much smoother.
  • The metronome on the Isle of Madness playmat will no longer twitch during its idle state.
  • New VFX have been implemented for the following cards: Mudcrab Anklesnapper, Unite the Houses, and The Red Year.
  • Edict of Azura has been given a Premium card makeover.
  • Premium VFXs have been restored for the following cards on iOS: Aldora the Daring, Alik'r Survivalist, Reverberating Strike, Mecinar's Will, Phalanx Exemplar, Nix-Hound Fabricant, Sails-Through-Storms, and Brass Arquebus.
  • Piercing Twilight now triggers a banish VFX on the card it is banishing.
  • Stampede Sentinel’s “can’t be damaged” VFX no longer covers the player’s health ring within the avatar.
  • Redoran Forerunner’s art no longer looks pixelated or at a lower resolution.
  • Doomfang Ally no longer plays fail VFX regardless of the color of the top card on the deck.
  • When Skooma Underboss is in play, creatures with Pilfer that Slay will now properly display the Slay VFX rather than the Pilfer VFX.
  • Shackle chains VFX no longer visually pop when they first appear.
  • Ice Shambles will no longer spawn the chain VFX from the player’s face if Icy Shambles dies.
  • Caius Cosade’s summon ability now has the fail VFX and coinciding SFX when the player guesses incorrectly.
  • The VFX for Knife to the Throat no longer appears upside down when played by the opponent.
  • White noise is no longer present when hovering over an opened card in the pack opening screen.
  • All Shout cards now have their SFX timed more properly to their word VFX timing.
  • City Gates now properly plays an Attack VO.
  • The Arena Boss scenario, The Ebony Relic, now uses the correct VO introduction.
  • The Shields Up scenario for Solo Arena now uses the correct VO introduction.
  • Ballista Tower lane SFX is now appropriate for the amount of damage being dealt.
  • The last card drafted in Arena now plays the associated SFX.
  • Silt Strider’s VO is now shorter and the appropriate volume level.
  • Cruel Firebloom now plays its SFX for the second fireball that hits the enemy creature.
  • If the player enters, exits, and then re-enters the matchmaking queue, the in-queue SFX will now properly play.
  • Multiple cards with cutoff localized VO have been fixed. More fixes coming in Patch 2.8.


  • Uncle Sheo no longer cares about your magical Seducer Darkfire shenanigans during The Final Battle episodes of Isle of Madness.
  • Haunted Manor no longer counts transforming creatures when determining when to apply its buff.
  • While Sheepish Dunmer is pantless, he will no longer regain cover at the start of the player’s turn if the player buffs his power then attacks with him.
  • Cards that deal damage to a random target in play will no longer target cards that are immune to damage at that moment.
  • Manic Jack will no longer gain a +1/+1 buff if it receives a duplicate keyword.
  • Manic Jack now properly receives a +1/+1 buff when a keyword is applied to him out of play.
  • Pillaging Tribune can no longer target creatures that already have Drain.
  • Soul Tear no longer buffs the rightmost creature in hand. Should a Level 2 or 3 creature who has been Soul Teared be destroyed due to a full hand, no other creature in the hand will receive the buff.
  • Swapping a creature’s stats twice with Hatchery Meddler no longer results in the creature gaining a wounded status.
  • High Hrothgar now properly triggers after Clockwork Dragon and Rift Thane's effects.
  • Creatures that have been debuffed will now keep the wounded status regardless of any additional buffs applied to them.
  • Nervous Giant will no longer die after taking non-fatal damage from any source if he was buffed after being silenced.
  • Crassius’ Favor, Chodala’s Treachery and Moonmoth Castellan's Plot effect will now properly increment both quests "Nileno's Scheme" and "Getting Even".
  • Moving creatures with Grand Ball will now increment quests that require the player to Move creatures.
  • AI opponents will no longer cast Felldew when there is no creature it could destroy.
  • Bedeviling Scamp will now make Dragon Cult Ghost cost 3 Magicka at a minimum, even when the player's Magicka value is lower than 3.
  • The Barrows Lord AI will now properly use the Gravesong support during Episode 6, Sanguine Barrows, of Return to Clockwork City.
  • Haskill is no longer able to choose the same number that it chose before, at the end of turn.
  • Drain creatures attacking a creature in the Monastery lane, that should kill them, will no longer receive the Monastery +1/+1 buff before they die.
  • Drive Mad can now target Mage Slayer.
  • Fixed an issue that was taking a creature’s total power level as the amount to Drain if the creature had Breakthrough and damaged a Warded player.
  • Call of Valor and Playing Card are now properly given the option to betray a card when played into a full lane.
  • When the player has two spots open in their lanes and they summon Archcanon Saryoni to fill one spot, choosing Sotha Sil’s Blessing to fill the last spot with Spider Worker will no longer also activate Vivec’s Blessing.
  • Summon abilities that are not completely triggered will no longer increment quests that require the player to use summon abilities.
  • Shackling friendly creatures no longer counts towards incrementing shackle quests.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to simply complete or concede matches to increment quests that required the player to summon to 0-cost creatures.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to increment “Play X Support Cards” quests by only entering a match with the Support card and not actually playing the card.
  • Quests that require the player to play cards that “cost 10 or more” no longer increment for creatures that are simply summoned without being played.
  • Prison Ship now properly increments shackle quests.
  • If Porcia, Imprisoned Blademaster is returned to the opponent's hand during Episode 4, Bthardamz Dungeon, in Isle of Madness, then resummoned into an empty lane, the player will now correctly gain control of Porcia, Imprisoned Blademaster.
  • When using Dark Rebirth on a Master of Arms equipped with items, those items will now be available to the returned Master of Arms.
  • Haunting Spirit’s Last Gasp can now be used on itself when combined with Necrom Mastermind.
  • Aundae Clan Sorcerer will now properly count creatures that self-sacrifice at the end of their turn or as part of their ability.
  • When the player uses an action to steal Artaeum Savant or Lilandril Hexmage, their abilities will no longer trigger for the action used to steal them.
  • Shearpoint Dragon's aura effect no longer persists and affects the new Dragon's summon effect when Dark Rebirth has been cast on it.
  • Fabricants with the "Give another creature +1/+1" ability can now target enemy creatures.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a creature, that had Staff of Sparks stolen from them, retain the Staff's ability.
  • Silencing City Gates now properly allows the player to play a card in the other lane.
  • Master Swordsmith’s start of turn item buff now takes place before your draw for the turn rather than after.


