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Wizards and Warlords update for 28 January 2019

Game Update (0.9.124)

Share · View all patches · Build 3506853 · Last edited 15 March 2019 – 18:12:51 UTC by Wendy

Patchnotes via Steam Community

Very sorry for the delay on the update. I'll add some additional info to the notes later, but need a bit of rest now.

User Interface

  • Filter option added to the "Action" section allowing hiding/showing actions not related to the current selection. For example, if an army is selected this will hide the various Explore and Build actions that may be valid for the hex selection.
  • Handled/dismissed notifications (for the current turn) can now be re-shown. They cannot be re-opened at the moment, but this will be added in a future update (as a read-only mode in cases with irrevocable choices).
  • Improved tooltips and hint text for Tribal Destiny related UI.


  • Improved the selection of character portraits for several races and cultures.
  • Optimized several aspects of world generation.
  • Added additional logic to prevent adjacent/very close starting positions for major factions (warlords, wizards). It can still happen but should be much less likely to occur.
  • Improved the impact on character generation from cultural traits and attributes. Additional factors are now considered when resolving/choosing from variables during generation.
  • Some unit types now have immunity to Terror and/or Unsettling.
  • New Unit Type: Deep Ones. Eldritch aquatic fish people.
  • New Unit Type: Zoanthralgea. Eldritch aquatic unit with poison attack and strong armor/toughness.
  • New Unit Type: Psychopolyps. Eldritch aquatic unit with psychic attack and ability to cause terror.
  • New Unit Type: Feral Ogres. Undisciplined and unarmored, but tough and with strong melee damage.
  • New Unit Type: Jotnar. Giant-type unit that is slightly larger than Ogres. Limited regeneration and light infantry/scout abilities. Also capable of moderately damaging magic ranged attack.
  • New Unit Type: Rime Trolls. Frost-themed trolls with slightly less physical power than "regular" trolls, but having a Cold damage breath attack.
  • Various "generic" Ogre units can be generated independently from a specific culture for various events and factions.
  • Fixed bug related to equipment bonuses being applied multiple times during some specific sequences of events.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling the Outliner would also scroll the world map.
  • Fixed a number of crash and hang bugs.

Tribal Destiny

  • Protective Talismans (Tradition): All Tribal units gain +1 Magic Resistance and an additional +1 Dark and Arcane Resistance.
  • Slayer Legacy (Tradition): All Tribal units gain Monster Slayer and +50% damage against units which have the Monster ability or one of these tags: Abomination, Magic, Spirit. (Tier 2).
  • Ancient Allies (Tradition): Allows the recruitment of one special unit. A choice between 3 different unit types is offered when this is unlocked. (Tier 2).
  • Guerilla Tactics (Valor): Allows armies to avoid battle with a numerically superior foe (at least 25% more). The chance to succeed at this is 5% x Scouting (highest among all units in army), +15% if a Scout Captain is present, +5% if a General is present, +5% if at least one unit has Pathfinder, -5% if the opposing army has Relentless Pursuit. If the opposing army is 200%+ larger: +10%, 100%+ larger: +5%. Cavalry/flyer superiority -20% to +20%. If this succeeds the army is allowed to resolve 25% of ranged attacks and 10% of melee attacks. The casualties inflicted by this cannot exceed 25% of the opposing army. (Tier 2)
  • Large Families (Vitality): +15% population growth for camps.
  • Auto-resolve now uses the same mechanics and phase rules as manual resolution rather than a greatly modified variation.


  • Photosynthesis: Research requires (Light 2, Life 2) OR (Light 1, Enchanted Garden). Battle Spell. Can only target units which have the Plant tag, and also do not have any of: Undead, Non-Living, Darkness. Heals all wounded members for damage equal to a percentage of the base hit point value of the unit. The percentage is (25% + 5% per level of Light Mastery). If the caster has Water Mastery Level 3+, the unit gains also gains Limited Regeneration for a duration equal to (Water Mastery - 1). If the caster has Air Mastery Level 3+, the unit also gains +1 Movement, +1 Melee Shock and +1 Melee Damage for a duration equal to (Air Mastery - 1). If the caster has Earth Mastery Level 3+, the unit also gains +1 Toughness, +1 Armor for a duration equal to (Earth Mastery - 1).\r\n";
  • Solar Blast: Research requires (Celestial 4, Fire 3). Battle Spell. Deals 8 Fire damage to up to 8 targets in the target unit and 6 Radiant damage to up to 16 targets.
  • Shatter (Destruction 1): Battle spell. Deals 4 Arcane damage to up to 10 targets in the target unit. +50% damage and target count against units with at least one of: Frost, Crystal, Bone, Skeleton, Chariot, Machine. Cannot target units with at least one of: Spectral, Slime, Water. For each kill inflicted by this spell an additional 0-3 hits for 4 Physical damage are dealt. If the target has any of: (Elemental, Magic, Demonic, Celestial, Fae) - the additional hits will be Arcane damage instead.
  • Lesser Vulnerability (Destruction 4): Battle Spell. -2 Armor, Resistances: -1 Arcane, -2 Corrosive, -2 Fire. Duration 3 rounds.
  • Greater Vulnerability (Destruction 6): Battle Spell. -4 Armor, Resistances: -2 Arcane, -3 Corrosive, -3 Fire, -1 Physical. Temporarily nullifies Hardy (Special Ability). Duration 3 rounds. Overrides Lesser Vulnerability.
  • Power Word Unmake (Destruction 7): Battle Spell. Deals a number of hits equal to 25% of the Unit size (minimum 5 hits) for damage equal to (3 plus 75% of the Armor attribute of the unit). Deals double damage against Construct, Chariot and Machine targets. Deals half damage against Spectral targets. Deals True damage against targets which are at least one of: Magic, Elemental, Spectral; Otherwise deals Physical damage against targets with less than 4 Armor and Arcane damage against other targets.
  • Coldsnap (Frost 2): Battle Spell. Deals 5 Cold damage to up to 18 targets in the target unit.
  • Frost Armor (Frost 3): Cannot target units with any of tag/ability: Fire, Spectral, Semi-Corporeal. +1 Armor, Resistances: +1 Cold, +1 Corrosive, +1 Disease. Duration: 12 Turns. Battle Duration: 4 Rounds.
  • Animate Weapons (War 5): Battle Spell. Target unit is attacked by animated weapons and ammunition littering the battlefield. These are chosen at random from those used by the casualties which have occured during the battle. These will be resolved at Skill 7 and with +1 Physical and +1 Arcane damage. The number of attacks is 20-40% of the casualty count, but not exceeding 10 x (War Mastery). Additionally 5-12 attacks will be made at 4 Physical. Successive casts of this spell during a battle will reduce the number of attacks by 5% (cumulative per cast, capped at -95%, applied to the numerical values, not the percentage).
  • Wall of Swords (War 7): Battle Spell. Target unit suffers a number of hits dealing 7 Physical and 2 Arcane Damage. The base of number hits is 2 + (unit size (up to 25) x (1 to 4)), reduced by 3% per point of Melee Skill and 4% per point of Discipline. Cavalry and Chariots are dealt twice the number of attacks. If target unit is retreating or pursuing it suffers double the number of attacks. If the target unit is pursuing, the pursuit has 80% to be prevented for 2 turns. Units with Blink and/or Leap have 50% to suffer no damage, and suffer half the number of hits if affected.
  • Demonbane (Celestial 2): Target must be at least one of: Demonic, Demon-Tainted. Deals 5 hits for 7 True damage. If at least one friendly Celestial unit is present on the battlefield, an additional hit is caused for each 14 individuals in the target unit.
  • Celestial Choir (Celestial 3): Reduce the cost to recruit or summon Celestial units by 25% for 4 turns.
  • Gotterdammerung (Celestial 6): Battlefield Enchantment, which must be cast pre-battle. Can only be cast if at least the equivalent of two default-size enemy units have at least one of: Darkness, Evil, Demonic, Eldritch. Effect on Both Sides: (Retreat is prevented. All units gain Immune to Terror. All units suffer one level of Vulnerability: Radiant and Vulnerability: Dark). Effect on Own Side: (All units gain +1 Melee Shock, +1 Toughness. Units with Flight or Limited Flight gain Inspire, +1 Melee Shock. Non-Celestial, living units with at least one of: (Radiant, Good), gain Frenzy, +1 Melee Skill). Effect on Other Side: (All units gain +1 Courage, +1 Discipline. Units with Flight or Limited Flight suffer -2 Melee Skill. Living units with at least one of: (Darkness, Evil, Demonic, Demonic-Taint, Eldritch), gain Frenzy, +1 Melee Skill).
  • Aquatic Boon (Water 5): Cannot affect targets with the Fire tag. Gain Aquatic ability. Duration: 4 turns.
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