  • The iOS mobile client now contains all game data within the initial app download. After the 1.5 GB app is downloaded and opened, it will appear to download a full set of 1100+ bundles, but this is just the process of cleaning up the bundles that are no longer needed on the user's device. This will affect all iOS users, but in the end, is an excellent change, allowing new players to download the entire game in the background instead of requiring the app to remain open for the duration. All subsequent patches will be incremental and not require a re-download of the entire client.
  • If Winterhold Illusionist’s summon ability is used on a second Winterhold Illusionist at the end of a turn, the creature selected by the second Winterhold Illusionist will no longer permanently disappear.
  • In Episode 6, The Final Battle Part 1-3, of Isle of Madness, Sheogorath will now use the special death animation when playing on Normal.
  • Changing languages while editing a deck now prompts the player with a warning that their deck will not be saved before the language is changed.


  • The game now properly fills the entire screen on the new 11 inch and 12.9 inch 2018 iPad Pro.
  • Double cards can now be searched in the Collection using the term “Double” or “Double Cards”.
  • From the player’s perspective, the opponent’s title will now properly display below their username in match.
  • Dark Seducer’s summon ability UI now properly displays all cost options on 4:3 aspect ratio resolutions.
  • Silenced creature now display a hover-over tooltip that explains what Silence is.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing a white box to flash over the portraits in the quest giver UI.
  • The social menu icon now properly uses the Sheogorath art.
  • Fixed an issue that made it near impossible to select a card in your hard when playing Barter.
  • Mobile screens will no longer auto-sleep during any of the story cinematics.
  • Chosen Magicka cost UI font size has been increased in size for cards like Haskill and Seducer Darkfire.
  • The language dropdown box is now properly sized for mobile devices.
  • Incrementing arrows on the gold multi-pack purchase screen are no longer misaligned, much to the dismay of Uncle Sheo.
  • Smoked Baliwog Leg no longer shows an incorrect +1/+2 buff when drawn while Mistveil Warden is in play.
  • Some UI elements have been slightly shifted to account for the iPhone X’s swipe bar.
  • There is no longer a skull icon on action cards in the Play History.
  • Fixed an issue that was locking story decks earned during The Forgotten Hero if two decks were earned at the same time.
  • Players who have been disconnected for being idle, but remain on the reconnect screen, will now properly show as Offline for their friends.
  • Fixed an issue that would wipe a newly created deck if the user Soul Trapped their extras before saving the deck in progress.
  • One-time purchase products are now visually removed from the store once a user has purchased them.
  • Quest progress bars no longer appear to move backwards before moving forwards.
  • Closing the game before the “Purchase Complete” popup, on Android, no longer displays a debug string on the next launch of the client.
  • Divayth's Experiments now appears when searching for “Telvanni” in the Collection.


  • Players are now properly rewarded 30 soul gems when completing master mode of Episode 1, The Shivering Isles, of Isle of Madness.
  • Players are now properly rewarded 20 soul gems when completing master mode of The Other Half, Episode 1, of Isle of Madness.

Known Issues

  • The Friends List is still broken for a small subset of users, but we are working with Bethesda, waiting on a fix.
  • Manic Jack does not properly receive a +1/+1 buff when gaining a keyword from Echo of Akatosh, only when the Double Card of Manic Jack/Manic Mutation is drawn.
  • Localized VO lines are still cutoff for some cards. More fixes forthcoming.
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